Hey guest! I'm Spanky_05, and this is my '10k+ and 15+ items' a day guide! It's here to help you get as many NP as you can in very little time, and also to help me find my favourite pages quickly!

Firstly, you'll find the Daily Freebies clicks.
Secondly there's some Secret NP and Sponsor Links clicks.
Lastly at the bottom of the page, you'll find some links to help you out with things like more NP help, game codes and more!
If your looking to get around 15 free items a day other than the Omelette and Jelly etc, try going to the Fishing Cavern with each pet you have, and then also playing Dice-A-Roo with the great guide at the bottom of the page!
Key Quest is a great way to earn np and win items whilst having heaps of fun! You can 'use' up to 10 keys a day, so you can get anywhere between 10-40 items depending on your key colours. Use the guide near the bottom of this page.
If you play the games I have marked the winnings for, you should get up to around 13,000np!
So start clicking the links below and you'll have 10k+ in less than no time!

I have marked out everything that gets you up to 10,000np and 15 free items, all the rest is up to you.

Please also visit my 'dailies' guild here!

Free Food (once a day)

Free Jelly - 1 item
Free Omelette - 1 item
Kid Cuisine Snack Bar - 1 feed per pet
Lunchables Snack Bar - 1 feed per pet
Movie Central Snack Bar - 1 feed per pet
Golden Lunchables Awards - 1 feed per pet

Daily Freebies (once a day unless otherwise stated)

Shop of Offers (free 50-100np)
Blue Grundo Plushie - 1 item ?
Weltrude's Toy Chest - 1 item ?
Wheel of Slime (every 8hrs?) - ? 1 item ?
Healing Springs (every 30m?) - ? 1 item ?
Free Fruit Machine Spin - ? 1 item + np ?
Collect daily interest from the Bank - np ?
Free Tiki Tack Tombola Ticket - ? 2 items + np ?
Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ (every hour?) - ? 1 item ?
Deserted Tomb *guide at bottom of page* - ? 1 item ?
Shenkuu Lunar Temple *guide at bottom of page* - ? 1 item
Coltzan's Shrine (every 6-12h?) *guide at bottom of page* - ? 1 item + np ?
Underwater Fishing *guide at bottom of page* - 1 item for each pet you have = 1-4 items
Free Altador Item (only if you have finished the Altador Plot) *guide at bottom of page* - 1 item +/or np

Other stuff to try

Money Tree
Wise Old King - ? 1 item ?
Grumpy Old King Skarl (twice a day?) - ? 1 item ?
Free Advent Calendar item/s (December only) - 2 items + np
Snowager (sleeping: 6am-7am, 2pm-3pm, 10pm-11pm NST) *guide at bottom of page* - ? 1 item ?
Freebies For You - This is ONCE a month only. As a reminder, come back on the 1st of each month. 2000 np + a food item for each pet!

Quick/easy money games

Adver Video - 5 plays @ 100-800np each time = 500-4000np
Miuchiz Pawz: Crowd Patrol - 3 plays @ 800np each = 2400np ?

Other Games

Treasure of the Black Pawkeet *guide at bottom of page*
Wheel Of Excitement - 1 item or np
Test Your Strength
Pick Your Own

Other favourite games

200m Peanut Dash
Better Than You
Bouncy Supreme
Cars: Grand Prix - 1st each time = 600np, x 3 plays = 1800np
Destruct-O-Match II
Dice-A-Roo *guide at bottom of page* - 5-15 items + ? np Jackpot ?
Dubloon Disaster *guide at bottom of page*
Extreme Potato Counter
Eye of the Storm
Faerie Bubbles *guide at bottom of page*
Faerie Cloud Racers 2
Fitness Squad
Hasee Bounce *guide at bottom of page*
Ice Cream Machine - 3790 points = 568np x 3 plays = 1704np
Jubble Bubble
Key Quest *guide at bottom of page* - 10-40 items a day + np ?
Meerca Chase II
Potato Counter
Scarab 21
Snowball Fight
Survey Shack: Super Daily Survey
Tyrannian Mini Golf 2 - 665 points = 831np x 3 plays = 2493np
Volcano Run

Secret Neopoints (find the hidden np)
After doing the Secret Neopoints you should get around 500np
You have to wait around 10m for the NP to come through

Son of the Mask (find red NP) = 250np
Survey Shack (find red NP) = 250np

Pages by request

Symol Hole
Treasure Hunt - Original, Underwater, Spooky, Lab, Space Maps

Game help/codes links

Little_Mini_Moehog's guide for Key Quest
ZenEnigma's codes for HEAPS of games!
StarryTimes's game help for Dice-A-Roo
Rot_Gut's game help codes for Shenkuu Lunar Temple
Astea's game help and codes for Dubloon Disaster
Kallycherry's game help and hints for Ice Cream Machine
MoonLightFrost559's game help and hints for Treasure of the Black Pawkeet
Crash_Bandicoot_Psx's game help and hints for the Underwater Fishing Cavern
Sleeky151515's game help and hints for Coltzan's Shrine
Elevenofour's game help, hints and tips for the Snowager
Shslessi's game help, hints and tips for the Snowager
Fionna_Blue's game help and hints for the Deserted Tomb
Arrazetti's game help for the Altador Mini Plot
Sassy_Acara_Yal's guide for the PetPark plot

Links to help, neo-millionare, and game help Pet Pages

Neo____Zafara's Daily Neopet Clicks
Neo_Bori's Hard To Find Games
My_First_Little_Pony's Games Room
Eyyooree's 25,000np+ in 30m
Starrytimes Dailies and 50k a day guide
Atablicryon's Who Wants To Be A NeoMillionaire
Simburble's 100,000k a day guide
So_You_Need_A_Guide's List of guides for everything!
Transmorphis guide to secret avatars
KidNemo's info centre for the Cooking Pot
Adam12345678910244's glitter images
Counter/Hits display from boingdragon.com

Thanks for links and info for my guide from:

Garmfay'sMy_First_Little_Pony's' The Games Room and Secret Neopoints pet page
Tdenuyl'sEyyooree's' 25,000+ NP in 30 MINUTES pet page

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