Welcome foolish mortals!Test your knowledge about scary and creepy things!This trivia challenge was developed especially for lovers of scary movies and novels! For those that want to know the answers, there is a key somewhere in the house........................mwa ha ha ha ha !Good luck!

Spooky Trivia

  1. Who wrote the book Frankenstein?
  2. Name the two main characters in the movie "Silence Of The Lambs".
  3. Which actress stars in "The Ring"?
  4. Who plays Johnny Depp's ex-wife in the thriller "Secret Window"?
  5. Do spirits take the form of ectoplasm?
  6. What spooky book did Bram Stoker write?
  7. Boris Karloff starred in which 1932 mummy movie?
  8. Which creepy creauture did a king name himself after?
  9. Name the creature who tricked Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit.
  10. Which cat is said to give bad luck?
  11. What is the definition of a poltergeist?
  12. How many "Scream" movies are there?
    Section Two: True or False
  13. When a ghost is in a room with you, it feels cold-True or False?
  14. There are 8 movies in the Scary Movie trilogy-True or False?
  15. Vampire bats mostly feed on cow blood- True or False?
    Section Three-Fill In The Blanks
  16. Edgar Allen Poe lived in __________ ,Pennsylvania.
  17. The _______" is a movie about a man trying to exorcise a young girl.
  18. Psycho" came out in the year _____.
  19. The word lycanthropy means the delusion one has become a _____.