January☣26- Since my guild no longer exists, major revamp to my portfolio...

December☣4- I will not be updating my portfolio for awhile. Exams+RL issues.
November☣25- Updated a few pet logs and goals
November☣3- I am sorry for the lack of update! It is exam week.;n; Updated avatar checklist and updated Pound tab!
October☣7- Updated my pet history tab and I shall be working on past achievement page as well as my guild tab.^_^
October☣2- I have updated my Pound History tab.
September☣30- I have updated my checklist! September☣23- HOLY MONKS. I GOT INTO TNP. Now I need to update that Guild tab.=u= As well as my 'pound history' tab.o3o
September☣18-I officially came back from vacation and now I must fix things up.=n=
September☣8-Oops! It seems that TNP's applications are closing.;u; I finished off the Gameplan for Account Stats and sent in for reviewing.x( I will be on vacation for the week and come back the day after the deadline.;A; September☣6-I will be taking a break from working on my portfolio for a bit.;A; September☣3-Came back from vacation. Revamped the Account Stats tab since I got my frozen main back.

August☣31-Fixing some codes & adding game plans. I deleted the item goal section because I am not at all fixated with collecting items or neopoints at this point in time. I will add it in should I ever begin to quest for something.


August☣29-I am starting to develop the content more. I wanted to make the pet goal to serve double as a potential future application for my future pets.c:

August☣28-I plastered all of my content into one of TNP's lovely premade layouts. I have also met Mojo Jojo on TNP's board. Such a lovely capslock reunion.;u;


HELLO HELLO. MY NAME IS NUCLIEC AND I PREFER TO TALK IN ALL CAPS. WHY? BECAUSE IT SHOWS MY EMOTIONSSSS. But since I do want to make my portfolio a little visually appealing, I shall refrain my capslock habit and type like a normal person.c8 I ALSO APOLOGIZE FOR THE HORRIBLY DISORGANIZED, GRAMMATICALLY INCORRECT PORTFOLIO.

So this is my portfolio that carries all of my neo-goals that I have at the moment, both long-term and short-term. i am a total narcissist, writing about myself all day long.

Quick Tidbit Info

Name: Nucliec
Age: Undefined
Interests: Snowmuncher & programming
Likes: Snowmuncher, The Zombie Occult, Programming
Dislikes: Loud noises, crowded places, pseudo-kindness, Syntax Errors
Strengths: Procrastination
Weaknesses: Procrastinating

Monthly Achievements achieved! (Jan)

1. I have trained Bronses to 900 hsd! Now to find a nice grey pet to trade for.^_^


SO I LIKE TO TALK LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME ON THE INTERNET. I love/hate coding. I love flash coding because I get paid on certain gaming sites. I hate it coding because it is tedious and I usually make that one little mistake in the middle that screws everything up.=_= Then I end up scouring for hours for that typo. On Neopets, I literally spend hours playing Snowmuncher. I just love this game! I make a neo-living by competing against ruthless (jkjk) players in the Terror Mountain World Challenge.:B I also participate in the Food Club. Unfortunately, I usually lose.=P Admittedly, I can be argumentative on the neoboards when I see something totally unethical and just plain wrong.;A;


I always get anxious writing anything about myself pertaining to real life.;u; I prefer anonymity online_ I am a (poor) college student. I really want to do engineering and music education. Or Computer Science. Astrophysics. I want to major in everything, basically. However, I have Synesthesia and basically, I can taste words and see sounds. It's pretty bothersome considering that a lot of science words test terrible to me... I think that is all I am going to write about myself because again, I like anonymity.:3

Music I listen to:

Florence+the Machine, Hans Zimmer,
Yeah Yeah Yeah, Radiohead, Passion Pit

Things I Would Rewatch:

Die Wielle, American History X, Ben X

Guilty Pleasures:

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream, Science Channel

My Dream Pets

For a very long time ever since I found out the very existence of the Rainbow Pool, I always wanted a plushie aisha. Back then when I was a kid, I tried to save up for one but it never quite worked out the way I planned. I was only able to go on Neopets once a week since I did not have internet;I had to go to the library to use one. Also, I did not know what an email was, how to verify my account, or the fact that Kacheek Seek was not exactly your ideal money maker. Since my account was not verified, I could not make over 1000 neopoints back then. I always wondered if someone was taking my neopoints away because I never got more than 1000 neopoints.o3o

Years later, I made a new, verified account and the conversion happened. I got lucky with a Fountain Faerie Quest, even though the quest item costed 600k. Here is what went down:





*pushes Mousie102930291 down*



(wat. is. this.)

However, I was not up to date with Neopian News due to my limited internet access. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed. Especially when someone was seeking a Fountain Faerie Quest for their unconverted plushie aisha right after I painted my aisha. RAAAGE.


I shall dump art/character stuff here while I search for my plushie aisha.;u; Feel free to drag images into the url bar for a closer look.;D


Name: ???
Age: 29
Built: Busty
Eyes: orangeeee
Hair: Yellow orange
Skin: naturally dark tan
face: narrow, heard shaped
Likes: Kittens, markers, worms, Moltara
Dislikes: Cake, Sharpeners, Loud Noises

Extra: She has a little companion named Moira.83 She's a fierce tiger. She works as a Neopian Veterinarian at the Neopian Hospital.

Other: Unfortunately, it's a tad bit silly for me to write a bio for her if I don't have a name.;u;


My only Gameplan to apply for any and every uc plushie aisha out there.o3o
I simply just want a uc ice bruce.=| Similarly to my Plushie Aisha story, I wanted a Ice Bruce.=P Except... I didn't know that you can only get the ice color through labray only. I thought the only way to get an Ice Bruce is by painting my bruce with a snow paintbrush. So one day, I managed to get a Jack the Phantom Painter event and he gave a me a snow paintbrush.

Jacko the Phantom Painter gives you a Snow PaintBrush!

I went right up to the Rainbow Pool and painted my bruce and needless to say, I was quite shocked.:O What I got instead was :

I mean, my bruce was still adorable and I was still pretty happy with her, until she turned invisible wit another Random Event at least. But still, I just wanted my popsicle penguin.=n= I just did not know that secret laboratory maps existed... I was such a noob. JUST MY LUCK.

Toy Box


I plan to just apply for any uc ice bruce there is.


I have decided to just name that pet already.xD But yes, he is that specific pirate kougra I have been stalking for years now. Yup. I said it. YEAAARSSSS. Why? Because the name has sentimental values to me. I rather not go into much details because the story behind the name is a sob story. I do not feel comfortable telling the world about it.

Instead, here's a neo appropriate story behind the name!:3
Once upon a time, a valiant heroine scours the Neopian Land. Along with her, several furry creatures traveled alongside the hero throughout time. She goes wherever the wind takes. Today, the Mystery Island. Tomorrow, the Terror Mountains. Until one day... She decided to add a new addition to her travel pack.

Okok, I'll tell you my story like a regular person now.;u;
I wanted to create a pet named after somebody. I wanted to create Erik. However, I discovered he was already created three days before I was able to go to the library to do it. WHAT LUCK. Of course, I decided to look him up now and then, just in case he got purged or something. I created a Halloween lupe named Erikiv, made Eriki during the purge, stalked Eric during the purge, and attempted to trade up for Eri. LOLOLOL yes, I want that name.eue

4 years later, I happen to look up Erik and... HE WAS UP FOR ADOPTION. Such sheer joy I felt.8D Of course, I started to work on my petpage application for weeks on end. I had to admit, I went a little over-the-top because I seriously wanted this pet more than anything. Along the way, my main got cged and frozen twice.o-o Either way, I carried on with glee by the prospect that I might get Erik after all these years.;u; Unfortunately as you can already guessed, he went to someone more epic than me.;u; OH MAN. the disappointment! Well, I am going to continue stalking him... Just in case something happens.oAo


I will have to be patient and check up on Erik to see if he is ever uft or ufa.;u; If he becomes ufa, I will have to just submit a simple, earnest application rather than a flashy, fancy one. There is no point in making a super duper long application if the things you want to convey can be done in a few paragraphs, right?;u; (hopefully the owner feels the same way.xD) If he becomes uft, I will have to get to the up-trading game or... Give up one of my precious pets.;u; Actually, that probably will not happen as I love all the pets I have now and up-trading is definitely not my forte.

OR. I can lose sleep and peace for the purge and try to snag Eric/Eriky/Erick.ouo


In the meantime, I started to develop his character.xD Drag and drop the images into the url bar if you'd like to it.c:

Update Logs

December-Still Stalking
November-I GOT ERICK.
October- Stalking.
September- Stalking sum moar.
May-Sobbing my- I mean stalking.. with... my wet eyes.ouo


(I'm a tad bit concerned with your obsession.)


(...Denial, really?)

(... I have a secret to tell you.. If you come closer.)

(I don't know....)

(I don't bite.)


I KNOW IT'S REALLY WEIRD BUT I WANT MY LASTUC GREY PET, PREFERABLY THAT HAS A NAME THAT STARTS WITH A K. I am just really name-coordinated and color coordinated .;u;
*pokes Konshyu, Kirouma, Kalesas*


Okay, I am currently training bd pets (name Tzeiru) up to 900-1500 hsd for a nice uc grey pet. Let's see what happens...

Update Logs

November-Nope, I lied. I traded my uc grey kacheek for a bd pet in hopes to trade up for a another grey pet.=u= October- Okay! It is the start of the month and I have already used up all of my transfers.xD But it was all worth it in the end! Why? Because I traded my (baby) eyrie for a dn uc grey kacheek!8D I am back to having a uc grey kacheek.xD He is just worse named and harder to trade.;u; Now, I think I should stick to keeping my kacheek rather than trying to trade.xD It's quite evident that I am no good at it. Even though the name is manly for a girly character annnnnd the name starts with an N.;n; OH THE IRONY. LOLOLOLOL

September- Man! It took forever to get offers on my (faerie) shoyru.o3o Like pages before I get an offer. I made a few more people happy with more trade.^_^ I ended up trading my (faerie) shoyru for a darigan eyrie, which is better named. And then a nameswap with a lovely user! This month has been a tad bit awful for me. I have met many rude people who just can't handle rejection, get offended easily, or just like to argue with me for the sake of arguing. o3o And guuuuurrrl, don't even get me started on this one chick who kept arguing saying being locked-out in Keyquest is not possible. OH HISSI NAW.


Anyways, I have arranged an October trade with a user whom I have befriended over a series of neomails for my (darigan) eyrie for her (baby) eyrie! She says my (darigan) eyrie would provide her a better chance to trade up for a few nice offers.c: I wish her luck!

August-I made a few people happy with this three safe way trade! In regards to my progress towards my goal, I've gone a few steps back.xD You see, my original plan was to keep Nxxxxxx, my grey kacheek, unless I get an offer of another uc grey pet that has a name starting with a K. I already have set an OC based around her as well as an art gallery... But then I met this lovely user whom had wanted a uc grey kacheek and another user whom wanted a uc grey flotsam for quite awhile. So we kind of did a confusing trade Nxxxxxx for her (dn grey) flotsam for the other user's (bn faerie) shoyru. I shall start advertising the shoyru next month!

July- I have hastily traded my (grey) techno for Nxxxxxx here! Mhm... I am still thinking of trying to get a uc grey pet that has a name that contains the letter K or C or maybe another grey kyrii. But I don't know, I has character already.o3o


June- It was a tough decision to let my (grey) kyrii go.;n; I wished the name had a K in it or a C.oAo I just love kyriis but the name simply does not do him justice, considering how girly the name is. It's girly, believe me.o3o And his character is all muscly and manly and whatnot. SO, I've decided to hunt for another uc grey kyrii or at least, another grey pet.;n; However, I began to realize that grey kyriis are scarce nowadays... I ended up trading for a (grey) techno! The name is a beauty but I will not keep. I want to aim for a grey pet I want to keep.ouo


Trading history

Chronological order by oldest starting pet:

buzz ffq ► vvvvvbn 120hsd blue jetsam ► trained that jetsam into 300hsd ► dn 98 hsd mutant flotsam ► trained to about 550 hsd ► adopted out my precious to brother ► brother traded for uc baby kougra ► common rw ► vwn 250+ hsd dari. moehog

ffq ► vvvvbn 200 hsd red lenny (same person whom I traded with btw) ► adopted out to bd fanatic

dn grey meerca ► dn orange grundo ► dn grey gelert ► adopted out

300k custom ► bn mummy ruki ► adopted out

royal custom ► vwn coconut jubjub ► adopted out

royal custom ► vwn pea chia ► adopted out

royal custom ► vwn pea chia ► adopted out

royal custom ► dn pea chia ► adopted out once more

spanish rw + 3.5 mil custom ► vwn ghost krawk ► did a desert custom ► Kirouma the uc grey grundo

royal custom ► vbn uc robot ► uncommon rn ► did 24 mil custom ► Cello the basic something then morphed into zombie pteri

vwn royal draik + shadow custom ► Konshyu the uc grey grarrl

vwn robot xweetok ► vwn robot zafara ► adopted out

unlimited double custom (did 32 mil) ► specific vwn faerie krawk ► vwn uc grey moehog ► Tim the plushie scorchio

halloween bori custom ► Eriki ► adopted out

Common rw ► dn uc baby kougra ► vwn uc mutant lupe ► adopted out

rw ► dn 200+ hsd uc darigan uni ► adopted out to brother ► given back to me ► adopted out

CURRENT TRADING STRINGS: anime rn ► dn uc grey grundo ► dn uc faerie shoyru ► dn uc grey gelert ► dn uc grey kyrii ► vwn uc grey techno ► vwn uc grey kacheek ► dn uc grey flotsam ► bn uc faerie shoyru ► dn uc darigan eyrie ► dn uc darigan eyrie ► vwn the uc baby eyrie ► dn uc grey kacheek ►800+ hsd vwn bd pet

greek rn ► Movie rn ► dn Uc mutant hissi ► 600 hsd bd pet

Applying History

I have applied for (I believe this is all within three years):

uc grey yurble (Kxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
uc grey kougra (Cxxxxxxx)
uc grey kougra (Nxxxxxxx)
uc grey poogle (Kxxxxxxxxx)
uc grey aisha (Kxxxxx##)
uc plushie aisha( xXxxxxxxx)
uc grey kougra (Kxxxxxxxxxx#######)
uc grey mynci (Kxxxxxxx)
uc grey wocky (Kxxxx####xxx)
darigan draik (Mxxxxxx)
mutant lupe (Erik)
several basic hissis
uc plushie aisha(Nxxxxx)-withdrew application
uc grey kyrii (Exxxxxx)
uc grey zafara (Lxxxx)
uc grey acara (Zxxxxx)
uc ice bruce (Yxxxxxxxx)

As you can tell, I was not chosen for any of them.xD

My other pets I have adopted out & their fate:

Aidolem ► adopted out to the lovely previous owner of Aidolem ► went back to me as Ting went on hiatus.83
my precious robot bori ► gave him to bori fanatic ► adopted out to someone else.(:
common rn faerie poogle ► adopted out on a dream giveaway board ►inactive account
vwn uc mutant lupe ► put him ufqa ► got scammed ► traded by scammer ► adopted out ► back to the person whom I adopted out to & well-homed.(:
bn mummy ruki ► gifted to adoption agency ► traded ►inactive account
vwn fire blumaroo ► put him ufqa ►traded away
vwn orange grundo ► put him ufqa ►traded ►inactive account
dn uc baby eyrie ► adopted out to "trusted" friend ► traded w/o notice ►inactive account
dn uc darigan uni ► gave him to someone who loved darigan unis ►well-homed.(:
bn uc robot pteri ► gave to a beggar.D:►traded ► frozen
vbn uc faerie tuck ► gave to someone who kepy neomailing about her ► traded ► on a frozen account
Eriki ► gave to someone named Erik ► traded ► pounded
uncommon rn ► gave to someone who is a fan of a character with the same name ►well-homed (:

I don't really have much luck in adopting out to people.;u; Haha. But I am grateful for those who stuck to their words.(:


Statistically Speaking...

HULLO. Here is a checklist to keep track of what I want my account to look like someday in the far off distant future:

secret avatars:

{ }Top Avatar Collector
{ }340
{ }330
{ }320

Game trophies (non-site):

{ }50
{ }40
{ }30
{ }20


{x}lvl 50
{x}lvl 45
{x}lvl 40
{x}lvl 30


{ }300
{ }250
{ }200
{ }150
{ }100
{ }50


{ }300
{ }250
{ }200
{ }150
{ }100
{ }50

Gallery Size:

{ }70
{ }60
{ }50
{ }40
{ }30

World Challenge Wins:

{ }Top All-Time Winners in Terror Mountain
{ }2000 wins
{ }1000 wins
{x}750 wins
{x}500 wins
{x}250 wins


I need to remind myself to get one of these avatars:
Avatars I Need

Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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