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October 11, 2008
Long time no update... 1 new custom adoptable added and two pictures in the art section.

May 20, 2007
2 new customs added. Right now I am only making custom adoptables for friends but trades will be open soon.

May 17, 2007
New layout, new adoptables, new everyone! Sorry for not updating much recently but this is what we've been working on this for the past few weeks :) I'm still making edits here and there to the layout so keep checking back.


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since May 16, 2007

like when I fell under the weight of a school boy crush Welcome


A slender aisha approaches you cautiously. His dusty gray pelt is scattered with glistening silver lightning bolts. He examines you closely with his dull yellow eyes.

Umm.. hi..
I'm Kaickki the aisha. Feel free to look around and make yourself at home.. look at art, adopt your very own aisha, do anything you want; I only ask that you don't steal anything, thanks.


I almost forgot who I was but came to my senses Profile

{Name} Kaickki
{Age} Sixteen
{Gender} Male
{Species} Aisha
{Color} Skunk
{Owner} Vanillakitty_
{Eyes} Yellow
{Level} 1

My name is Kaickki, I'm just your average aisha. I'm usually shy around people and kind of awkward I guess. I love music, any kind of music. I also like to read a lot, and I like art too. I have some really great friends and am always open to meeting new people.

My head's a carousel of pictures the spinning never stops Family

Neeka is such an innocent little acara. She's so carefree and loving and bubbly. She always knows how to make me smile. Neeka's a great person to be around, she makes everyone around her happy.
Torik is an.. interesting guy. We've gone through some reallly tough times where we basically hated eachother but now I can honestly say that I tolerate him. He is okay once you get to know him, but otherwise, you'd probably really hate him.

Stiell is Torik's little sister. We don't get along very well unfortunately... she can be very judgemental and bratty at times which is why I'm not very fond of her.

I know I should be brave But I'm just too afraid of all this change Love

I don't know if I have ever been in love but there is definately someone who I've grown very close to, but who knows..


I'm trying to take some comfort in written words Friends

Siri is my best friend. I care about her alot and I know she feels the same about me. She has a great personality and I really believe she brings the best out of me. We've been through a lot together and I'm so glad to have her as a friend.
Sarri's very fun and adventurous. We took a visit to Eliv Thade's castle which was very interesting to say the least. She's really brave and spunky, basically the opposite of me.
Rin is a very shy aisha. She's got a sad story which still troubles her. She is one of the kindest aishas I've met, I just wish I got to know her better.
I met Sumi a long time ago and haven't seen her much since. She's a really sweet aisha with a great personality. She took me to her own field where it's really nice and peaceful. I wish I could see her again.

I keep making these to do lists but nothing gets crossed out Adoptables

Here are some aisha adoptables made just for you :) To adopt one, copy and paste the code underneath the adoptable and put it on your petpage, pet lookup, or anywhere else you want. However, please follow these rules:

x Do not enter any adoptables in the Beauty Contest or Art Gallery
x Do not edit the pictures
x Do not claim them as your own
x Do not make your own customs..
x Always link back! (don't remove my link!!)

To Do: Alien, Camoflauge,Checkered, Christmas, Darigan, Desert, Disco, Faerie, Ice, Island, Maraquan, Mutant, Pirate, Plushie, Robot, Royal, Snot, Snow, Sponge, Mutant ... :(

Custom adoptables are currently CLOSED. They'll be open sometime later so please be patient :) I'm only making customs for friends right now!

And here are some custom adoptables that people have made for me.


I've been feeling sentimental for days gone by Art

Here are pictures of me drawn by vanillakitty_. Remember, don't steal the pictures. To see the full picture, copy and paste the URL into your address bar. Thanks!


It's all predetermined can't change your desting FAQ

If you have a question that's not answered on here, feel free to neomail vanillakitty_.

Can my aisha be friends with Kaickki?
Maybe.. we'd have to roleplay first though. Neomail vanillakitty_ :)

Can Kaickki and my pet date?

Will you draw me a picture?
Well my drawing time is very limited lately so probably not. :(

Will you make me a custom adoptable?
It depends if the customs status is open or not. If it is closed, please don't ask me!

Will you make me a petpage layout?
Nope, sorry. I still have to finish my own petpages!

Can I use your pictures in the beauty contest or art gallery?
Definately not, that is art theft and it will get you frozen.

Can I put your pictures on my petpage/lookup?
Please don't! Unless I drew the picture specifically for you, please do not use my art at all. (with the exception of adoptables of course)


Guess I'll just keep moving Someday maybe I'll get to where I'm going Goodbye

Leaving already?

I hope you enjoyed your stay vanillakitty_! Feel free to come back and visit anytime you want.


All art, layout, coding, content by vanillakitty_ unless stated otherwise.