A low grumble of thunder reverberates through the air and through your body as you trudge through a thick forest, your clothes soaking wet from the steady rain that falls without a care onto your shoulders.

You've gotten lost…again. An afternoon canoe trip has turned into possibly the worst day of your life after an unexpected storm caused the river to swell into rapids and break your boat on the rocks, leaving you in the middle of nowhere without a way to get home. Raindrops trickle down tree branches and swirl through the uneven ground, turning the landscape into a yucky mess. Your visage appears more and more disgruntled with every "schlopp" sound your shoes make as they peel themselves out of the mud with each step. Rationalizing that you're not going to make much progress continuing like this, you decide to scout for shelter to wait out the storm. Up ahead is rather hilly area that looks promising, perhaps you can find a ledge or small cave to sit under. As you make your way over you notice a rocky river area with a small waterfall, however it appears as though there is a gap behind the falls; this might be just the crevice you were looking for.

Squeezing your way behind the waterfall so as not to get wet (well, wetter),you happen upon a surprising sight. It turns out it's more than just a little niche in the rocks to rest; it's a very deep cave with more than enough room to lie down. The pool of water recedes into puddles, whose light casts surreal reflections against the craggy rock ceiling. Holding your hand against the wall to help navigate, you decide to see just how deep it goes while you try to make your eyes to adjust to the darkness. This might not be a bad place to recuperate after all.

Drip, drip, drip… the water falling from the stalactites plays it's rhythm monotonously as you slowly make your way further along the cave. The uneven rocky ground slick with moisture and algae proves difficult to maneuver in the darkness while maintaining your balance. *Clink!* The shrill sound of glass being kicked by your foot echoes sharply against the rocky walls as it rattles along the cold ground. Bending down a bit, you reach around for the foreign object, and after picking it up you discover that it is a small container of some sort, carved out of a clear crystalline material. Curiosity, soon replaced by fear, floods your mind as you realize this place is already occupied, most likely by something that doesn't want to share its home with the likes of you. In a panic you scan the area trying to make out anything in the darkness, soon finding more confirmation that something lives here. Bowls, jars, pouches, even a crude table soon take shape around the room; it's more than enough evidence to convince yourself that you should leave. Now. You stumble back toward the light at the mouth of the cave where your escape lies. Reaching an arm out for balance to sneak back around the waterfall, you find yourself face to face with the home's resident who's head has just poked around the entrance.

A startled scream bursts forth from both of you, stopping you in your tracks, and -with an ungraceful slip of your foot- sending you crashing down on your bottom.

Oh! No no-no-no… The creature mutters to herself as she hastily reaches into the puddle to pick up the precious plants that were held delicately in her mouth for transport, before the small scream escaped her throat. As you gather yourself back up, you take note of the unique appearance of this canine. She's a bit shorter than most lupes you're familiar with, and her earthy brown fur is contrasted by different shades of teal spots. The broken reflection of the water that dances on the cave's ceiling seems to mimic the mottled patterning of her pelt. A small leather pouch hangs from her neck, filled with spoils of the forest from her day's journey.

Your focus is soon brought back to the current situation as you are greeted with a perturbed stare from the distressed lupe, ears perked toward you in attention.

What were you doing in here? Trying to steal my remedies again? How many more times are you people going to come here…? Concern and a hint of frustration sits painted on her face as she hurries past you to inspect her inventory. You hurriedly try to explain what happened and how you got here, not wanting to steal anything but just stay dry.

Her face softens with relief as she returns to you. Forgive me, I shouldn't have assumed something like that from you right away. It's just that lately there have been people from a village near here that want to steal the unique healing medicines I've made and sell them to other merchants for a hefty profit. She frowns, shaking her head, I don't know how they found me, but they've been a nuisance ever since. I don't want to make money, I simply work to help those who are sick and in need. You see, I understand how to gather and combine herbs and other plants to create medicine for different illnesses that otherwise can't be cured. Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself. I don't believe I asked you your name yet? She asks with a friendly smile.

visitor you reply.

visitor…? hm, that's a nice name; it's got a nice ring to it. Mine is Bluorae, or you can call me Blu for short if you'd prefer. Removing the pouch from around her neck, she places it against a stone and retrieves an item from a nearby desk.

Oh my, but you must be hungry after everything that's happened to you, would you like something to eat? You reply with an enthusiastic yes. She smiles and walks over to you, holding a brass candle holder in her mouth with a stumpy pile of wax and match for you to take.

Hopefully this will help you see a bit better in here, she remarks kindly, noticing you had still been struggling to see in the dark cave this whole time. You're welcome to stay here until the storm passes, there's a bed around the corner where you can rest if you'd like. I'll let you know when the food is ready.

The warm light from your candle highlights the edge of an entryway previously unknown to you, and as Bluorae makes her way through it you quickly follow suit. She lights an assortment of candles one by one to reveal a cozy little haven hidden beneath the earth. You make your way over to a soft bed of moss lined with an old fabric blanket, a rich earthy aroma rising up from it as you plunk yourself down. While watching the lupe hurry about her business, you wonder more about everything you've seen, and inquire what her story is.

You want to know more about me? Haha, there's not much to tell really. …Though I suppose it would help to pass the time while I prepare some food…. Well, all right…


Name: Bluorae

Pronunciation: Rhymes with "door" and "ray

Nickname: Blu

Species: Lupe

Gender: Female

Age: Adult

Fur color: Multiple shades of chocolatey-brown

Markings: Different shades of turquoise spots along face, back and legs

Accessories: Sometimes wears a small pouch around her neck to carry herbs and other small items

Trade: Medicine

Personality: Bluorae is polite to everyone she meets, but does not appear overly sociable at first glance. Only with close friends will you see her truly come alive, laughing and joking. She carries a very calm demeanor at all times, and is able to keep a cool head during a crisis, which has come in handy in the past. Bluorae has a caring nature, and works her hardest to heal anyone that is sick or injured. For the friends close to her heart, if danger should strike them, fierce determination will drive her to protect them at all costs, even her life.
She is not lazy in the least, and travels every day in search of different plants or other objects to use for medicine, whether it is on a cliff, in a swamp, or buried under the dirt. She requires everything she owns to be neat and tidy, and even meticulously categorizes and organizes her inventory of herbs and spices.

Physical Characteristics: Bluorae is a small, slender lupe with a body type similar to a fox. She has a somewhat bushy tail that provides warmth in colder weather, and in the summer thins out to appear slimmer. Her small paws and slightly short legs don't hinder her from traveling anywhere she can, and she is sometimes even able to climb trees if necessary. She has a small slender head with defined features and relatively large ears alert to every sound.

Habitat: Bluorae resides in a large forest filled with rivers, hills, valleys, and a vast assortment of vegetation. She collects most of her ingredients in this forest, only rarely journeying to other climates. She lives alone in a cozied-up cave hidden behind a small waterfall, where she stores and mixes her inventory of herbs. In the winter when the falls freeze over, she must carve out an entrance to her home, though she keeps it small to avoid notice. A small village sits near the edge of the forest, where she frequently travels to help most of her patients.

• studying plants for medicine
• the colors at dusk
• the smell of the air after a rainstorm
• solving puzzles

• feeling trapped
• loud noises
• death

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Falukii is a tiny little eyrie that lives in the forest. Curious in nature, a bit skittish, and never quite able to sit still; he spends much of his time foraging for berries and exploring. He happened to meet Bluorae by chance while traveling, and she patched him up when he injured a paw. While they don't live near each other, they do share the same forest and Falukii occasionally comes to visit her.

Niralu is a quiet, composed xweetok. A bit of a nomad, she happened across Bluorae while traveling along the outskirts of a small town. She became fast friends with Bluorae, and they enjoy sharing stories and knowledge with each other.


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I still love the adopts I got of Blu's old version, and kept some of my favorites up here ^^


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