In maraqua its raining...
Your listining to : RIVERS! =spash=

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Hey guys! amyj663 talking! Im just here to tell you, I made some updates and replaced the Adoptables... So if you got a custome one just tell me. Ill remake it. Ill be changing the layout once again and stuff. O, and if you see this writing, it means that Im talking so... LETS START ALREADY!
HIIIII EVERYONE! I know you've seen my Layout and other stuff! But PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE Draw me in my original form! That means No HeadBand, No Scarf. But please include my necklace though =)
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Ahhhh its peaceful in Maraqua isin't it? Well of course it is! ITS UNDERWATER! But Wait! Le-Gasp! A part of maraqua thats not Maraqua? Ooooo What is it? Wait, How should I know? So I guess you would go to it and find some info about a kacheek, take home the link, the adoptables blah blah blah... What? If you didin't what would be the point of this whole Story?! Ya, ya I wont spoil the moment anymore. Don't you just hate it when other people control for what your doing? Ah well...
So whatcha do? Dive into that part of Maraqua duh! But WAIT! You don't know how to dive! Or have a swinsuit? But do you care? OF COURSE NAWT! You just dive in with your eyes closed. Uhhh... Ya, You just dive. And swim. And Swim. And swim. And swim some more. Until... BONK Ya hit a rock! Well duh! Its not that smart to dive with your eyes CLOSED silly! But lets continue... Your unconsious then... A small Kacheek drag you into a cave! Le gasp! You cough cough cough cough and complain how your Back hurts because you have been lying on a rocky bed.
HI! Are you lost? Are you exploring? What is your name anyways?
You shake your head making blobby sound. Looking at you was a Blue Kacheek. You jump backwords and slammed the back of your head on the door.
The door creacked opened and your carried away by the current of the water. You felt unconsious again...O my gawd! The kacheek swam to ya and dragged you to his cave and slammed the door. JEEZ LOSE SOME WEIGHT BUDDEH! He slams you onto the bed again. You suddenly woke up again.I hope your finally awake again. Don't start banging yourself on the door again cause you already have a bump on your head. You looked around.Well enough on that, Why don't you take a look around? The kacheek led you to another door. He opened it and there was a room of many furnitures. It looked so snuggle! It made ya wanna jump on it and kick the kacheek out and make this your home. But lets not get carried away with Reality.Well, this is my living room! I also have a kitchen, and a game room, a petpet room, and others... And you didn't listen to a word he said didn't you? Nope not at all. Your just staring at it. You even have a little drool around your mouth O_O'
The kacheek slapped your face.O GAWD DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO LIVE HERE?! I ALWAYS HAVE SOMEONE THAT TRY TO EXPLORE THIS OCEAN BUT BUMP THERE HEAD ON MY CAVE! I CARRY THEM BACK, I SHOW THEM MY LIVING ROOM AND THEY ALL WANT TO KICK ME OUT AND MAKE MY HOUSE YOUR HOUSE! I DO THIS EVERYDAY! I EVEN HAVE BAGS UNDER MY EYES! The kacheek was so angry it was actually kinda hard to ignore him.Well then make yourself at home ^-^ Er... Why is the Kacheek happy one second it was Angry? O-e Hmmm... You sat on the couch. It had patterns of Water droplets. The Kacheek made some juice.Want some? You nodded. Still thinking what ADD this Kacheek has... Hmmm...
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Aqua finished drinking his Juice.Can I tell you about myself? You nodded and prepared yourself for a whole time of daydreaming and no Paying attention to Aqua. Well You know I'm a Kacheek and Ill let that step aside, I live in a happy family of six. 3 brothers and 1 sister! Im the second youngest of us and I have lots of friends! We live in a small house, So its kinda squishy there. Although I live in a different place, I always go home to visit. I was adopted by Amy-chan, Thats my owner, and lived a very happy life. The cool thing about me, its that I can control water! I can collect H2O from the air in less than a microsecond! Well, More technicly my necklace. Without my necklace, its hard for me to control water. I can also transform into water so no one will see me! Seeing my cousins fight I want to be a very cool ninja or fighter when I grow up! You just look at the ceiling as the Kacheek handed you a peice of Paper. This is my Birth certificate!


Name : Blue_aqua_socean Whats wrong with that?
Nickname : Aqua
Species : Kacheek
Gender : Male ... DO I LOOK LIKE A GIRL?! ;-;
D.O.B : hours ago :3 May. 14
Age : 13

Mommy : amyj663! Amy! (whiny little kid)
Family : Moonlight, Fluff, Starfire, Minty, amyj663,
Friends : Sugar! Pikachu! Roses! Ninja! Baking! Bunnys! Flowers? Clouds! GREY! SUNSHINE!
Cousins : Devil, Puffy, Pie, Sulioku, Dream, Otabia, Frank, Scarlet, Island, Astromaster, Cleo, Fraise, Seashore, Mittens, Midnight, Tsunami, Pickles
Love : YUCK!

Colour : Electric (YAAAAAAAAAAY!)
Is : playful silly weird, obnauxios and did I mention weird?
Isin't : Emo, Crazy, sensitive, mean
Wants to be : I wanna be a NINJA!

Elements : Water (sometimes air)
Attack : ***
Defence : ****
Speed : *****
Will : **
Crazyness : A possible 70% =3
Sensei : Ikulua Next section plz!

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Hot and sunny days
Healthy for you foods

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My family rocks! Well... Not much of there personality.. We're made out of FREAKS! Aqua jumps up and makes a scary face. It scared you so much you nearly fainted. O_O
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is my weirdo mommy Amy. I met her the day she brought me back from the pound. Then she gave me a home... You would be expecting some kind of "She's the best mommy ever" eh? She's quite annoying, selfish, lazy, she wakes up at 11:00 a.m! Its usually Star that wakes up first. Then everday, she bases everything on this show called Death note, Hetalia... ITS DRIVING ME INSANE! AND WHOULD IT KILL HER TO CLEAN UP?! =throws a chair at you for no reason= She loves Pancakes and Chocolate and runs off drawing comics about "Warriors" CATS... HAHAHAHA LOL... ... kittys
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Moonlight Is the 3rd born and my bigger brother. He gets annoyed easily and reads most of the time. But due to the fact he's part weirdo =Aqua gets hit on the head by a random force= GAAAAH, I MEAN HE IS THE BEST BROTHER LIKE EVA! =Aqua rubs his head= Moonlight loves to play with his petpet Cherry the Cobrall. When he usually has nothing to do, he plays with our cousin Minty. I'm not trying to be responsible and all that, but shoudn't Amy care about Moonlight hanging out with Minty?! EVERY DAY HE COMES BACK WITH A BROKEN LEG OR SOMETHING O_e
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Fluff is my buddy! Although he is my closest buddy we fight alot. Amy says that he is "special". But Fluff always says no and falls down the stairs. He loves to eat, play and roll. Fluff is scared of our Cousin Pickles because he's smarter then him. He usually falls down things and never gets hurt. Well, Uhhh, you know how ballons are like when you release the air without popping it? Ya thats how he goes... Fluff also likes to hang out with Minty... Is Minty going to kill all of my closest Buddys?!
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Starfire is the oldest of us! She acts like a petpetsitter to all of us. She's fun to play with but she can get really annoyed at me and Fluff... Sometimes Moonlight not that much though. Apparently, she loves extreme skydiving and snowboarding as well. AM I THE ONLY SANE PERSON IN THE FAMILY?! =starts blowing bubbles= Anyways... Since she's the only one in the family who can cook, other then me cause everyone hates water stuff (grumble grumble), everyone has no choice but to eat her food. Its really good except for that time she made burnt pat8o's. We had to order Tyrannian food that time ._.

-image comming soon-

Minty or Mint (Minty_ribbon) is my crazy, loves to die, hyper, stupid and courageos younger brother. Apperently everyone likes him cause of those things. IS EVERYONE GOING CRAZY?! =rips out a page from a book and eats it= =you start to back away slowly= He goes to the hospital 3 times a day, nearly destroyed Terror mountain and BROKE MY WATER BUISCUITS! =grabs bazooka= ITS PAY BACK TIME! =runs away=
You just stare at the crazy kacheek...


-image comming soon-

Fraise (Strawberrypinkfraise) is french for strawberry. She loves eating strawberrys and watermellons.
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Why yesh :0 My old story got deleted cause it was too full of drama, sadness, stupid things no one cares about...
-Chapter 1-
Congrats Aqua's parents! Its a kacheek"
The doctor paused "Uhh well of course, you are Kacheeks arn't you?"
WHAT?!" Mr.Kacheek exclaimed. "HONEY! We are NOT Shoyru's!"
Mrs Kacheek jumped up. "YOU SIR ARE INPECLIBLE!"
Miss thats not a word" The Doctor explained.
WE'RE OUT OF HERE!" The two Kacheeks marched out of the hospital.
WAIT! YOU FORGOT YOUR BAB- HOLY QUEEN FLORA!" The Doctor peeked outside the window to see a newborn baby kacheek fall out of a 8000 story building. 8000 storys you ask? WELL DUH WE'RE IN FAIRY WORLD. =D

Ok, besides his stupid parents and the lame title of chapter two, Aqua was actually a pretty good kacheek, other than to break the fourth wall. "HEY SHUT UP!" Anyways the story may now actually begin.

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Nearly falling asleep on hearing the story (Although you had never paid attention. Hmm... Aqua dosn't notice. He ran out of the room and got a poster. LOOKIES! These guys are my friends! I luff them very much! He looks at you patheticly... WAKE UP! He pushes you off the couch and you hit your back on the rocky carpet.
My friend Wooden_roses.You call call her Wood for short.I met her at the woods.Its was amazing how she did her nature bending.It was awsome.When I tried it,I got her wet with water.We laughed and laughed.Than we became friends.
-new image soon!-
My pikachu pal. Tuna's going to be faerie one day!Wow *gasps*NONO! DON'T EAT HER!I wish I could fly...Wait!*laughs*I already have wings!She is really kind.Her petpage went bust.*KABOOM!*And best of all!!!*drum roll*We are both electric ^^ (get it? Im painted Electric and Pickachu's are also Electric?)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My friend Sasha.She's an ice kacheek.I really like her necklace.I think its made out of diamond snowflakes *stares*My necklace is made out of diomond too.She plays with me alot and we share the same intrests..Like,Playing in the snow!
-new image soon!-
Aroru,like Sasha,has a necklace and,like Tuna,He can fly!We somtimes soar above the clouds and visits his page.Cloud heaven.Wear all the little bitty louds go.I met him in kiko lake we chatted and I wanted to be my friend!
-new image soon!-
My friend Tekirai!!!!She's really nice and adventures!We like to do everything together!Like um...Well...It sounded better when I was hyper.
-new image soon!-
Emi is awesome! Although I don't know her much! Her owner and mine are great friends!
-new image soon!-
Ballerina my closest friend.And NO SHE IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!Don't even think that!She and I love the same thing.Baking taking a hike in the woods,nature walking,floating in rose petals,in fact she controls roses!
-new image soon!-
=D SHE IS AWSOME! Her favourit color is gray which ish very kawaii. She told me that she landed on Kipo's head (Kipo ish her owner =D )and than they were a happy family with her sister and her Owner.=puts on gray costume= GRAY BUDDEHS =D
-new image soon!-
ButterFluff is my new friend! She can also fly! Vote for her in the beauty contest so she can win! I met her when I was running down the school halls and bumping into her. Later, she was my partner in Math class so we got to know each other. She's very active and fun so maybe you should get to know her too 83
She's new in town, and I just met her when I was picking strawberrys in the forest! She was kind enough to share her strawberrys and when she came to school the next day, everyone was around her! I guess she's generouse of giving away strawberrys! But don't you think she's a good-two-shoe! She is as wild as I am ^0^
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Just after he told you about his Friends, two petpets came crashing into the room. ITS MINE! NO ITS MINE! Oy not again... Aqua sighed. He calmly walked over to the hamster-like petpet and the floating puff ball. What did Chomper do this time? Whats really amazing, is that the petpets could talk! OMG! Chomper won't let me... 3 2 1! Chompy began. What the? Aqua looked around. NOW! Chomper banged a pie onto Aqua's head. THAT TRICK IS GETTING SO OLD NOW! You looked at Aqua's face and it was dang HALIRIOUS! You laughed until your stomach hurted. Aqua turned to you. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?! He had such a freaky face you hid underneath the table...
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Atfer a few minutes, Aqua calmed down. Well that was embarrasing... He sighed. There you have it, My petpets... I know they might be a pain, but there actually quite fun! Chomper and Chompy were sleeping on Aqua. He petted them. Although I have never ever seen these kind of Petpet...It shocked me so much when I first saw them!
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Name : Chompy
Gender : Boy
Species : Hamsty
D.O.B : August 12
Love : No one
Owner : Aqua
Height : 1 1/2 inches
Weight : 99 g
Fav. Food : Cookies!!!
Best friend : Chomper

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Name : Chomper
Gender : Boy
Species : Puff ball
D.O.B : August 11
Love : Yashi (Ballerina's Petpet)
Owner : Aqua
Height : 1 inch
Weight : 74 g
Habit : Biting
Best friend : Chompy
My petpets are kinda weird and I have no Idea where they come from. Since now, I have been to Neopian hospitals to see what kind of petpets they are and the results are blank! Its so weird! All I have every done to meet them is...
Land on them while their walking in the forest, and let them raise me into what I am now! SMART ARN'T I?!
... You.say.nothing
See? Its not Plotful, Its just a simple story of how I met them!

Hey guys its me again, Well to tell you the truth, Chompy and Chomper are NOT petpets and they are my original charcters. One day in school, My good friend Jenny passed me a cute sheet made out of little imaginary animals. On it, was a puff ball like Chomper with feet like Chomper but no crown. There were also hamster like things holding cookies. So all I just did was draw them down and added a few things then named them. So they were named Chompy and Chomper. I made a few comics about them and then Created Aqua on Neopets. So I made them his Petpet! So ya...
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OMIGOSHIIEEEE!!!! Fanart for me? *_*
In the World, there are so many people that are nice enough to draw me! I luff them very much!

Its soooo cute Sasha nice shading in the eye's too ^^

Thank you ballerina!*hugs* ;)

THANKS SOOO MUCH ^^Im sitting down :D
wow!!!!this is soooooooooo cool.and sooooo cute^^thanks simuyashi^^your the best
cute very cute^^thank u alot!!!!tuna^^
cute^^thanx yumikamimi surfs up!!!cowabunga!!!
aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww cute^^even though its only the head.thanx drowntails or drowntail^^alot
cute^^its soooooooooooooooo small that its cute^^thanx danceprincess267!!!
ooooooooooooooo........its cool^^times 400,000,000!!!! :O :O :O :O :Othanks for the hat emikamimi^^ *hugs it* wait im supose to were it=3 *puts it on head
Once again...THANK YOU EMI!Its sooo cute!Im rainbowish! =3

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

=o SOOO AWSOME!=water bends= Thanks Malaysa!
Click here for cute adoptables! ^w^
Sanigo thank you so much 8DDD =hug=

Thank you so much Koi-chan! It is so well coloured and the pendent is so shiny *_*

Wow thats so cool! I love the waterdrops Hissi________! The idea is so creative 8D

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Pick up custome or fanart
Old Customes


The new ones

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Aqua walks out of the room. What are you looking at? Follow me! Well duh you follow him! He leads you to a room full of boxes. These are Kacheek adoptables! Take a look and you can get any you want! Just... Theres some rules O great... Rules...

1. Do not enter in the beauty contest
2. Do not erase Amy's name.
3. Do not change anything!Exept the eye colour and the design.
These Apply the same for the makeables!
Have fun ^^

O By the way, my Adoptables are DONE!!! Customes blink! and made in Photoshop =D












Oops! This one is the old one!
This is the other old one
THIS one is the newest and the last one
Aqua takes the Adoptables out of the chest. Too bad thats only the preview! You can have your own only if... You give your custome back to me! Yep! I only accept trades not requests! I can even make them float! O great... Only trades...

You want one? Name Amy-chan with a mail that says "Aqua Custome Trade, and she'll reply ASAP!
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Aqua walked to another box and got something out. LOOKIES! These guys are blank! You can fill them in yourself! Uhh... More rules... O great... More rules...

1.Never take my name away
2.Never change anything but the eyes.
3.If you are too lazy to link back here ask Amy to make you a makeable and a link.
4.Have fun colouring ^^
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
=Even more comming soon!=
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Custome for me
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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1. Must have music on your page
2. Must have these catagories in your page,Story,Status,link back,Family,Friends,Dislikes, and Likes.
3. Many pictures...Ok All of the pictures have to be from you! Don't worry if your pictures isin't that good, its better to be a amatuer artist then a stealer!
4. Lots of writing. If your pet speaks like " whadda?" Thats ok.
5.No stolened stuff
6. Must have a layout
7. Must be almost or completed, the Adoptables don't count.

Im restarting the trophie winners so mail me again.Mail me here.

Its kinda hard...

-New one commin!-

None yet

Free trophie
Aqua hands you a trophie. You drop it to the ground and complain how the trophie is heavy! Careful! Thats the free trophie! You can take it home! O, and if you drop that one, I have 1000 more He opens a whole fridge of free trophies. Your mouth drops open and hangs for a little while...
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Trophie's for me!
Sometimes very kinda people give me trophies! I won alot look at them! ... Theres only three...
So pretty!!Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Seeing how awesome I am, Some people even steal from me! I mean thats awful! I GET STEALERS!
Stealer number one! :
Frozened because...
V1v1n was my friend and someone hacked her account. She could not get in it. I know its not her becuase I know her in real life. That person stole Aqua's old display picture, Wooden_roses pictures, Lil_sunshine_408's display picture and many other kacheek's pictures. The account soon was frozened... And then the original owner had to create another account...
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Link back
Hmmm that was fast it looks like the end... Aqua let you out of the room. He handed you something. Here you go! A little watery patch! When you get it it sends you to the top of the land! Finally you can get out of here! No wait... Maybe you don't... WHAT KIND OF EVIL AND SICK MINDED PERSON ARE YOU IF YOU DO WANNA GO?! =see little box up there =
Other AWESOME links to other worthy petpages!
Faellie Fields Scellestio ... GIT YER 7UPS HERE!!!Visit in sunshine
Traded links
Aww, so cute!Ohhh... Rainbows...
You grab hold onto one of the watery whatever it was... SWOOSH! It was ALIVE! And wait! You can breath underwater! And see too! Below was Aqua waving to you and going back to the cave to prepare another person crashing in. For the first time without Aqua scaring you, You laughed. SWOOSH! Your up at the surface! You stood up covered with water. It wasn't cold neither... You patted yourself and stood up. Walking home thinking you should never go to another insane Kacheeks page ever again...

Started at 2007. August . 30


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I want to stay on Neopets,
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
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