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Ocean Breeze

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You are walking along the shore of a beautiful beach, with soft sand than feels like a fine powder in between your toes. The ocean has small waves that crash just feet away from you. Along the shore you notice that there are also small piles of gray rocks. You notice that one pile, a few hundred feet away has a small figure resting on it. Out of curiosity you go over to take a look.


{Ears.-Slightly Oversized
{Faults.-Very Sensetive
{Siblings.-None yet.
{Fosters.-French_Omelette and Derfty

{'-.Unforgettable Tale

I used to have a family who I could feel at home with. We lived out on Mystery Island and were very close friends with the kitchen chef. My father often helped him mix together the ingredients people gave the chef in exchange for some food. For years he worked for the chef at a measly pay of only tow apples a day. Sadly, that wasn't enough to feed our family of four.

Late at night, my father would sneak into the chef's refrigerator and steal a few pineapples. They were the only things he ever really stored in there. After over two years of my father's cunning scheme going uncaught the chef finally caught on. The enraged flotsam took off to the haunted woods to talk to Edna the witch.

After a long chat with the chef Edna and the chef came to an agreement. She would put a horrible curse on the family if the chef would pay her 100,000 neopoints up front. The chef paid and went back to the island to lock us in his dungeon until Edna had time to cast her curse.

Our family waited in one of the dark cells beneath the chef's kitchen. We had been there for days now, even weeks. I wasn't sure, I'd lost track a while back. Our cell was particularly dark and dusty, with cobwebs in almost every corner. I was watching a spider spin its web when the dungeon door creaked and the witch stepped in.

Her spell was terrible. She took everyone in my family to her exile, everyone except me. She left me to suffer the worst of the curse. I am forced to never leave the beach where I live until I can pay the chef back for all the stolen pineapples. I have to spend my days searching the length of the beach for them. Sadly, there is a shortage of pineapples at the moment. It looks like I could be stuck with this cure for a while..


{.The Ocean
{.The Smell Of Rain
{.Cold Nights
{.Prossesed Foods

{'-.Family && Friends



Daughter and I have been friends for a while now. However, since at the moment her life is near a breaking point we haven't talked in a while.


He could somewhat be consitered my brother, although not through blood. He likes to keep to himself and can get snappy if I try to talk to him for too long. Afterall, he's had a hard life.

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