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STATS: Name:Fireheart
weight:thin, quite slim
color:orange, just plain orange :/
eye color:Forest Green
height:3'8 feet from shoulder
Father:Deceased, if you care
Mother:Forever gone...
accent: bronx
Crush: i kinda miss:
you dear...:(
love:eh, no one at the moment
Family: brother...
cubs:1 2


Well at the beginning of my life i lived in a clan,had a mom,dad and a brother and i was surrounded by many family members.Our clan was quite big, as most clans are, due to all the relationships and other kougras' joining. My mother, her name was spottedflower; was a light yellow-orange kougra with dark orange stripes,(strange how she got her name, eh?) And my father,Shadowstar,who was the leader of the clan, kept to himself alot.He had Dark purple fur, stripless and had a pair of devilish wings on his back.The clan was a powerful one,we were the strongest compared to the other ones.I was born as a twin,my brother was born 5 minutes before me.when everyone looked at us they would say we were complete oppisites for twins.That was true,Darkkit(Darkheart_9) was smart,quiet,a little misunderstood, as of purple.While I on the other hand was loud,abnoxious,and frisky and many other personalities to go with my vibrant orange color.


Once we were born,My father just seemed...normal...I guess, but 2 months later he just...changed. he became strangly distant from us, he was clan leader and I understood his responablities...but everytime he glanced at Darkkit and I he sneered in disgust, as if we were unimportant.That was when Spottedflower told us of his new duputy, Stoneheart, our old deputy died of a disease, or something.mother told us that Stoneheart was very ambitous,after my mother got with Shadowstar,( second time, we were her second litter with him)Stoneheart filled his head with lies, filled his head with things to trust no one, everyone weaker that himself was useless. it was hard to believe someone could control Shadowstar like that, but Stoneheart pulled it off.I remember once Shadowstar told Darkit and I that he would show us all the bounderies of our territory and take us on our first hunt once we turned 6 months old.

but he never did...

he never kept his promises...


My mother also told Darkkit and I that our brother and sisters never stayed in the clan too long, our oldest sister died from an attack before we were born, our other sister chose the path of a rogue, and our brother,Moonstripe, lived in a place called Neopia Central beacuse he decided to leave the clan.he visited us often, I remember practically running away from him because I thought he was going to squash me or something...he was really nice, but dad always gave him glares..... like as if he was disappointed in him for something.

his stays wern't very long.


soon at six moons old, we ventured out of the nursery and recieved our apprentice brother was known as Darkpaw and I,Firepaw.Shadowstar was my mentor while Darkpaw had our uncle Blackclaw as a menter.Blackclaw and Darkpaw were very alike, I must admit Blackclaw was more of a father to him then our real dad.I'm sad to say our father was allways hateful torward him,he usually blamed Darkpaw for things he never did,which made him usually go to Blackclaw for most kougras thought dad favored me most, which was not true.He knew their was something about me, i was quick-minded, adventurous and could charm my way out of any situation,it was a very unusual personality for me at a "young age". So he always had someone watching over me.As apprentices we had to train on how to hunt,fight and protect ourselves in order to earn our warrior names.Even when we were 9 moons old mom still kept an eye on us whenever dad came near us. She knew he no longer loved her and he was hungry for power.which mostly happens in the clan, not all the kougras stay with their mates forever.Sometimes at our own risk she would challenge herself to him. my dad soon found her as a threat, he always made sure a warrior was watching her.

So yeah, It was a "Wonderful" childhood...

Throughout training and hunting the other apprentices, Mudpaw,Snakepaw and Icepaw played with Darkpaw and I.besides me and Darkpaw, the others were not related.Each one of them was the only kit to be born in their own litters.That was kinda why they liked to hunt together and stuff,i guess being an only child was rather lonesome. As we trained, my father became more suspitous of every kougra, except his deputy.I remeber once Darkpaw did a hunting crouch wrong and dad, with claws unsheathed, whipped his paw at his head.Darkpaw flew from the ground and landed 10 feet away, that was how powerful the force of my dad's paw was.he lay very still,and when noticing the badly infected wound on his head, screamed.our medicine kougra came inmedially,She was quite stunned at what Shadowstar did.My mother could not let this go unnoticed.
she roared.
and after seeing this, I learned a Mothers' true personality to when she saw her cubs in danger.A Mothers' care is both tender and nuturing...but also very protective and forceful...a Mother will stand by her cubs forever...and I had to learn this the hard way...but not yet.
retort after retort, roar after roar our parents argued, I could no longer stand it and ran into the den to see Darkpaw. well Darkpaws wound healed and our life went on, there were some fun adventures along the way, not to many though...
Its amazing, I thought while Darkpaw healed, that parents think you don't notice them when they yell, they bury that idea away, and try to make sure you too, forget it...but you never truly forget...


And that, I guess, was when everything fell out of my life...


I remember that one day....just that one day when Spottedflower went hunting..and never came back. before she went though I remember she and Shadowstar had been yeling about something and she stormed off. when shadowstar came back I looked up from practicing a hunting crouch to see him whispering something in Stoneheart's ear, Stoneheart gave a devilish grin and went away quickly crossing my way to follow my mother.I gaped as he walked past me, thinking of all the places he was going. "Move out of the way you deaf rat!" Stoneheart spat at me,I guess I was in his way. I was shocked and before i could say anthing he pushed me aside. I gave a low hiss but he snobbishly walked off. But being curious, I could not help but noticed Stoneheart was going a differant path to where my mother was. Was he going to hunt as well? I thought, then shaking of the encounter I pranced back to the training hollow. After a couple hours I waited by the apprentices den to see when spottedflower would come back.
Yes, that is strage behavior for a 10 month apprentice, since most practically push their mothers' out of their life.But Spottedflower was differant, maybe it was just because she was always there, always protecting...maybe that was why i still stuck close to her. then the leaves rustled and I almost leapt for joy, but it was actually Stoneheart who appeared, but with no fresh kill but he had a slight bloodstain on the ring of his muzzle,"stupid cheat, he ate!" I growled to myself, it was against the rules to eat while hunting for the clan, but of coarse, Shadowstar would let it go unoticed.He walked up to my dad and whispered something.
Excellent,...savor it?"
My dad said, I went closer to hear what else they were going away but as I went foreward they must have noticed me and quickly turned away, Stoneheart turned around and gave a sneer.i stood dumbfounded there, until Darkpaw smacked me in the head,
Wern't you listening to what I just said?!" he snarled.
Mum hasn't came back from hunting" I said worried.
I'll take that as a no" He said rolling his eyes, "Come on! two new apprentices are going to be made!"
My ears perked up in interest, "Who?"
Mistycub and willowcub"
In an instant I forgot about mother and ran down the slope to watch the ceromony.

I regret that....

after watching the ceromony and showing Mistypaw and Willowpaw the apprentice den,i remembered about spottedflower and began asking a couple of the queens if they saw her come back.She still had not came back. I was about to sneak out into the forest but Icepaw met up with me, at this age i was flirtatious with the females of the clan. I was a rather dashing young kougra i admit. *smile* I kinda feel bad know as i think about the way i treated Icepaw, not badly..but i always did a sort of pointless flirting with her. she was guilable with it, i however was only teasing...wish i knew better... anyhow, she came up to me; her gleaming eyes looking into mine. "Oh hey Firepaw..." she smiled sweetly. I remember smiling back, findng pleasure in it and stroking her chin. "whats up?" I remember that made her melt,"Oh just wondering if you would like to take a stroll with me...dont quite wanna go to bed yet" she said cooly. "why not?" i grinned, now having a reason to be out late. she hid her excitement well. "c'mon then" she giggled. We walked around the edge of the territory, talked up a lil chit chat here and there bout some topics. i still having my mind on my mother, kept an eye out. soon it was beginning to get late, "well i oughtta be heading now Firepaw" Icepaw blushed, "sure thing" i said, somewhat relieved that she was leaving. as she walked away she turned around,"coming?" "naw, gonna stay out a bit longer" i answered. she chuckled, "just like you to,Firepaw" and then walked back torewards the clan. I then began to whisper my mothers name and search some more up until it became pointless and i decided to head back, but along the way i saw Stoneheart. He had a large heap next to him and he was leaning into a dirt mound, as if digging.i realised the large mound was a body as i picked up a rotting stench.,I froze, my beath came in shallow gasp as he turned his head to see who was there, luckily the wind changed and,I ran back to camp, toreward the apprentice den, but bumped into Shadowstar before I could get through unoticed.
Where were you?!"
he growled, his fierce gold eyes looking through me. "Oh...just enjoying the moonlight" I said, giving a childish grin.
I saw icepaw come back a lil while ago. ow why was she back? enjoyed a bit more than just the moonlight, eh boy? get to bed" He snarled, he bared his fangs at me.
um no and Sheesh, don't have a kau" i rolled my eyes.
I growled as i walked into the den with a snobbish gait,
Stupid Child"
I heard him mutter.I stopped stone dead,
Excuse me?!"
I growled.
You heard me you -"
...oh the word he said...the horrible word...and it sticks to me this very day...I hear it in my might even be...true...
well back to the story, eh?
I stood there, shocked at what he called me,....I growled and in blind fury, I pounced...But oh so foolish...I was just a Cub, he was a fully grown kougra...I was able to bite into his arm though, before he grabbed me and chucked me at a nearby tree.That hurt, such stiffening pain to where you don't even know what happened to you.
You shouldn't do a thing like that..."
he snarled , then noticing my small movement and small groans of pain, he grinned,
Ahh...still need your mommy around to protect you"
he said in that horrible Baby-like coo and turned around, laughing his way to his own den.I picked myself up, groaning painfully, soon realising it was packed and i couldn't even get through to my bedding.I slept in front of the den once Father left.I waited for 2 more hours until i finally understood it all.I understood when i remembered dad whispering to stoneheart once Spottedflower left, why stoneheart went the other way, why he came back with no kill but blood around his muzzle, i I understood what he was burying as well.I understood it all now, and it brought tears into my eyes to the fact it took me that long to figure it all out, and as much as I tried to believe in all my heart that it wasn't true, she was gone...
spottedflower was never coming back.


Right at dawn I pushed my way into the den, and prodded Darkpaw.
What now!"
he growled as he saw me,
I have to tell you something" I said urgently.
Shadowstar got Stoneheart to kill Spottedflower!" I said in a low breath.
Darkpaw looked at me and growled. "Nice joke, i would like to sleep though"
but before i could throw a retort, i heard Shadowstar roar, a clan meeting was in place. everyone quickly ran out of their dens and sat down in front of the large rock outside ShadowStars den.At once he came out, with grief in his eyes, and jumped onto the boulder.I sat down and gulped nervously.
I have very bad news to tell all of you..."
My father's voice rang around the clan, at once everyone began to murmur.At the same moment Shadow heart came through the entrence dragging a rotting body for the whole clan to see. Everyone gasped at who it was.
My dad lowered his gaze painfully.
It was my mother's body, torn and broken. dirt streamed across her fur and her eyes were glazed and unemotionless.I instantly cried and ran up to the body, my tears brushing against the cold fur.
As all of you know...Spottedflower went hunting alone yesterday afternoon;we had gotton into a fight and she stormed off, I though she would be o.k....but if any of you noticed...she didn't come back.then early at Dawn, Stoneheart and I decided to go find out where she had gne to and we had found her body sticking out of a dirt mound.He called me over and we unburied her, realising a pack of lupes must've taken her down last night..."
He said, Stoneheart lowered his head too, in mourning silence.
She was a caring mother, and a good friend to all that knew her....would all who had known her step up and sit vigil...?"
He whispered as he padded up to me, brushed against the dead queens fur, and turned away; as did Stoneheart.But as the whole clan gathered around, i noticed both Stoneheart and Shadowstar secretly grinning.....It made me sick, they lied...and i was the only one who knew the dreadfull truth.I turned away as Darkheart padded up the corpse, and found myself bumping into Icepaw.accidently brushing my cheek against hers.
sorry..." I muttered, still upset.
I could see light crimson form on her face, i tensed.
Oh, thats o.k...I'm sorry what happened to SpottedFlower...I knew she meant alot to you..."
well ya...she was my mother...? i thought. her saphire eyes burned into mine, making me feel uncomfortable.
uh...yeah...thanks...see ya around..."
I quickly mumbled, slightly rolling my eyes and heading into the apprentice den.

As the days went buy, I helped around the medicine den as much as i could.usually helping the queens and lending a paw to Goldenfur, our medicine cat. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to be a warrior, but when you finished all your was just very boring hanging around, besides i wasn't ino all the rough housing the male apprentices did so much...dont get me wrong; it was rather fun to do. but every 5 minutes? c'mon i need something better to do, besides i dont likemy fur being messes up so many times. so i helped whenever i could, often getting to talk to the patients and listen to gossip.Over the time, Darkpaw and I had a strong friendly bond with all the other apprentices, Mudclaw became my 'partner in crime' or best friend. we always got into mischief together. but Icepaw....was beginning to get a little to clingy when i was around, i think her mind was still on that one night we took a walk together.she began to bump into me on purpose as we went along our apprentice duties.And that got Mudclaw a little mad at me for some reason.
Oh, sorry about that Firepaw...."
she said as she gave a sweet little smile.I groaned inwardly. we were moving some brambles out of the queens' den.
Its o.k...again"
I said tastlessly, try to escape to some sense like point.
Then Shadowstar called, i grimanced.
Mudpaw appeared out of the apprentice den as soon as he hear Icepaw's name, but snorted as he realised I was going to.Icepaw seemed pleased and walked up to me, smiling. I groaned.So the little hunting party didn't come around as well as i hoped once we left.
Icepaw, why don't you go to the river border and see what's over there?"
Mudpaw said,"And Firepaw and I will go to the meadow"
that sounded odd. well we were best buds but he said it...rather differantly that day.
Icepaw looked dissapointed but went along her way, as soon as she left Mudpaw whipped around the face me and snarled.
What does she see in you? i swear all you do is play her and go about your ways" he growled, i realised just then how much he cared for her.
hey! its not my fault she likes me!" i said angrily, "seriously...its her..I didn't start anything...i mean i didn;t mean too...i didnt think she would get attached....I didn't know you liked her....I'm trying to get her away from me as much as possible, Honest!" I began, i was speaking the truth.
He growled still.
C'mon! this is nothing compared to our know i would never do anything to hurt my best friend" I said, his gaze lowered but he still looked at me with hostility, but little this time and relaxed.
Your right...I'm sorry...its just I really like her...I was wrong to instanly blame you..." He said, we began hunting after that.we caught two mice and a vole.
why don't you get Icepaw while I get this back to camp" Mudpaw said.
I was suprised and looked at him stupidly.
are you sure....?" I asked.
yeah, I'll be right back" he said as he picked up the prey.I went the other way to the river to get Icepaw.She was picking up a squirrel and a mouse.she greeted me warmly. I ignored it and carried her mouse.As we walked she twined her tail with mine.I jumped up and jumped to the right.
Oh! I'M SORRY! I was just trying to-" she cut off and blushed
I felt sick, and bad after what had just happened with Mudpaw and I. "ICEPAW!" I growled, "Look, its not that I don't like you...Its just...I can't...well...stand you...?please...just leave me alone....why don't you hang with Mudpaw instead?" I pleaded, her gaze dropped and her sweet blue eyes turned cold with anger.
Gosh i handled that well. -_-

Oh, so I'm not good enough?!" She growled.
I was shocked, "No...i didn't say that, its just-" but i didn't get to finish.
I understood clearly what you said" she growled and bumped into me,this time pushing me down as she walked away.
I'M SORRY! o.k? I didn't mean it like that! really!" I begged, i didn't want to lose her friendship.but she ignored me, at the border we bumped into Mudpaw again. "I was wondering where you guys were-" he began, his eyes lighting up.but Icepaw walked close to him and gave me a hateful stare, "c'mon Mudpaw, lets go put the prey away" She growled.Mudpaw looked at me, a little confused but I saw his eyes were bright, but then turned around, excited.I looked down as they walked away. soon I had lost my best friend to my other friend...and it hurt me along with all the other pain i carried.


I remember like yesterday, darkpaw and I were 13 moons old and were sent to hunt for everyone, it was strange because usually our mentors would come with us, but shadowstar said it would "build character". as we strut through the forest darkpaw let out a irrated growl, ,"everybody likes you" he said dryly speeding up, into his little hissy fits again."O.k you know what you -" but before i could spit out my retort i heard something."did you hear that?" i said quietly."what are you talking about? i heard-" darkpaw began, in a loud voice that could've been heard around the whole forest."QUIET" i whispered, putting my head over a bush, it sounded like somebody was coming."oh my-" i whispered looking over the the bush. A rival clan was coming toreward the camp, they put mud on their fur so they couldn't be scented.darkpaw looked over the bush and gasped, one of the mud-stricked warriors glanced toreward us, but i pushed myself and darkpaw down."shhh!, we better go warn the clan!" i whispered urgently, huring toreward the left of the forest, where anouther trail led through the camp. we worked our way through the forest, trying to go as fast as we could to get to the camp.finally, after what seemed like an eternity, we made it to the bramble patch.a strong scent of garlic rose up."c'mon" i yelled, running through the was acxtually a path, but the brambles covered it, so you had to duck your head and crawl to get through, with the ocassonail brambles piercing your fur.we had got there right in time, as soon as i yelled to our clan the rivals had come out and attacked. dark paw just through off a blue kougra from the other clan and was calling me to come over and to see how dazed the kougra was.but while i went torward him,i noticed a yellow kougra come from behind a bush and pounce torward him."DARKPAW!"i screamed,he turned around and screamed in horror as the kougra went in for the death blow.suddenly a blur went past darkpaw and the kougra retreated along with his clan.but sadly relief turned to anouther scream from darkpaw."no!"he cried as he ran torward the kougra who had been there for him ever since he was born.i never thought i would ever see my big brother cry,but that day he did,and he couldn't stop.He layed down next to blackcaw,who was now dead,and cried till dad made the announcement of where to wish blackclaw goodbye on his journey to the skies.most kougras would have sat vigil but alot of the kougras in the clan including our father,didn't know blackclaw well.Blackclaw and darkpaw were very close and with blawclaws death darkpaw felt as if the world had turned its back to him.that night i walked over to him."are you gonna come in the den and sleep' i asked,but instead he gave me a different reply."no,i want to sit in vigil for him.... oh firepaw!its all my fualt he's dead!"he cried."what?!of course not!"i replied back."yes it is!i wasn't paying attention and that kougra was going to kill me!he jumped in to save me and in return i caused his death!i wasn't paying attention!"he cried once the way he explained it,he was kind of right,but i couldn't just say it really was his fualt."Darkpaw...he just wanted to protect you"i said as i layed down next to him and blackclaw's body."i'll sit vigil with you"and that night i don't think darkheart ever stopped crying.

The next day Darkpaw and i recieved our warrior names,i got the name "FireHeart" while Darkpaw got "DarkHeart". Afew months passed and most of the other apprentices got they're names too. I rarely saw MudFur(paw) anymore. Iceclaw(paw)and him became mates and had a litter of their own that spring. As well as Mistytail(paw) I really liked her, when i think clearly she was my first true love.of course i froliked around with other females eyes always went soft whenever i saw that kougress. and i knew she had the same feelings for me.

but her litter wasn't mine.
the cub of one (the other two were still borns) belonged to Snaketongue(paw). he got that name pretty much right when he became a warrior because before his ceromony he somehow ate some berrieson a vine and took in the thorns which cut a small 'V' like cut in the center of his tongue...i really dont know how but it happened...anyways i dont know why...or care for that matter. but she somehow fell for him before me. but i think i was the one who tangled up her path and made her question her feelings. when i really think about it,i think snaketongue just wanted her for the experience. In fact, he only showed up to see the young kit when it was born...and he was late. i had helped our medicine kougra Goldenfur help deliver Mistytail's kit. I stood by her all that time and snaketongue only came to see the kit after it was born(which had been a week later) and then he never really came to see it again. so in a way...i was in snaketongue's role since he showed he wanted nothing to do with the kit. the cub was a male, and he was a crismon brown(same as snaketongue's) but yet had some interesting wavy like orange stripes on his pelt. his eyes were a soft light gray like his mother. Mistytail had named him tumblekit because he rolled around so much. I remember going in the den at every chance i got and greeting her and tumblekit. I remember one particular day when she was brushed up agaist me and we were talking as we both watched the kit play with a ball of moss. "I wish i had met you first..." mistytail muttered sadly,i twinned her ligt gray tail with mine."i wish that too, but as well as why would you want that...tumblekit would probably not be here" "he would've been yours...ours..." she said back,licking my ears. "But if he were mine it would probably not be tumblekit" i said back. she sighed,i nuzzled her. "there,there, why would you regret such a wonderful blessing like him? hes yours...tumblekit will always be yours." i said. "What if i want you to be mine as well?" she added softly. I purred, "I'm yours, and your mine"


once again the enemy clan came back to fight for not new territory,but revenge.The whole clan had erupted in fighting. "HURRY get inside now!" i remember yowling to mistytail when she had picked up tumblekit. "But what about you?!" she cried as she peered out o look a me hrough the den. "I'll be o.k..really"my gaze softened. she was still unsure,"i'll come back,i promise" i said nuzling here and quickly leaping into the raging battle. It went by quickly.every now and then i noticed Darkheart. we were both fighting side by side when all of a sudden darkheart stopped.i followed the direction his eyes were looking at and i realised he saw the kougra who killed blackclaw.he immedilly ran up to the kougra fighting to the death."IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!"he screamed as he fought the other kougra, they both tumbled into some bushes. "DARKHEART COME BACK!"i yelled, but a redish-brown blur caught my eye. I turned around and saw Tumblekit running up to me. it looked as if he thought this were all a game and he pounced at my paws."what are you doing?wheres your mother?!" i screamed snatching the kit afraid of all the warriors running carelessly by and running to a nearby bush to catch my breath. of course the kit didn't answer me,his speech was still just little murmers of words here and there. "Fiahhert?" he said as i bretahed heavily. "Tumblekit wheres your mother?"i asked again, i was panicking, i knew mistytail would never leave the den. "Momma...?" he muttered and pointed over to a massive sea of screeching kougras. I soon spotted Mistypaw running around,screaming. "TUMBLEKIT?! WHERE ARE YOU?WHERES MY KIT? FIND MY KIT? FIREHEART?!" she ran around, just a gray blur. it was as if she didn't care that the clan was being attacked, she just ran straight through the whole came as if no one where there. I noticed almost no one got in her way, and when a few warriors did(not realy depending whicch clan they were from) she just slashed through them and kept on screaming, her eyes wild with panic. I was panicking too, the battle was slowing down a little and i was about to leap out of the bush to get mistytail when tumblekit spke up again. I almost forgot about him. this time he pointed to me and mumbled "dadda?" I was shocked but i knew i had to go get his mother. "Tumblekit, stay here! got it? stay here until i get mommyo.k? STAY" I said and without turning back i leaped outta the bush and zigzagged my way through the camp to Mistytail, who was still screaming when she saw me. "WHERES TUMBLEKIT?" she moaned. "Hes over by the elders den,in that bush". she looked over and all of a sudden screamed. i looked over and saw that he actaully crawled out..and a huge white kougra was acount ready to pounce onto him. Mistytail sped to the otherside of the camp, screaming her battle cry and leapt onto the white tom as he was amout to jump. I followed. "GET TUMBLEKIT!" she growled. "what about you!?" i screamed. her eyes were like a storm and she was raking at the other kougra and she didn't answer. Tumblekit was running between the tom's legs, crying.

And i froze.

i didn't know what to do and everything happened so quickly...but i saw it so slowly. the white kougra was jumping up and down trying to shake mistytail off and she was screaming and tumblekit was crying as he ran in circles around the two. but i couldn't hear them...I just watched in pure terror of what happened next. As the white kougra jumped up and down...Tumblekit was running to the front of him...mistytail had fallen off the tom but his paws came down still ..and it was if he whole camp had shook with the sound of a CRACK. rang out and the next thing i knew was little tumblepaw was laying on the forest floor very still,his tiny neck bent back and crimson was forming.all I heard next was mistytails scream and she flung herself back onto the kougra. I finally was able to move when i saw him pin her down, i ran up to in in blind fury but the kougra already knew i was coming; he grabbed my by my neck and litterally flung me back to a tree.

I heard a blood curling scream and everything then went black...

When i woke up it was the next morning. at first it all seemed like a horrible dream until i looked around. to my horror bodies littered the camp. I got up and couldn't believe it. We lost. and everyone...they were all gone... i walked around the whole camp and searched for any survivors. i passed by stoneheart and shadowstar, both glaze eyed and unmoving: good riddence i thought. I saw Snaketongue, Mudfur, Iceclaw, Goldenfur...all of them at the same fate. and i came across little Tumblekit and my beloved Mistytail. i instantly remembered and cried. If only i had moved...if i only i hadn't froze...if only... the shock of it all made me fall asleep but when i woke up again iourned and the same proedure followed foranouther two days.sleep,mourn,sleep, mourn, sleep,mourn. finally i needed to leave..and eat. with a heavy hearti buried everyone finding it odd how darkheart's body had not been found among the camp ruins.i then wandered around the plains,joining many other clans but not staying for long.i finally decided to take my chances in neopia central. i actaully found some street smart pets who knew of my brotherbut they told me he had been workin for some 'society' business and he spilled some information about something and well...Moonstripe was gone as well. I found out about that 'business' he had joined. it was a sort of street smart crew or a mafiain other words. they stole for their own good, had their own good times and did what ever they pleased. i joined just for the fact of survival.I learned alot though: how to make deals, how to gamble,how to cheat my way out, how to rid of someone and more. my charisma seemed a part of the job interview. I did some things i wasn't proud of but still i just wanted to the mob life was getting to 'everyday dull' for me so i split. bad idea i guess.the others made sure i wasn't able to eat or earn anything. you cant just leave a crew like can never leave unless they make sure your really gone. But on a lucky day i came across this jug, I instantly pounced at it making claim to it. the contents in it were cloudy.i pulled open the litlte cork and steam poured out reveaing a femine creature,or a Water faerieto be exact. she looked to me and thanked me for releasing here.i was rather dissapointed and just stared at her pitifully famished. she keptmumblin stuff bout howlong she had been in the bottle..70 years or sumthin. finally she said something that grabbed my attention:"as a reward i bless you with...." i instantly thought food but instead all i heard was "youth. i bless youto be forever youthful,to never age or change" I just stared at her as she poofed away. That was not helpful right there because it had nothing to do with food.

after anouther few days i came across a girl with some grocery bags. she was walking at a calm speed.i instantly hidin a turned trash can as she walked by.i waited until one of the bags came within my reach and i pounced outtathe trashcan, swerved to her side and snatched the bag out of her hands and kept on running. "what the-HEY!" she yelled and imediatley took chase after me.I ran into an ally, with her still at my tail. "wait! come back!" I ducked my head and hid under a large trash bin. i clawed open the bag and found something labeled 'strawberry ice cream'.famished,i instantly tore off the lid and spilled out its contents. it was odd, it was somewhat solid...but liquidlike in a way. cold too, but i ate it and it was cool and melted in my tastedlike strawberrys too. "ya know i saw you run through here...wher'd you go?" i heard the girls voice again and froze. sheput her hands on the ground and looked under...and spotted me.i growled at her. "its called icecream...ya know...gosh you look know you could've asked me for some instead of puttng me through all that...but whatever" she said. "go away"i hissed "well arn't we thankful" she retorted back. "I was hungry...its not like i can buy it"i said back. 'you can still offer an apoligy and a 'thank you' would help, c'mon crawl names Kovo" I did as i was instructed and crawled out from under the bin. Idont know why but i did.i aploligized and thanked her and turned around. "wait...where are you going?" Kovo called. "leaving" i muttered. "where to?" "wherever i please" i growled to the human,she was beginning to get on my nerves.i started walking away again until she spoke up one more. "so nowhere, eh? noplace to go?" i turned around and looked at her, slightly upset but amazed that she knew. "yea" i heard myself say. "why dont you come with me?" she said and before i could even answer i walked torewards the human and followed her never looking beck every stepof the way.

(Adopted) Family: i probablly picked the wierdest family to live with,everyone's had a tragedy in their life.




Khaz, a yes, the slightly annoying jerk who inhabits my life. but i will leave you to talk to him for a while, because he can talk to you, through water.(yeah big story here folks, SOMEDAY XD)but khaz is probably one of the best companians I he's o.k.

(khaz's talking will be italized)

Khaz's stats:

Name:Khaz (K-has)
age:28, immortal
species: a Kaal taigar (only one left)
height:probably as big as a house cat

wieght:10 pounds
eye color:white-gray/blue tint, blind in other words
differance:blind, can communicate through any creatures' mind with telepathicy by water, can see somewhat with horrible rare flashes and jolts every now and then, usually of memories,can see into the past, present and future in the water's trust of opening up because of his eyes.and well...why don't YOU talk to him?
mood:quite enjoyable with company, somewhat lost at times, but he seems to have a way to get along with anyone.
accent: slight brit
markings:light tangelo orange, with teal blue-ish stripes

Fav. song:(Yeah, he likes music)"Upside down" By Jack Johnson

Khaz wll speak to you later


New pic later.... one at the moment.


Ah yes, my two cubs from Midnights litter...

_midfire_12:My little girl...she looks like midnight but has my warm green eyes.sweet she is though, but very sarcastic and flashy, me...but as cute she is, she can pin you to the ground and make you beg for mercy. thats my girl -^^-

_starflame_12:my son, who actually looks like me when i was a him as i may but no matter how many times i try to look at him normally...i notice a strange green sliver of the iris in his cerulean blue eyes...i hope this is something i shouldn't have to worry about,after coming from a clan, many of these strange marks mean something...horrible...

-Firehearts roleplay status is:OPEN(X),closed()
-when fireheart roleplays he acts flirty, frisk,cocky,and/or behaves like a smart alick.good 'ol fireheart :p
-Fireheart tries to immpress females the best he can, even if he does not have very strong feelings.
-Firehearts "companions" will be listed so people may learn about them.
-Whenever fireheart has a "love", he sometimes doesn't stay in love with them long. :'( meanie as he is we can sometimes work things out.
-one of these days fireheart will have friend pics, that will look like his companians/enemies.:D


_Midnight_120:Yeah...Midnight....we were in love...and had cubs not to long ago...but things didn't work out. I feel bad, she was kinda' special.I hope i didn' hurt her too much.Were friends now but I'm afraid things won't ever be the same like they used to be. But besides that Midnight is a great friend, she's quite reliable but sometimes a bit snippy *snicker* you should pay her a visit sometime.

Traits:hjshbfiudhfuhbnduhfnd(translation:LaTeR, we seem quite lazy at the moment)

I ain't very special, am I?

Dazzle Meh Music

Music:"Vultures" by John Mayer

(i actually requested this song :D)

Some of us, We're hardly ever here
The rest of us, we're born to disappear
How do I stop myself from
Being just a number
How will I hold my head
To keep from going under

Down to the wire
I wanted water but
I'll walk through the fire
If this is what it takes
To take me even higher
Then I'll come through
Like I do
When the world keeps
Testing me, testing me,testing me

How did they find me here
What do they want from me
All of these vultures hiding
Right outside my door
I hear them whisperin
They're tryin to ride it out
Cause they've never gone this long
Without a kill before

Down to the wire
I wanted water but
I'll walk through the fire
If this is what it takes
To take me even higher
Then I'll come through
Like I do
When the world keeps
Testing me, testing me, testing me

Wheels up
I got to leave this evening
Can't seem to shake these vultures
Off of my trail
Power is made, by power being taken
So I keep on running
To protect my situation

Down to the wire
I wanted water but
I'll walk through the fire
If this is what it takes
To take me even higher
Then I'll come through
Like I do
When the world keeps
Testing me, testing me

Whatcha gonna do about it
Whatcha gonna do about it

Don't give up give up
Don't give up give up give up
Don't give up give up give up

My adoptables.

we are getting new ones soon.

gotta get a new ref too...

well see ya guest#,i'm gonna go off and do my things.hope we meet again soon.

AWESOME HAIR! and a pretty glowstick to go with it too! thanks kagome188!

wow, awesome hair and look at my pose!"eh?"

OH! A TAIL ADOPT!i never knew my tail had a spiffeh texture ^^ (thanks muffin!)

It has shiney fur! *transfixed*(thanks midnightgaze ^^)

8D! look how peaceful i am sleeping!don't wake me.(thanks!)

who wouldn't want to draw me??

*drag to adress bar for better view*
(we put stars next to art thats from kovo's friends)

From 7r6

from chickensoupfan565

Woah! I am like so awesome! look at my rose! and the awesome T-shirt!

From chloe_dzerba

now this is the way to be cool ;)

From elemental_prince622 *****

aww, look at me, all cute and huggable.:P thanks carlos!

adopts: Adopt me at!


Link me:WE NEED A NEW LAYOUT FIRST LaTeR(in like 7 years)


unless otherwise stated, everything on this page was made by kovo, NO STICKY PAWS!by th way, this layout took kov 3 months to make(it usually only takes her a week but she was being lazy)and khaz's water detail took a while...and don't take khaz's look, he's special. :P

link outs.

(heh...we should link to people shouldn't we?)

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