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Dummy's Guide to Plushie Tycoon

by cry884

Thanks for the advice, suggestions, and corrections of:

Welcome, guest! This is a basic guide. If you want an in depth explanation of the game, please go to Zally's pet page. Zally's page was written by Intrepid7 who knows a lot more about PT than I do.
My guide is mainly for people who don't want to take time to learn the whole game properly but just want the avatar.

The game begins at the beginning of the month (usually on the 1st unless that's a weekend or holiday) and ends on the first of the next month when the next round of PT begins (again, unless it's a weekend or holiday). It has been announced on the news lately when a new competition has begun.

I would recommend reading this entire guide before beginning. Then, before doing each step, make sure you read it and understand it in its entirety.

GOOD LUCK, guest!

Step one:
Set time zone (I use Pacific Time Zone- it's the same as NST). In this time zone (PST), the workers work from 9 AM NST until 5 PM NST as far as I can tell. Your workers will work from 10 AM - 5 PM within the time zone you have chosen.

The raw material prices fluctuate between 10 AM and 5 PM NST no matter what time zone you select.

Step two:
Buy raw materials. You will be making green unis with rare gems and neocotton in velvet bags. Always. If you want to get fancy, go check out Intrepid's guide. In my basic guide, we stick to the basics. :)

If prices are really low (under 1100 for rare gems), buy now. Rare gems should always be below 2000 before you buy, and hopefully under 1200 NP. As far as I can tell, the prices on raw goods are basically all high, medium, or low priced together. So if rare gems are low, everything will be low.
I buy 6 for unis. I also buy 6 velvet bags, 12 bolts of green cloth, and 6 units of neo-cotton (can substitute tree floss if neo-cotton is high).

Step three:
Go to your factory and begin a new job. You will now have to pay rent on the factory. Rents will come due again in one week. Start 3 seperate jobs of 200 green unis. You will have to upgrade your factory.

Step four:
Hire workers. Have everyone hired before :00 past the hour (during your work hours). Your workers will work between 9 AM and 5 PM in the time zone you selected. At :01 past the hour, check their progress. If all plushies are made, fire them. If you do not fire them, you will continue to get charged for their wages, even if you are not making any plushies.

All work is done and charges made to you for the workers exactly on the hour. If two people are playing PT on two seperate accounts and one hires 5000NP worth of workers at 9:01 AM and one does the same at 9:59 AM, both will get charged the same amount and will find that the same number of plushies have been made.

This is what I did, but everyone does it differently:

900 drop outs
20 graduates
20 trainees
20 journeymen
75 managers

This usually gets my first batch of 600 - 1000 done in one hour. You will have to hire more or work them for two hours later when you're making bigger batches.

Step five:
Fire workers. When all of your plushies are made, you want to immediately fire all of your workers. You will not be able to fire one of the managers. He stays there and his pay comes out of your account for 8 hours worth of work every day, even if you're not making anything in your factory.

Step six:
Pay warehouse rent. When you click on your warehouse, you will see that your batches are "loading". Wait about 4 - 6 hours or so and they will say "loaded". Do not ship them yet.

Step seven:
Do not ship the plushies yet. Check how much the shipping will cost for all of your plushies. Add 3500 to this number. Write this down.

Step eight:
See your final number from step seven? (It should be around 5000 - 7000 for your first batch). Well, go to your store and pay the rent. Then start buying ads and upgrades. Buy whatever you want as long as you leave yourself the number of your total from step seven. Do not spend more than that! I mainly buy some of the cheaper ads until I've spent my limit. Intrepid says that a lot of cheap ads are better than a couple of expensive ads. Save the expensive ones for after your first batch or two.

Step nine:
Ship your plushies. After you do this, you should notice two things: you will have about 3500NP and some of your plushies will have sold. That number is approximately the number of plushies you will sell per hour until you are able to afford more ads and upgrades. Some days are slow, some days plushies sell fast, but it all averages out.

Step ten:
Spend 1 - 6 days just occasionally checking in on your account. You won't be able to do anything until all of your batches are sold.

Step eleven:
When all batches are sold, you will receive the proceeds from the sales. After this happens, you basically start the process over at step two with a few notable exceptions:

- You must remember to conserve NP for the rents. If they are due when your plushie batches are sold, immediately pay them. If you wait, you will be charged late fees. If you wait too long, your game will restart.
- You will be making larger batches as you have more money for raw materials. I have found that a few larger batches (4 x 500, for example) sell better than a lot of smaller batches (10 x 100).
- You may not be buying ads and upgrades after the second batch or so. Keep buying ads and upgrades when you have the NP to until you have maxed out on all categories.
- As you get more ads and upgrades, your batches will sell more quickly, so that will change two things:

* You will have to check in more often while the batches are selling.
* You will need less than 3500 (the 3500 is to pay for your manager while the plushies are selling, and since not as many days will elapse, you won't need quite that much).
I like to keep a minimum of 3500 anyway, just because I'd hate to go bankrupt after making a good profit.

Remember that if you buy more than 80 or 90 units of raw materials (this is possible when you have a lot of cash and prices are low) that you will be asked to sell back some of the items. There is currently a bug where if you sell back rare gems, they will repay you more than you paid for them. DO NOT DO THIS. It will result in your game being restarted and possibly your account getting frozen!

You need a profit of 50,001 or more to receive the avatar. Besides the avatar, here are your prizes:

If your profit is 50,001 - 249,999 you will receive a third place trophy and 25,000NP.

If your profit is 250,000 - 999,999 you will receive a second place trophy and 50,000NP.

If your profit is 1,000,000 or more you will receive a first place trophy and 100,000NP.

Your score on the high score chart will be your final profit tally divided by 1000 (rounded down).

The high score chart is arranged by profit, so the person in the #1 spot made the most profit, the person at #2 made the second most and so on.

Like this guide? Hate it? Neomail me and tell me about it. If you like it a lot and are just so happy about getting your new avatar, you can shower me with gifts! :)

Things that can go wrong in the game:
If prices stay really high all the time or plushies sell abnormally slowly, you could go bankrupt. This is not my fault. This is your fault for using a cheap basic guide instead of the real deal that explains everything. :)
If you forget you've hired workers and don't fire them, you will be bankrupt in short order. This is also not my fault.
If you forget to check in for more than a few days while your plushies are selling, you might get too far behind on rents and go bankrupt. This is also not my fault.
If you are too dense to follow my simple guide for dummies, then you have bigger problems, my friend! :) Just teasing, but this game is complex, so you may go bankrupt a time or two before you get it. If you go bankrupt, immediately start over at step 1 as long as there is a week left in the month. You will at least get some good practice in and even have a shot at the avatar and a 3rd place trophy.

guest, If you choose to Neomail me (