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.: Intro:.

You are sitting in a field of white flowers at night, sitting peacefully on a rock. Suddenly, you see a twitch in the bushes and quickly jump to your feet. What comes out is not what you would've thought, yet a Tanizard. "Stop!" shouted something in the distance. Suddenly a lupe jumped out of the bushes and grabbed the Tanizard. "Thanx for finding her." Said the lupe. She was glistening purple with angelic. "My name's Zenraa." she said. "And yours??" You quickly replied, "guest." "Well nice to meet you guest. I have to go. The sun's almost up." With that, she was gone.


Name: Zenraa // Nickname: Zen
Gender: Female // Age: 112935 Hours
Level: 20 // Strength: 23
Speed: 20 // Defence: 16
Love: Thunderpaw // Owner: _Aquatic_Dragon
Favorite Visitor: guest

.:.:Dislikes // Likes:.

Crowds // The One I Call Love
Beggers // Friends
Theives // Ocarina
The Good side of some people // Nightime
Big Empty Space... // Legend of Zelda
Being Despiced // Morana
Daytime // Waterfalls

.:Zenraa's Story:.

Part one: The gift

I was born in a place you know as Dragon Roost Island. I was different from the other Ryou people because I was born a green lupe. As I grew older, my fur blended to blue and my independence grew. My mother worked with the Ryou people while my father built sculptures using his wings. As for me, I liked to play with Lornaria on Dragon Roost. Lornaria was like a sister to me that I never had. She was right by my side at anytime. We loved to use our grappling hooks to swing from branch to branch. When you come of age, you are able to get your wings from the great Valoo. When I turned 7, I was so excited the moment I awakened. This was the day I got my wings!! "What kind of wings will I get?? What color will they be?? Will I be able to get powerful one??" Those were the words I thought through my head. I rushed up the mountain but then to meet Lornaria. She gave me a hug and wished me good luck on my wings. "Thanx." I said with a smile and ran to the very top. I bowed down before the great Valoo and said, "I have come here to earn my wings. Please, oh Great Valoo, bless me with this gift of flight." He looked down at me and smiled. He said in Hyrulian that he would try his best to give the perfect wings to me. The Great Valoo clasped his hands together and opened them to reveal beautiful white angelic wings. Then he put his hand above my back and before I new it, I had wings!! I tested them out by moving them around and they worked!! "Thank you oh Great Valoo. Thank you." I bowed down once more and flew down to meet my parents in my room. "Mom, dad!! Look!! I have wings!!" I showed them my beautiful angelic wings. Then, I looked toward the table, presents!! I rushed over and opened the first gift I saw. Inside was a doll. "Wow. A doll..." I rolled my eyes. I kept on opening presents. A bandana. 2 pairs of socks. A suitcase. Then mom and dad pulled something from behind their backs, a present!! Hope it's not something bad... I opened it slowly and soon saw a purple, beautiful dazzling ocarina. "Thank you sooo much!! The best gift I ever received!!" I raced outside and met up with Lornaria. "Look!! I got an ocarina!!" Lornaria then said, "Don't you need music to play though??" Then she pulled a parchment out of her delivering bag. "Here. Take this. These are the songs of the ancient times of the Hero who saved Hyrule from Ganondorf." "Wow!!" I said. I looked down. It was written in Hyrule but she new how to read Hyrulian. "It says, the Sun's Songs. Turning night into day and day into night. The Warping Songs. There are 5 or 6 of them I think. Epona's Song. To become partners with the horse. Epona must be a horse then. The following songs are scratched. I can't read them." Lornaria said, "Do you like your gift??" I said, "Of course!! I love it!! Thank you!!"

Part two: The Herulian Boy

The next day, I was lying on the edge of my bed, my new wings spread out across the soft matress. I gazed at the shining ocarina I held in my paws. It shimmered beautifully and echoed a magnificient sound whenever I blew into it. I pranced out of my room onto the edge of the mountain in which I sat apond. Suddenly, I heard a voice, it seemed to be talking elfish. Turning my head to see who was there, I looked at a young boy who was wearing the legendary hero suit. He seemed very familiar, but I couldn't remember where I saw him before. Hovering above his head was a little fairy and in his pouch sat a windwaker, just like the one Monekeii had before she left to Forest Haven. Only this one, was white. Cautiosly, I walked over to this strange creature. I've heard about this creatures in the past, they were elves. Wonder what he was doing here? All of the elders greeted him, welcoming them as though he did something grand. When I asked dad why he was considered, "famous," he told me that he came here a looooooooong time ago and calmed the Great Valoo from destruction and anger. Now I understood. I walked over to this elf-like creature, and he patted me on the head. Why'd he do this? Was it a greeting or something? I found myself smiling and wagging my tail. Why was I acting this way? Suddenly, he took something out of his sack the windwaker. He waved it in a strange way and then suddenly everything became dark. I went outside. It wasn't morning anymore, it was night! "Would you like me to teach you?" he asked me. "?" I looked at him. "Well, would you?" I quickly shook my head, since I could not speak elvish yet. "Alrighty then. Wait just a sec..." he pulled out of his sack a blue ocarina, just like my purple one! "Play it like this to turn night from day and day to night." He moved his fingers first to the far right hole, then the middle left hole, and finishing off with blowing into the far center left hole. I quickly followed and found myself turning the night to day again. I shook my head with satisfaction and thanking. He nodded and went out the door. Suddenly, I don't know how, but what I do know is that I said, "Can I come with you?" in Herulian.

Part 3: Setting Sail

Finally, it was time to leave the next day. I soon discovered there was a pirate on this island called Tetra. She had just sailed in from Outset Island where the elve used to live. "Hey you!" she said to me. "Are you coming along or what?" I looked back at my old home. Dad came over with a huge bag filled with lumps and edges. "What are you doing?" I asked him. "Don't tell me you're coming along TOO?!" He looked at me as if I was kidding. "Ofcourse I'm coming! I've heard there's a new Model Making Studio down at Forest Haven that is hiring new employees, so, I thought I'd come along." I thought this was so embarassing, but what could you do? I went over and hugged mom. She told me to stay safe and be good. She was crying. I told her it would be ok. Then, I ran over to Lornaria and gave her a shake and hug. "See ya soon Lor. Be good." "You too Zen." After we all said our good byes, we boarded the ship. The Herulian elf-like creature was already there. I ran over to him. "What's your name?" I ended up blurting out. I never really knew if you thought about it. "Oh!" he said. "My name's Link and this is my little faerie!" The faerie spun around. Suddenly, Link whispered to me, "You can just call her Navi." There was aloud voice that suddenly said, "WE'RE SETTING SAIL!" The ship's doors closed and the anchor came up. The flags swished opened and we began to soar. I ran to the very back of the ship, waving good bye to my friends and family. I'd miss them, but the adventure is what I truely needed.

Part 4: Just like me

It was night time when suddenly, I heard Tetra's voice call me over. I rushed to her, not knowing why she was calling me. "Here," she said. "There's someone I would like you to meet." A shadowy figure came out from behind her. He gazed at me. Could this be, another lupe? "Hi," he said to me, blushing a little. "Hi," I said back to him. His white markings on his face were turning a little pink and I found myself also blushing a little. "Name's Zenraa," I said, "But you can calle me Zen." I held out a paw. "Hi," he said. "My name's Thunderpaw." He shook my paw. I had to admit, he was very handsome and cute. Then, he asked me, "Would you like me to show you around?" I quickly replied, "Yes! That'd be great!" Tetra said behind us, "You love birds can go anywhere on the ship except my private quarters! Have fun!" she smiled and went to take over the wheel of the ship. Thunderpaw asked, "Have you ever sailed the waves before?" I replied, "No, but I've always wanted to. The ocean is so beautiful, but I was never allowed to sail until a ship came up, until yesterday. I probably could've flied, but my parents said that the wind isn't right in the fall and I would grow tired. They're probably right but I could take on the wind! After all, nothing can stand in my way of adventure!" He just smiled as he gazed into my eyes, "Well, I'm glad you are aboard! To be honest, I'm not a pirate. I was just sailing here because one day, I got badly injured and couldn't continue on so Tetra took me in and nursed me. Ever since, I have been sailing with Tetra and her crew." I looked at him, he was so charming and beautiful, and had amazing stories to tell. "So," I said. "Will you be staying on this ship forever?" "No," he said. "My sister lives in Forest Haven and I plan on meeting her there." "What's your sister's name?" I asked. "Monekeii," he replied. "Monekeii?! She was my best friend until she moved to Forest Haven! I know her!" Thunderpaw then said, "Great then! She'll be happy to see you." I just gazed into his eyes and smiled. He was so amazing. Thunderpaw then said, "Are you a lupe?" A lupe? I was! "Yes, I am, and you are too!" Finally! I met someone just like me. A lupe. Maybe, just maybe this might be the lupe that I could love.

Part 5: Arrival and reunited

After Thunderpaw finished showing me around, someone shouted that we have arrived at Forest Haven. Dad, went to his new job, Tetra stayed where she was, and Thunderpaw and I followed Link to the Great Duka Tree. After I entered the waterfall which was the entrance to the Great Duka, I heard something rustling in the trees. I couldn't see anything unusual. I took a step, and I heard it again! Suddenly, a scream fell as a leaf with a face fell to the ground. I rushed over yet too late, another lupe, one very familiar yet not the same, was already there, putting her purple windwaker to use. "There you go," she said in a sweet voice. "All better now." She smiled apon the small faced leaf. The leaf thanked the lupe and went back up into the trees. "What were you think you were doing? Startling that Korak like that?!" she looked at me. I just stared at her, could it be, Monekeii? "Monekeii?" I said. "Zenraa?! Is that really you?" I replied, "Yes, it's me! Monekeii! You're stripes! They're no longer red, they're white! And your wings!" I looked down at them. "They're angelic!!" Monekeii then replied. "I know, I changed alot. And you," she looked at me. "You're blue and you have wings!!" She said, amazed. "You also have an ocarina!" "Yep," I replied, cheerfully. Suddenly, her brother came out from behind the tree Monekeii was at and tackled her down. "Monekeii!! I'm back!!" he said to her. "THUNDERPAW?! You're ALIVE?!" She then tackled him down. "What a magnificient surprise!!

Part 6: The Greatest night of all

After we all finished laughing, talking, and playing around, Thunderpaw and I went away from the croud. I decided to follow him. It was morning and the sunrise was up. I went over and sat down beside him. "Isn't is beautiful?" he said to me. I looked at him. It was beautiful. "You know what would be even better though? A sunset." I recited the song for making the sun dissapear and the moon to come up. "Perfect," I said to him. "A sunset, such beauty." Thunderpaw smiled at me. Then, he told me he loved me. I sat there, gazing into his shimmering eyes, and his handsome fur, and said that I loved him too. Suddenly, I heard footsteps in the distance and stood up on my four paws. A girl came out and introduced herself, her name was Terra. She then placed a box down infront of me and smiled. She then walked away. I lifted the lid to the box. Thunderpaw gazed over at it as I lifted it up, inside was a glistening paint brush. Calm purple and a strong orange. Thunderpaw and I smiled at each other as we painted myself. After every inch of me was covered in the paint, I started to glow. I felt cool at one moment, than burning hot at the next. My fur felt soft, then hard and rugged. As the glowing cleared, I looked down apon myself. Thunderpaw said I was the most beautiful lupe in the world when he gazed apon me. I looked at myself. My fur was a dazzling purple and I noticed my wings were no longer angelic, yet purple butterfly wings with blue markings inside. The inside of my ears were white and my eyes matched the color of what I used to be, blue. My ocarina though stayed the same. I missed my angelic wings, yet at the same time, loved my new butterfly ones. I flapped them, and I felt as though I was queen of the wind, how swiftly and peaceful I flew. Suddenly, I heard Monekeii's voice say it was time for bed. I went into the cavern and fell right to sleep.

Part 7: A horrid Awakening

When I awokened, it was morning and I felt burning hot. I felt like I hadn't taken a shower in days and everything looked blurry. Even though I felt this, my heart was feeling very loved. Then, I looked down at myself. I was a rugged orange and my use to be butterfly wings were now horid orange dragon wings. I looked in the mirror. My eyes were glowing a red color and I looked as if I was very, very sick. I felt sick too. Suddenly, Thunderpaw walked into the room with my breakfast when suddenly he dropped it all over the floor. He glared at me, as if he had just seen a monster. I could tell he was trying to say, what happened, but he couldn't say a word. Monekeii soon also walked in and did the same thing that Thunderpaw did, yet she managed to say, "Come with me, the Great Duka Tree might be able to help you." I followed. Once we arrived at the Great Duka Tree, he glared at me. "I understand," he said in an old slow voice. "that you have been cursed by the rare Split Curse. This curse is the cause of your orange appearance. Even though you may look like this, this morning, it will soon go away at night, but will then come back in the morning. There is something I can give you though for you will not look like this in the day time." He wipped up some wind and high up in his branches was a Tanizard. The Great Duka Tree tipped his branch and the Tanizard came flying down into my claw-like hands. She looked up at me as if she was scared at first, but then began to cuddle up towards me. "This is a tanizard that you probably already know. Her name is Morana. Place her in the water for her to create a potion that will allow you to become your nightime form for a week, during night and day. After a week has passed, place her in the water once more for her to make another potion. This is the bad part. Avoid being under great stress or fear or you will turn into your day form for an hour. During this time, Morana's potion will have no effect. You will just have to wait until the hour is up. Good luck." I managed to mumble out, "Thank you...." and directly place Morana in the water. Her magic took place and soon a potion appeared around her swimming body. I quickly dranked the potion and I was once again the same lupe I was last night. I was feeling great once again and happy. Thunderpaw kissed me and I was the happiest lupe in the world.


Thunder Paw

You make my heart fill up with joy.
You are the reason I'm not alone...
Please stay with me forever...
My love...
Together, we make the
Moon and Stars...



When it was night, on the day Thunder and I fell in love, Terra appeared and gave me a beautiful paint brush. Even though it may have been curse, I believe it was the thought that count. Ever since the arrival at Forest Haven, I remained with Terra and lived with her for a long time in her neohome. She has treated me and my family well and we have become close. As what is told, "my owner is my greatest friend.


Soulstis was already apart of Terra's family when I first met him. He has faced many hard times and likes to soak in the rain on a starry night. Even though he can be gloomy, I try to cheer him up. When he has the bestest day, it's usually when he's out with Lonna Lea. I am so glad she is in his life to keep him happy. Forever may we be great friends and cheer each other up on drury days.


Maurati came in the family along time after I did. I remember it as only yesterday, it was raining hard and Terra wasn't back from the Lost Desert yet. At 10:00 p.m., Terra rushed in the front door, soaking wet with what seemed to be a kitten in her arms. As I approached near her, an injured kougra looked up. It seemed as if she was beaten up pretty badly, but the jewels on her fur were glistening in the rain. Soon after the incident, we came to know that Maurati was a princess who was beaten by a foreign man. We never figured out who he was but I have a guess of who he might be.


Moonatha surprisingly is my real brother. We are blood related and twice removed. Moonatha loves the ocean and spends time with me near the waterfalls almost everyday soaking in the glistening waters. Though he spends time with me, he is usually out with my best friend, and his love, Monekeii. They make surch a wonderful couple! Forever brother and sister Moony!



Monekeii, what a calm peaceful word. I have probably known Monekeii for a decade. She is very peaceful and fun to be around and is usually out with Moonatha when she is not with me. What a wonderful friend and I know that we will remain friends forever.


I met Lornaria a long time ago when we were pups. She's been training with the sith and has become quite powerful since I last met her. Even though she may a little tough on the outside, she is soft and caring on the inside. I know we will stay friends for enturnity.


Shovu and I share a passion for flying, and that is how we met. She is a very kind lupe but like my other friend, Lilla, I think she may be gone. Even though she may be in the heavens, I hope we stay together friends forever.


When I was sitting by a waterfall, I met an angelic lupe named Lilla. We like to go exploring together. One time, we ventured into a cave and found beautiful crystals of every color. I think she may be gone now, but I will always remember her as a great friend.


We've known each others since we were pups and share alot of traits in common. I first met her when I was very little on Dragon Roost Island. We play our soothing melodies of the ocarina together and will remain very close friends for a long time.


The day I met Rickzzi was a day when I was splashing in a lake with my family and friends. Rickzzi was crossing the lands which I lived and we soon met and became close friends. By the looks of it, he has changed completely and I cannot find him anymore. Even though, we will be close for a very long time.


When the moon was up and the dusk was hours away, I met a young male lupe. His name was Toboe. We played for hours in the fields but when the light came up and revealed my curse, he didn't care. Ever since, we've been on journeys together as best friends for life.


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Hey, need something to look at if you're going to make me an adoptable? Well, here it is! The thing is though, this shows my night and day time form together. I actually would prefer only the nightime form if it is easiest for you. You can make the half-and-half, it's your choice.


(Notes for piano)
C, D, E, C, D, E, C, D, E, G, F, E, F, G, F, E, F, E, C, D


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