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Xoe's Guide to Tarla

Last Updated 12/11/07
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  1. Tarla is the ixi who runs the shop of mystery on Terror Mountain. She is also the character TNT has set up to be the one who gives out gifts to people who have downloaded the neopets toolbar. The Shop of Mystery IS NOT connected to the Toolbar giveaways. A few basics abt the toolbar and the gifts will follow.

  2. The toolbar is free

  3. You DO NOT have to have Premium to get and use the toolbar.

  4. You can access it and download it from your inventory page. It is one of the items in blue above your inventory. Click on where it says "neopets toolbar" and follow the download procedure. Or go to

  5. Once you have downloaded the toolbar you are eligible to get free gifts from Tarla.

  6. If you see a link for Tarla posted on a board you can try using it to get her prize even if you don't have the toolbar, but it is chancy and you will have to be very quick. From what I have seen TNT is none too fond of people doing this as it defeats the "reward" for downloading the toolbar, but as far as I know nobody has gotten in trouble over it. Nobody is required to post the link though so please don't expect that they always will.

  7. You are only allowed to collect on your main account.(see the Q & A's below from the Neopian Times) From what I gather you can collect one prize per day per each seperate acct.(For example: I have my main and a side acct, my son has his own account and my husband has an account as well and each of us would be able to collect one prize on our main acct, but I would not be able to collect on my side acct).

  8. Tarla shows up at random times throughout the day.

  9. She doesn't always show up. She sometimes skips a day or two.

  10. When she is giving out gifts the "alert" button on the far right side of the toolbar flashes yellow to let you know she is "in the building" so to speak.

  11. It only flashes for a very short time period. Somewhere btwn 2 and 5 minutes.

  12. Everyone gets the same thing from Tarla as her "main" prize. See below for the "dropped" prizes.

  13. You can only collect once a day.

  14. If you miss her you will get a msg saying something like,"Tarla has left the building" try again later.

  15. Her shop is not connected w/the giveaways in any way shape or form.

  16. Currently only PCs using IE (Internet Explorer) or Firefox browsers can download the toolbar(not Macs and no Linux,Opera,Safari or Netscape)sorry...I agree that MACs are better and it's not fair to you. To get the toolbar to work with Firefox 2.0 please see Zapp_Spazz's petpage

  17. The toolbar is active even when you are on other websites. If you are on another website, see it flashing and click on will either ask you to log on to neopets or take you directly to the link for the prize if you are already logged in.

  18. If you have been logged out of your computer for a while,(longer than 30 minutes I believe is the time frame) the alert button auto flashes when you sign back on. When you click it it will give you a msg to the effect that there is no prize available currently. This is basically letting you know that your toolbar(and the Alert button) are working. If there was an alert close to when you signed back on it will say something like,"You just missed the last giveaway, but don't worry Tarla will be back later." This means it will most likely be a while before she comes back.

  19. The following are all questions and their answers taken directly from The Neopian Times Editorial Section and will hopefully clarify some of the toolbar issues.(all user names have been removed as I did not ask their permission to repost their questions here).

    Q:What happens to your computer when you download the Tarla Toolbar? I read on another website that it tracks your internet history so advertisers will know what type of ads appeal to you so you're more compelled to click, & someone else said its got spyware attached, & that's the reason you're promoting it so much with free items. I'd like to download the program & get expensive things, but I just want to know what really happens before I do so :P Thanks! A:We asked the head honcho of the toolbar himself, and he explained there is absolutely no spyware in the toolbar, as clearly stated when you sign up. :) Nothing is tracked by the toolbar, and no individual data is stored. The toolbar does not have any hidden programs or the like that would harm your computer or track personal information.

    Q:I would just like to thank the person(s) who spent many sleepless nights to find a way to get my toes stepped on, coffee spilt all over me, and my computer over-run by my household minions... see, if I'm playing on Neopets and (like an idiot) I blurt out, "oh cool, Tarla just gave me (fill in the blank)," well, it's like a stampede of buffalo here with me getting knocked to the floor (usually with coffee or a diet dew in hand) by 3 kids and even hubby fighting to see who can log on next to scarf some goodies from Tarla. It used to be like that with Snowager, but now Tarla has taken his place. Any chance TNT can send me a couple more computers? Maybe Tarla can put them on the next toolbar alert? Or how about no weekend, school holidays, or giveaways after 4pm EST? Can you ask Lawyerbot if I have grounds to sue my family for personal injury or maybe destruction of property? My carpeting can't just be changed with the click of a box like the Neohomes. :| A:Lawyerbot says, "Thank you for writing. Please wait while I select the most appropriate response... TNT is not responsible for stained carpets due to overzealous players. You may, however, feel free to force your family to scrub the carpet. We recommend duct tape if you have any further desire to verbally acknowledge that Tarla is giving out prizes. Also, don't run with scissors. Response Concluded." Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by Lawyerbot do not represent the opinions of NeoPets, Inc. or any of its principals.

    Q: Hey, do you guys think it's possible to make the toolbar available for Mac users, too? That way we can get the alerts and features? A: We are working toward this at the moment, though we aren't progressed far enough to give you a true update or approximate timetable for it. Rest assured, though, we haven't forgotten you shiny Mac users! :)

    Q:Hiya, folks! I just downloaded the nifty toolbar and like it a lot - but I've got a question. I understand that you get prizes from using the toolbar, and I'm a bit nervous about using it with the browser I use for my side accounts (I use two different browsers so I don't get muddled about which account I'm logged in to). I don't want to get frozen! It doesn't seem like it would be freezable to get a prize on a side account, but I've been surprised by some of your answers on what's freezable and what's not, so I want to be dead certain before using it. (I really wish you guys would do a checklist thing for what's OK with side accounts and publish it here, so we'd have a reference to go to.) Thanks -- and I love the toolbar! A: You need to "pick up" your prizes from the toolbar; it's not something that is automatically given to you like in a Random Event. While, yes, you may feel free to use the toolbar on multiple browsers, please refrain from collecting prizes with any account but your main (much like the Advent Calendar).

    Q:When the Tarla alert goes off on the Neopets Toolbar, there is always a rush of people asking for the link on the Games and TOW boards. Is this fair? It seems to me that the Alert function should only be for the ones running the Toolbar. If you are running a browser that doesn't support it or refuse to have the Toolbar, should you be able to click a link and snag the prize? A user stated on the board that they would continue to post the link until TNT said it wasn't OK. Could you please clarify this? Thanks! A: While we'd prefer it if you did use the toolbar (which is why we created the prize system in the first place), we do realise that there are people who simply aren't able to install it even if they wanted to (especially because a Mac version is not yet available). The only way for these people to even have a remote chance of participating is if some kind person gave out the link, so we have allowed it. This may change in the future, of course, if the toolbar becomes available to all, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. :)

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Tarla Giveaway Items.
* Indicates given out on more than one day(per NST).
  1. Starry Paint Brush*(8/9/06, 08/09/07)
  2. Pink Ona*(8/9/06, 9/13/06, 10/5/06)
  3. Chocolate Factory Stamp*(8/17/06, 8/31/06, 9/27/06)
  4. Cannonmaster Plushie*(8/18/06, 9/16/06, 10/16/06)
  5. Spyder Stamp*(8/19/06, 10/11/06)
  6. Illusen Stamp (8/20/06)
  7. The Mischevious Mutant Tonu(8/22/06)
  8. Faerie Harris Plushie(8/24/06)
  9. Purple Camouflage Dresser*(8/26/06, 9/2/06)
  10. Pirate Troops Stamp*(8/27/06, 9/9/06)
  11. Dragonbud Wreath*(8/29/06, 9/21/06, 10/7/06, 10/13/06)
  12. Desert Peophin Plushie*(9/1/06, 10/15/06)
  13. Poogle Performers(9/4/06)
  14. Jeran Stamp(9/6/06)
  15. Plushie Kougra Plushie*(9/7/06, 9/23/06)
  16. Dr. Sloth Stamp(9/10/06)
  17. The Midnight Moehog*(9/15/06, 9/20/06)
  18. Jade Scorchstone Stamp(9/17/06)
  19. Acara Algebra(9/24/06)
  20. Pirate Flag*(9/25/06, 10/8/06)
  21. Boris Stamp*(9/28/06, 9/29/06)
  22. Gatekeeper Stamp(10/1/06)
  23. 100 Dubloon Coin*(10/2/06, 12/24/06, 10/25/07, 11/13/07, 11/20/07)
  24. Piece of the Secret Laboratory Map*(10/4/06, 2/2/07, 5/28/07, 7/17/07, 08/11/07, 9/10/07, 11/11/07, 11/16/07, 11/19/07)
  25. Dark Faerie Dresser(10/6/06)
  26. Icy Snowflake(10/9/06)
  27. JubJub Journal(10/10/06)
  28. Faerie Peophin Plushie(10/19/06)
  29. Grand Staircase(10/20/06)
  30. Queen Fyora Rocking Chair(10/21/06)
  31. Jhuidah Chair(10/22/06)
  32. Captain Scarblade Rug*(10/23/06, 10/24/06)
  33. Attack Of The Meercabots(10/26/06)
  34. Gargarox Isafuhlarg Stamp(10/27/06)
  35. Blue Skeith Bed(10/29/06)
  36. Halloween Tonu Gnome(11/1/06)
  37. Faellie(11/2/06)
  38. Red Wooden Trellis(11/7/06)
  39. Halloween Bruce Gnome(11/10/06)
  40. Eleus Stamp(11/11/06)
  41. Crystal Eyrie Sculpture(11/14/06)
  42. Robot Moehog Plushie(11/15/06)
  43. Fire Petpet Paint Brush*(11/16/06, 11/29/06)
  44. Kolvars Stamp(11/18/06 or 11/19/06?)
  45. Pink Garden Swing(11/17/06)
  46. Usul Health(11/20/06)
  47. Cabbage Garden(11/21/06)
  48. Corrupted Pond(11/22/06)
  49. Techo Fountain Pond(11/27/06)
  50. Battle Faerie Plushie(11/28/06)
  51. Swordsmaster Talek Stamp(12/1/06)
  52. Electric Lupe Plushie(12/3/06)
  53. Court Dancer Pillow(12/4/06)
  54. Cloud Garden Swing(12/5/06)
  55. Pink Lily(12/7/06)
  56. Plushie Zafara Plushie(12/9/06)
  57. Striped Koi Plushie(12/11/06)
  58. Captain Scarblade Plushie(12/15/06)
  59. Turmaculus Stamp*(12/20/06, 1/25/06)
  60. Enchanted Butterfly Book(12/23/06)
  61. Snowbunny Plushie(12/26/06)
  62. Pirate Petpet Paint Brush(12/27/06)
  63. Purple Peophin Gnome*(12/28/06, 1/2/07)
  64. Viras Revenge(12/30/06)
  65. Robot Barbecue*(1/3/07, 1/4/07)
  66. Disco Picnic Table(1/7/07)
  67. Blugar(1/12/07)
  68. Jazzmosis Blumaroo Plushie(1/13/07)
  69. Concert Hall Pictures(1/14/07)
  70. Warriors Rectangular Shield*(1/19/07, 4/1/07)
  71. Lovepetal(1/19/07)
  72. Mystery Island Travel Stamp(1/20/07)
  73. Blue Scorchstone*(1/22/07, 1/25/07)
  74. Roped Bridge(1/23/07)
  75. Rude Daffodil*(1/24/07, 08/18/07)
  76. Plushie Usul Plushie(1/28/07)
  77. Ornate Maractite Dagger(1/29/07)
  78. Bazatlan(1/31/07)
  79. Piece of a Treasure Map*(2/1/07, 3/13/07, 4/3/07, 6/27/07, 6/28/07)(random pieces given out. #4, #6, #8 & #9 as far as I know, possibly others).
  80. Spooky Skull Candle(2/3/07)
  81. Court Dancer Gnome(2/4/07)
  82. Purple Spiral Shell(2/6/07)
  83. Kazeriu (2/7/07)
  84. Rainbow Yurble Plushie(2/8/07)
  85. Slorg Paddling Pool*(2/12/07, 2/27/07)
  86. Maraquan Shieldmaiden Plushie* (2/14/07, 2/23/07)
  87. Bilge Dice Game Table(2/15/07)
  88. Darigan Cybunny Plushie(2/16/07)
  89. Snowager Plushie(2/21/07)
  90. Deluxe Island Quiggle Plushie (2/26/07)
  91. Shadow Ixi Plushie(3/3/07)
  92. Perfectly Flat Rock Shield(3/5/07)
  93. Pirate Compass Table (3/7/07)
  94. Grand Commander Plushie(3/9/07)
  95. Tropical Delight Pond(3/10/07)
  96. Gumblesh(3/15/07)
  97. Scorchio Mummy Monster Plushie(3/16/07)
  98. The Plushie Skeith(3/17/07)
  99. Faerie Usukis(3/18/07)
  100. Spooky Speaker(3/27/07)
  101. Hydruplit(3/29/07)
  102. Red Anubis Plushie(4/2/07)
  103. Disco Yurble Plushie*(4/4/07, 6/1/07, 6/19/07)
  104. Rod of Dark Nova Stamp (4/5/07)
  105. Medium Sized Bonfire(04/07/07)
  106. Faerie Ixi Plushie (4/8/07)
  107. Halloween Meerca Plushie(4/11/07)
  108. Earth Faerie Sink*(4/12/07, 5/3/07)
  109. Gold Handled Short Sword (4/14/07)
  110. Dark Faerie Dreams (4/21/07)
  111. Sandan (4/22/07)
  112. Faerie Kiko Plushie (4/24/07)
  113. Maraquan Petpet Paint Brush(4/25/07)
  114. Nimmos Pond Guide Book (4/26/07)
  115. Fyora Print Bed (4/27/07)
  116. Darigan Petpet Paint Brush (4/28/07)
  117. Gold Disco Ball (5/1/07)
  118. Blurgah* (5/2/07, 5/25/07)
  119. Apple Lantern Lantern (5/7/07)
  120. Light Faerie Lamp* (5/10/07, 6/15/07)
  121. Matching Pastel Shells* (5/11/07, 6/21/07, 6/24/07, 7/29/07)
  122. Snowager Bed* (5/12/07, 5/16/07)
  123. Spooky Tree Candle* (5/13/07, 6/05/07, 6/20/07, 8/21/07)
  124. Crypt Days* (5/18/07, 6/10/07)
  125. Deadeye Plushie (5/23/07)
  126. Altadorian Throwing Axe (5/24/07)
  127. Juma* (5/26/07, 8/24/07)
  128. Barrel Cactus* (5/27/07, 6/30/07)
  129. Cybunny Baby Book (6/2/07)
  130. Blibble* (6/3/07, 9/3/07)
  131. Turdle Paddling Pool* (6/04/07, 6/09/07, 8/19/07)
  132. Pink Doglefox Plushie* (6/7/07, 8/6/07)
  133. Bone Legged Table (6/13/07)
  134. Starry JubJub Plushie (6/16/07)
  135. Biscuit Bed (6/22/07)
  136. Gardening Grundo Gnome Plushie* (6/23/07, 8/15/07)
  137. Curved Pond (7/4/07)
  138. Scroll of the More Ancient Ancients (7/16/07)
  139. Cybunny Carrot Stew (7/18/07)
  140. Surzard* (7/19/07, 08/10/07, 8/14/07)
  141. Black Doglefox Plushie (7/25/07)
  142. Tyrannian Acara Plushie (8/4/07)
  143. Thief Dagger (8/23/07)
  144. Copper Trellis (9/1/07)
  145. Temple Of The Sky Stamp (this was given as a dropped prize previously. 9/07/07)
  146. Stagnate Puddle Of Water (9/11/07)
  147. Scarab Stamp* (9/13/07, 10/26/07, 12/8/07)
  148. Metallic Sun Staff (9/14/07)
  149. Disco Zafara Plushie (9/18/07)
  150. Snowball Slingshot (9/24/07)
  151. Hunting The Meerca Way* (9/25/07, 10/27/07)
  152. Your Semidemiquaver & You (10/20/07)
  153. Snow Chomby (10/21/07)
  154. Iced Ceiling Fan* (10/22/07, 11/02/07, 12/10/07)
  155. Obedience Medallion (10/23/07)
  156. Demonic Bow (10/24/07)
  157. Beginners Curses (10/28/07)
  158. Earthen Scorchstone (10/29/07)
  159. The Happy Buzz (11/03/07)
  160. Island Kacheek Chair (11/04/07)
  161. Seafarer Rope (11/06/07)
  162. Green Shoyru Sofa (11/07/07)
  163. Fire Faerie Darts (11/08/07)
  164. Snowball Slingshot (11/12/07)
  165. Rock Negg (11/23/07)
  166. Rainbow Ixi Plushie (1130/07)
  167. Holographic Sakhmet City (12/02/07)
  168. Cloud Paint Brush (12/06/07)
  169. Velm Stamp (12/07/07)

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If you know of any other items given out that are not shown on my list, please neomail me to let me know.Thanks.

PS: On Aug.30th the system went wacky and people who clicked on the alert button a bit late got a message saying Tarla had left, but had dropped a few things along the way. When they clicked to get their prize they got a random assortment of items ranging in value and rarity. Those who clicked on the alert button quickly got a repeat prize(the chocolate factory stamp).This trend continued the next couple of days and seems to be permanent.I am trying to put together a list of the "random" items she has given out. If you have gotten something from her that is not on either of my lists, please neomail me and let me know what you got and on what day. Thank you!!shaelyn76

PS 2: On Nov.22nd in the afternoon people who got Tarla's main prize showed a book "Plushie Skeith" as the prize, but when they looked in their inventory it was Illusen Stamp instead of the book. This is a glitch that it seems will not be corrected. I will not denote the Illusen Stamp as being given out again or the book "Plushie Skeith" as being given out at all.

PS 3: On January 3, 2007 some people experienced a problem with the Alert. The Alert Button flashed, but when they clicked on it it then opened on an error page and no prize was given out to them. Those who did not get the error page got her "dropped" gift. The "main" prize given out was the Robot Barbecue, but not many people got it the first time she showed up. I clicked on the alert at 1:45 NST and got the Robot Barbecue and from what I read on the boards many people got the prize as well from that drop. It seems there was just a problem early in the day with it.

PS 4: Starting on Jan.12th 2007 a new "glitch" seems to be happening. The Alert button starts flashing and only some of the people who click on it immediately are given a prize. There are no dropped prizes given out at all. I myself experienced this problem in the afternoon(of Jan 12th) when I clicked on the Alert button as soon as it started flashing and got the main screen with the link. I clicked on the link and got the "shrugging Tarla" picture and the "Tarla is at the warehouse" message even though I had clicked on it mere seconds after it started flashing. This continued on Jan. 13th. I am not sure if this is a new method of prize distribution where only some peple get the prize or if this is a true glitch that will be corrected eventually.On Jan 14th some people started getting "dropped" items again(dropped items that hadn't ever been given out before too!), but the main prize alert still seems to be not working for some people(myself included) no matter how quickly they click on the link. The problem seems to have been fixed as of Jan.19th for both the main drop and the dropped prizes. Yay!.The following was taken directly from The Nepian Times editorial section regarding the glitch:Q:Hey TNT! I have a question about the toolbar and the alert button (such a great thing). Well, the last few times I've seen the alert button flash I clicked it and got this message: "Tarla is back! After a busy day searching her warehouse, Tarla has a huge surprise for everyone. You better hurry, she is a very busy Ixi. Click here to see what Tarla is giving away." After clicking "here," however, the message says she is gone again. This has happened to me 3 times. I know you have to be fast and stuff and all three times I was -- the second the alert flashed I was clicking it. Thanks for the help! A:We have been aware of this problem, and good news! It's now been fixed. Huzzah and hooray. Sorry about the missed items!

PS 5: She is broken yet again.(Feb.1,2007) The alert button flashes and half the people who click it get a prize while the other half get a message saying they should "Shoo". I am (again) in the half that got nothing from her even though I clicked on her little blinking light several times. This problem continues on into Feb. As of Feb 23rd it is still a problem. Also, not everyone who clicks on the alert button gets the main prize. Some who click as soon as it starts flashing are getting the dropped prize instead of the main. I am personally experiencing alot more "fatal errors" that shut down all internet windows I have open. While closing the windows another message pops up saying that it is the toolbar causing it. I have waited for the problem to be fixed and nothing has happened. I have uninstalled the toolbar as of Feb 13th. I will try to keep this page as up to date as possible by checking the boards every day and talking with some people who I trust that have helped me in the past with this list. If TNT ever bothers to get the toolbar working correctly with IE7 I may re-install it, but we'll have to wait and see.

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  • Cosmic Cheese Stars Coin
  • Splat A Sloth Coin
  • Bronze Mystery Island Coin
  • Grobleen Salad Coin
  • Evil Fuzzle Coin
  • Gormball Coin
  • Frozen Snowflake Coin
  • Adopt A Grundo Coin
    1. Shells
    2. Blue Spiral Sea Shell
    3. Pink Curly Shell
    4. Green Clam Shell
      1. Plushies
      2. Wreathy Plushie
      3. Snow Usul Plushie
      4. Mutant Lenny Plushie
      5. Plushie Blumaroo Plushie
      6. Starry Hissi Plushie
      7. Starry Lupe Plushie
      8. Pink Ixi Plushie
      9. Punchbag Bob Plushie
      10. Curious Blumaroo Gnome Plushie
      11. Goldy Plushie
      12. Halloween Ixi Plushie
      13. Faerie Peophin Plushie
      14. Green Scorchio Plushie
      15. Purple Zafara Gnome Plushie
      16. Red Scorchio Plushie
      17. Bionic Cybunny Plushie
      18. Darigan Peophin Plushie
      19. Halloween Meerca Plushie
      20. Island Kiko Plushie
      21. Faerie Kiko Plushie
      22. Desert Usul Plushie
      23. Monty Plushie
      24. Cloud Lupe Plushie
        1. Books
        2. Hatching A Draik Egg
        3. Jokes to Make Skarl Laugh
        4. Hook Line and Sinker
        5. Decorating Your Garden
        6. The Hidden Temple
        7. Flotsam Facts
        8. Grey Tonu Tales
        9. Peophin Legends
        10. Koi Collector
        11. Baby Lenny Book
        12. Uni Beauty Manual
        13. Woogy
        14. Eliv Thades Guide to Anagrams
        15. The Mystery of Halloween
        16. Howling for Fun
        17. Jokes and Riddles
        18. Halloween Ruki Tales
        19. Ruki Recipes
        20. Scaredy Yurble
        21. The Shadowy Shoyru
        22. My Neohome
        23. Cooking With Petpets
        24. Time Tunnel Game Guide
        25. Grandfather Koi
        26. Disco Moehog Dancing
        27. Skyward an Eyries Guide to Flying
        28. The Mystery of the Shy Shoyru
        29. Darigan Skeith Adventures
        30. Baby Mynci Book
        31. Buzz Guide to Magics
        32. Dark Kyrii Tales
        33. Viras Revenge(previously given out as a main prize also)
        34. Usuki Doll Disco
        35. First Flight
        36. Red Usuki Pictures
        37. Roars and Grrrs
        38. Caring for Shoyrus
          1. Stamps
          2. Christmas Meerca Stamp
          3. Seaweed Necklace Stamp
          4. Second Edition Altador Petpet Stamp
          5. Rampaging Grundonoil Stamp
          6. Nova Storm Stamp
          7. Jeran Stamp(this was also a main prize at one point)
          8. King Skarl Stamp
          9. Slime Titan Stamp
          10. Maraquan Troops Stamp
          11. Sword of Skardsen Stamp
          12. New Maraqua Stamp
          13. Alien Aisha Myriad Stamp
          14. Temple Of The Sky Stamp
            1. Petpets
            2. Bloopy
            3. Quetzal
            4. Petoot
            5. Flightning Bug
            6. Crocalu
            7. Wuzzle
            8. Miamouse
            9. Carma
            10. Sandan
            11. Kazeriu
            12. Juma
            13. Alkenore
            14. Pikis
              1. Other
              2. Black Osiris Plate
              3. Ultranova Rug
              4. Spooky Bathtub
              5. Blumaroo Lamp
              6. Babaa Chair
              7. Rainbow Lava Lamp
              8. Orange Jelly Bean Bag
              9. Ornate Glass Divider
              10. Rubber Duck Toy Box
              11. Snow Chair
              12. Iced Doughnut Bean Bag
              13. Fire Paw
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                  You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
         We do not control your destination's website,
                  so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
                  different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

                  It is a journey
                  I must face...alone.
                  *dramatic music*
                  I want to stay on Neopets,
                  where the dangers of
                  Meepit invasion
                  are taken seriously.
                  Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

                  You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
         We do not control your destination's website,
                  so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
                  different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

                  It is a journey
                  I must face...alone.
                  *dramatic music*
                  I want to stay on Neopets,
                  where the dangers of
                  Meepit invasion
                  are taken seriously.

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