invalid tag> A Creature of the Night

You hear an eerie shriek and a crackle of maniacal laughter. There is a castle nearby, a castle that gave off an ominous feeling. You slowly walk towards it, hoping the screams were from the wind.

As you near the castle, you see eyes flicker at you in a -blocked- You enter the door and feel warm liquid flow down your back. You reach for your back and bring it to your face. The liquid looks red, kinda like... BLOOD! You jump backwards and try to rid yourself of the sticky liquid.

Someone grabs you from behind and hits your head against the wall. You feel as if your head has been split open, which was very likely. The last thing you feel was a sharp, piercing at your neck.

Some Beloved Bloodsuckers

Louis de Pointe du Lac
Lestat de Lioncourt

Poem copyrighted by Tammy Tang