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Apparently, you have stumbled upon littlej001's (Joy's) Kad guide. I composed this page after I went pink waaaay back in September 2005. Originally this started out as my feeder ranting page, then turned into a basics page (sort of a Kadoatery Portal), but as all of my projects do, it grew wildly out of proportion and developed into a guide =]
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July 29th, 2008 - So this page got 170 hits the other day... It made me smile =D I'm so glad people still find this guide useful! Three years of hard work and learning that has compiled itself onto this petpage ^^

Prizes»What to Do»Kad Boards»Finding Times»Methods of Feeding»Inventories» Overfeeding Issue»Glitches»Frequently Asked Questions

FYI:This guide contains very few images so it loads much faster. You're welcome =]


To start off this guide, I will show you the awesome stuff you can win from feeding these poor Kads!

You get these by feeding 1, 10, 25, and 75 Kadoaties, respectively.
Remember: You do not get the avatar on the feeding page. You must go to your userlookup to get the random event. The event will be in your trophies section.

What To Do.
Kadoatie feeding isn't just something some can pick up over an hour - it takes time. There are no secrets as to what to do, but there are methods. Although I highly recommend reading some of the guides that I have already linked, this guide will show you all you need to know.
To start, I'm sure that you know that the kadoaties will get hungry at certain times. You must have the food that they want in your inventory, or else you will get a screen that says you need to find the food. The easiest way to get into the Kadoatie feeding community is to go to the kad boards.

Kad Boards.
Yes! The kad boards will help you find times when the Kadoaties get hungry. But when you get there, the 'Kadders' (the people that feed Kadoaties) seem to talk a strange language. Here is a little translation:

  • Main: When most of the Kadoaties get hungry
  • Mini: When a few of the Kadoaties get hungry. These are usually created when a user feeds an unbuyable outside of the minute that the kadoaties refresh.
    **Both of these are in some people's Neosignatures**

  • List: It's a list of all of the kad foods asked for the last main. These are for people wondering about what food they missed and if they could've fed. Or, in most cases, we just like to get a better look at all of the foods, since quickly reading over the kads when they're hungry doesn't give you the best idea of all of the foods!
  • GCK: Games Chat Kad Feeders. These boards are located on the Games Chat. There is also a Feeding Times and List board (that is insanely helpful), but they only post lists and times. They ask that no chatting take place, so the times are clear. However, the other board is open for chatting
  • ACK: Avatar Chat Kad Feeders. These boards are located on the Avatar Chat.
  • Premium Kad Boards: Premium members make these boards, posted on the charter members thread.
  • Pend: The minutes you wait until the kads refresh. (ie: 'The main is pending')
  • rs: Restock. Might be reffered to as a main. You might see people saying 'I'm going to leave once the kads rs
  • Kads: Short for Kadoaties (plural)
  • Half Load: Means you refreshed too early, and all the hungry kads didn't show up.
  • glf/glmf:Good luck feeders/good luck mini feeders. Wishing all feeders luck.
  • hn, cf: Had Nothing, Congrats Feeders. Just saying you didn't have anything during the last kad main. (cf can also be cmf when it comes to mini's)
  • pwned: Means you were beat to feed a Kadoatie
  • SW/Wiz: A method of feeding that uses the Shop Wizard.
  • SDB: Safety Deposit Box. This form of feeding involves opening your safety deposit box and searching the item for the Kadoaties to eat.
  • BDE: Blue Draik Egg. Expensive item Kads no longer ask for.
  • BPP: Blue Pepper Pizza. Kads still ask for this (last time I checked) expensive food.
  • MKIC: Mint Kyrii Ice Cream. Kads rarely ask for this anymore, but it's still pretty pricey.
  • Mewbie: Newer person to the Kadoatery. Don't worry, it's good to be a mewbie ;)
  • m00b: A n00b on the kad boards (or an annoyance). Not good to be.
  • Overfeeder: Somebody who has fed over the number of Kadoaties to get the avvie (76 and over)
  • UB: Unbuyable. Means you can only buy them off of the trading post.
  • Overstuffing: Someone who has over 50 items in their inventory. I really don't suggest doing this. You can only have 50 items in your inventory for a reason. Although TNT has directley stated in the week 231 editorial that getting frozen for it is not the case, but I have seen it happen. Just be careful.

    Also, some of the kad boards move insanely fast on certain days/times. Getting noticed might not come right away, because there's so much going on. A better way of introducing yourself would be to tell everyone your name, reply to the topic, and clarify that you've read a guide ^^
    Many try to just say 'hi' on the board or change the subject, and get irritated when they're not acknowledged. We don't usually reply to them because, well, there's really nothing to say. Jump in and try to have some fun. Believe it or not, when you come back, people will remember you ;]
    We're actually a nice group of people, but it takes just one person to ruin it. Don't let one rude person get to you.

    Calculating Times.
    A common question on the kad boards is how we find the next main time. I must thank my friends on the Games Chat and in my guild that figured all of this up! First, say the last main went at exactly 9:00. Add 28 minutes to that, and we get 9:28. That's when the kads will start pending next. Now, instead of the old five minute sets of pends, we now have 7 minute sets. So, after you rf at 9:28, the next time you should refresh is at 9:35, and so on.
    Also, kads will go on the :00 of the minute (ex: 08:30:00). I suggest refreshing on the :01 of the minute, so you don't have the off chance of refreshing early and getting a half load. New: As of 6-28-08, I have seen kads going around the :04 of the minute. Refreshing until the :06 is the best best for catching the main (I'll update this again if it is fixed).
    This times system applies to mains and minis, but minis will go back into the main pend. The best way minis are explained is on the Times Explanation Page. The theories on the new system have been proven correct!

    The Old System: This was my previously written explanation of the 5-minute system. We add 30 minutes since the last main/mini went, and tada! We have the estimated main time. Kads will only refresh on minutes that end in 1 or 6 (ex: 8:46:00 or 8:41:00). The 1 and 6 rule applies to both mains and minis. These can pend for seven sets, or for 35 minutes.

    The SUPER Old System: This is a system that was how kads originally refreshed (Waaaay back in 2004-2005). Mostly older feeders will remember this one (considering it's what all of us loved!). Simply add thirty minutes to the last main and refresh after that. Gah... I miss the old system =(

    Methods of Feeding.
    There is more than one way to feed a kad. You can either Inventory, Safety Deposit Box, or Shop Wizard feed.

  • Inventory: This is by far the easiest way to feed, which is just having 40-49 items in your inventory to feed. Remember - there are some food shops that Kadoaties don't ask for things from. They also don't ask for any food over rarity 95 (excluding BDEs, which were removed from the menu by TNT long ago). Check the 'Inventories' section below to find out some tips on creating an inventory! When the Kadoaties get hungry, they will appear in white areas (instead of grey) and have their food preference underneath. If you see an item that you have in your inventory, quickly click the cage and see if you fed =]
  • Safety Deposit Box: This requires a little more skill when you do, but it allows you access to all of the food items you own. When the Kadoaties get hungry, copy and paste the name of the food, find and remove the item from your SDB, and go back to the Kadoatery window to feed the Kad. This is really useful for inventories that have more than 50 foods from - you can open your SDB to the page with the rest of the inventory and use that as back up. For instance: if you feed 'fruit' then you could open up a search page for any item with 'Fruit' in the name in your Safety Deposit Box. This will link you to be able to remove any item if the Kads ask for it.
  • Shop Wizard: Many feeders like to SW or 'wiz feed' Kadoaties. This allows you access to any food item in Neopia, but you have to pay for it, unlike in your SDB. Make sure you have the Kadoatery window and the SW window open, copy and paste the food into the shop wiz, and buy the item. You have to be REALLY quick for this - unless the item is expensive. If you are desperate to feed a kad this way, make sure you have at least 90k out incase the food gets expensive. The more expensive the food, the longer the kad stays hungry.

    Both SDB and Wiz feeding needs to take under five seconds. Be sure that you're not only fast, but your internet is too. Dail-Up users should stick to inventory feeding.

    Ah yes. Choosing an inventory. Let's get this straight. DO NOT use cheap, readily avaliable items to start feeding with! Chia pops, baby foods, random cheap foods. Don't do it. Competition is HARD in that catagory. You're going to have to spend a little on kad feeding. I feed fruits. Some good inventories are milk, soups, muffins, pancakes, etc. It won't kill you to buy a few items. If you don't like it, then kad feeding is not for you. I'm sorry I have to be like that, but it seems the only way to get the point across. Also, the foods kads ask for are RANDOM. None of us know what foods will come up. This is another big question asked on the kad boards. Picking an inventory is actually really simple. It can get pricey, but if you think about it, 50 items can get you 50 feeds. You only have to do it once.
    There are certain shops that kads no dont ask for food from. Toni's Kad Food List explains this. Also, scroll up to Mewbie Central to find Cathy's Grouped Food List, which is a food list that groups foods by likeness, like all of the soups or muffins. It's a great place to find an inventory.

    The Overfeeding Issue.
    Over the past few weeks, people have questions why overfeeders continue to feed. And how mad at us some mewbies get for getting pwned, plus lots of other stuff. Why do I kad feed? I've made great friends, found a great guild, and learned to restock from it. Why would I want to stop something that has given me all this good? Let's take a look at the URL.


    Hopfully that explains it. It's a GAME. Also, yes, there are some overfeeders that are rude to others. I try not to be rude. Most of us are there to help. Another issue is that even overfeeders get pwned (and if you are me, that happens ALOT XD). You're not always pwned by overfeeders, because most people are working up to be overfeeders. Now, I've missed a main writing this section, so hopefully this will help you guys understand what we are getting at =)

    Oops! Glitches.
    If you happen to stumble onto the Kadoatery Chat when nobody really knows what's going on with kads, that's probably when a glitch is occuring.
    Glitch #1: Sometimes the Kads get 'reset'; or when all the UBs are cleared. However, when they are reset the kads temporarily stop asking for anything. You can't feed them, because they are not asking for any legible item. If the server resets on Friday, don't expect a good Kadoatery until the weekend is over. Why? Because most of the pwnful coders for TNT go home on the weekends =P
    Glitch #2: On occasion, the Kads will decide they are going to be hungry every 15 minutes. Normally, this will get fixed within a day, but you know how unpredictable TNT is.
    Glitch #3: Finally, there is the Rarity 98 glitch. Although BDEs were removed from the menu a long time ago, the Kadoaties will sometimes bend the rules and start asking for stuff up to rarity 98 instead of rarity 95. Like Red Draik Eggs. *giggle* I find this a bit funny, but some of you who like a full Kadoatery don't ;)
    Glitch #4: Most recently, TNT has either lost valuable coding parts, or thinks it's ridiculously funny (my opinion), when all of the kads all suddenly acquire the same taste. For example: The entire Kadoatery will ask for one item. Thinks such as Apple Juice, Carrots, and Strawberry Milkshakes have been used. A wonderful kad feeder (Sugar!) sent in a question about it, and it was answered in the Week 348 Editorial. Second question from the bottom!

    Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Why are there multiple Kadoatie boards?
    Because people differ in their choices of boards =] The ACK is chatters wanting the avatar, the GCK is mostly (but not limited to!) older feeders. The Times and Lists board is exactly what it stands for - a no chatting board that posts times and lists.

    Are you sure you weren't at the Times and Lists board on the Games Chat? Remember, they have this smilie in the title: . They are actually a really nice bunch of people, but if you continually try to chat on that board, they might get frustrated! Try the other Kadoatery board with the star in the title next time.

  • Everyone ignores me! What do I have to say to get noticed?

    A few kad board tips: 1) Don't bother the chatters by frequently telling us this. 2) Be polite (and preferrably coherent) and just chat. 3) Don't change the subject. Nobody will respond if you start talking about Dolphins when we're talking about conspiracies (Haha - don't ask about that one XD). 4) Introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself. I promise there will be people there to welcome you.

  • I CAN'T FEED A KAD! AHHHH! Will I *ever* go pink??
    Relax, you will! It took me about three months to go pink, give or take. It took about three days for me to feed my first. Just be patient. With enough practice, you'll feel like an old pro at it.

  • Overfeeders keep pwning me. Is there any secret they have?

    Practice makes perfect ;] There are NO secrets to kad feeding

  • When is main?
    If someone is not timekeeping, go to the Times and Lists thread instead of constantly asking the chatting boards. Timekeepers aren't usually found on the chatting boards because, well, times (like some posts) are easily looked over. I sometimes will timekeep, but my font is also small and easily skipped over. Please, for the sake of our brains, don't ask for main every few minutes.

  • Where do I get a Seafood Pasta Salad/Snow Kebob/Vinarok/etc?

    Those are unbuyables. You can find them at the Trading Post or restock them at their designated shop. If you've read all of this guide, you already know that you don't have to feed those.

  • Why do some well-established feeders feed unbuyables?

    Because it's fun =] You don't have to, but some of us just like to see what it's like ^^

  • Why do some feeders feed on spare accounts? Is that against the rules?

    Nope, there's nothing wrong with feeding on a spare account! However, I have talked this over with a few people, and we do believe that feeding on BOTH accounts AT THE SAME TIME (main and side listed in the Kadoatery at once) should be considered cheating. Technically, that's giving you an advantage. Feeding simultaneously on both accounts is fine, but if you don't want to risk your account, feed on seperate accounts during seperate mains.

  • What does it mean when the Kadoaties cry?

    It's just a fun little thing TNT does. After 11 PM NST, TNT goes home and turn off the lights. The Kads don't like it, and they start crying!

  • People are getting mad at each other on the board! What do I do?

    Try to find out if they're just messing around with each other. People do that. But if there is a little drama going on, just sit back and try to stay out of it. Believe me, it will calm down in about an hour.
    Still Confused?
    If you are still confused, feel free to neomail me about it =) Please put the suject title Kads pwn to let me know you read my guide ^_^ It makes it so much easier to determine who has read my guide and is asking, and who hasn't because they were too lazy to =P

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