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About Zohikar

Name: Rahzor
Nick: Zohikar
Age: godlike
Gender: Male
Species: Owl gryphon
Sub species: God of Logic

Homeland: the Overworld
Born: created by the dragon bird
Personality: Zohikar is really nitpicky on rules and customs, he will appear to the normal creature as almost robotic and distant. He loves to calculate the odds of stuff happening and sticks to the biggest odds.
Status: Isolated from everything

Zohikar was created by the Dragon Bird as a god for the standard life on the planet. He created his creatures from earth, water and air. We would see them as canines, felines and gryphons. After that He assigned them homes where they should live.
He saw Laythe, the Goddess of Dreams, create the Nightmaren and immediately He saw the mistake She had made with creating them. They were an image of Her, powerful and magical. Something His creatures would come to envy, which happened fast.
Laythe confronted Zohikar about this because the Nightmaren were suffering, but He told Her that this was to be expected. He sent her away, seeing no further use to this discussion. Laythe went away without another word, but She did something else that scarred Zohikar immensely.
Because He wouldn't speak to His creatures about this, She created another realm for Her Nightmaren. This creation of a new realm hurt Zohikar a lot mentally and He could not see reason anymore, so He secluded himself from everybody. Now, after decades with this rift between Him and His creatures, Zohikar cannot connect with them anymore like He used to.

He resides in myths and legends now, but He is seen from time to time. Keeping those stories alive.



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