Pets UFT
Welcome! Okay, so obviously this is where I list all my pets UFT. All pets have paint brush clothing unless otherwise stated. I'm name picky, so only seeking VWN pets, unless they're UC.
Besides the pets listed at the bottom, I'm interested in English RWs and RNs (plus some Chinese, Japanese, Latin, and Greek), particularly math and science related RWs. RW/RN don't need to be common. Also interested in Star Wars, Sherlock, Avatar, and anime (Darker than Black, Fate, FMAB) RW/RN.
Custom Amount is constantly changing so please NM. At time of last update, around 2 mil + FFQ (x3). Can be added to any of the following pets.
Karcian Lab rat.
Vhimper RW misspell. Lab rat.
Holmez RN misspell. 150 HSD even.
Lhuxury RW misspell. Has matching zapped petpet and petpetpet.
Zhavien 351 HSD trainable.
Pyec 4L.
Epx 3L.
DarkWing56 Bronze BC trophy.
Tentatively UFT
Concurrency Computer science RW.
Methane Chemistry RW.
Singularity Physics RW.
Mirzakhani RN.
Seeking (Converted Pets)
Robot Krawk Any-named is fine. Seeking casings only.
Royal Boy Gelert Any-named is fine. Seeking clothing only.
Steampunk Gelert Any-named is fine. Seeking clothing only.
Royal Girl Peophin
Shadow Draik
Desert Draik
UC Dreams
Faerie Pteri
Faerie Xweetok
Royal Girl Kyrii
Royal Boy Cybunny
Royal Boy Shoyru
Royal Girl Shoyru
Orik_ the Warrior
Judy the Mother
Bladework the Grandmaster
Bloodbend the Vigilante
Candreso the Fashionista
Keymaker the Prisoner
Artenixa the Scheming Gentleman
Faemare the Country Lady
Vulsan the Melancholy Prince