Creatures always tell tales and legends as if they were stories without hardships. One epic thing happens after the other and there is little to no resistance for the hero. Well, in my case that is different. I've had hardships, struggles and problems my whole life, some even caused by family.

What I am about to tell you is my story, the story of how the world was in danger yet again. This is the story of two brothers, facing each other for the fate of the world.

About Fey

Name: Fey
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Species: Gryphon
Sub species: Sea gryphon

Homeland: Islands
Born: Steep cliff point
Personality: Cares for others, always sees the good in creatures, can be harsh if needed.

Family: On the islands and desert
Status: Leading the Forest Walkers

Fey is a goodhearted gryphon who had a lot of bad stuff happen to him. He was born in a small gryphon clan at the coast. His father, Ra'id, was proud of him and his mother, Azurine, loved him till death. His mother left a few years after that he was born, the real reason behind that wasn't known to Fey until she came back a few years later.
She came back with a child, Ollo. Ra'id wanted to end his life right there and then, but Fey pleaded him not to. Ra'id only listen to him when he told Fey that everything Ollo does, is his responsibility.

A few years passed and Ollo grew more distant. Fey tried to pull him back into clanlife, but to no avail.
One day Fey was out with his mother and Ollo had followed them. Ollo ended the life of Azurine and fled the clan. Fey was devastated from this and spiralled down into a deep depression, eventually throwing himself into a thunderstorm. He came out of that one, barely alive, and was nursed to health by a small pack of wolves. From there it escalated and he ended up as the leader of the forest, fighting against a great evil that has taken over his brother…


Ollo is the half-brother of Fey, he joined the flock of Ra'id when he was young. Fey defended his life against Ra'id and has tried to be the best brother ever since that moment. Ollo was a sweet, energetic kid the first year he joined the flock, but turned into a closed and narcissistic gryphon. After Ollo fled from the flock he joined the Order of the Shadow and became leader of that group. He seeks great things, but they are bad for the world itself. Fey tries to stop him but Ollo doesn't need his help. Now he tries to rally his Order against Fey to move him out of the way forever.
Ra'id is Fey's father and the leader of the flock. Ra'id is cold-hearted most of the time and doesn't show a lot of mercy. He's had a rough life; his first mate and son died in a flooding of a cave. This had left Ra'id broken and hurt, which reflected on his lashing out to his flock members and nearby clans.
A few decades after this had happened another flock of gryphons wanted this tyranny to end and offered a proposition to unite the nearby clans together with a wedding. And so Ra'id was married to Azurine and got Fey.
Azurine is the child of the second in command of her flock and was leading a happy life there. She was one of the few that had magic, that outed itself as a kind of magic specifically aimed at the control of water. Her flock and the flocks around the islands were terrorized by the flock of Ra'id, which lead to that she spent most of her young adult years in fear.
After her flock leader had spoken with Ra'id about a peace treaty she discovered that he had offered her as a bride to Ra'id as a sign of uniting. She tried to fight this fate but in the end, could do nothing about it. The only light point in all of this was that she had a beautiful son named Fey.
Fey met Klemos when he was washed up on shore after he flew into a storm and got hurt. She brought him to her pack to heal. In this period, Fey keeps having vague dreams about the Bringer of Light, which he eventually found out that Klemos was the Bringer of Light. The Bringer of Light is a guardian who appears in a time of imbalance of the world and must bring it back in balance. Klemos denies this fate for a long time, but she will help Fey because they grew to be very close friends in the time they got to know each other.

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