Creatures always tell tales and legends as if they were stories without hardships. One epic thing happens after the other and there is little to no resistance for the hero. Well, in my case that is different. I've had hardships, struggles and problems my whole life, some even caused by family.

What I am about to tell you is my story, the story of how the world was in danger yet again. This is the story of two brothers, facing each other for the fate of the world.

Goals for this page:
- Story (either summary or full story)
- relations to other characters
- Worldbuilding of the Nightmaren


Name: Nahanna
Nick: Hanna, Nahan.
Gender: Female
Age: 684 years old.
Species: Nightmaren
Subspecies: Dream Gryphon
Rank: Dream Collector

Homeland: The Plains
Born: The great Thunder Plains
Personality: She is a soft and kind hearted Nightmaren who doesn't like to hurt creatures, she loves to study the stars and dreamt dreams to try to predict the future for a limited part. She also has the ability to feel the souls or beings of creatures around her.

Family: They have probably died a long time ago…
Status: Keeping a distance from the other group members

Nahanna is a really kind hearted gryphon and can't feel angry towards others. She isn't a full-blood Nightmaren, she had two normal creatures for parents. This is possible because once the Nightmaren genes are in a family, they can't disappear. Sometimes kids can suddenly be born like Nightmarens, but their older sibling isn't automatically a Nightmaren.
Nahanna was born in an Indian style Clan and lived there happy and carefree. She did have some weird encounters with bolbs of light surrounded by smoke. All of those bolbs were looking for her, they were bright pink, orange, blue, purple, yellow and green, but there were some who didn't have the same aura as the other light bolbs: they were dark coloured and some even deep red and deep blue.
Nahanna soon discovered they were dreams which have been dreamt. She touched one dream once and saw its content, which she wished she hasn't.
But after that incident she began to feel scared because the dreams began to pile up around her, but disappeared when someone else came by. One day she was finished with the dreams stalking her and she got a dream catcher.
But that same dream catcher guided the dreams closer to her and disappeared through it into a place she didn't know then.
A few weeks after repeating that ritual some strange creatures entered the village and demanded to take Nahanna with them. This was the first time Nahanna has encountered Nightmaren and she was frightened. They were two cats, one huge cat stitched together and only mumbled things to the second big cat, which was purple and had a strange mask on her face.
The chief didn't want to give Nahanna to them and they began to threaten him, but still he refused to give her up. The villagers tried to get Nahanna away in the meantime, but the giant cat noticed it and it failed. In the end the big cat just grabbed Nahanna and ran away, while the slightly smaller cat reassured Nahanna that she could see her parents again soon.
When they introduced Nahanna with the Nightmaren world and her future task she went into training to show her how much strength she actually has and how to use it.
In that time of training she discovered that she could feel the creatures around her, but once she stepped in the normal world she was shocked to see how many creatures died around her from age, disease and accidents she was so scared she shut down that power and never used it again. She only used her power to locate sleeping and dreaming creatures, this way she can decide when it's time to begin to collect the dreamt dreams. The rest of the night she is looking at the stars and trying to figure out a pattern in them.



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The End

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