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You see it everywhere, especially when you ask about the fastest way to earn NeoPoints (NPs). It's mentioned in every Neopets Guide, thrown around on the Boards, even talked about in Neopian Times! So what, exactly, is Restocking?

Restocking, very simply, is getting an item from one place and reselling it in your own Shop. You add more stock (items) to your own Shop; hence the term, restock. Restocking is also abbreviated as "RS.

The next most common questions are:
  • 1) how do you restock?
  • 2) where do you restock?
  • 3) what do you restock?
  • 4) when do you restock?

Now usually when someone mentions Restocking, they mean buying from any Neopian Shop when those Shops restock with items. I like to stretch the definition to include all items that you may find, including those from random events, Games, Trades/ Auctions, and other users' Shops. Use absolutely anything and everything to fill up your Shop!

You'll notice that my Guide doesn't include any screenshots, while every other Restocking Guide does. My reasoning is simple--I want this page to load quickly and to be accessible to everyone, regardless of internet speed. So, if you need to see screenshots, be sure to check out the Guides I've listed in my "Links" section below.

Helpful Links

Restocking Guides

Other Useful Links

* Petpages that I have made. ~Al


How do you Restock?

The first thing you need in order to Restock is a supply of Neopoints (NPs). Why? Because you're going to need to buy items, and doing that requires NPs.

While you could start Restocking with "found" items only, that won't take you very far or get you the massive piles of NPs most restockers brag about.

You can start Restocking with any amount of NPs, though the amount you have may initially limit the types of items you can buy. A good base is probably around 10,000 NPs.

Start Shopping

Now that you have your NPs base, you need to start buying items. We'll talk about where to Restock a bit later, but for now let's just walk through the process of Restocking in a Neopian Shop.

You click on the Shop, and a range of items present themselves. You quickly scan the items and find one you'd like to buy. When you click on the item, you're taken to a second page, called the Haggling Screen. Here, the Shopkeeper waits for you to enter the amount in NPs that you're willing to pay for the item.

There is no way to skip the Haggling Screen. Yes, it slows you down, but it's meant to, to try to keep things fairer for everyone on the site.

Now, to speed this process up, you'll want to use as few keys as possible to enter the price. First, click anywhere in the text box (ignore the "0" already in the box). Then use the fewest number of keys to enter your price.

For instance, if the price is 568 NPs, enter 565; if the price is 3397, enter 3443 (yes, that's more than the item costs, but if it's a good reseller and you manage to get it, those extra NPs aren't going to haunt you).

Look, Ma--Two Hands!

One more tip for haggling faster--learn to use both hands! Al was forced to do this after she dislocated her right elbow (ouch!), but now she can click & scroll with her right hand and type with her left. She says she's getting a lot more items now.

See Pet and Click

Only one thing left, and that's the picture code. Find and click the Neopet in the picture. The code works the same every time, so don't even read the instructions--"see Neopet and click." Al and I find that resizing the browser to include both the haggling box and the picture helps us go just a bit faster.

Now what?

The second thing you need in order to Restock is a Shop. You need somewhere to sell those items! You can create your own Shop for only 150 NPs. Your first Shop is Size 1 and will hold 5 items. That doesn't seem like much, but you can pay more NPs to upgrade the size later.

Now that you have NPs to buy the items and a Shop to sell them in, it's time to start thinking about the items themselves. To Restock effectively, you need to have items that will resell on the Shop Wizard for more than the item costs you. For instance, if you paid 500 NPs for an item and can resell it for 1,000 NPs, then you just earned 500 NPs! Of course, if you found the item for free, you get an even better return. Remember, price according to the Wiz. The Wizard is right, no matter what you personally believe. The Wiz is all powerful. We're off to see the-- Er, nevermind. But price by the Wiz!

Estimated Value

A lot of people try to price their items according to the Estimated Value listed on the item, and then they wonder why no one buys it. "But it's the right price," they insist. Not so fast, my friend. The Est. Value is only the average price that the item would sell for in a Neopian Shop, but it doesn't take anything else in to consideration (Avatar item, Quest item, really really cool item, good battledome item, worthless battledome item, useless piece of junk, etc.). Use the Shop Wizard to find the real price that other users are willing to pay.

Your prices should be around the lowest on the Shop Wizard, if you want your Shop to be visited often. But be careful of undercutting an item too much just to get customers--the item will probably decrease in value as other sellers try to compete with you, and then your once valuable Restock becomes rather worthless. Price to sell, but don't price too low.


Where do you Restock?

The most obvious place to Restock is from any of the Neopian Shops. The Book Shop, the Collectable Cards Shop, and the Food Shop are all good places to start learning how to restock. These Shops usually stock enough items that resell decently--and enough Uncommon and rarer items--so that you can get the hang of finding the item you want, clicking on it, and successfully haggling to get it.

Now, people with a faster internet connection or computer are more likely to be able to get the rarer items that restock; that's just a fact of internet life. If you have a slower connection or computer, go after items that stock in bulk but can still be resold for a profit.

Restocking from the Shop Wiz

Restocking doesn't just have to be limited to people with a fast connection or fast typing skills. You can also Restock from other users' Shops. When you check the Shop Wizard, sometimes you'll find items priced much lower than the rest. If you buy that lower-priced item, you can resell it for the price the rest of the user Shops are charging, and then you make a profit.

For instance, if most Shops on the Wizard are selling a certain item for 1,000 NPs and you find someone selling it for 500 NPs, buy the one at 500 NPs and resell it for 1,000 NPs. Sometimes, you can find really good deals this way, but it takes some lucky guessing to find the right item.

Be sure to check the rest of the Stock in a Shop that undersells; sometimes, they'll have cut prices on the other items, as well. Finding deals on the Shop Wizard like this is commonly referred to as "sniping;" Al and I wrote an entire section about it, if you want more information.

Other Ways to Get Items

Other ways to Restock are to sell any items you find in Random Events; sell any items you win; buy and sell items from the Igloo Garage Sale or the Shop of Mystery; buy and sell scratchcards and concert tickets; and buy and sell items through Trades and Auctions.


What do you Restock?

You want to Restock items that will sell. This means, of course, that you're going to have to know a bit about the Neopian economy. So what sells well?

Think about what you can do in a normal day on Neopets--feed your pets, groom them and play with them, read them a book; heal your pets; fight in the Battledome; do a Faerie quest; train your pet; collect this or that... Do you see where we're going with this?

The items that sell well and quickly are the ones that people need or want all the time and that are continuously being taken out of circulation.

  • Quest items--Books, Clothing, Trading Cards (not TCGs), Toys, beauty products, and Magic items
  • Paint Brushes, Morphing Potions, and Transmogrification Potions
  • Stamps and coins (possibly evil coconuts and sea shells, too)
  • Food, Toys, and Medicine
  • Good weapons
  • Gourmet food (rarity 90 - 100)
  • Petpets
  • Map pieces, Codestones, Dubloons, and Nerkmids
  • Chocolates

Now, that's not to say that all of these items are created equal. Most quest items are fairly cheap, both in the Neopian Shops and again on the Shop Wizard. Most paint brushes (Hidden Tower) and morphing potions, on the other hand, are quite expensive in both.

Tell Me What To Buy!

You can choose any type of item that you personally like and restock it, and you will most likely make a profit. There are tons of items in Neopia that people are willing to buy.

Many items, however, are not profitable if purchased from the Neopian stores. For example, most weapons that you'll commonly find in the weapons shops do not resell for much; they're species-specific and/or don't do much damage. But you might pick some up cheaply from a user's shop.

The best way to decide what to Restock is to pick a Shop with a type of item that you like. Then watch the Shop Restock itself a few times to get familiar with its normal stock. You can check the prices of those items against the Shop Wizard and start buying those that will resell.

Also, once you know the normal stock, you'll easily notice the Uncommon and Rarer items when they Restock. Almost all of these will resell well, if you can catch them. You will have to practice this quite a bit--Al is still learning to see items faster and to recognize the good items. So don't give up; keep practicing, and you'll get better!


When should you Restock?

Shops now restock completely randomly.

TNT has changed the restocking so that there is no pattern. Shops restock whenever they feel like it. So there is no way to predict when a shop will restock next.

Now, before you tell me that your Shop hasn't restocked in forever (twenty whole minutes, oh no!), let's talk about the frequency of Restock. The Shops say, "We get restocked every eight minutes or so." Notice the catch "...or so." This means that eight minutes is the average time for a Restock, and average implies that some times will be very short and some times will be very long. I've seen up to 4 Restocks right in a row, and that has to be balanced out somewhere. Just be patient--your Restock is coming.

How to Restock?

So how do you restock if you don't know when the shop stocks? Here's Al's strategy:

  1. Open more than one Shop -blocked- Because the Shops are random, you should have more than one Shop ready. Al likes to have at least three Shops open in her browser's tabs.

  2. Refresh every 30 seconds. About every 30 seconds, refresh each shop in turn. Wait for it to start loading. No items? Move to the next. Don't refresh too much, or you might get Restock Banned, which means none of the Neopian Shops will show you any items for a while!

  3. Buy when one restocks. As soon as one of your Shops restocks, start buying there and ignore the others. When that one's finished, start refreshing them all again.

Beware the Shop Ban

Don't refresh too quickly or too much or you'll be Restock-banned; that means that no Shops will sell you items until the Ban wears off. Check the Tiki Tack Shop on Mystery Island; it rarely sells out (because the items are too expensive to resell), so if it's blank, you're Banned.

Bans usually last for several days. Now, before you complain about Bans, realize that TNT put them in place to try to stop cheaters. Granted, you weren't cheating, but hey, they're trying.

Rush Hour on Neopets

Another thing to consider about Restocking is the time of day. Remember that Neopian Standard Time (NST) is the same as Pacific Time in the United States.

Doing some quick thinking, you can see that from around 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. NST is going to be prime playing time for most people in the U.S. and Canada. This also includes late night in parts of Europe and early morning in eastern parts of Asia.

You can still get some great Restocks during this time and can usually find some mispriced items on the Shop Wizard, but you'll also be competing with more people.

I try to Restock early in the morning or very late at night (NST) because I find that I can get more Uncommon and Rare items, meaning fewer people must be in the Shops. Don't just consider your own timezone when deciding when to Restock; remember, people all over the world play on Neopets.



Sniping is a word that often comes up when someone starts talking about restocking. And even a lot of self-proclaimed restockers don't know what sniping is. And no, this is the not the kind of snipe you hunt when you go camping ;)

Very simply, sniping is restocking from the Shop Wizard, Trading Post, and Auction House and getting very good deals. Paint brushes for 1,000 NPs. Codestones for 1 NP. Neggs and nerkmids and other rare items for a few NPs. This is the epitome of sniping.

How do you snipe, you ask? Easy--scour the site for rare items at low prices. Of course, you have to know the items' names, and you have to know the items' prices, and you have to get very lucky to find one, and...

Okay, not so easy. Still, if you can find an expensive item for a good price, you'll make a lot of NPs instantly.

Al's sniping strategy is to keep a list of uncommon to rare items handy. Then she can just copy-and-paste the item name in the Shop Wizard to search. If she's looking through Trades, she searches the "Newest 20;" if she's looking through Auctions, she starts on the second or third page. Then, she looks for items that might be expensive and does a quick Shop Wiz check on them. By using the newest trades or a further-back auction, she has more time to look the item up and then get a bid/trade in quickly.

Also, the Trades and Auctions provide a continually-updated list of items that someone might misprice on the Shop Wizard. So she might end up with a good Auction snipe and a good Shop Wiz snipe.

Sometimes, Al also finds great deals when she's doing a Shop Wizard search on the Quests Board. She snaps up the cheap item, gives the quester the other Shops, then resells the mispriced item. So she helps people and gets a good snipe. Sneaky, huh?

And if that isn't working, either, she sometimes pops into one of her friends' Shops. Using the Shop Wizard again, she starts looking up all the items in their Shops. She's found some great deals that way! (Thanks, friends! But erm, we're not sharing...).

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