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IMPORTANT!!! This page has permanently been moved to here from joeyjojojunior11's page because he was stolen by an AA'er

Yes, I am so tired of seeing all those pointless boards on the games board so I decided to make an FAQ where you can find the answer to the most commonly asked questions on the games board. If you are looking for an answer to a specific question then press Ctrl+F on your keyboard and type in a key word from your question, you will then be taken to the relevant section. Thanks a lot to miss_ladyhawke, jetcity78 and Zapp for all their help in putting this together. Thanks also to Garmfay for his petpage which has a great range of game guides and made making this FAQ a lot easier. If you see anything that you disagree with, have a question that you think should be up there, or have a banner that you would like me to put up then please, neomail me.

When does the wheel of monotony stop spinning?
On average, it takes about 2 hours to complete it's spin. However, it can vary from as little as 30 minutes to as long as 6 hours. For more exact timings, visit AmaterasuChan's petpage

Somebody said that if more people refresh at the Rubbish Dump in Meridell you get more and better prizes. Is this true?
No, this is most definitly not true. If you don't believe me then check out the Editorial and Aleonar74's petpage

When does the Snowager sleep?
The Snowager sleeps from 6-7am, 2-3pm and 10-11pm NST. You can visit him when he is sleeping, here. You can also win an avatar from the Snowager randomly when being blasted.

What Cheeses can you use in Cheeseroller?
The list of possible cheese can be found here. Also, if you make it down the hill in 60 seconds or less then you get to keep the cheese. You can also win an avatar from it randomly when finishing in 60 seconds or less.

Does Turmaculus ever wake up?
Yes, he is up for one hour everyday (he needs his beauty sleep) For timings, please visit picovmande's petpage.

Help! Whenever I go to the Kadoatery they all want really expensive items! How can I feed them without spending thousands of neopoints?
Simple, you read a feeding guide like this or look on the games board for a board usually titled "Kad feeding times and help".

My pet is sick! How can I make them better?
There are two ways of healing your pet. You could either buy the cure from a neopia or user shop (expensive), or simply visit the healing springs for free, once every 30 minutes.

I hardly have any neopoints. Where can I go to make them easily?
There are three places you can go to make easy np. The first would be the gamesroom. Simply pick a type (like action) and play the first game in the list. If you don't like it then close and play the next one until you have finished the entire section. The other two places you can go to make easy np are garmfay's petpage, and jetcity's petpage.

Sometimes when I spin the wheel of knowledge, it gives me a code I that it says does certain things in a certain game. Is it okay to use these? And where can I find all of them?
Yes, it is perfectly fine to use these codes, they were all originally given out in issues of the neopets magazine. A full list of all game codes can be found here

I went to the Brain Tree and he asked me to find out when and where Albert the Kacheek died. Do you know the answer?
Nope. Only one person/thing in Neopia does. And that is the Esophagor. To get the answers from him, you need to complete two of his quests. For more information, please go here.

I went to the cooking pot and tried mixing some omelettes together but nothing happened! How do I know what things I can mix in there?
Simple, you visit a great guide like cozymoonchild's petpage.

I found the Haunted House in the Haunted Woods. Two questions, does it do anything and how do you complete it?
No, the Haunted House doesn't award any form of prize for completing it, however, some people like to for the satisfaction of winning something. If you want to win then these are the directions.
1. Continue. 2. Stay. 3. Run. 4. Continue. 5. Keep asking. 6. Head up to the house. 7. Investigate. 8. Descend. 9. Try to break. 10. Read...history. 11. Run! 12. Continue. 13. Continue. 14. Shine. 15. Run...right. 16. Victory!

Whenever I go to Underwater Fishing I always catch some worthless junk or get told to be more patient. Why is this?
It is random how far apart your attempts to fish are, however, it is recommended that you try every eight hours or so. For further information, please read the definitive Underwater Fishing guide, here

I'm stuck on Eliv Thade. The anagram is *InsertAnagram*. Do you know the answer?
Although some people will look up one word for you, if you haven't checked the solver then you are not very likely to find someone to help. Most likely they will give you the starried eliv thade solver, avatar.starried.net/elivthade/solver.php

I bought the petpet lab map. Where can I go to trade the pieces in?
Providing you have already traded in the Secret Laboratory Map, you can trade in your petpet lab map here. Remember though, if you don't have the Secret Lab map, then you can't use the petpet lab map.

Please help, I don't understand how the lab and petpet lab maps work!
Don't worry, this is a very commonly asked question. The main difference is that the Secret Lab Map is for zapping pets, and the Petpet Lab Map is for zapping petpets. For information on the Petpet lab map, please go here, and for info on the Secret Lab Map, here

Can the Lab Ray zap your pet any colour? I really want my Xweetok to turn Baby!
Well I've got some bad news for you, the lab map cannot zap your pet Pirate, Baby, Plushie, Usuki, Quiguki and Royal. Also, if you are looking for a specific colour for a specific species then you would be better off just buying the paint brush.

How often can you play the Wheel of Excitement and what can you win?
You can play once every 2 hours, and for a list of prizes, please go here

I have all the parts of a WC map. Should I trade these in or sell them?
Well it is really up to you. Some of the WC pieces are worth 40 or 50k, but you could win paintbrushes. I would say, if you like to gamble, then trade them in, otherwise you would probably be better selling. For further information on possible prizes, please go here

I can't find the stock market now that they have moved it from the Gamesroom. Where is it?
It hasn't been moved from the games room, just to a different part. You can get to it from the neopets homepage, click on Nigel the Chia, go to the Games Room-Luck/Chance-Stock Market, or just click here

I don't understand how to play Godori. Can you help me?
I personally cannot help you, I am not very good at Godori. Luckily though, hoeiva can. This is a great guide with screenshots to help you become a Card Shark in no time.

I want to play Deadly Dice but every time I go the Count is sleeping. When does he wake up and what does he do?
Count Von Roo is awake to play Deadly Dice from Midnight until 1 AM NST everday. The only exception is Halloween, when he is awake all day. If you go when he is awake and your active pet is level 2 or higher, then you can roll a dice, and if you get a roll higher than him then your pet gains a level. A word of warning though, if he beats you then your pet will lose a level.

What does the Blue Grundo Plushie in Faerieland do? I've heard it increases your chance of RE's, is this true?
No, this isn't true, it has been tested for the past 3 months by my neofriends and I and we concluded that it did NOT increase Random Events. The plushie doesn't actually do anything but it is thought that it was put there for one of the Sloth plots that was cancelled and TNT just never removed it.

What about the Mysterious Statue in Maraqua? What is it and what does it do?
The Mysterious Statue in the Maraquan ruins is a statue of the Darkest Faerie. Nobody knows why it's there, most people thought it was going to be used in the Altador plot, but it doesn't do anything.

I'm playing Hannah and the Pirate Caves but I'm stuck on level 16, Splish Splash. Can you give me a guide that tells me how to beat it?
Sure. The best one I could find was funandgames999's

Some guides say that if you say a certain joke to King Skarl then it increases your chance of getting something. Is this true?
Yes, it is. The joke that you tell him comes from the TCG card of the Jester and is:
Q: What do you do if *blank* fierce Peophins *blank* has eaten too much *blank* tin of olives?
A:You offering them a can of *blank* what what what *blank* *blank*
Yes, other jokes will work just this one increases your chances.

How do I complete the petpet adventures minigame?
You complete the petpet adventures minigame by finding all 6th orbs. The 1st orb is in centre of the whirling galaxy as the page loads, the 2nd you get automatic, 3rd is for reading the story, 4th is visit the website twice, 5th is view the trailer and 6th is for downloading a wallpaper. Please note, you don't need to download the screensaver, just click to download it and then cancel. Sometimes you will do it and find that you are one orb short. The chances are that you've missed the orb at the start. If so, refresh the page and put your cursor in the middle of the screen until it changes into a hand, then click to get the orb.

I see some people with loads of trophies. Is there anywhere I can see all of the trophies that you can win?
There sure is. I use magicpurplegorilla's but I'm sure there are many more.

I can't find Scourge of the lab jellies anywhere! Do you know the link please?
Yes, although TNT removed it from the gamesroom, it is still accessible from your high scores list or by clicking here

I'm playing Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway but I'm stuck on the level "Point of no Return" How do you beat it?
That level is very sneaky, to beat it you need to go through a wall. How? I hear you ask. Well if you read this petpage then you will soon find out!

I want my pet to be the most intelligent pet in Neopia! Where can I find a list of all books available for reading?
Well there are many ways that I know of but by far the simplest is just to click here

I sent my score after playing a game and it said that my score was being reviewed by Neopets staff. What does this mean? I am in trouble? And how long before I get my np?
Every game has a certain review score, usually one that you have to be good at the game to get there. It is just there to stop people using cheat programs to score millions of points and get lots of easy trophies. As long as you didn't do anything wrong then your score will usually go through the next day and you will get a neomail telling you so. If you get a review score at the weekend, then you will usually need to wait until Monday or Tuesday to get your nps. The review score for each game can be found here

I am in the top 17 of the high score table. Why do I not have a trophy?
There are two reasons why you might not have a trophy. The most common reason is that the trophies are handed out at around 3:45 am NST everyday, so you will have to wait until then. The other reason why you didn't get a trophy, would be if somebody in 18th place got the same score as you, but had sent it after you had. Then the person in 18th would get the trophy. It sounds confusing, but if you read Zapp's petpage then you will see that it is actually a very easy concept.

The Test Your Strength jackpot just went down to one million. Does that mean that somebody won the jackpot? And how do you get a high score? Is it a certain place you hit the button?
No, nobody won the jackpot. Mainly because it is impossible. You can get a score of 99 but it is literally impossible to get 100. So then, why did the jackpot go down? TNT reduces the jackpot every so often so that it doesn't become several hundred million like it used to be. Although this is unconfirmed, it is believed that the jackpot is reset when somebody scores 90+. As to getting a higher score, it is luck and that alone. It doesn't make any difference how strong your pet is or where you click the button. In fact, you don't even need to click the button. Just click when it says "click to start" and the prize will show up in your inventory.

I was playing Castle Battles, and it said that I had unlocked a new castle. However, when I went to select my new castle, it wasn't there and I was left with the same options as before. Why is this?
The reason you can't unlock the new castles is due to a long standing glitch in the game which TNT has either not noticed or has not got round to fixing yet. I suggest just sending a bug report and playing another game until they fix it, or just play with the original castles.

TNT said that the Altador plot is still open and you can still get prizes from it. The problem is, most of the guides have changed to Tale of Woe guides. Where can I find some for the Altador plot?
You're in luck. As the plot is open indefinetly, several popular guides have stayed open, even if they have relocated slightly. You can find plot guides here and here. Also, if you have a question about it and can't find the answer in either of those guides, then you can ask on the quest board.

Where did Open Challenges go? Can you give me the link please?
Yes, I could give you the link, however, it would be pointless, for the sole reason that they no longer exist. Yes, you heard me right. A few weeks ago, TNT removed them from the site, unanounced. Sorry!

On lots of Neopets help sites they say that if you go at midnight NST to Coltzans shrine then you will get one million neopoints but I went at exactly that time and didn't get anything. Why? Did I do it wrong?
No, you didn't do anything worng, it is just that the Help Site has not updated their page, or was unaware of them. A while ago, TNT removed the timings from Coltzans shrine, making it completely random again. Supposedly, the shrine can still give out one million neopoints when you visit it. Don't count on it howver, their have been no comfirmed reports of it yet.

I've tried playing World Challenges but I can't seem to win anything. How can I do better at them?
Well, you can read this guide for starters. And remember, pick a game and practice it like mad.

If you have any other questions that you would like to be put up here then please neomail me. Thanks!

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For all Gaming Questions

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