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Date:Tuesday, March 13th, 2007
van_ang_smartie101:Guess what?The Information Station got a new re-vamp! Everything is a little bit more organised, with a few graphics and some screenshots I took.I'm hoping this will improve the guild a bit.

Heroes of Altador

King Altador-The Hunter

Jerdana-The Protector

The Darkest Faerie-The Sleeper

Siyana-The First to Rise

Psellia-The Dreamer

Florin-The Farmer

Sasha-The Dancer

Marak-The Wave

Toraker-The Gladiator

Gordos-The Collector

Kelland-The Thief

Fauna-The Gatherer

Darkest Faerie Screenshots:

The Darkest Faerie Game Information


Red Juppie-Heals your health a little bit.
Recommended:Atleast 30 by act one,75 at act three,75 at act four.
Where to find it:It is practically almost is everywhere.Grows with purple juppies.
Purple Juppie-Heals your magic a little bit.
Recommeded:At least 25 at act one,50 at act three and 75 at act four.
Where to find it:It is practically is almost everywhere.Grows with red juppies

Chokato-Heals you three time as much as red juppies.
Reccomeneded:At least 30 by act one,50 by act three and 75 by act four.
Where to find it:Almost as popular as juppies.

Starberry-Heals you three times as much as purple juppies.
Reccomeneded:20 by act one,50 by act three,60 by act four.
Where to find it:Near rivers and any source of water.The plants look like flower bushes.

Peachpa-Heals your health by way more than red juppies.
Recomended:25 by act one,50 by act three and 8 by act four.
Where to find it:By mountains, meaning Cogham(mmm..ham.)

Ergyfruit-Heals your magic way more than purple juppies.
Reccomened:10 by act one,25 by act three and 30 by act four.
Where to find it:In more tropical and "garden" places.Example-Shadowglen Woods

About the places:

Tor's farm:(Ellis Family Farm)This farm is the home of Tormund.This is just one of the farms that grow all of Meridell's food and harvest.It's the beginning of Act One, and later in Act Three you have to save it.
Similar Places to visit:Shadowglen Woods,Farm Road
Shops(if any):None

Meridell:Meridell is ruled by King Skarl the 1.He is the brave king with eating habit.Meridell has many,many brave knights throughout its history,including Jeran.
Shops(if any):Food Shop,Weaponary,Armoury,Motery,and a sly yellow kacheek that sells you maps.
Similar Places to visit:Meridell Castle,Castle Courtyard,Meridell Sewers, Ancient Sewer

Cogham:(mmm..ham)Cogham is a small mining village right by the mountains. They constantly have been invadeded by the ixi raiders, which live within the Cogham Steppes. They found only defeating their boss would stop them.
Shops(if any):Food,Weaponary,Armoury,Curio
Similar Places to visit:Cogham Steppes,Drackon Ridge

Illusen's Glade:Making her home deep in The Lightwater Forest,Illusen has lived and aided Meridell whenever and however she can.She is rivals with The Werelup King,next to Jhoursa,of course.
Shops(if any):The Neggery
Similar Places to visit:Meridell Plains

Faerieland:The kingdom of faeries.What more can I say?It is ruled by Queen Fyora. You get the picture.
Similar Places to visit:Meridell
Shops(if any):Food,Potion

Brightvale:Ruled by King Hagan the Wise, this kingdom thrives on its books.It's very famous fr their stained glass windows.
Shops(if any):Food,Armoury,Motery,Petpet,Maps,Curio,Postion
Similar Places to visit:Meridell,Brightvale Outskirts,Brightvale Castle

Bogshot Village(taken from "Swamp Tales",Brightvale Library): Long home to the desperate and slightly crazy,Boshot is known as a whole,are nice.
Shops(if any):Curio,Food,Apothecary,Bridge Builder,Wepaonary

Altador:Much like the REAL world,Rome(back in the ancient times)
Similar Places to visit:Park District,Bazzaar District,Colliuesm District, Money District,Faerieland
Shops(if any):Food,Curio,Wepaonary,Armoury,Postionary,Motery

Secret Moves:
Here is a list of secret moves in the game not mentioned:

  • Cartwheel:With Roberta,hold L2 and push the left analog stick sideways Then,press X while running.Hurray!You did a cartwheel!
  • Complex Jump Attack landing with a spin attack:Quite hard.First,with Tor, do a jump attack,but spin in the air(spin with the left analog stick).Then,while landing, spin another 360 or so and then attack.It takes practice.
  • Jump on the bed:With Tor or Roberta, find the nearest bed(in act three you can do Brightvale Castle)Go onto the bed, and hold L2.Then go a little foward, and press X.It doesn't look like much,but hey,it's something.
  • Backward Flip:With Roberta,hold L2 and go backwards with the analog stick. Then jump.
  • Eyeview of a petpet:This is very simple.Let your left analog stck go up, and the right one go down.Vise versa for the eyeview of a crokabek.

Boring Lists
This is long list,so unless you don't get bored easily I suggest copying this is into a wordpad and read it section by section.

List of petpets:

  • Noil-Heals your health-Eats red juppies
  • Mewclops-heals your magic-Eats chokatoes
  • Doglefox-Makes your atack stronger-Eats red juppies
  • Gallion-Make your defense stronger-Eats red juppies
  • Turmac-Makes your stronger,more powerful in defense,heals your health and magic-Drains you out of your red juppies

List of neopet speices found in the game:

  • Acara
  • Lupe
  • Kau
  • Kacheek
  • Draik
  • Grarrl
  • Schorchio
  • Skeith
  • Techo
  • Aisha
  • Gelert
  • Meerca

List of Guides:

List of Bosses:

  • Juppie Plant Monster*
  • Ixi Raider Chiefman*
  • Gnarfus
  • Werelup King
  • Dark Faerie Sisters
  • Gelert Assasin
  • Kastriliss
  • Black knight
  • The Darkest Faerie

*=Face Twice

Poularity Stuff
Most popular pet found in the game:Draik
Most bosses in one act:Act Three
Smallest Act:Act Two
Most commonly shown enemy:Gelert Assasin

List of Potions:

  • Kauvara's Potion
  • Fyora's Potion
  • Meerca Speed Potion
  • Reving Postion
  • Potion of Power
  • Starlight Potion
  • Dispelling Potion
  • Ointment of Quickness

# of books about each place

  • Cogham-4
  • Brightvale-4
  • Meridell-8
  • Faerieland-5
  • Market Town-2
  • Boghot-5
  • Illusen's Glade-3
  • Misc.-9

About the main chacters
Tormund Ellis, one of the main characters of this game, is a farmboy born in Meri Acres.He has a heart of pure gold, and he has a little sister named Lucy.He hopes to one day be a knight of Meridell.His hope comes true one faithful day his father asked him to deliver a package.

Roberta, neice of King Hagan and King Skarl, is a diplomat in the Brightvale Castle.Longing to be a sorceress, she meets with the Faerie Queen in Faerieland for a meeting about the dark clouds over Meridell.It is when she escapes Faerieland and falls out of the sky that she meets with Tormund.

The Darkest Faerie
The Darkest Faerie used to be one of the twelve heroes of Altador.She was thought to be the most powerful, because Kelland (another hero of Altador) suggested she would be immortal, because she was a faerie.But power got into her head and made plans to erase the memory of Altadorians so she can be known as the only founder. She had to destroy the other heroes in the process, but if it wasn't for Jerdana (hero of Altador) she would have been ruling Neopia right now.She was banished as a statue beneath the maraquan sea as a result.

Other Characters:
Lucy, King Skarl, King Hagan, Illusen, Fyora the Faerie Queen, Sophie the Swamp Witch

Juppie Plant Beast, Ixi Chiefman, Gnarfus, Bogshot Serpent, Werelupe King, Gelert assasin, The Black Knight, Darkest Faerie Sisters

Heroes of Altador:
King Altador, Jerdana, Kelland, Siyana, Toraker, Gordos, Fauna, Florin, Marak, Psellia

Below is the list of constellations.While this is not included in the game, it is included in Altador, which in the game.

Altador Cup
Below are the teams that particpated in the Altador Cup:

Voice of Fauna: Claudia Black
Voice of Kelland the Quick: Steve Bloom
Voice of Old Beggar: Steve Bloom
Voice of the Darkest Faerie: Piera Coppola
Voice of Jerdana: Olivia D'Abo
Voice of Aisha Peasant: Olivia D'Abo
Voice of Gordos: Keith Ferguson
Voice of Wandering Merchant: Keith Ferguson
Voice of Illusen: Jennifer Hale Voice of Vanity: Jennifer Hale
Voice of Seradar: James Horan
Voice of Werelupe King: Bob Joles
Voice of Patricia: Debbie MaeWest
Voice of Roberta: Annie Mumolo
Voice of Lucy: Annie Mumolo
Voice of Heermedjet: Charlie Schlotter
Voice of Meerouladen: Charlie Schlotter
Voice of Messenger From Illusen: Charlie Schlotter Voice of King Hagen: Dwight Schultz
Voice of King Skarl: Fred Tataciore
Voice of Hubert: Fred Tataciore
Voice of Torakar: Fred Tataciore
Voice of Master Torak: Fred Tataciore

Voice of King Altador: James A. Taylor
Voice of Old Lupe Knight: James A. Taylor
Voice of Gelert Assassin: Simon Templeton
Voice of Fyora: Anne Wilde
Voice of Malice: Adrian Wilkenson
Voice of Tormund: Wally Wingert
Voice of Brightvale Guard: Wally Wingert
Voice of Spite: Gwendolyn Yo
Mysteries & Answers
I have done research on the latest screenshots and reviews, and I have found many myserties, and many answers. The information here may shock you, or answer most of your glitch questions.

Mystery&Answer #1:
How can Tormund and Roberta have the latest upgrades when battling the black knight, when the total cost of all of them is nearly ###np?
Answer:This one got me confused.But follows is a quote from

Unlimited Neopoints:
First, you go to Bogshot. When go to the place with lilypads, find the thing that looks like a dam & jump on it then jump on the land in front of it. Next, cross the lilypads in the direction you are facing then go across the bridge to where the bubbles are. Jump into the sinkhole then walk untill you find the first sludgie. Kill it, and repeat the process as many times as needed. Note:You need great agility to do this and you have to climb out of the sinkhole then go back in the SAME place to do it again. Submitted by: scorcher9910

So, you have to make unlimited neopoints in order to buy all of those upgrades early.

Mystery #2:I see in the trailler, it shows Roberta jumping over purple electric lines.When and how do you do that?
Answer:I know that Roberta is doing a cartwheel, which you hold L2 and jump sideways to do.But I don't know when you do that.My theory is that when you help save Brightvale (this DOES happen, just deliver all Market Town packages) and you go under the castle of some sort.If someone knows how to save Brightvale, please neomail me.
UPDATE:van_ang_smartie101 has just saved Brightvale, and she says she never saw purple electric lines.So then maybe it's a glitch?

Myserty #3
In the screenshots of some fan sites, it shows Tormund and Roberta with diffrent upgrades, ones that aren't even in the game!Where do you buy them?
Answer:I really don't know.Possible glitch, or when TNT was making screenshots, they probably chose random upgrades.

Review Quotes&Ratings
The basic gameplay in Neopets: The Darkest Faerie is to get from point A to B safely, fetch something and then deliver it to point C. This type of gameplay bores easily and combined with the poor control and combat systems, Neopets: The Darkest Faerie can get frustrating at times. Younger players can find the fetching and backtracking gameplay somewhat interesting, but even for them there's a point when enough is enough. Grabbing random items and delivering them to random people to advance the story will not keep players interested in Neopets: The Darkest Faerie.

Graphics: 6.5
Sound : 6.0
Gameplay : 5.5
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 6.1

Another technical deficiency rears its head randomly throughout the game in the form of load times. While you're prancing around the various environments, it's not uncommon for there to be a several-second pause as more of the environment loads. Considering how far games have come with streaming, this is pretty unforgivable. There's nothing complicated happening onscreen and there's certainly no reason to wait for it.

The story begins with Tormund Ellis (nicknamed "Tor"), a young Lupe who has long dreamed of being a knight in the city of Meridell. After being accepted into the ranks and training under the discipline of the castle's master-at-arms, Tormund is soon knighted. But when answering a plea to defend the nearby forest glade of Illusen, the earth faerie, from an invading tribe of Werelupes, the mission fails, and Tormund returns to Meridell to discover both it and its inhabitants under a cloud of dark magic and the control of the Darkest Faerie. Though unaffected himself, he is driven out of the castle and city by the faerie's minions.

The neighboring kingdom of Brightvale notices the dark clouds, and sends a diplomatic envoy to the city of Faerieland, home to the Faerie queen Fyora, to investigate. A young Acara, Roberta, the niece of Brightvale king Hagan, is among the diplomats. The Darkest Faerie attacks Faerieland that night, capturing and binding the Faerie queen and covering the castle in a dark aura. Roberta is able to escape the castle but is pursued and falls to the countryside of Neopia below.

Roberta and Tormund meet each other and then proceed to warn the king of Brightvale about the Faerie. It is revealed that both were given amulets to protect against the Darkest Faerie's power, and upon research discover that the Darkest Faerie was once seale away by the power of Fyora's magical rod, now lying deep underneath the city of Meridell. After freeing the neighboring regions from control of dark magic, they are able to infiltrate the castle of Meridell and find a way deep underground, recovering Fyora's ancient rod. With its power they are able to drive the darkness out of the city, and then return to Faerieland to stop the Darkest Faerie. It is a trap, however, as the Darkest Faerie seizes the rod and a fight between the two Faeries ensues. Fyora is able to teleport Tormund and Roberta to safety before being captured and imprisoned again.

It is learned that Tormund and Roberta have been transported out of time itself into a legendary city called "Altador", allegedly destroyed by the Darkest Faerie a millenium ago. There they set out to free the city's four greatest founders, each of which is revealed to have helped them in some way earlier, before freeing the founders' leader, an Aisha known as Jerdana, who fashions them a magical amulet capable of sealing away the Darkest Faerie. Tormund and Roberta together are teleported back to Faerieland, and do battle against the Darkest Faerie. They ultimately seal her with Jerdana's amulet, turning the Faerie to stone once again, and freeing the Faerie queen Fyora in the process. They are given thanks by the faerie queen and founders of Altador, and the Darkest Faerie's frozen form is kept in the kingdom of Faerieland where it can be monitored.

Plot Walkthrough
This plot walkthrough is NOT going to explain quests and bosses.It will just be important stuff.If you follow this correctly, Act Three will be a breeze!
Act One:
In the start, you play a yellow lupe by the name of Tormund.He is a farmboy who lives in Meri Acres.Do all the chores.They're extremly simple.Then, get the quest from Tor's dad to deliver the package, and walk to Meridell.Before you go out, find all of the reasures on Tor's farm.They say it's a long road, but sooner in Act Three, you'll be going from Werelupe Woods all the way to Tor's farm.Go through the road, but do all the quests by Tormund's neighbours.By the end of your quest spree, you should have minimum 100 neopoints, two baguss, thre red juppies, three purple juppies, one potion of power, one light mote, one earth mote, one four leaf clover, and a treasure quest for Shadowglen Woods.

Now, don't go to Meridell just yet.Go to Farmer Addison's farm (the place where you did that spyder quest) and start cutting the plants.You'll start seeing some juppies Collect them.Cut all three juppie gardens, and wait for them to grow back by cutting grass. Do this unti you have around 50 red and purple juppies.Now you can go to Meridell.

Do all the side quests on the road, and remember to save.Once in Meridell, deliver the package right away.When you need to get a shield, don't waste your nepoints on it.Instead, do the whole tournament (the red tent).You should have alot of neopoints, plus a free shield.Go to the Army Recruiment Center and get to the point where you need your parents' permission and you went back to your farm.Lucy's in Shadowglen.Go to Shadowglen, and remember to kill everything.When you see a whole bunch of vines like a wall or something, cut them with your sword and get the free stuff in there.You should get some ergyfruit, unguent of curings and some chokoatoes/juppies.Beat the boss, then you should be back on Tor's farm.

Go back to Meridell, and with all the neopoints you have, buy the upgrades and one or two of every item/fruit you don't have, but DON'T buy the motes.You'll find another Motery near Cogham. Once in the Motery, buy the lava (definitetly) and other motes you don't have.Get the nova mote from the shop keeper, and then head down to be a squire.Do the chores and side quests.Once you get a mission to Cogham, go to Cogham and start.

Go into the Cogham, and start running towards the mountains.Kill all the ixi raiders, and try to collect pechpas and other things.Beat the boss.Once back, you should do all the side quests and buy a few pechpas if you haven't already. Go shopping for a bit, but don't spend too many neopoints.
Act Two:
coming soon..possibly today..
Act Three:
coming soon..possibly today..
Act Four:
coming soon..possibly today..

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It is a journey
I must face...alone.
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

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Meepit invasion
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