Greetings young one,
A beautiful faerie Ixi, in Darigan robes, greets you with a warm friendly smile.
I welcome you to my private gardens, here in Dairgan Citadel. I am Lady_Esmeralda_, the Lady of the Citadel, and wife of Lord Darigan. Do not fear me guest, I am not as cruel or as mean as my husband, at times. But I do like to enjoy the company of visitors to our kingdom.
She lifts up a large hanging basket and hooked it to stronge steel pole above. In the basket, odd purple flowers with five petals and purple vines grew out over the basket. It was indeed an odd looking flower but very beautiful in a strange way.
I see that my flowers have caught your eye. These are rare Darigan Lillies that you will only find here in the castle gardens, including my private garden. You may take a Darigan Lilly if you wish, I don't mind.
I suppose you are curious of how a faeire ixi, like myself, wounded up here in a place like Darigan Citadel. I'll admit, it's not the most beautiful place at first sight but it has it's own charm. Come, sit and I will tell you of my story and a little about myself.
Lady_Esmeralda_ sits on a stone bench in the garden and patted a spotted next to her, inviting you to sit with her.

~My Tale~
    Where should I start, I suppose I should start at the very begining then. Like every other faerie neopet that you have met, I am from Faerieland, my birth home. Faeireland is a wonderful place to live, a city hidden among the clouds of Neopia, where you could always live in peace and harmony. I was a carefree child then, with not a care in the world.
I was also a bit of a mischievous child, always causing trouble and getting into trouble with my friends. But when you were my age back then, what else do you expect. Much like how that old saying goes, children will be children. But the trouble that my friends and I cause was always harmless and we would always get a scolding from our elders in the end.
As the years pasted on, I grew from a mischievous child to a young proper woman. As I grew older I began to realize that I was growing weary of Faerieland and it's endless peace. I found myself wishing for adventure outside of Faerieland. It was then that I decided that it was time for me to leave Faeireland.
The day of my leave, my three best friends threw me a gaint farewell party. It was a wonderful party with all my love ones as we spend our last few hours together. With a final farewell to my friends and everyone else in Faerieland, I finally departed from my homeland and never looked back once.
For weeks I traveled all over Neopia, visiting lands and grand cities that I have only read in books or seen pictures of. But in my travels, after the first few weeks, I began to grow weak and tried, for I am shamed to say that I wasn't fully prepared for the hard journeys ahead of me. I soon collapse, somewhere not to far from the boarders of the Haunted Woods, and passed out.
When I came to, I found myseld in a warm bed in front of a large fire. I didn't were I was but just the fact that I knew I passed out in the middle of meddow. It was only then I learned that someone found me and took me back to their home and nursed me back to health, and that someone was my future husband, Lord Darigan. Lord of the Citadel
For a long time, after I recovered, I found myself staying in Darigan's kingdom and found great joy in his company. From him, I learned many things, such as sword fighting, that has quickly became a new favorite hobby of mine, and achery to. The more we spend time together, the quicker we both fell in love until finally we married and I became the Lady of the Citadel. Back then, it was perhaps the happest time of my life, with a loving husband and kingdom that was blissed with a strange magical orb.
But back then, I should have known that good things never last forever. Our kingdom was attacked by the knights of Meridell that came for our orb for their own greedy needs, and cursed our kingdom and it's people, including my dear Darigan.
With the orb gone and a curse placed upon our land, the people turned into horrible monsters as our lands whithered up and become wastelands. Gray clouds forever covered the blue sunny sky over our kingdom, leaving the feeling of misery over all of us, knowing we'll never see the light of sun over our home. I was fortunate to not fall under the curse, for I was not originally from Darigan Citadel and that I was a faerie. But it did not matter to me if I kept my beauty, I was filled with grief and mourned for my new home and my people for their tragedy.
From there I'm sure you know the rest, how my husband made so the castle, the city and land could float in the sky, was we searched for the missing orb, and went to war with Meridell and won.
A pain expression crossed her face, but Lady_Esmeralda_ continued on.
And how the orb turned my husband mad with power that end up destroying him.... And then the rise of Kass.
A bitter look appeared on Lady_Esmeralda_ as she glared at nothing ahead.
But what most don't know is that Kass tricked and cheated his way to becoming the new Lord of what's left of our Kingdom. He missguided our people, filling their heads with lies and trickery. And all that dared to stand in his way, or refused to follow him, were punished. I was one of the few that opposed againts him, along with my good friends Master Vex and General Galgarrath. Neither of us believe a single of Kass lies and could see right through him. Of course, like the rest that opposed him, he punished the three of us. My punishment wasn't as terrible as for my friends. Master Vex was sent to his own dungeon, to rot away in one of the many ceils. And poor Galgarrath, much like me, was banished from the Citadel. Although unlike me, I wasn't tied up and thrown off the cliff of our home. I found Galgarrath shortly after he was thrown and nursed him back to health.
It was hard for both of us to watched the war wage on between Darigan Citadel and Meridell. Things were becoming worse and worse each day to the point where all hope seemed lost. But then a miracle happene, my husband returned, alive and well and fought againts Kass and won!.
After the war ended, and Darigan back in rule. Galgarrath and I returned home and reunited with Vex and Darigan. From then, we have been working hard to rebuilt everything that was lost in the war with Kass and hope to one day to return our kingdom back into it's former glory.

~My Statues~
Name and Title: Lady_Esmeralda_
Nickname: You came call me Esmeralda
Gender: Female
Age: Mid Twenties
Personality: Sweet, kind, brave, and mean and cruel at times if needed
Species: Faerie Ixi
Date of Birth: March 15th
Husband: Lord Darigan
Children: None sadly
Skills: Fencing and archery
Powers: Faerie magic that every neopet faerie is born with

~My Friends~
If you wish to be my friend, contact my friend Nemo.
I'm always happy to make new friends.
    This little dear is
Aqua reminds me so much of myself when I was her age, she's sixteen I believe or perhaps younger. She is a sweet and kind girl that I enjoy talking to, did you know that she isn't an offical Ixi? I know, I was little surprise to. She is actually an FlotIxi. I'm not really she what it means but I do know that on land she looks like a normal ixi but when she is in the water, her hind legs turn into a tail and she grows a long horn in the middle of her forehead, she looks almost like a Flotsam, almost.

~My Husband~
I know what you are thinking, how can someone like me ever love someone like Darigan. Darigan wasn't always as cold hearted as everyone in Neopia know him to be. Before the curse and the attack from Meridell, Darigan was a kind and gentle man with a big heart. He was the one that found me when I passed in the middle of nowhere and nursed me back to health. It breaks my heart to know that no one will never see the Korbat that I and our people that really knew the true him. The curse had turned his heart cold and those wicked three twisted his mind with their words.
I love Darigan with all my heart and will always stand by his side, even through the hard times and his darkest moments. But now that the war is over, peace between us and Meridell, and the wicked three gone for now, I believe that Darigan will return to his old self. I can already see the signs of his change, he is no longer as cold hearted as he use to be, and his anger and rage no longer gain the best of him.
I'm please to see that his old self is slowly surfacing everyday, little by little. We even began to fight as we use to do. Strangely we got our kicks out of arguing with each other, yelling our heads off at one another. To us we believe that if we fight, the stronger our marriage becomes. Plus it's always fun to see him get so steamed up.
  • My petpet, angel
  • Playing Cell Break with Master Vex during my free time
  • Our age of Peace with Meridell
  • Sneaking out of the castle when I can
  • Meeting new people
  • Kass
  • The wicked three that almost ruined our lives
  • being use or those that think they can control me
  • Being judged because of my home and my people

~My petpet~
Ah, my little Harris, Angel. I've had Angel as long as I could remember. I got her when I was just a little child back in Faeireland. She is perhaps my first and oldest friend, if not a member of the family. This little Harris has been with me during my travels when we left Faerieland until we finally settled in my husband's kingdom. Angel likes our new home, as much as I do, but I can tell at times that she misses Faerieland as much as me. But she's perfectly happy with now new home. But sadly she seems to grow quite a dislike to my husband's Drackonack. He can be quite a little terror towards my Harris, but Angel always stands her ground againts him and shows the little Drackonack who's boss. Angel is no push over, not all the time that is.
It was a pleasure to meet you guest, but I most go as the hour grows late. I have much to do, such as the duties of being the lady of the Citadel.
Lady_Esmeralda_ stands up and brushes off her black robes.
Feel free to come back anytime to visit, I do love having company. Farewell guest, and don't forget to take your Darigan Lilly with you.

~Others to visit~
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