The night has just settled in as your pets drag you down the sidewalk in search of a sugar high.

Suddenly, you stummble right over them. They have stopped dead in their tracks. You follow their gaze to a nearby graveyard.

They look at you with pleading eyes, anxious for an adventure. You hear a loud crashing noise behind you, and quickly spin around to see what it is.

Hmmmm, nothing there, must have been a cat or something. You turn to your pets to usher them on the way, only to discover they are gone! You peer down the sidewalk.

Nothing. They must have gone into...the graveyard.

You cautiously step inside, sweeping your eyes back and forth over the various plots.

A shadow sweeps up from behind and stops in front of you. The unmoving mouth of the creature hisses....

Welcome, guest.

I will give you one,

and only one



Fine, have it your way.


The reaper vanishes into the night, revealing........

The Eyrie grins at you.

Hey, I'm Kalabo. This is my graveyard. Well, actually, it belongs to the owners of the graves, but I just like to hang out here. So quiet and peaceful, it gives me a place to stretch my wings and relax. Just, uh, don't tell kita_dawg I'm here, it's my secret place, away from everyone else.

It's strange that you are here; this is the last place most people want to be, especially tonight. Me, I love Halloween! It is so much fun to play pranks on everyone! And the free candy, you gotta love that! Last year, Rin and I TPed the Brain Tree! Well, actually I went out to TP the tree and Rindida just followed me. It was sooooo funny though! Here is a picture of it.....

Wait, you didn't see that! There is no evidence of that event! Annnyways, while you are here, I guess I should show you around. This is one of my all time favorite spooky sites. Read this story first, so you know what the site is about. Oh, and turn up your speakers, you need them to get the entire effect.

Apparently the owners of this house had been seeing images and hearing voices for quite a while. They did some research and found that a lady once lived in the house who lost her husband during the civil war. Legend says that she used to sit at the table and look across the fields in anticipation of her loved one returning home. He never came. So, they say she still waits. They caught this photo (using digital imaging and sound) of what they claim to be her. This one is wild and a little spooky once you find the ghost in the picture. It takes about 20 seconds to find it, but when you do it just stands out, like one of those optical illusions. To save you some time, concentrate around the table and sort of towards the -blocked- Look real closely and listen too, you can hear faint murmurrings of the ghost. Simply copy and paste this on you address bar to see the house!

Hehehe....I love doing that! Dimeter almost had a heart attack when I showed her! She fell right out of her chair! I got in trouble, but it was so classic!

You know, I saw some pets tramping through here just a few minutes ago. Are they yours? You may want to go collect them before they get into trouble. The dead don't appreciate it when the living treat their graveyard with such disrespect....

You thank the Eyrie and hurry off, anxious to find your mischievous pets before something bad happens to the both of you.

You wonder deeper into the graveyard, taking soft steps and avoiding tombstones. This task proves more difficult than you had imagined; the graves are everywhere! They seem to be piled one atop the other.