New Updates!

Hey Luna, I thought I'd enhance my application by adding an Updates section to basically show what changes I have made to this application after you accepted it :) This reminds me of a lab log, this is going to be so cool to record my progress! You can ignore this section if you wish, I believe it's not as important as the other sections.

May 5, 2008-Finals are almost over, and the deadline for applications for Annoys is coming up. Good luck to all who are submitting them! :)

April 5, 2008- Changed CandiedWishes' image to Jelly after she was zapped Jelly! :)

March 8, 2008- Added a new section called "Annoys' Favorite Faerie".

March 7, 2008- Added a festive Maraquan Tambourine, an Enchanted Maraquan Necklace, and the book A Maraquan Menu to Annoys gallery.

March 3, 2008-Dedicated my lookup to Annoys. Thanks Royal for your help!

March 2, 2008- Added NC Mall items that I will get Annoys. I also added the book Maraquan Faerie Tales to Annoy's gallery. And I finally added a "Why Me?" section. Check it out! :D

February 16, 2008- Edited Annoy's Future Lookup-it looks 100% better now because it has a fixed background and I got rid of the borders. I also added the "Portrayal" section to this app, I hope you like it!

February 1, 2008- Added a Maraquan Pillar Cake to Annoy's future gallery. I wish it wasn't a pixel because it looks pretty tasty! XD

Welcome to Maraqua!

Hi Luna!

Welcome Luna! :D I see you've stumbled across this application for the exquisite maraquan uni, Annoys. I hope you don't fall asleep because there's a lot of stuff to sail through, but I tried to simplify it the best I could to keep your interest, because I know how hard it is to read through a square block of text :D. Annoys will be staying on this account (mailcall56) if we get chosen :) I would also prefer Annoys to be female (that's why I referred to her as female in this application), because believe it'd better suit her personality. Sorry if I didn't make that clear. :) I hope you relish this application and enjoy it!

About Me

You may be wondering about who I am and what I enjoy doing. My name is Gabriela (please call me Gaby). I'm 14 years old and live in sunny Northern Virginia. We rarely have great snow days, and I live 20 minutes away from Washington D.C., which stinks because I end up getting dragged to museums and art galleries a lot. Okay, they're not that boring! In my free time, I love to travel with my family; so far we've been to London, Paris, Morocco, Madrid, NYC, and other awesome places! The beach is my second favorite place to be besides my room. The smell of the salt air just keeps me going. Reading is a passion of mine, I enjoy being whisked off to different lands and settings. I usually don't enjoy those clique/gossipy novels. They're okay, but way too superficial in my opinion. The book I'm reading right now is called The Sweet Far Thing, I highly recommend it! As for music, I'd have to say I'm loving the song Bubbly by Colbie Caillat and Numb by Linkin Park. School is very important to me (I want to be a marine biologist when I grow up), and I aim for straight A's, but I always love to come on Neo and relax! :D

Me on Neopets

On Neo, I achieve goals that I want to achieve. Just because all the popular rich players have Kad avatars doesn't mean I'm going to blow my hard earned neopoints on it. This is my first existing account; I've made 2 before this one, but I was very young and didn't find the game interesting for some quirky reason, so they are forgotten. It wasn't until June of 2007 that I became a motivated and hard working player on this account. Even with school and all, I have over 3.4 million np in the bank right now, and that's a big accomplishment for me, even though it's not much compared to the big name users. :D I actually literally have to pinch myself to keep myself from buying a bucketload of bakery foods, they look so yummy! I have another side,raspberriesandcream, which I was lucky enough to snag the cool username. Some of the ways I spend my time on Neo include attempting to restock at the Chocolate Factory (I'm getting better), surfing the HC, and chatting with my neofriends. Boring, huh?

Why Me?

Why do I think I'm the best owner for Annoys'? I'm very humble, but here are my thoughts:

Why Annoys

This is difficult for me to write partly because there are many inexplicable things that I love about Annoys. But I'll be honest, the name Annoys just jumps out at me, just like a crashing wave at high tide. It's creative, quirky, and uses a real word as its basis. Unis are one of my favorite pets here on Neo because of their resemblance to horses. I had 2 blue unis on my old forgotten account I created when I first started playing here, and I loved those unis for the short time I was on that account. If only I could get it back. :( Maraquan pets also appeal to me much more than pirate or those other expensive colors do. Why? They're mystical wonders. Some of them have gills, others may have webbed feet, but they all share my same love-the water. Maraquan unis look so fluid and graceful as they prance around, I can just imagine Annoys cantering away into the sunset She appeals to me because of my love for the beach; I imagine Annoys smelling of fragrant salt water and with grainy white sand lodged in her delicate hooves.

Annoys' Statistics

Name: Annoys

Species: Uni

Favorite pastime: Collecting sea anemones and seashells

Favorite Disney princess: Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" :D

Dislikes: Clams without pearls inside,rude people, dung that gets stuck to her hooves

Favorite dish: Yellow snapper fish with a side of wild rice

Favorite color: Cerulean

Favorite halloween candy: Swedish Fish

Personality: Celestial, Aquatic, Inquisitive

Siblings: Cheesecake, CandiedWishes, Fyoras Pride

Cousins: Gelatinously, Ledacia, Shocktober

Current Job:Kelp Restaurant waitress in Maraqua

Plans for Annoys

I have many things to do that I'd love to do with Annoys, so many I can barely write this without falling off my swivel chair. :D


I'm never going to lab Annoys because her color makes up her personality. She's an aquatic angel at heart, and I don't really want to change that. Unfortunately, Maraquan pets can't wear clothes. But, don't worry: My mom has agreed to take me to Target and get me Neocash for my birthday. I'm SO excited about getting Neocash Items for the first time for Annoys!

NC Mall Items For Annoys

Exploring Maraqua Background for 200 NC.

Magic Floor Harp for 150 NC


I would give Annoys a petpet for sure. Petpets are basically just like adorable sidekicks who follow their bigger buddies where ever they go. Luckily there are many maraquan petpets availible (yay!), so Annoys would definitely have a loving maraquan petpet companion that would never be zapped. I did some research and found many maraquan petpets that would make the cut as Annoys sidekick. But there's one that I particularly like and that one is the maraquan albat. It looks very adventurous and lovable. Her name would be Dulce, which is Italian for sweet. I'm currently saving up for one to put in Annoys' gallery, so check back soon! :)

Update: I have bought an Albat and a Maraquan Petpet Paint brush! Click here to see Annoys' gallery.

Beauty Contest

I have quite a bit of experience in the Beauty Contest field; my faerie scorchio won first place in her species with this image.

This was my first time entering the BC so I was ecstatic when I discovered that trophy on her lookup. I don't think I'm that great of a drawer, definitely not a Picasso, and the picture wasn't the best quality because it had ugly lead smudges on it. (I used colored pencils and pen) But I'm glad people voted for my scorchio nevertheless. Annoys looks like a pretty simple neopet to draw so I really want to enter her in the BC. I want her to have a shiny golden trophy too! :D

As for a drawing of Annoys, I'm still working on it. I'll put it up once I think it's truly ready to be displayed. I have a lot of work to do on it, lol :)


I have a vanilla gallery that I cannot part with, but I have already constructed a Maraquan section of my gallery dedicated to Annoys. These items will be for Annoys if she gets to come stay with us. I want her to have oodles of fun and have something to look forward to if she gets to come live with us! Click here to see Annoys' gallery.

Gallery Additions

These amusing items are currently in Annoys' Gallery. Reading about Maraqua can get boring so I provided some food and toys for Annoys that aren't and are related to Maraqua to pass the time! :D The last item is the most recently added item.

From left to right, Maraquan Bed Time Stories, Maraquan Door Mat, Maraquan Faerie Tales, Maraquan Pillar Cake, Maraquan Tambourine, Enchanted Maraquan Necklace, A Maraquan Menu, Rainbow Doughnut Plushie.

Loving Family

Credit: All glitter graphics come from Adam12345678910244's petpage. The links from the images weren't going through the graphics filter :/

FyorasPride202 is a lovely faerie scorchio who loves showing off her flying skills and talking with a British accent during teatime with her pals. She is my first female pet on this account, which makes me love her even more. 3 words to describe her are vain, mellow, and graceful. She may act a bit spoiled, but underneath her wings is a kind heart.

Cheesecake351 is a humble and shy tuskaninny whose only wish in this world is to fit in. He enjoys sneaking off the Faerieland bookshop to try and take advantage of a good book sale! He was my first neopet created on this account, so he will never be up for adoption. 3 words to describe him are studious, timid, and a little bit rebellious sometimes.

CandiedWishes was born on Poogle Day 2007. She is cunning and enjoys playing harmless pranks on her siblings. Being very brave, she was the first pet I've ever zapped. She turned starry, but we disliked that on her. On April 3, 2008, CandiedWishes turned Jelly, and she will never be zapped again. Her color suits her name and she enjoys jiggling to the Electric Slide!

Side Account Pets

The pets on my side account are just as loved as my main account pets are. They have their usual quarrels and disagreements, but they love each other all the same.

Ledacia is my first and only baby pet. She is the picture of sweetness, always asking her siblings if they need help. She's so small that she has to ask Shocktober to feed her her bottles of milk, but she'll grow up into a beautiful and strong peophin soon. Fyoras_Pride202 takes Ledacia under her wing quite beautifully.

Shocktober is an easy going cloud chomby who literally rains on your parade. He can be moody sometimes because he wants to be painted Halloween, but Chombies can't be painted Halloween as of March 2008. Once they can be Halloween, I'm buying that paint brush for him immediately to make his cloudy attitude go away. He enjoys exploring Faerieland with Cheesecake.

Annoys' Favorite Faerie

Her favorite faerie isn't too difficult. If you can't decipher this puzzle, I'll give you a few clues.

Water Faeries will raise your defence for a price. They are hungry for knowledge, and if you provide what they need, they can be very generous.

All About Water Faeries

The Water Faerie is the faerie aligned with the element of water. Annoys can so totally relate to her! XD Water Faeries are seaworthy creatures. They can't fly, but they can swim faster than most Faeries can fly. They swim in the rivers, streams and oceans of Neopia, unseen and hidden. They can be heard singing sweetly and quietly at night, but only if they aren't aware that other Neopians are near. They specialize in healing and defensive powers that will protect Neopets from harm.

Water Faeries wish to get their hands on as much knowledge as they can, and the more powerful Uber Water Faeries will sometimes give a cool Faerie Quest to users, asking them to bring them a book. If completed, the Water Faerie will raise a Neopet's defense. Sweet, huh?

Annoys' Favorite Lyrics

These lyrics are from "The Little Mermaid" movie. :D

The seaweed is always greener

In somebody else's lake

You dream about going up there

But that is a big mistake

Just look at the world around you

Right here on the ocean floor

Such wonderful things surround you

What more is you lookin' for?

Under the sea

Under the sea

Darling it's better

Down where it's wetter

Take it from me

Up on the shore they work all day

Out in the sun they slave away

While we devotin

Full time to floatin

Under the sea

Down here all the fish is happy

As off through the waves they roll

The fish on the land ain't happy

They sad 'cause they in their bowl

But fish in the bowl is lucky

They in for a worser fate

One day when the boss get hungry

Guess who's gon' be on the plate

Under the sea

Under the sea

Nobody beat us

Fry us and eat us

In fricassee

We what the land folks loves to cook

Under the sea we off the hook

We got no troubles

Life is the bubbles

Under the sea


Cool things Maraquan Bed Time Stories always get Annoys to sleep no matter what she went through during the day. Plus, the book is dripping wet! :D

This Enchanted Maraquan Necklace makes Annoys feel like a deep sea goddess whether she's in the water or not!

Forget all those babyish doughnuts. The Bakery actually sells these Maraquan Pillar Cakes, which are perfect for any Maraquan themed party and a staple at Annoys birthday parties!

Annoys loves reading this Marshmallow Invasion book-she can't put it down-especially when all the marshmallows slowly melt to death.



How much more fat and cholesterol can this Sausage and Pepperoni Omelette get? I mean, it's a breakfast food.

Who even bothers to paint this Rainbow Dung anyways? It's still dung, no matter what color it gets painted.

Annoys never forgave this Sludgy after he oozed brown slime all over her favorite books. Now she despises them.

Annoys would hate being painted with this ugly Scritchy Sketchy Paint Brush, I mean, isn't it horrible to be a 2-D sketched pet on a piece of paper?


I thought I should add this section to show you that I can think of a single object that basically summarizes Annoys' personality. That keepsake is the Royal Orange Cowry Shell:

Loved by everyone, this beautiful shell can be very difficult to find. It never washes up in the same place twice.

Like this shell, Annoys is a keepsake, and is admired by everyone. People of Maraqua are usually not as intelligent or as humble as Annoys is. This shell also protects whoever choses to hide inside it, such as a crab, protecting it. Annoys is also willing to do this, by protecting her cherished friends and family by making sure they don't come in harms way.


Luna, if you don't like this part you can ignore it and keep sailing through the app. I just wanted to add this to show I'm capable of grinding out some roleplay, although it's not superb.

Annoys awoke to a hurried CandiedWishes pulling her hair. "Hurry up, we're going to be late for work!" Annoys yawned and rolled over in bed. She didn't feel like leaving the warmth and security of her double bed with it's fluffy comforters. But anyone who knew CandiedWishes did what she said or got persuaded into doing it. Annoys got up out of bed, hastily dressed, and bounded out of the house like a frightened jackrabbit to work.

FyorasPride and Cheesecake were already at Blisse Restocks, the family's store. Cheesecake was dusting off the shelves and FyorasPride was opening boxes of merchandise. "Where's Gaby?" questioned Annoys. CandiedWishes yawned. "She's out looking for new items to add to our shop. She's sick of selling chocolates and candies, she actually wants to start selling wearables and plushies."

Cheesecake frowned. "Guys, have you seen the cash register? I'm sure it was here yesterday."

FyorasPride smacked herself in the head. "Oh my god, we are so stupid. Some one must have stolen it over night and we're too twiddle brained to even notice it's gone!"

The siblings surveyed each other closely, suspicion in their eyes. Because of the missing cash register, none of them would trust each other until the register was found.


Dedicated to Annoys

An aquatic breath of fresh air

Annoys certainly is the most beautiful mare

Inquisitive, sweet, and full of joy

Her favorite foods happen to be Swedish Fish and soy

Wandering around Maraqua's crowded annual fair

Annoys can't find her beloved Luna, quite a scare

Then a young girl comes up to her and smiles

Annoy's fear has melted off her back in piles

She lets this young girl lead her away

Into the safety of a cottage in the bright of early May

Little by little she begins to trust the young girl

They even dance to the radio with a spin and a twirl

Annoys is tired from the day's frantics and fun

So she climbs into the guest bed, the night has just begun.


One is silver and the other's gold

I will use these directories to find Annoys some new Maraquan pals if she gets to come stay with us

This directory actually features a Pet Spotlight in which a Maraquan pet is chosen every week to be featured. Now that's cool!