Hey there guest! My name is Fuzzeh_Star, the twin brother to Nautical_Nova and I would like to welcome you to my appealing petpage. A lot of Neopians usually discover me as the out-of-the-ordinary, frolicsome and 'one of a kind' Flotsam - don't you think so too? *winks*

Alrighty, so you're here to know all about me, right? Hehe, well obviously, of course you are so why don't you make yourself comfy and grab a hot cuppa while you're at it =D

{♥} About Me {♥}

Name: Fuzzeh_Star
Nickname: Fuzzeh or Fuzz
Species: Flotsam
Age: Juvenile
Date of Birth: 25 June, 2005
Star Sign: Cancer
Element Type: Water
Gender: Male
Level: 36
Love: It's a secret! *O^^O*
Human: Kiwi (kiwifruit_nesian)
Colour: Purple & Lavender
Markings: Orangey-red-tipped horn with orangey-red stars scattered around body except fins, dorsal fin and tail-fin
Accessories: Purple/orange feather attached to gold ring which is clipped into dorsal fin
Eye Colour: Emerald-Green
Personality: Frisky, Fun-loving, Down-to-Earth, Comical, Sociable, Polite, Care-free
Main Hobbies: Playing underwater tag with Chuzzlez, Collecting exotic seashells, Stargazing with Nova and Daz, Exploring great depths of the ocean with Nova and adventuring along with Kahlua, Kahotep, Dreamcatcher and Gage, Adventuring along with Azaarah.
Fave Place in Neo: Maraqua; born and raised
Fave Game on Neo: Defender Trainer
Fave Game (Non-Neo): Insaniquarium!
Fave Food: Flotsam Kelp Shakes and Flotsam Seaweed Burgers - yum!
Fave Colours: Purple, Orangey-Red and Blue
Fave Candy: Milk Chocolate Flotsams
Fave Holiday: Christmas
Fave Non-holiday: April Fools Day! (Heh, it reminds me of my owner ^^)
RP Status: Quad only; Closed (until further notice)

{♥} Likes & Dislikes {♥}

• Flotsam Kelp Shakes
• Maraqua
• My owner, Kiwi
• The Flotsam Chef on MI
• My family *glomps*
• Fellow sea-dwellers
• Exploring
• Bubble-blowing
• Flortas! *huggles Chuzzlez*
• Friendly Neopian folks like you, guest =D

• Mean, cruel Neopians
• Tchea Fruits
• Art thieves ¬_¬
• People who hate Flotsams
• The Battledome
• Dung Items
• The Pant Devil (He stole one of my Flotsam plushies once, grr!)
• The Labray
• Spyders and creepy-looking bugs Dx

{♥} My Petpet, Chuzzlez {♥}

This is my Florta, Chuzzlez! (named after a uber-cute web-game 'Chuzzles' o^^o) Isn't he just the cutest? Kiwi thinks a Florta would make a great companion to young Flotsams and without a doubt, she was right =).
So, what is Chuzzlez like you ask? Well, he's very active! Loves to play most of the time and has a knack for entertaining and performing tricks in front of Neopians for hours. I just don't know how he does it...I wonder what's his secret? =O

{♥} My Family {♥}

•| Nautical_Nova the Starry Flotsam |•

My non-identical twin 'Starry' bro, Nova.
We're practically inseparable!

•| Koromika the Skunk Flotsam |•

My sister, Mika. She enjoys swimming amongst the Maraquan petpets of the Neopian Seas and also has a Maraquan petpet of her own...attached with a Zytch =P

•| Coco_Sparx the White Flotsam |•

Another sister of mine who goes by the name of Coco. She's kind, caring and very sweet...obviously, she's addicted to anything chocolatey and full of sugary goodness!

•| Coral_Mintz the Mutant Flotsam |•

Another brother of mine in the family pod. He doesn't really like to socialize with many Neopians and usually likes to travel alone. Sadly enough, we hardly ever see or talk to each other which is why I don't really know much about him...but he is still my beloved brother, no matter what.

•| xKahotep the 'Desert' Flotsam |•

My Deserteh-Egypto brother who has love for the Egyptian desert, yeah =P. You might find it ironic for a Flotsam who adores the hot, sizzling desert so much but to Kahotep's point of view, it's like swimming through the cool waters of the winter season. One of his wishes is to be painted Desert someday but unfortunately, that colour doesn't even exist for a Flotsam yet o.o ...hopefully it will be soon though, such as next year's Flotsam Day ;3 *flippers crossed*

•| Cosmic_Skye the Shadow Flotsam |•

My sister who is a bit like Nova – she too adores anything connected with the universe and whatever else that is beyond it ^^. Some of her favourite hobbies include Astrology, counting stars in the sky and chasing after those light bug petpetpets, hoping to actually capture one for her loyal Gallion petpet, Spyro.
Unfortunately, she ended up capturing a Veespa instead =P

•| Kahlua_Dots the Speckled Flotsam |•

My Spottie Ottie Dopalicious bro, Kahlua. He's a bit like me and Nova but finds star-gazing a little too boring...so he counts his own spots instead o_O

•| xEzrah the Christmas Flotsam |•

My seasonal yet youngest brother, Ezrah. A jolly good, festive Flotsam indeed. Very laid back and enjoys company from fellow Neopians. Such a scholar too... =D

• | Dezaiah the Faerie Flotsam | •

Dezi's the newest addition to our family. She's very friendly and can be a little naive at times but she is fun to hang out with! =)

• | Azaarah the Blue Ruki | •

My Ruki bro, Azah (I like to call him that for short).
Our adventures with him are endless! Plus he's the only one in our family who doesn't want to get painted. Blue is his favourite colour and he plans to stay like it.. ^^U

• | Dazstarr the Starry Shoyru | •

Daz, Zorf and Nova all have one thing in common...they're all painted Starry! =D
Daz is awesome to hang out with.
On clear, starry-filled nights we all get to go Nova Fishing with him. It's so much fun! No wonder why Nautical_Nova is so obsessed with it.. =P

• | Zorfeh the Starry Grundo | •

Zorf is a jovial Grundo who knows how to put a smile on your face.
He is one starific fellow that gets along well with everybody =D

{♥} Other Flotsams in our Pod {♥}

•| November_Lotus the Ghost Flotsam |•

Uh, really...she kinda creeps me out. I don't know much about her but I can tell you this much!

•| Gaguain the Electric Flotsam |•

*sighs dreamily* She loves the land more then the sea and I love her more then the ocean... *you give Fuzzeh an awkward stare* Uhh...and I love the ocean more then the sky. That's what I was SUPPOSE to say. Yeah... *shifty gaze*

•| xDreamcatcher the Cloud Flotsam |•

The mystical dweller who possesses mysterious powers. I wonder what kind though...I'm just as curious as Nova is ^^U

More will be added soon.. =)

{♥} Flotsam Adopties {♥}


• Do NOT alter/edit them
• Do NOT erase the name 'Kiwifruit' and then claim them as your own!
• Do NOT enter them into the BC or AG
• Please do not forget to link back!

Failing to follow this simple procedure could result in getting your account frozen! Get it? Got it? Good!

Enjoy these luvly big Flotsam Adopties!=3

UPDATE: Fuzzeh's Flotsam Adopties are going to get a makeover so watch this space =O

.: Basic colours :.





.: Painted colours :.



























{♥} Flotsam Customs {♥}


• Do NOT alter/edit them
• Do NOT erase the name 'Kiwifruit' and then claim them as your own!
• Do NOT enter them into the BC or AG
• Please ONLY take if the Flotsam belongs to you
• Please provide a link back
Failing to follow this simple procedure could result in getting your account frozen. Get it? Got it? Good!

Please note that I will only do customs if you own a Flotsam! Side accounts are fine as long as you own a Flotsam. I will not be doing customs for those who are currently applying for a Flotsam through adoption agencies.

Customs are currently: CLOSED - I'm making new Flotsam adopties ;3


























{♥} Fun Fishie Fact {♥}

Here you will see amazing-but-true facts about everyday sea dwellers. Kiwi will be adding a fishie fact here every week.

Did you know...
Are there more mammal, bird or fish species on Earth? Fish! It's believed there may be 28,000 different fish species! O=


{♥} Artwork by Kiwi {♥}

Pictures of me drawn by my wonderful owner, Kiwi.. =D
(Click and drag the picture into your address/browser bar to see full view).

P.S - No Sticky Flippers! Stealing artwork from other people is really bad.
I hope you are not one of those people, are you?
*pokes you with his fin*

{♥} Art Trades/Requests {♥}

Please only take if the Flotsam belongs to you :)
(Click and drag the picture into your address/browser bar to see full view).

Art Trades: CLOSED
Art Requests: CLOSED


{♥} BC Trophies {♥}

BC Status:

Maybe soon, Kiwi will enter me.. ^w^

{♥} Fan Art {♥}

Very spiffeh pictures of me drawn by other fellow Neopians! o^^o

I absolutely love fanart! If you would like to draw a picture of me, you are most certainly welcome to. Just don't forget to let Kiwi know first ;3
(Click and drag the picture into your Address/Browser bar to see full view. If you want to know who drawed the piccies, just hover your cursor over each image).


{♥} Fuzzeh's Toy Box {♥}

Yay! Little mini Flotsams of me! o^w^o

Photobucket *bubbles*

{♥} Non-Customs {♥}

Adopt me at NeoPound.com!

{♥} Awards {♥}

Think I deserve an award? Then don't hesitate to neomail my owner, Kiwi so she can claim the trophy ^w^
Note: Kiwi will be making a few awards for your Flotsam petpages very soon.

{♥} Kiwi's Little Box of F.A.Qs {♥}

Q: Ok, I get the kiwifruit part but what do you exactly mean by 'nesian'?
A: Nesian is short for 'Polynesian'. Both names 'kiwifruit' and 'nesian' represents my nationality which is New Zealand/Polynesian. The name Polynesia is from Greek, meaning 'Many Islands' (I'm actually a mixture of races but lets just stick with this for now =P).

Q: What is your real name?
A: Think of the 4th month...that's my name xP

Q: What type of art do you do?
A: A bit of traditional and a bit of digital.

Q: Do you by any chance will accept Art Trades?
A: Of course! I love Art Trades! ♥

Q: Would you be able to draw me a picture?
A: Hmm, when I feel like it.. =P

Q: Would I be able to use your drawings for my lookup, petpages, pet lookups and/or guild layouts?
A: One simple answer – No. If the drawing isn't specifically drawn for you then you're not allowed to use my art for any kind of procedure. This is considered as Art Theft so failing to follow this simple advice would perhaps lead to your account permanently frozen and you wouldn't want that now, would you... ^^U

Q: Hi there! Just wondering if you would like to vote for my pet in the BC?
A: Please do not neomail me so that I can vote for your pet. I usually visit the BC boards to vote for good entries (silently, lawlz) or I usually take the time to go through all the categories and vote through there. If you're somebody that I know or I have chatted with you on a regular basis that has entered a pet into the BC then that is fine. If you neomail me with something like 'OMG!!1 C4N U VOT3 4 MY P3T??!!11!' or anything related to that, I will most likely ignore your neomail and delete it, end of story.

Q: Will you be my neofriend?
A: Try me... xP

Q: Can I neomail you?
A: Yes, neomails are fine. But no one-liners or one-word neomails such as 'Hi' or 'Hello, how r u???' etc, I will ignore those and delete them on purpose. The same also applies to n00biness behaviour or chat-speak neomails.

Q: I'm really poor! Mind sparing me a few items or NPs to get me going?
A: A few words of advice, my friend – play games, enter contests, check dailies...work for your own stuff just like everyone else had to! So don't even bother to ask me this because this is the exact answer you're going to get, comprende? =P

Q: I like your pets very much! Have you ever considered pounding them soon? *hint, hint*
A: Erm, thanks but...no, I highly doubt it anyway. None of my pets in all of my accounts are never up (and never will) be up for adoption. I just luv em' too much! o^^o

Q: Is there by any chance that my pet, [insert name here] can date your pet, [insert name here]?
A: No can do, sorry.

Q: Can I buy your pet?
A: No. This is against the rules and you know it. My pet/s will never be for sale. Why would I want to give up my pets when I have been working so hard for them?! Please do not ask me this question...again ¬_¬

Q: What is your favorite Neopet?
A: Flotsams are my main favourites. Then Grundos, Rukis and Shoyrus, aww! ^.^

Q: Will you make an adoptable for me?
A: If your pet is a Flotsam and has a custom design then yes. The Flotsam Customs are always open since there aren't many people who request for this particular specie. However if you do decide to neomail me with your request, I suggest you have a reference picture of your custom Flotsam handy. No ref pic means no custom...aww.

Q: I know that you have already made a custom design of my Flotsam via Fuzzeh's petpage. Is it possible that you would be able to make another one of my Flotsam with your other custom Flotsam Adoptables, such as from Nova's page?
A: Of course! The more, the merrier! If you have more than 4 Flotsams with a custom design, feel free to neomail me if you want an adoptable done with Nova's new Flotsam adoptables. Well I really don't care how many Flotsams you own, just as long they have a custom design along with a ref picture of how your Flotsam looks like :D

Q: How long does it take to get an adoptable?
A: Well that kinda depends. At least 2-3 days if I'm not really busy, maybe less then that :)

Q: I want my Flotsam to look like Fuzzeh! May I copy his design?
A: *le gasp* Noo! Fuzzeh is the only original orange/red-starred, purple Flotsam with a feather clipped into his dorsal fin; he doesn't like Neopets who imitates him and other pets. Really you should be using your imagination. Bring out the creativity that's inside you and never be afraid of experimenting with a few made-up designs and colours yourself. This is exactly what I did with my pets, maybe you should do the same – it's a lot of fun! ^-^

Q: Which pet was your first pet to create?
A: ShadowMist23 the Shoyru. First he was a plain blue Shoyru, then I decided to paint him Purple and now he's Desert. I painted him Desert quite a while back...I think, in the year 2004-2005. Unfortunately, he has gone to a new owner now. He will be deeply missed.

Q: Which one of your Flotsams was the first to create?
A: Nautical_Nova was my first. Fuzzeh_Star was straight after him which is why they are twins - non-identical twins that is.. xP

Q: What are your favorite bands/artists?
A: My favourite bands are Outkast, Black Eyed Peas, Linkin Park, De La Soul, and Nesian Mystik. My favourite artists are Tupac '2pac' Shakur, Akon, Kanye West, Michael Jackson and Missy Elliot. I particularly LOVE Old School! Like Marvin Gaye, Cameo, Slave, Zapp and Rogers, etc~♥ I also listen to a majority of other artists and I'm a big fan of R&B/Kiwi and Polynesian songs too ♥♥♥

Q: And what type of music don't you like?
A: I dislike Country music (sorry Country folks ^^U). I also dislike Heavy Metal and Techno (some Techno is ok, heh!). I do prefer Rock/Soft Rock to Heavy Metal though. My whole family has been practically raised up with HipHop/Disco/Old School music so I guess this kinda explains why ^^

Q: In your main account, which of your pets have been painted and/or have been labrayed?
A: Fuzzeh, Nova and most of my pets are all hand-painted by me and they have never been under the labray machine at all (they hate the labray anyway xP). Erenald is currently getting zapped by the labray and he/she doesn't mind at all ;3

Q: What's your Star Sign?
A: Taurus.. =)

Q: Who are your favourite actors and actresses?
A: Many people always ask me this since it's a common question in general and my simple answer to that is - a lot! xD

Q: What is your favourite Paint Brush colour?
A: The Starry Paint Brush. Then it would be Purple and Desert ♥

Q: If Fuzzeh_Star had to pick a team for the Altador Cup, which team would he choose?
A: Kiwi: *gawks over at Fuzzeh*
I believe this question is for you, Fuzz..

Fuzzeh: *gazes at you with a smile*
Well that's pretty obvious, guest. My simple answer would have to be...MARAQUA!
*proudly waves a 'Go Maraqua!' flag*

Kiwi: And there's your answer.. ^^U

Got a question to ask? Then don't hesitate to neomail me (but just don't ask me the same questions that are listed here though x3).

{♥} Flotsam Linkehs {♥}

Other Flotsam petpages that deserve to be looked at.
If you know or have a Flotsam petpage you would like to share then feel free to neomail my owner, kiwifruit_nesian. She'll be very happy to add your link ^-^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

{♥} Sibling Linkehs {♥}


{♥} Directories That Feature Me {♥}

My pet is listed in JN's Pet Directory! Is yours?

{♥} Link Back? {♥}

Aw, you're going now? Time sure does fly by very quickly.. O=
But nonetheless, you're welcome to come back and visit me anytime you like!

In case you don't forget me... *pokes below*

Fuzzeh Patch

Fuzz Button

It has been a pleasure to meet you, guest.
Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to seeing you again. Flots-ya-later!

*waves fin*

Fuzzeh_Star xox

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