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3/25/2014: I'll slowly be going through and updating this guide with new tips and prices for the Faerie Book Shop. Thank you to all who still check and advertise this page!

Need tips on how to make Neopoints?

Don't we all....

Actually, I really am here to give you some tips! In my many years spent in Neopia, I've learned a thing or two about Neopoints. They're tough to make a lot of, and they disappear quickly. Now, how can you make lots of Neopoints and not spend a lot at once? That's why I'm here today!

What is restocking?

You may be asking.. what in the world is restocking?!?! Well, calm down, because I'm gonna tell you!

Restocking is when you buy things at cheap prices and sell them in your shop for higher prices.

....WHAT?!?!?! That's it? You may be asking. But I do that all the time, and I make no Neopoints! Well, you're probably not doing it right.=P

Restocking is more than just selling stuff you find on the floor. You actually have to work at it, by checking the shop wizard regularly for very low prices, and refreshing at the main Neopets shops until a restock comes. Restocking at the main shops might be a little advanced, so let's start with something small: Shop Wizard restocking.

The First Steps

Getting Started

Before we go into shop wizard restocking, let's first check to see if you have a shop. Move your mouse over the word Shops on the toolbar on top of your screen, and click on "Your Shop". This will take you to your shop. If you do not have a shop, then click on "Create/Edit a shop". It only costs 150 Neopoints to create one.

Your shop starts out at level one, which holds 5 items. Each level you raise your shop allows you to hold 5 more items. The price for raising shop size increases by 200. For example, raising your shop size to level 2 will cost 200 Neopoints. Raising it to size 3 will cost 400, size 4 will cost 600, etc. Shop size can get VERY expensive, so just start out at size 3 or 4 for now. Once you become a better restocker, you will need a bigger shop size to hold more items.

Shop Wizard Restocking/Super Shop Wizard

Restocking via the shop wizard isn't that tough, once you get the hang of it. The best thing to start off with is searching for Faeries, Dubloons, Codestones, Paint Brushes, and petpets. Sometimes, a newbie (or careless person) will price rare items at very low prices. When you come across this, don't just sit there! Dive for it! Chances are, someone else has seen this great find, and wants it as well. You have to get it before someone else does.

Besides the rare stuff, you can also find good deals on the small stuff, like food. Even an item that's 100 Neopoints cheaper can help you on your way to becoming a millionaire. Don't cheap out! If anything, you can put it into your Safety Deposit Box and wait until it inflates in price, if at all.

But I don't know what items to search for!
You can always check out the main Neopian shops, like the food shop. When it restocks, simply search those items into the shop wizard and see if you can find good deals. If that doesn't work, you can try going to This website has a list of every item in Neopia, and it's worth checking out! It's especially helpful if you want to Shop Wiz restock.

The Super Shop Wizard is a new feature provided by Neopets Premium. Premium is a service on Neopets that you pay $7.99 a month to get special features such as the Super Shop Wizard (SSW for short). When using the SSW, it will show the absolute lowest price for an item, so you won't need to refresh to find the lowest price. It's great for finding items like codestones, but it will not let you search for paint brushes, transmogrification potions, secret laboratory map pieces, and I think some other very rare items. That is to make it fair for everyone. But you can still search for the smaller items and make a huge profit from this!

Please be aware that you may be Shop Wizard banned if you refresh too often! Bans usually last until the beginning of the hour, so try to get banned later in the hour, so you won't have to wait as long to get unbanned.

Restocking at the Main Neopian Shops

Now that you know how to restock by the shop wiz, you may have practiced and found that you can make some great deals. Although this is a great way to make Neopoints, there is an even more efficient way to get rich: restocking at the main shops.

Well, what are the main shops?
The main shops are the shops found in Neopian Central, Faerieland, Lost Desert, etc... they are run by Neopets and they restock at a certain random time. They do not restock every 8 minutes, as all of the shops say... there are sometimes 30 minutes between restocks, although most of the time, it is not that severe of a time range.

So, what's first?
The first step of restocking at the main shops is to find a "main" place to restock. For beginners, I would choose any of the book shops, or even food. Once you choose a shop, go there and refresh every minute or so until you see some items.

The first step in restocking an item is clicking on the item. Once you click on it, it will take you to the haggling page. Don't type the exact price! Don't try to haggle, either. If the price is 1347, type prices like:


Be sure to stay somewhere in the price range, but be fast as well. Here's an example of "speed haggling":

Once you're finished speed haggling, you now have to click on the picture with the Neopet on it:

Your goal here is to click on the Neopet that shows up the most boldly. In this example, there is only one Chomby. But in other pictures, there might be more than one Chomby. In that case, you have to click on the one that is bolder than the others.

If you were quick, another page will come up telling you that you have bought the item. Good job! Now it's time to price it.

Go to the shop wizard and refresh the page a few times until you find the lowest price. But don't price it too much lower than the wiz! If the going price on the Shop Wizard is 900, then price your item at 895 or 890, or somewhere close to that. That way, you sell the item quickly and still make profit. Pricing your items can also bring great profit, because sometimes when you're refreshing the shop wizard, you can find an item greatly discounted. I can't remember how many times I've looked up items and ended up buying more of them for just 1 Neopoint. It's shop wizard restocking all over again!=P

Now that you know the basics of restocking, you must heed the following:

Before you go gung-ho and start buying everything in sight, STOP. Look around a little. Keep an eye out for what sells quickly and what doesn't. Chances are, if there is only one or two of one item in stock, it's a rare item. Go for it! Try to memorize what items are good and what aren't.

Restock Banned

Yes, you can actually get banned from restocking! I'm not quite sure how it happens, but I believe it happens when you refresh lots and lots. When you're banned, it usually lasts 24 hours, maybe shorter/longer, and you're banned from all the main shops. Thanks to landslidegallery for reminding me of putting this here!

The Faerie Book Shop

The best place to start out, in my opinion is the

Faerie Book Shop.

Hardly anyone goes there, and it's rather easy to get books. It doesn't sell a lot of books, but the profit made from these books can be great if you buy enough of them.

Here's a tip: Buy:

The Green Book" and

The End of the Tunnel"

for 420-450 Neopoints in the shop, or something close to that. Then put them in your shop for around 900 Neopoints. There! You've just made almost 500 Neopoints profit per book!

This is an easy shop to restock at. Not many people go there, and it's a nice, small shop. It's best to start out there. When you feel you're ready, go for the other shops.

The prices have changed a lot since I made this guide, so below is a list of titles I've restocked so far, with their "buy" price in the book shop, and the "sell" price in my shop. The prices may be off by a couple hundred Neopoints due to inflation/deflation, but if anything skyrockets, please send me a Neomail so I can fix it.

Buy Price
Sell Price
A New Day
After The Battle
Faerie Architecture
Faerie Colourpedia
Faerie Folk
Fyoras Hair Care
Library Tales
Magic Spells
Neggery Notes
Never Ending Faerie Tales
Playing With Fire
Ruling Faerieland
Spying The Dark Faerie Way
The Art of Sword Fighting
The Book of Ice
The Green Book
The End of the Tunnel
The Healing Springs

The Other Shops

The other shops are any other shop besides the Faerie Book Shop. The regular Book Shop is nice to restock at, and so are the Food Shop, Chocolate Shop, and Bakery.

Now what?

Now that you've told me how to restock, what now? I know everything there is to know!

Well, you don't know everything, but that's okay.=P Neither do I. But here are some tips that will definitely help you on your way to becoming a 1337 restocker.

-Choose a specialty. Trying to restock every item in Neopia is very challenging and time-consuming. This is why it's best to choose a specialty of item you think you'd be good restocking in. Books would be a great example; there are 3 or 4 different book shops, so there'd be a great variety, and there's enough books to keep your shop fully stocked for a long time.

It is also possible to restock in two shops at once. Just keep two windows open with those shops in it. Multi-tasking can be quite profitable; I remember restocking in both the Pharmacy and Book Shop at the same time, and I made a lot of profit that way.

Use the following information to price your items: Some of you may or may not know that the shop wizard follows a system when showing you the cheapest items. It is organized by the first letter of everyone's username. Here is how they are grouped:


When you price your items, all you really need to do is find the page that shows the prices of the items in your group. Price your items lower than the lowest one on your page; it will probably sell quicker that way. Thanks to blackspirals for this information!!

Price Switching

Please be careful about price switching! Let's say you check the shop wizard and find a codestone for 500 Neopoints. You run in there and hurry up and click on it, but don't bother to read the popup that says "Are you sure you want to buy (item) for (Neopoints)?"

If you're not careful, that sneaky person could add an extra zero to the price, making it 5,000 instead of 500. Please make sure you check the prices before buying ANYTHING! Thanks to lizardbreath22347 for pointing this out!

Submitted by dragonflame555102: Apparently, price switching doesn't really happen anymore, because Neopets brings you to a page telling you that the price has been changed before you buy it. I'm not sure if this happens in every case, but still be cautious!

Also, be careful of black backgrounds where you can't see the prices of items. I was victim to one of those once, and lost 20k by buying an omelette. You want to make sure that everything you buy is the correct price! Submitted by zucchini55: Hitting CTRL ‡ A highlights all of the shop items, which makes it easier to see prices on dark backgrounds.


ONG, Ayperi!!!!1111one I bought something from the Bakery, and the shop wizard says it's 100,000 Neopoints!!!!

Good job!=D You just bought what is called an unbuyable. Unbuyables are items that are so expensive, they can't be bought on the Shop Wizard. You can find these items in the trades or auctions. If you get an unbuyable, look around the trades to see the most common price, and if you want to sell it quickly, price it a little lower than the others. The trading post is a great way to sell your unbuyables, but watch out for the newbie offers!

Sometimes, the item you buy may be hard-to-sell. That is, it's not a very popular item and not many people want it. A good example is painted petpets. If this is the case, you might not be able to sell it for over 100,000 Neopoints, so your best bet is to put it in the shop for 99,999. You can go to the Shop Board and announce that you have a "buyable unbuyable". Normally, people will flock to your shop to see what it is. ;)

Thanks to punky_piko for suggesting this section!

Advanced Shopkeeping

Okay, so you've pretty much mastered the basics of restocking. You're now making upwards up 100k a day, but you want to take things a step further. This section is what I like to call Advanced Shopkeeping because it will teach you to keep your shop constantly running in full business and even make more Neopoints.=)

The first thing you need to do is look at your shop size. As you're able to tell, the higher your shop size is, the more items you can hold in your shop. As an advanced restocker, you'll want to make your shop as big as possible, because for this, you'll be stocking a LOT of items. Hopefully you have some Neopoints sitting in your bank. Size 25 will be sufficient for now, as your shop will be able to hold 125 items. Raising shop size does get expensive, but it's definitely worth it. The bigger your shop size, the higher you'll appear on the marketplace, and the more customers you'll attract, which means you'll get more sales in your shop.

The next step is actually buying the items to fill up your shop. Since you can hold a lot of items, you don't have to stick to a particular type of item. Variety shops are nice, because you can fill up your shop with just about anything, and people like going to just one place to find what they need. On the other hand, some people might go on a shopping spree, buying everything in your book-only shop. There is no right or wrong way of stocking; it just depends on your preference. When you decide on what you want to stock, just buy what you can with your supply of Neopoints. I suggest buying multiples of each item, just in case.

Pricing items is never fun, but it has to be done. In advanced shopkeeping, you can experiment with overpricing your items. Start out by overpricing just by a few hundred Neopoints, and see what people buy. If they do buy, overprice by a little more, until you can find a nice average. You'll be surprised by what people will buy.

It might be a good idea to keep track of what you sell. If you have a spreadsheet program, like Excel, you can create a spreadsheet and put down the names of the items and at what price you sell them, and you can even put down how many times that item has sold at that price. I have done this, and it really helps in organizing my items and figuring out how to price them. Yes, it is time-consuming, but this is how I learned to be a good shopkeeper.

There are probably lots more tips that can be told, so any more suggestions for this section would be wonderful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a good time to restock? Morning, day, or night?
A. I find that early in the morning is the best time to restock. I know a few people who wake up at 3 am just to restock. I don't recommend that you do this, but wake up at least a little earlier, like 6 am. That's normally the time when most people are just waking up, or at work or school, etc., depending on what time zone they are in. It's the perfect time to restock.

Q. Is it a good idea to memorize all the items in the shops so I can buy them faster?
A. It might be a good idea to memorize most items, but just stick with one or two shops. Any more, and it may get confusing. With time and patience, you'll immediately be able to tell which items aren't the "normal" ones that show up during every restock.

Q. Can I restock even though I have a slow connection?
A. It can be difficult, but it's do-able. ^_^ You can do one of three things:

Shop Wizard Restock- You can search for things like Faeries, Codestones, and paint brushes, and if you're lucky, you'll find some good deals.

Restock at a slow shop- A slow shop is basically a shop that doesn't make a huge profit and where not many people restock. An example would be the Faerie Book Shop, or even Snow Foods.

Restock early in the morning- I know a couple people that get up at 3 or 4 am just to restock. Hardly anyone is awake, so it would be an opportune time to restock. You can even try some of the bigger shops that bring more profit, because you'll have more of a chance.

Q. So I've read your guide, but where is the best place to restock?
A. You won't believe how much I get asked this question! The Bakery actually works well for me... I can rack up about 150-200k a day from restocking there. You can also try the Pharmacy, although it's a little more difficult. The main Book shop and the Faerie Book Shop make profit no matter what you buy, though, so maybe you can try that first.

Q. What types of items bring great and fast profit?
A. Usually books sell very quickly, because a lot of users are trying to make their pets smarter. Medicine sells almost instantly, too. Most users are too impatient to wait for the Healing Springs to cure their pet, so they buy the medicine.

I guess food would sell quickly too, but things like Bakery items and Chocolate items sell faster because the Snow Faerie tends to ask for those items for her quests.

The End!

Well, did you learn something today? I sure hope so! Thanks much for reading! Any and all feedback is welcome. Feel free to Neomail me! I update this page as often as I get ideas from readers, so if you feel something is missing, please let me know! Your name will be put up as credit.

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The art of restocking was created by Neopets. I don't take responsibility for it.

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