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News: Adoptables are now OPEN again. I will be taking 3 at a time! Just 3. If you mail me before there's a space available, you will not be added to the list and I will be very cross with you -.0

Waiting List:
(I've moved it up here now for reader's convenience)
1.Ourun - cuffs
2.Zuamiis - nuclearwar
3._FullBreedMurderer_ - tripp_raver

List full? Check out my other adoptables HERE or my makeables instead makeables, that's what I made them for. And come on, just read what's below. It's not that hard. Takes like 5 minutes. Geez people. It's called sensibility. Get some.

Okay here's the deal. I'm making custom adoptables now. Everybody say yay! Yaaaay.... I'm assuming everybody and their mother knows what they are, right? Good...Because I'm not explaining it. So here are the basic steps for my little corner of this bandwagon:
1. Look at this page. Good job.
2. Check the number on the waiting list
3. If there's more than 3, don't bother asking, I won't add you
4. If there's less than 3, completely fill out the form below and Neomail it to me
5. once you get yours, save it to your harddrive, upload it to your own server, and link back to THIS PAGE
Pretty simple, eh? These are, by the way, trade only. Sorry : / Okay so there's one more special little thing that I need to explain. I like mixing things up a little so there's a little extra something you can do with my adoptables You can give me a SHORT phrase or clause (one or no subjects and verbs) to have your little thing singing/yelling/what ever. But they need to be short. It can't be more that a simple sentence. Song lyrics are fine, but no big long emo verses. Or any verses for that matter. Examples of acceptable phrases: 'Happy birthday!' , '*insert pet's name here*' , 'We all live in a yellow submarine' (that one's kinda stretchin it...but you get the point) Alright, so in the form, where it says 'Phrase:' type your desired phrase EXACTLY how you want it. Better double check for typos :P If you don't want a phrase, just leave it blank and you'll get those cute little music notes instead :3 I think that's it. So here's your form to sent to me with the subject: Mini Opera Don't forget that : / You /must/ fill out the entire form. You can also only ask for one. Oh and please be polite. I don't like being told that I have to draw something for you....when quite obviously I don't : / Ignore these rules and I will not answer you -_-
Your Name:
Your Pet's Name:
Reference(if not on lookup):
Your adoptables:
Favorite brand of pen:
You don't have to answer that last one if it's too personal and all. I'd understand...

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Awards and Junk

So I'm giving out awards now, aight? Here's how that works
If you wanna apply for the award, Neomail me with an example of your adoptables.
If I think you're worthy of the almighty cheesecake, I'll send you a neomail back with a little congrats and a secret word
Then you can copy and paste the code in that little box down there and replace the SECRETWORDHERE with the secret word I gave you and you'll have your award :D
If I don't mail you back, that means I'm too busy or I don't think you're quite worthy of the cheesecake. Keep trying though.


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