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. welcome .

Greetings earthlings. Welcome to my humble little slice of webspace. It's finally been updated, whoo hoo!! :D Now cleaner, friendlier, prettier, & more effecient. n_n

You'll notice a lot more features & goodies packed in here & I hope you find it more lovely than before. For those 1st time visiters, welcome! My name is Enteite, but more commonly I go by Ent. Browse away to find out more about me, Taa, & all the other funky little things I've got info pasted of on here.

Please be patient, as there are a lot of graphics on this page & it will take a minute to load, unless you are super lucky & have a super fast internet connection, than I envy you.

. a little bit of info .


[Name] Enteite [Birthplace] MO, USA
[Pronounced] In-tie-tee [Parents] none
[Aka] Ent [Love] never
[Gender] Female [PB Hue] Orange
[Owner] squirt_tha_duck [Eyes] Blue
[Age] Youthful [Petpet] Maytag

Not much to me really. I'm just your average Neopian little lupe. Ok, so maybe not really as average as some. I know that most pets these days have parents and all that, but not me. I was born from an egg. I know, you're thinking But you're a lupe!? How could you possibly come from and egg, that's for birds and stuff. You're crazy. Blah blah blah... but you might be forgetting this is Neopia. Weird stuff happens here all the time, just like little puppy me coming from a big round egg. Now there's kind of a sad & weird story behind my coming into existence. You see technically I do not exist. Let me explain so you'll understand...

My owner, Taa is not new to Neopia, not by a long shot! She's been a Neopian for about 5+ years now. Yeh, I know, it's pretty sad that she's still here. ^_^ Vixanie - The Original Fox LupeThe only thing keeping her around is her pets, which I am proudly one of. Sadly though I'm only here because of tragedy & death.

Before I was even a thought, Taa was happily here in Neopia with her old crew in hand. But I guess it wasn't meant to last forever. A little over a year or so ago tragedy struck & Taa's old pets were no more. A lot of people wanted her to bring them back, but to Taa they'd lived a good life. You can't bring the dead back to life, you can only remember them in new ways... & that's just what she did.

Vixanie was Taa's beautiful fox lupe. Vix was just about as old as Taa was on neopets. When she died Taa swore she was done with the mess neopets had become, after all the only reason she stuck around was for her pets and her friends. After a while, most of her friends left, and she had no pets, and no reason to ever visit Neopia again. This is where my story begins!

Taa decided to that she missed Vix, and wanted to find someway to sort-of make her again, but not as Vix anymore, as a new pet, but still a part of her. At this very same time in the real world, Taa had just lost her Australian Shepard puppy Jessi to a tragic car accident, and not even a month before that she'd lost her year old Aussie Shepard Hobbit to the same fate. From all this sadness came me.

Peep! XD lol!Vixanie's, Hobbit's, & Jessi's personalities, looks, & traits were combined to create me. This is how I come from an egg. Taa took a plain egg from the Create-a-Pet database & the memories of her past pets & out of the love in her heart for her pets, I was magically born into existence.

Most of my look is a mix of Vix & Jessi, & my age comes from Jessi, but most of my personality comes from Hobbs. Hobbs was the best dog Taa's ever had, & she wanted his best trait carried on. It feels kind of weird knowing that I'm bits & pieces of pets that lived before me, kind of like I'm Taa's Frankenstein or something. o_O Really the only thing that is really mine about me is my name. My name comes from the word Entity which means The fact of existence; being. Honestly it's creepy to know I am not really me...

. tha family .

Ant is the great unknown in my immediate family and is the current lab pet. Happy Kihanni Raeihr used to seem like just a weirdo, but it seems as he got older he developed some disturbing habits. I avoid him as much as possible now days. Maytag my lovely petpet.

I adore flowers! They're so pretty and smell so good! I love just taking naps in Taa's flowerbeds. My favorites are forget me nots, 'cause they're blue like my eyes. Smells so pretty!
Taa has peach trees & because of that I eat them all the time. I love peaches! And this one's dipped in chocolate!?! Omg! Soooo yummy! =9 YUMM!!
Ducks are the coolest little critters know to man! Taa has a zoo of them, & they're so much fun to play with. I love the babies, 'cause they follow me around the yard. Toulouse the goose doesn't like me too much, I think she thinks I'm gonna eat 'em. ._o quack

I hate cars I am deathly afraid of cars...this toy car just represents the actual thing. Hobbit & Jessi were both hit by cars, so I'm always worring that the same thing is gonna happen to me someday...
Bleh I absolutly HATE bathtime! I don't know why it's such a big deal to be clean all the time. I hate after bathtime too, 'cause I puff up like a fuzzle toy. x_x
Brrr.... Winter is the worst time of the year. Christmas makes it so you can live through it, but it just seems like winter is when everything dies... It's just so sad :(

. tha pals .

Gandlaf is a grat pal who likes a lot of jerkey, lol. My 1st gal pal Smokin' awesome. All smiles!
Seb is tha bestest

. the white aussie .

Most people don't realize it, but one of the pieces to my design puzzle is the white aussie, or Australian Shepherd. I wanted to put this section in my page to educate you on white aussies, or what they're more commonly called, the Lethal White.

Lethal Whites, like Sadie here to the left, are usually born with either eye or hearing problems, & most of the time are put down for their issues & their colors. Sadie is Taa's mini white Aussie who was born deaf. Taa rescued Sadie as a puppy & has no problems having a dog that can't hear. I realize that there are lots of dogs out there that need love, but I just wanted to add my voice to the Lethal White Aussies. Not just the lethal whites, but deaf dogs in general need love. White dogs are more prone to being deaf, so please take this into consideration when considering a breed.

Even if your heart is in the right place, special dogs are not for everyone. They need special care & attention that normal dogs don't. Please keep that in mind if you're thinking about adopting a special needs dog.

. taa .

Welcome to my [Taa's] slice of webspace! :) I'm a Neo veteran since the age of 13 (I was born Feb '88, so you can do the math :3) & an avid artist, if you hadn't noticed, lol. I'm an animal lover, which influences all my pet designs & personalities, since they're usually based off pets from my childhood. :) I'm from small town Missouri, USA, but currently live in CA because my husband is stationed out here... he's a Marine & my High School sweetie. I recently just had a son, Avery, back in June 09, so when I'm not here I'm tending to him. I love birds, mainly ducks & other waterfowl after falling in love with them rasing them as a kid. I'm honestly surprised I'm still here on Neopets, but the art keeps me here. I really enjoy influencing new artists & always hope to inspire young artists out there stumbling across this to improve on their art skills as they grow as I was influenced by the 1st great Neopian artists so long ago. :) I've always been artistic, but I never wanted to strive to do better until I found neopets & saw the challenge of developing my skills to be as good as some of my favorite Neopian artists. That's why I'm still here, & why I'll probably continue to play Neopets. I credit Neopets to a TON of great friendships too. :)

I don't really keep up with much here on Neo except the art really, I love seeing how creative people can be! I'm also a DA stalker when I get the chance & for anyone curious my DA is taa.deviantart.com.

. portraits .

image by flworderpup image by belchimaera_starsong animation by Taa animation by Taa
image by Taa image by Taa image by Taa image by sadodium
image by Cheshirepanda

. adoptables .

Adoptables! Please don't abuse my adoptables! Standard adoptable rules apply (use common sense). Some colors missing 'cause I'm lazy, & some color altered to my laziness. (They're my mini's, I can be lazy if I want :B)

REQUESTS - Closed to the public | TRADES - Closed to the public.
I will make custom minis for fan art. Please present it to me before asking for a mini though.






























Royal Boy

Royal Girl












. clone army .

I'm so cute I could eat me :9 Food? Cute little cub

. my goodies .

I like to run with scissors cause I'm cool like that :B Shinny Egg! :D

. quack quack .

Taa & I are both major duck freaks, & we thought we'd share our love of these feathery little pals with you! :) These are just a few of some of Taa's duckies over the years. As always, enjoy! :)

quack quack

quack quack

quack quack

quack quack

quack quack

quack quack

quack quack

quack quack

. frequently asked question .

PLEASE read this before you ask me anything! The FAQ is here for a reason, to save you time & effort! If your question is not answered here, then feel free to ask, but a warning to those who ask something that is answered here, please don't take it as a shock when I don't reply.

Q: Will you draw me a picture?
A: Sorry, I'm too busy for my own art as it is. I don't have time to draw everyone a picture. I may repay generosity however.

Q: Will you do an art trade with me then?
A: Again, sorry. I just don't have enough time.

Q: Can my pet date yours?
A: My pets don't date strangers.

Q: Can my pet rp with your pet?
A: Sorry, but I just don't have enough time.

Q: Can my pet be friends with yours?
A: Mail Me :3

Q: How did you make you petpage?
A: With HTML of course! :) If you are needing help with HTML & making your own petpage, visit lissaexplains.com. It's a great site to get help with petpages.

Q: Can I be your Neofriend?
A: Sorry, but I don't have enough time to really get to know you well enough for that.

Q: Will you join my guild?
A: Sorry, but no. I'm very happy in my current guild.

Q: How did you get into Shukumei?
A: Check out this page for info on Shukumei/how to join.

Q: Can I have some items/nps?
A: No, sorry...not unless you want an old tin can. I don't have much.

Q: How can you say you don't have much, your pets are painted! etc...?
A: I spend everything I have on getting stuff. What I have to show for that is what you see. Tons on love to those wonderful people who've helped me out!
[ravenclawyoshi | Derpup | Lill' Sis]

Q: Will you link to my pet's page?
A: I will if you will ;) ...& only if you're page is original, meaning nothing stolen or ripped off of someone else's page.

Q: Can I draw you some fan art/custom adopt/etc.?
A: If that's what you feel like doing, then go right ahead! I'll gladly display it too. :)

Q: Will you vote for my pet in the BC?
A: Please don't bug me with this. :(

Q: Can you help me with Photoshop/PSP/etc?
A: Sorry, but no. If you're needing help, google some tutorials [I don't know any off the top of my head]. That's how I learned! :)

Q: Hey! I've tried neomailing you, but you've blocked neomails. How can I ask you anyhting now?
A: Sorry, but if I get too busy I will block incoming mail from those I don't know. Please don't take it personally.

Q: Someone's using your picture for such & such...
A: PLEASE let me know ASAP if you ever see anyone using my art!

. take me home .

Please link back so you can be sure to visit again! :)


Well, I hope you had a pleasent visit! Hopefully I'll see you around again sometime! Have a nice rest of the day!

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creativity, & content by squirt_tha_duck
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