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Species: Skeith
Type: Skunk
Representative age: ~23y
Birthday: 2th September
Gender: Male
Occupation: "Fiddler
Dorukks' Statistics
Caretaker: AJ
Resident: Uzag

Introduction [Top]
The slim skeith glanced once again at the cards that had been dealt to him. His hand of cards were quite okay but the chance of wining with them was rather small. Loosing a round wouldn't be too bad if it hadn't been for the large pot, the stakes of this game were high!
Wanna raise the bet, Adrian?" a bruce grunted to the skunk skeith across the table. The skeith was wearing a rather large helmet that was pushed down so far over his face that it was hard to make out his eyes, but his mouth was still visible and he was smiling; Adrian was certainly not his real name, it was Dorukk, but he wanted to keep his real one a secret.
Indeed" Dorukk replied, still smiling, and arrogantly tossed yet another 50np to the centre of the table, adding them to the already present pile of coins. It seemed like he would have to... raise his odds a little to win this game.
The skeith suddenly felt a small hand tap him on his leg. He let his hand slip down under the table and moved it to the area where he had been poked. His hand encountered something small and furry and Dorukk knew it was a little krikket. And not any krikket but his petpet Flink. Flink quickly placed a card in Dorukks hand, a card she had snatched from the leftover cards that was placed near an edge of the table.
Extremely swift, Dorukk let the card with the least value, slip into a pocket of the vest he was wearing, and then added the card the krikket had brought to his hand. Dorukk checked out his opponents but none appeared to have picked up on what he was up to. He then took a peek at his new card and the skeith had to strain himself from gaining a wide grin; Flink had brought him a King of Hearts, which complemented the cards he already had, he doubted that he would lose now!
No more bets?" The bruce coughed and placed his cards upon the table. The others around the table placed their cards as well, including Dorukk.
Seems like I won again!" Dorukk smirked, he leaned backwards in his chair and pushed back his helmet with elegance.
You certainly have quite some luck, skeith!" A large grarrl sitting to the left of Dorukk commented.
Oh, it's not luck, its skill," Dorukk snickered, "I think I'll have to retire for today though!".
The others around the table gave Dorukk respectful nods while he shovelled the coins into his pockets, raised up and let Flink jump onto his shoulder.
Okay guys, let's play another round then?" The bruce said, and the grarrl started to shuffle the cards.
Hey... a card is missing! A 3 of spades to be more exactly," the grarrl soon said with surprise. Dorukk who was just about to leave froze.
Are you sure?" The bruce said and the other players started to mumble with confusion and looked around the table for the missing card.
Oh, definitely!" The grarrl said in a convinced voice.
Everyone around the table then turned their faces towards the skeith who was about to leave, he was the one who had won most of the rounds this evening.
What? Oh, you don't think that I would..." Dorukk said with an innocent and upset tone to his voice.
Empty you pockets, skeith," The bruce frowned and stood up, "I knew you where up to something! Well, well, I thought I saw how he was fiddling around in his pockets before. He must have switched a card with one in his pocket!
Fear struck Dorukk and he desperately tried to remain calm but it was hard as he thought about the card he did have in his pocket. As Dorukk didn't do as he had been told, the grarrl soon stood up and angrily grabbed Dorukks vest and snarled at him.
Empty your pockets!" The grrarl demanded, towering above Dorukk.
Hey, chill out!" Dorukk said and got the grarrl to loosen his grip, "I'll do it!".
Barely able to cover how scared he was, Dorukk slowly started to emptied his pocket of coins.
Come on, faster!" The bruce shouted and the grarrl abruptly dug out the skunk skeith's pockets in one go. Dorukk stared at the pockets that had been turned inside out and then with fear at what the grarrl was holding in his hands... but it was just coins.
Hehe, I knew you where a good guy!" The grarrl chuckled, put the money back into Dorukks pockets and slapped him friendly on the back. The bruce just muttered as Dorukk squeezed out a faint smile and then left the room without a word with shaky legs.

Once he was outside, Dorukk walked two blocks and the sat on the ground. He glanced up at the sky that was darkening and swept away sweat from his forehead.
This was... just too close Flink." Dorukk sighed. To his annoyance, he started to shiver as he let his true emotions loose. Flink then pulled out something from Dorukk's helmet and then proudly showed it to her keeper with a wide grin; it was a 3 of spades. Flink had somehow moved the card from Dorukks pocket to his helmet!
Flink jumped onto Dorukk's lap and the skeith laughed as he sunk further down to the ground with relief.
I'm lucky I got you, you little krikket" Dorukk cheerfully said to Flink and patted her on the head.

Personality [Top]
Dorukk is a bit arrogant and nonchalant skeith who doesn't hesitate to exploit strangers. He's is a great actor and have very nimble fingers, and he uses these skills to theft from and trick others; Dorukk often steal small amounts of money from strangers, money he uses to buy food and to use as bet... because Dorukk really enjoy to gamble and play cards! But if he starts to loose too big amounts, he may "raise his odds" by cheating... and his loyal petpet krikket Flink is always ready to help her keeper with such deeds.
Dorukk as good as always appear to be completely chilled out, relaxed and carry a huge self-esteem. But, as it's Dorukk we are talking about, ones can't quite know if it's for real or just an act...
Even if Doruk may not treat strangers or enemies very nicely, he put big respect in his friends (never the less, he can still play tricks of them for fun..!). They are rather few thought; Dorukk is very independent and rarely trust anyone. He is after all a bit of a fiddler and must be careful so that he doesn't get caught for not being able to keep his mouth shut.
But in the end, Dorukk still tend to get into deep trouble from time to time, after eventually getting his act ups discovered. Usually he prefer to keep such difficulties to himself, but if things is getting way too harsh, he can sometimes force himself to ask his friends for help.

History [Top]
Dorukk had a very calm and easy childhood, he grew up in a small family that was consisted by his mother, father and younger sister. The young skeith had very high ambitions and was dreaming of becoming a rich and great businessman, with the hope to give his beloved family "a bit more" in their average life.
The school he needed to go to was rather expensive however, but seeing how determined their son was, his parents did their best to scrabble together the little money they had. But the school proved to be was too hard and Dorukk soon dropped out. Ashamed over his failure, the young skeith started to lie. He told his family how well he was doing in school and what a grand student he was when he in fact was using the family's hard-earned money for completely other things then studies. The lies just got worse and in time he misled his family to believe that he had a great, well-paid job. Soon the truth got too hard for Dorukk to hide and he announced that his job required him to move far away. And so, Dorukk left home, leaving three very sad but proud family members behind him. He also promised to write letters and these letters crammed with lies is still the only contact he has with his family.
Dorukk was lonely and poor in the beginning, only managing to get lousy jobs which payments didn't even cover his low-standard living. But he soon discovered other, murkier ways to obtain money, namely thieving, trick others and cheating at gambling games. At first it was just something he did when he didn't earn enough t to pay his rent but soon Dorukk completely abandoned his regular job to fully live of his malicious earnings.
The skeith grew more and more confident and refined his skills. He soon adapted to the lifestyle, and Dorukk even started to enjoy being on his own as he moved from town to town, "doing his thing" and spending his nights at various hotels and hostels. Or that was at least what he convinced himself, even thought the monthly letter home constantly reminded him of his happy, safe past.

Treasures [Top]
Dorukk: Hehe, this is a few of all treasures that I and Flink... gotten from other neopians. A pretty neat collection, huh? If you want to try your luck to get your own, you just need to... "click" the ones of your interest and you'll be on your way...

Appearance [Top]
Dorukk is quite small for his species, and is also rather light-weight yet "well built". He's very sleek and graceful as well, and put much care into looking good and is always careful to not harm his pretty fine and smooth skin. Dorukk got shining white (and sharp) teeth, well ordered in even rows. Two front-teeth have beaten out though, and they have been replaced with two golden ones. Dorukk also have a quite deep cleft in his chin and slightly marked eyes.
Dorukk often wear an helmet with a fur-brim, which he sometimes keep pulled far down over his face were it covers his eyes. He also wears a simple leather-west that he always keeps open. Dorukk like to wear a lot of trinkets and other nicknack-ornaments of golden and blue shades. He may appear to have some piercings too, but they all are actually just clips and tend to swift place every now and then... Dorukk also like to "chew" on things and there for often have things such as a grass-straw, pencil or toothpick sticking out of his mouth.
Dorukk may not be very special, but he got a great confidence do consider himself as rather handsome.
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Family, Friends and Foe [Top]
Dorukk believes that friends is great thing to have, but he's is always very susceptive with others. This makes the process of befriending someone both long and hard as Dorukk hardly ever chare information about himself. And even if Dorukk decides that he actually can trust another person, it's rare that he'll put his full faith in or dare to truly rely on them.

Grimwag is rather ruthless with a huge lack of style and Dorukk find this slob of a skeith very entertaining. The two have very little in common, but Grimwag is a bit like a sister to Dorukk and they often tease or hang out together for fun.
Borzuka is a big and brutish skeith, who uses the slightest of excuse to start a fight. But with his ability to snare others with words, Dorukk has made Borzuka to accept him. Dorukk even have such close relationship with this usually asocial skeith that he even can ask for favours, and it's certainly not a bad thing to have such intimidating and strong ally by ones side.
Nirax is old and well experienced, and Dorukk knows that she's such a person that can keep her mouth shut in any situation. Thus, Nirax is someone who Dorukk trust enough to discuss and chare thoughts with as well as taking advices form.
Zibius isn't really a friend of Dorukk, but neither does he mind the quirky skeith presence. Except the fact that she's very curious and asks a lot of things. Dorukk find Zibius bit... odd behaviour rather disruptive. He often play tricks on and tease the somewhat instable skeith, making her confused or triggering her to have all sorts of outbursts.
Zathil is a bit of an enemy to Dorukk, but the two have some characteristics in common. Zathil is good at discovering Dorukks tricks and acts, something that Dorukk certainly doesn't appreciate... Zathil often says that if Dorukk just have had a bit more class, he might even been able to like him.
But he doesn't.

Flink is a smart and sneaky krikket who is also very keen about the things she likes. Dorukk and Flink are utterly close companions and Flink can almost always be seen near by Dorukk. She's almost as quick and nimble as her keeper, and Flink doesn't mind helping him theft things or cheat at games... Flink doesn't care much for money thought, she just thinks it's a fun game. It's not rare that Flink gracefully steal from others just to return the item to the person. Few get angry; a petpet doing such smart tricks is instead usually appreciated!
Flink was originally trained by an illusionist to perform certain tricks. One day a skunk skeith called Dorukk came by and challenged the illusionist at "foul play" card game, where the two simply showed off in the skill of quick hands. Dorukk happened won, but it turned out that the illusionist didn't have what he had bet... and so, he dumped Flink upon Dorukk instead. Pretty bitter about this, Dorukk decided to take what he could and simply sell Flink for a high price as soon as possible. However, the skunk skeith soon grew fond of the little krikket and then also got aware of her skills. In the end, the two became both trusted companions and friends.

Autobiography [Top]
Psst... Hey! Yeah, you there...
How did you get here? See, this is my page.
Who I am? I am me, if really you have to know, and no, I won't tell my name to a stranger like you...
Though, I'd might do it if we'll socialize a little over a round of cards first? Or do you favour dice? I like both kind of games and play them a lot. But I warn you, I am a really... lucky and skilled guy so I almost always win. Just try me! If you dare...
Shiny things are otherwise always appreciated. And yeah, as you can see, I don't mind wearing such either. Not that I need them, I'm really handsome just as I am, hehe... Envy or admire!
But that is enough of me.
Hmph, now when I think about it, was it one of my contacts that made you come here? Maybe?

There's that lovely slob Grimwag. She sure has a lack of style but she is one of my few real friends. We have lots of fun, it's never boring to be around Grimwag. She's horrible at cards AND dice too! Infact,

she's so lousy that I feel bad for her... I EVEN let her win at times. I mean, that's certaily nothing I usually do.

And then we got Borzuka. She's a rughtless, angry brute and oh my, so easy to trick! I get her to do me favours all the time. She have no friends for what I know and that's no wonder with her

bad attitude. I guess I'm pretty much the closest thing to a friend she has and that is pitiful, I'm just tricking her after all. Yes, it's a dangerous game but hey, that's fun in a way too. I admit I've kind of started to grow fond of her thought.
Urrgh, then I might should mention Zibius too. I really don't like that thing, she sure is... eerie and you never know what she's up too. It's just that she hangs after Grimwag like a second tail sometimes, so if I avoid Zibius, I'll also
avoid Grimwag! But I guess I'll mangage. But it is fun to tease her...
So, was it any of them who made you come by here? Yes? No? Maybe..? Very well, that's all I got for now anywys and I think it's time for us to go separate ways. Unless... you're up for a round or two of Go! Go! Go!.

Dorukk: Oh, what's this? A doll-Dorukk
by Carrot? Well... it's not as handsome as
me, of course, but it sure is cute, uh-huh.

Art [Top]
Here's some pictures of Dorukk! The artists have their name and a link to their main-account under their art, and thouse without such have been made by me.
FAQs about my art can be found here.
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Adoptables [Top]
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