KoTB/KoTL Petpage

1. All battles must be fought in English.
2. Pet must enter the battle with it's Maximum amount of hitpoints.
3. No glitch abuse. eg. Double Burrow/Sink/Quench etc. Proof should be provided if your opponent decides to do otherwise. Preferably through screenshots.
4. Battles in which Random Events affect the outcome must be re fought. eg Ghost Lupe, Lava Ghoul etc. Screenies must be taken to provide evidence when needed.
5. You must fight the current KoTB/KoTL in a Best-of-three series. If the first three battles are draws, keep fighting until someone wins.
6. No borrowing of weapons.
7. Post all battle results on the recruit board or guild board.
8. No revealing sets.
9. No "coaching".
10. The most important rule: HAVE FUN OF COURSE!!

Weapon Restrictions
1. No stat altering weapons.
2. No pet or petpet altering weapons.
3. No poisoning.
4. No use of freezers.
5. No stealing.
6. No use of Cursed Elixir below league 5.
7. No use of multihealers or CBT below league 8.
8. No use of 1-use weapons

The Kings Reign/Challenges for the Throne

After this event, the Kings of their respective Leagues/Boosts
CAN be challenged for their Crowns.
Here is how.
The King gets to Reign for 2 weeks,
after which time any Pet of the same League/Boost may
challenge the King to a best 2-out-of-3 match for his Crown.
If there is MORE than one challenger to ANY of the King(s),
the challengers must face off in a Best 2 of 3 match
for the right to challenge the King.

Current KoTL Champions
League 4
rawrtella - Daimateratsu

League 5
qwertyu1968 - Tom_Jenkins

League 6
premievilghoal -- Klysie

League 7
creationsartwork -- WindStrike160

League 8
black_sky17 -- Jennar86

League 9
creationsartwork -- SpencersMemory

League 10
guy_from_ct -- Pet_From_CT

League 11
desmond_cheung -- StarchsLupe

League 12

League 13
_the_kadoatery -- Vuvuvuneo

League 14

League 15

League 16

League 17
creationsartwork -- atomic_superstar

League 18

League 19

League 20

League 21

League 22
angelusmortem -- Golgorath

League 23

League 24

Current KoTB Champions
8 Boost
guy_from_ct -- Tweetie_Egg

13 Boost

20 Boost
jpbisme -- CurtisTheSnowDog

35 Boost
creationsartwork -- Vyinor

55 Boost
qwertyu1968 - froggyface_4

85 Boost
evillobster -- Tonanie

125 Boost
cesar_e15 -- Kougra_ys_z15

200 Boost
guy_from_ct -- Pet_From_CT

250 Boost
desmond_cheung -- StarchsLupe

300 Boost

350 Boost
_the_kadoatery -- Vuvuvuneo

400 Boost

450 Boost

500 Boost

550 Boost

600 Boost

650 Boost
creationsartwork -- atomic_superstar

700 Boost

KoTB/KoTL Trophies

A great big Thank you to miniman336 for the trophies!! Nice job!!