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Welcome Creatures Fans

Since many Creatures fans also play NeoPets we thought it might be fun to setup a Creatures Community guild here so we can easily find other Creatures fans.

What is Creatures?

For those who don't haven't heard of the game before, Creatures is a virtual pet game made by Gameware Development (once Creature Labs) where you adopt and raise a group of norns in a vast 2D world. The norns you might recognise as furry little intelligent creatures that you can teach to speak to you.

You might also come across mischievous little ettins who love nothing better than to hide all the connectible gadgets in the world that you can use to make customised machines from. Do beware of the vicious green grendels though, as they will scare the poor norns and ettins given the chance.

One of the best aspects of Creatures is that there are tonnes upon tonnes of free downloads to expand the game. You can add new worlds, breeds, animals, machines and objects to each of the games or even try your hand at making your own addons using the developer tools. It is brilliant.

Creatures screenshots:

Creatures is Free

Creatures Docking Station is a completely free artificial life game. It is free to download as well as being free to play online with your friends.

To Download for Free

Docking Station is available for Windows and Linux:

You will also find information on that page as to where you register for your free Docking Station username so you can play online_

About the Series

Creatures consists of a small series of games, each with a slightly more advanced artificial life and each progressing the story line. Creatures 1 and 2 were set on the planet of Albia, the norns home world, Creatures 3 was set on a space ship the creatures use to go in search of a new worlds, and for Docking Station you begin the game on a space station with warp technology that allows you to send norns, messages or instant chat requests to anyone else playing online at the time.

For younger players there is Creatures Village, a bigger and more colourful world where the norns are easier to care for and just love dressing up.

Other Games in the Shops

  • Creatures 1 (Mac)
  • Creatures 2
  • Creatures 3
  • Creatures Exodus, C3&DS (Mac OSX)
  • Creatures Internet Edition, C3&DS (Linux)
  • Creatures Village (Mac OSX)
  • The Albian Years, C1&C2
  • All the above also come in Windows-only versions. Any additional versions available are written in brackets.

So, if you are either a Creatures fan or would like to find out more about the games then sign up to this guild today!

Don (of AmberCreatures)

Guild Ranks
  • Doozer
  • Ettin
  • Norn
  • Elder Norn
  • Shee

    Guild Competitions

    Fanart featuring norns, ettins or grendels and neopets together having fun - to be submitted to the fanart section on neopets.
    Mystery Picture (from the Creatures games)
    Guild Better Than You - each fortnight members of the guild play a certain game (up to 3x per day), trying to beat each other's scores. The person with the highest high score at the end of the fortnight gets a NP prize of 750 NP.

The second "Guild Better than You" comp starts on the 15th of November and close on the 1st of December. At the end of the two weeks, the person with the highest score on the chosen game will get a NP prize of 750 NP. In future weeks, we will decide the game by a poll, or by neomailed suggestions. Please keep in mind that games should be short, easy, and FUN!

Guild Better Than You Winners
Competition 1 test1name
Competition 2
25 150
Competition 3
your name here?
your score here?

Guild Avatar Items - loans to be arranged by neomailing clohse
Guild Trades
If anyone has any more ideas, or thinks that these ideas are cool, please neomail malkin86 so that she can start to run these games.
Neopets Freebies

  • For free omelette, go to the Tyrannian Omelette
  • For the under 3000 np neopian, try The Soup Kitchen
  • For healing or healing potions, go to the Healing Springs . It doesn't work during battledome fights, though!
  • For random boosts to your pet's stats, try Coltzan's Shrine once every 12 hours.
  • Tis the season to be jolly . . . A Month Of Celebrating Advent Calendar!
  • Tombola!
  • Turmaculus
  • A good one for pocket np - earn 1000 a day!
  • And just for some silly fun...
  • Snowager
  • And for all you wondering how I, a HTML-illiterate managed this webbie, try The Neopets HTML Guide or