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The Bori

Bori are timid little creatures that rarely leave their underground home. Their sharp claws mean they are especially good at digging.

Bori are the 49th neopet species.

They were first discovered in the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot. They were a race of Neopets that lived below Terror Mountian and were frozen for many years. Recently, they have unthawed and are active now.
Bori seems to come from the word "burrow" since that's what they like to do...burrow/dig tunnels. Some think Bori is for bori-ng, but that's just some joke for people who don't like them.

Other Bori Information
Bori day is October 13th
Pronouncation for Bori: Bor-ee
Bori is spelled Bori for singular and plural. Boris is NOT the plural name of Bori, and never will be. Boris is a Blumaroo.
Bori is most likly based off the armadillo.
Element is earth, naturally.
There is currently 57 Bori items in Neopia
Offical Bori page: -HERE-

Famous Bori of Neopia
Armin the Small: A young Bori that helped Hannah during the whole Ice Caves plot. He co-stars in the Ice Caves game, and also a hero from the plot.
Armin was the one to lay the hit that destroyed the Bringer of Night. After the Bringer tried to take the Heart of the Mountain, he became frozen, like ice. Taking advantage of Bringer's condition, Armin shot a stone from his slingshot at the Bringer, making him shatter to pieces.
His weapons are a small dagger and a slingshot.

Armin was FINALLY added to Gallery of Heroes, so click -here- to read about him.
Armin finally got a Neopedia article about himself. Just click -here- to read it.

Garven Hale: Goalkeeper of the Krawk Island Yooyuball team.
Considered by many to be the game's greatest goalkeeper, getting a shot past Garven Hale is quite an accomplishment. It's a shame that his supporting cast leaves so much to be desired.
Rinok Fitel: Right Defender of the Terror Mountian Yooyuball team.
Quick as a Poogle Racer and harder to knock down than a brick Neohome, there's no reason why this gifted Bori shouldn't be one of the top three defenders in the tournament. If only he could find a way of translating all that natural ability into results on the field.

Bori in the Battledome
Bori Moves:
Bori Scratch- 2 physical (learnt at level 2)
Bori Roll- Defends 2 earth 2 physical icons (learnt at level 12)
Bori Bellow- 2 air 2 physical (learnt at level 20)
Bori Bellow (level 50† version) - 3 air 3 physical

Bori Battledome Weapons
*click the names to view image

Golden Bori Bow
Attack Icons: 3 earth 3 air 2 physical
Bori Slingshot
Attack Icons: 2 air, 1-2 physical
Bori Helmet
Defense Icons: 2 earth, 1 physical
Bori Shield
Defense Icons: 3 water, 2 light
Mini Bori Dagger
Attack Icons: 3 physical
Defense Icons: Standard- 3 Dark
Golden Bori Staff
Attack Icons: 3 air 3 light
Sturdy Bori Hammer
Attack Icons: 3 light 3 physical
Defense Icons: 2 physical
Lightweight Bori Sword
Attack Icons: 3 air, 1-3 physical

*Info updated when more Bori weapons are released and tested*

Popular Bori Colors

There are currently 33 colors a Bori can be painted, including basic colors.
*Side note* Bori is one of the few neopet species that can look good in any color painted, except purple. The orange ruins purple pets.

Unreleased Bori Color(s)

Mutant Bori...RAWR!

Bori Avatar(s)

Bori - Grumpy
How to get it: Look up a plushie Bori that is either sick or has 0HP. Nicest owner with that requirement is -here-
The Buzz

Buzz use their keen eyesight and aerobatic skills to help themselves to the tastiest wild berries and fruits, much to the dismay of the Neopian farmers. They can zoom to the top of the Tigersquash tree and pluck 3 of the plumpest fruits and whizz off in the blink of an eye.

Buzz were the 21st Neopet to enter Neopia.

Other Bori Information
Buzz day is January 11th
Pronouncation for Buzz: Buzz
Singular Buzz: Buzz | Plural for Buzz: Buzzes (Argued to be Buzz)
The name "buzz" seems to have come from the noise they make...a buzzing sound.
Normal Buzz are based off the dragonfly, but they have the traits of bees. They are also the smallest of the preditors that exist in Neopia.
Buzz were the first insect species created and stayed that way till mid 2004 when the Ruki appeared.
Buzz element would seem like air, but infact it's darkness.
There is currently 106 Buzz items in Neopia

Famous Buzz of Neopia
Buzz Avenger: He watches from high above, watching for any wrong down below. Whenever crimes happen, he'll be there....the Buzz Avenger!
He's not part of the Defenders of Neopia, so he's considered a vigilante. He's part of the good guys, even though he looks evil.
Sergeant Brexis: Second in command to Judge Hog of the Defenders of Neopia. Brexis is a young, brave Buzz that flies around Neopia fighting bad guys when they pop up.He was first seen in Defenders of Neopia 4, "Meuka Attacks!" when Meuka attacks a small village, hungry. Not much more is known about Brexis, past his appearance in DoN and the book, Behind Brexis.
Kep Bonnefie: Left Defender of the Darigan Citadel Yooyuball team.
Ever since a series of unflattering articles some years ago, this hard-driving Buzz defender has refused to talk: not to the media, her teammates, or even her close friends and family. It's probably just as well, since her aggressive tackles speak volumes about her enthusiasm for the game.
Osielle Lidel: Right Forward of the Terror Mountain Yooyuball team.

Buzz in the Battledome

*Buzz have 20% resistence to air*
Buzz Moves:
Buzz Sting- 1-2 physical (learnt at level 2)
Buzz Dive- 2 air icons (learnt at level 11)
Buzz Zoom- 2 air 2 fire (learnt at level 20)
Buzz Zoom (level 50† version) - 3 air 3 fire

Buzz Battledome Weapons

Since Buzz have a few weapons, let's just break it down to the good Buzz weapons that are worth giving to a Buzz.

Full Buzz Armour
Stats: Blocks 3.27 dark, air, earth, and phsyical icons
Buzz Poison Blaster
Stats: Does 5.33 to 7.33 icons. 3 fire 2 water 1-3 earth and gives the opponenet Blurry Vision. Is the only species weapons that gives sickness

Popular Buzz Colors

There are currently 35 colors a Buzz can be painted, including basic colors.
*Side note* Some of the colors the Buzz become are related to different insects, and they are:
*Baby Buzz is based off a larva.
*Maraquan Buzz is based off a lobster.
*Glowing Buzz is based off the firefly.
*Darigan Buzz is based off a wasp

Unreleased Buzz Color(s)

Ugga ugga...Tyrannian Buzz!

Buzz Avatars

How to get it: Paint a Buzz any Buzz color at Fountian Faerie, doesn't have to be split color
Baby Buzz
How to get it: Type "i love baby buzz" into the search bar.
Mara Buzz
How to get it: Go here and tab till you see the buzz image and press enter. If done right, your link will have the word "buzz" with some numbers next to it.

My name is Calander, not calendar, which is a booklet that tells dates. Many misspell my name because of how close it is to that word, so just call me Cal. Makes it easier for us both.
I was born March 12, 2000, and Armadi adopted me on August 2, 2000. When I was adopted I was just a young red lupe that didn't know anything, or could fight, but all neopets start that way.
Though I was born a lupe, I wasn't a lupe for that long. I was a lab pet for four years. Everyday getting zapped and changing species. Now I'm done being labbed and staying a Bori...Or so I thought. Seems Buzz day and the fact I was a Buzz the majority of my lab time, caused my owner to revert me back to a Buzz...a FAERIE Buzz of all things. Now I'll be called a pretty boy since most faeries are considered girls. Hey, but don't kill me over that comment any male faeries out there.


I'm pretty much a normal Faerie Buzz, past a few accessories I wear, like my goggles and necklack. The most unique thing about me is my wings since they're not normal Faerie Buzz wings, but moreso the normal Buzz wings, but the have the bright yellow color of a faerie buzz. Go figure...

I'm a subbornate of General Galagrroth dispite the fact Lord Darigan still considers me a tratior.
Why am I a tratior? Well, back in the first Meridell war, I jumped boat from Darigan to Meridell, while many jumped to Darigan. Just that wasn't why I'm a tratior, it's moreso when Kass took over during Darigan's "dissapperance". Since Kass caused so much chaos, Lord Darigan really wasn't too much favoring tratiors. How does he even remember I jumped sides is beyond me.
I've been banished from the Citadel, never to walk through the murky place.
Well, not really...yes, I really am banished, but I still get around the place easily. See, I'm a scouter, or the lookout guy, if you want another word for it. I'm used to sneaking around, so it's easy to get around the Citadel. Yes, I know my colors are bright, but trust me, I know what I'm doing.
I'm not a physcial kind of guy since I rely more on speed then strenght. Even in battle, I don't attack with my claws, but instead with long range weapons. If someone ticks me off, I won't hold back squirting some ooze from my Buzz Poison Blaster and making them go blind for a while.

As I said, I work under Galgarroth. I think he gave pity to me since my owner is so obsessed with him and he likes the spotlight a little. Not to mention he made a bet that if I could beat him at a few games of Cellblock, he would let me work for him.
Let's just say he's no where as skilled as Vex.
Mainly, if I go to the Citadel nowadays, it's only to play Cellblock. I now live on the Mystery Island. I blame the Techo in me since I've always had a love for the place since I was a young neopet. The bright sun, lovely sea breeze, and the wonderful temperature....ahh that's my greatest joy, relaxing at the beach with a good book.

My fighting is in the past now. Though I can be considered rude, obnoxis and downright a jerk, I'm not really that evil. I just don't have the best trust or positive outlook many neopets have. Maybe it was because I was abandoned at a young age, or since I lived by fighting and that whole "instincts over brains" rule. I do not know.
Sure, I am now older and much more wiser, but I can't shake how I act. I might be rude to you, but I'll lend a helping claw when needed. Just because some say Buzz are evil, it doesn't mean I'm evil. Just look at Lord darigan now, he's good, even though he was thought to be an enemy at first.
Oh who am I kidding...Darigan was evil until that orb owned him, THEN he went good.


Family? Ugh...I want to say I have no family. Sadly, I'd be lying because back on October 8th '04, I had to meet
Watcher, a buzz that annoys me greatly. Watcher was creaed on this account, so he is my cousin, but I'll never consider him my cousin, I barely call him my friend. Though I am a Buzz again, I still don't care we're more related then before.
He's very hyper, but good natured. He loves to joke around, though some do like his jokes, others hate them. *cough*
I wonder why Halloween Buzzes lose their wings? I thought they just wore a costume, but maybe there's more to them then what meets the eye? Watcher seem pretty happy, dispite he can't fly anymore. Maybe he's been a halloween Buzz for too long?
Watcher has been a fan of the Buzz Avenger for awhile now. He wishes to be like him since he wants to do more stuff then watch the Buzz Gallery.
His favorite food is Twirly Fruit, even though Buzz usually crave Tigersquash. He's weird.

Watcher's petpet is a maraquan Carma called, Grappler, and he really hates Watcher. It's not that Watcher did anything wrong to him, past the water faerie thing. *ahem* Anyways, it's not for a bad reason, just some neopets and petpets aren't ment for each other. Carmas like to eat insects and Watcher is an insect so naturally, there's conflict between them. Watcher is very obvious to this and loves Grappler a lot. Pretty sad owner to petpet relationship here, but meh.

Then there's Targ, she stays with Watcher and from what I can tell with those two, she doesn't like him much, always saying how annoying he is with his jokes and trying to act tough. We have something in common there. Targ is already more easy to deal with then Watcher, though she is still pretty young. She hasn't been with us for very long. She's the adventerous type, so she's always trying to explore the lands.

Even though Targ loves to travel, she loves her Droolik, Kolt, a lot too. The thing barely moves, so it seems like it's dead. Droolik's do seem like the cousin of Zomutts, so maybe Droolik's are zombies as well? - mismatched tags -

Kai is the newest member of our family and he has to suffer with having to live with Targ and Watcher's constent arguements. Whenever I'm not around to shut those two up, Kai would be the middleman and get them to calm down.
Not much is known about Kai, past him dealing with the other two. He just tends to have his nose in a book, or playing chance games in the game center. He also mutters about paintbrushes since he can't wait to be painted a new color. With how popular Ogrins are...he'll be waiting awhile. It's pretty sad how much Ogrins are disliked, but Kai is very well liked in our group.
I will say this about Kai, he does like the band, Moehawk, since his mane is actually copied from the drummer of the band. Kai does have good taste in what he likes.
Whenever the four of us play a game of Cheat!, Watcher loves to scream, Not so fast, Kaiva! at him when he's caught cheating. Must be an inside joke.

Kaiva's petpet is a Blorpulous he calls Kazm. That thing is just like Kolt, it barely moves and seems dead. What is with Kai and Targ and things that look dead? Least Klawz moves a lot for a zombie.
Still, Kazm is usually perched on Kai's head when he's laying down or reading. It seems very content with him.

Seems another neopet has entered my family, and his name is Bones. He's not a bad guy or anything, but he likes ot keep to himself a lot. He keeps swiping my bones, but gives them back...after a week! What is he doing with them?
Bones does keep to himself,but as of late he's become good freind with Targ and they like exploring Haunted Woods and bring back bones and decaying stuff that's common from Haunted Woods. Least Bones is more outgoing now.

Meet our the newest neopet to our little pack. His name is Yark and his a mutant that is a total neat freak, even though he drools green slime all over the place at times. He's very well kept and may seem a bit snobish, but he's a great guy and likes to joke around, till something gets dirty, and then he'll go mental.
Only problem Yark seems to have, past his neatness insanity, is since he's a mutant he's a bit crazy. Much as he tries to hide his wild side, it will slip out here and there and he'll destroy things. When he recovers, he just cleans it up and acts like nothing happened.
Yark and Kai_va are pretty good friends now, so things are going well here.

There's one things we all have in common and that is the fact that all three of us were painted with a paintbrush...except Kai,but he'll be painted when the time comes. Yes, I was painted with a Faerie Paint Brush when my owner could have tried labbing for the color. Feels more better being painted then labbed...well, least to me.
My owner wasted her fountian Faerie pass making me the first pirate Bori...she really should have went for the Buzzin avatar, but she seemed very negative getting it. I dunno why, since she really likes Buzzes.

Anyways, back to my family. Yes, we don't get along too well together, least with Watcher, but hey, that's how it is with us. Hey, familiy is family, and as corny as it sounds...I'm stuck with them even if I hate them.

Other Stuff

I like...
..the band, Moehawk
..Mystery Island's Beach
..Klawz, my Zomutt
..doing jobs
..the water faerie

I Dislike...
..Butter...don't ask
..being bored
..the light faerie
..Watcher's lame puns

Klawz the Zomutt
Weight : 5 lbs.
Rarity : 101
Cost (approx) : Price ranges, but at the buyable mark now
He followed you home from those spooky woods didnt he?

Zomutts are from the Test Your Strenght area of the Deserted Fairground. They're really cool looking and pretty spooky. I really like little Klawz. He's a zombie puppy, how can you not like that combo?
Klawz was given to me after I got rid of my Mazzew. The Mazzew wasn't that grand a petpet for me. The fact the Wheel of Monotony came out two weeks after getting my Mazzew didn't help things.
Klawz has a crazy obsession of biting lots of things and I can't stop him from doing that. He usually bites when he's happy, though playful biting, it still hurts! He also has a weird scent of mold and lemons. I blame the fact he's a zombie to be the reason.
Though painful and a tad smelly, I'll keep him for as long as I can. I'm avoiding the Turmaculus in Meridell now.
Klawz, like any zombie, really can't feel pain, so his head is slighty cracked from is unknown fall, this happened before I got him. He's got a few stitches on his head from the crack, or split, I'm not really sure what it is.
Klawz used to be a mutant Zomutt, but since pirate Zomutts have been running around now. I decided to repaint him. He's still a pain on the tail, but least he's not clawing me anymore.

The moach that is always with Klawz has been named Sling. I should get rid of the moach, but Klawz won't let it go. Not like Sling is doing anything wrong. It just looks around and bites Klawz's ears at times. Little thing loves music a lot.

Well, it seems Klawz won petpet spotlight on October 13th, aka Bori Day. How lucky of him. If you want to read his story click his image. Now with a more updated image of him. Old version is on his petpet spotlight entry.

Click Klawz for his story.

Zomutts, when I first got Klawz, weren't highly popular. Expensive, but not popular. It seems that over time they must have become popular since now there's petpet supply items with them, colors to paint them, and even an avatar.

So Zomutts really are the Jack of Spades. They really have become popular.


Buzz battlers are few and spread...I want that changed!"

Intelligence: 1187
Level: 348
Strenght: 716
Defense: 500
Hit Points: 1316/1316

Don't be fooled by my stats, I gave up being a serious battler quite awhile ago. I won't be caught packing weapons like Sword Of Skardsen, Ghostker-bomb, shield, sword, or any attack peas.
Instead, I use weapons many serious battlers would avoid, Neutralising Ray and Rainbow Swirly Thing, for examples. Sure, I could never do great in wars, but I don't care. Battling is behind me now. I'd rather have fun then have predictable weapons.
I was never trained, actaully, I was a pure lab pet till April 2005.

Out of all the icons, I favor air and darkness. Why? Because I'm a Buzz and with saying that I'll shred any air tossed at me, so beware.

Battling Past

Truth be told, I used to want to be the best fighter. Out of many in the past, I really was considered strong and the Meridell war really let me shine. Though I shall always be disgusted for the fact I jumped boats, but it wasn't for more points. I only had 869 points when I changed sides. Really, I got sick of all the Neopets who jumped to Darigan for either more points or because they felt they just HAD to fight for the "good" guys.
Pah! Listen to me on this; Darigan and Skarl were both good and bad guys. Really, with that war it was dark, spooky neopets verses shiny neopets.

Bah...forget what I just said...look, I was a pet to be considered tough, but I made a mistake when I decided I wanted to be different from other battlers. They used the top rated weapons and I'd use a weapon that wasn't as good, had a higher price tag, or was random. This was my downfall since I couldn't compare to others since I wasn't for being a powerhouse, but giving variety to the battledome. Because of this I have a new motto:

Don't be different in the battledome.

It's true. If you want to be the best fighter, you have to have no variety. In the end, your set will probs consist of a Jade Scorchstone, Thyora's Tear, Ghostkersword, Ghostkershield, Ghostkerbomb, Sword Of Skardsen, Heavy Blue Tunic, and any or all the Attack Peas. Maybe this will change one day, but for now...yep, that's will be your set if you really want to be the best.

Don't take what I said the wrong way. I may not have the best set around, I still do have pretty good knowledge when it comes to battling. So if you need tips in the dome...I'm your Buzz of info.
I still do battle, but never for a serious fight. I can take a loss very easily, but I'll put up a fight.

Rings: Powerful or Girly?

*coming soon* this hasn't been forgotten

Favorite Weapons

Just a few weapons I like...I may or may not own these

Random weapons are the way to go!

Buzz Gallery

My owner is a big Buzz fan, and apparently her love of Buzz got me to be one once again. This Gallery has been going for over three years now. The reason it's not on this account is because she didn't want to move it back over after gallery choice was made. Plus, she has Watcher_Buzz on that account, so he fits to the gallery theme more then me.

Just click the Halloween Buzz to see the gallery. It is the most completed Buzz-only gallery on the site. Big thanks to Harpyrat.

Seems it being rejected was just a mess up since it's now won Gallery spotlight for, guess what, Buzz day! The gallery will still be updated and even improved now.

View the winning page -here-

Our Treasures

Well, Cellblock is gone and now we just us the gallery to hold stuff we like, namely my bones. Now Bones is going to try to steal them. Ugh! Past that fact, nothing much there, but you can view some stuff we have lying around. Armadi loves Tyrannia a lot, so she keeps her collection there.

Click the Werelupe to view it.

Art Gallery
My owner likes to draw neopet stuff a lot and when she wins she sometimes gets the same e-mails over and over. This section was made to deal with repeated e-mails.

Art Gallery Wins
Newest to oldest...

-Sling the Moach- -Mutant Psimouse-

-Senator Palpus- -X-mas Bori- -Tyran Nimmo- -Tyran Cup Fan-

-Eyrieki- -Island Gelert- -Tyran Lenny- -Halloween Zafara-

-Watcher- -Mutant Usul- -Desert Pteri- -Galgarroth-

-Kyruggi- -Darigan Blumaroo- -Little Timmy- -Mutant Niptor-

-Sabre-X- -Grey Kyrii- -Tyran Shoyru- -Darigan Mynci-

-Pirate Zafara- -Island Skeith- -Green Bori- -Tyran Techo-

-Halloween Nimmo- -Halloween Buzz- -Mutant Lupe- -Techo Master-



Some images got "compressed" because they were bigger then the normal Art Gallery pop up box.

Best prize from Art Gallery: Darigan Paint Brush (Mutant Usul Image)
Worse Prize from Art Gallery: Bri Codestone (Sabre-X image)

Current wins: 29 Current rejects: A lot...really...a lot...


Can I ask for a art request/trade? Sorry, but she won't do either. She just don't have the time, but if you get lucky, she sometimes will do a request. Though it can take a day to a couple of weeks to get it, mattering her freetime.
When does she enter Art Gallery? Usually, she'll only enter on species/pet colors she likes (eg: Buzz, Bori, Techo and Lupe), or neopet characters she likes (eg: Galgarroth, Sabre-X).
As of late, she just draws her favorite color of a species. She loves Tyrannian neopets, so it's becoming obvious she'll draw them the most for Art Gallery nowadays.
Can I use her image for a look up or something else? You gotta n-mail her about that. Matters what the image is being used for.
What Program do you use to color? Photoshop Elements 2.0
How do you do your images? Sketched with blue lead, inked with a brush pen, then scanned and sent to Elements for coloring.
You're owner's art is really nice. I'm sure she appreciates those kind words.
Do you have a DA account? Yes, her name on there is Recently, she's changed from Armi to big reason,but, yeah, the Armi account is just for viewing old stuff now.
Just a note to people that read this: My owner tries to stick to the offical neopets art, with a slight touch of her own style (usually adding claws or visable "toes" to pets that lack them) Art is pretty simple, but she likes it that way, in fact that is her style, simple cartoony art. Usually takes her 1-2 hours to finish an image fully.
Also to answer this question, no, she has no intentions to wanting to try to be a neopets artist. Nice of people to say that, but it's probs hard to be a neopets artist, plus, there are many more skilled artist on Neopets.
What are the usual prizes you can win from Art Gallery? It ranges from a codestone to a paintbrush. Other prizes are petpet paint brushes and a buyable or unbuyable petpet.
What you get is random, so if you're entering art gallery just for a Darigan paintbrush, you got a low chance of seeing one. You have a better chance of seeing a petpet or petpet paint brush.
*New* What's the most common prize you win?
Armadi tends to win paintbrushs. Her most common prizes are standard paint brushes, then petpet paint brushes, then petpets, and finally codestones.
Bad Carma

What is Bad Carma?

It's a comic series my owner is doing. It features myself and and different stuff in Neopia. The series is planned to come out every 2 weeks, unless something comes up. Enjoy it, if you wish.

Why is it called Bad Carma?
Bad Carma is just referring to Watcher's petpet Carma, Grappler who is, as you can guess, a bad Carma.
Yes, the comic's name did come from the phrase, "Bad Karma".

Who's the green and brown neopet in these comics?

Watcher_Buzz, who resides on my owner's Buzz gallery account. Watcher is the unsung "hero" of the comic. He's seen a lot more and makes most of the jokes since I'm not as hyperactive as him.
He's a halloween Buzz, if you couldn't tell. Halloween Buzzes give up their wings for fur, but I think Watcher gave up his common sense as well.

Bad Carma Art and other stuff FAQ

What program do you use for the comics?Photoshop Elements
How are the comics done? Same as Art Gallery images, but one difference, they're inked with a .5 ink pen, over brush tool that Art Gallery images are done with. Image are drawn separate, but put together with Photoshop and text is addded...not much to explain there
*NEW*What's the font used in the title? Depraved font. Text in comic is, usually, Comic Sans.
Can my pet be in Bad Carma? No, unless my owner needs a certain pet species for a comic, then yes, your pet can be in the comic. Sometimes her closest neofriends' pets will be in a comic though.
Bad Carma is an awesome comic. We try to be orignal with jokes, so that's great to hear. Hope the art pleases many, my owner tries to stick to offical neopets art at times.
Comic needs more Watcher in it!!! I'm ignoring that one...Watcher is a moron.
You misspelled Karma. *points to section above FAQ* Carma is a petpet. The comic is a play on words.
Was Bad Carma made to get the Neotimes avatar? More no then yes. My owner isn't an avatar collector so she wasn't into getting the avatar, but if given it, why argue? Still Bad Carma was made because my owner wanted to get back into doing simple comics. Just funny that it went on haitus right at ten wins.
Will Kai and Targ be seen more in the comic? Oh, very much so yes. Both of them will be seen in later comics, maybe Kai will get some Ogrin haters to not hate all Ogrin. Probs not though...
*NEW* When is Bad Carma coming back?! My word...we got that question a lot more then expected when we went of hiatus.
Bad Carma is back for now since my owner has gotten more drawn. #9 should be getting colored this Friday and submitted Sunday night.
Glad to know a few liked the series and missed it. Thanks much BC fans.


#1 Battledome Hazards- Appears in NT #205, features Watcher and how some random events in the battledome can take you out. Bob would love for this to happen more often.
#2 Tombs and Arrows- Appears in NT #207, this was just something my owner complained about everytime I got hit by arrows in the tomb.
#3 Pun Fun- Appears in NT #210, features Watcher being annoying with his stupid puns. Though, joke's on him with the Shoyru, since the book went *poof* when he read it.
Seems this is the funniest comic thus far...they actually like Watcher's puns.
#4 All Snot, no game- Appears in NT #211, features me and the most annoying battledome challanger, Meuka. Seems no one understands I'm a retired fighter.
#5 And you are...- Appears in NT #214, it's a Halloween special. I'm Galgarroth, while Watcher is Balthazar, Neoquest 2 version. Watcher bottling Grappler only made his petpet hate him even more...
#6 Location Skills- Appears in NT #218. Hey, it's true. Who leaves a non-winter related neopet living in that kind of neohome on Terror Mountain? Watcher is drawn more properly in this one.
#7 LDP's High Points - Appears in NT #220. This goes out to everyone that took part inthe Lost Desert plot. It features everything you most likely remember from it. Joke will go over your head if you didn't take part in it.
Targ is introduced in this comic, as well as the Meepit Trio
#8 Tu...what?- Appears in NT #246. Just random humor (though moreso an inside joke) really and yes, Darigan kyrii looks like they want to do ballet.
Before anyone says it...yes, "image" is suppose to be "imagine". That typo was found too late to was the comic's button. Our bad.=P

Yes, Bad Carma is back for awhile, but I dunno how long it'll be. There will be a Halloween comic for sure, but how many between now and then is unclear. Armadi has a bunch of ideas written down, so there's something to look forward too.

UPDATE: Due to projects in college this quarter, no Bad Carma cause of that. Sorry. More will be done during the three week break.

Looks like we won an award.

*Click the Pteri to read the game guide my owner submitted to Neotimes #213*

Pterattack, a fun arial shooting game where you control a green Pteri fighting off Dactyles and avoiding one mean Grarrl. Since this is the only game my owner plays, why not have a section on it for other people?
The game was revamped from the old version of Pterattack. The controls are the same from the former, but there have been some changes, past the graphics.

There's four weapons you can use. Each level is stronger then the last, naturally, but sometimes the weapons doesn't show a physical change.
Any weapon power ups you grab gives you 10 points.

Ptershot (blue)- Default weapon. It's a blue laser, not much to explain there.
Lv1- Single blue laser
Lv2- Single blue laser
Lv3- Single blue laser
Lv4- Single blue laser (wow, great change upgrades...)

Pterpod (green)- Shoots orbs out three ways to begin with, but changes by level 4.
Lv1- Shoots greens pods from you left, right, and top of your head simultaneously
Lv2- Shoots green orbs, diagonally
Lv3- Same as lv2, but faster
Lv4- Shoots a laser that lasts about two seconds

Pterboom (purple)- Shoots out a boomerang-like weapon.
Lv1- Shoots a single "boomerang"
Lv2- Shoots two "boomerangs" diagonally
Lv3- Same as level 2, just stronger
Lv4- Same as lv2, but the "boomerangs" are doubled in size

Fireball (red)- You shoot out, oh I dunno, fireballs?
Lv1- Shoots a single fireball straight out
Lv2- Shoots two fireballs out that travel diagonally
Lv3- Shoots three fireballs out that travel straight forwards, and diagonally - mismatched tags -

The Dactlyes

Ok, these guys aren't the same as the old game. Thus far, all of them net the same amout of points. Which is 5 points.
All of them, except white, fly the same way...straight forward. None move any faster then the others.
Brown- Appears at start of the game. Any level/weapons kills them in one hit.
Green- Appears at start of game with brown. Two shots with lv1 weapons to kill it. One shot for the rest.
Blue- Appear on level 4. Three shots with lv1 to kill, two shots with lv2 weapons to kill, and one shot with lv3† weapons to kill it.
White- Appears on level 5. These are the most painful of the enemies. They will start from the left of the screen and will randomly fly straight left to right, or fly from left to the upper right corner, or fly from left to lower right corner.
Upon checking more, white dactyles give NO points. If you get hit by one, you won't get a "hit" image, and if you kill one, you will score 0 points.
Gold- Appears on level 6. Two shots with lv4 weapons to kill, unsure on lower levels.
Red- Appears on level 7. Two shots with lv4 weapons to kill, unsure on lower levels. They seem like the final level of Dactlyes.

Alright, this game keeps the levels, but they're a bit different. You don't go up a level every 100 points instead the format is a bit different.
Level 1- Start on
Level 2- 200 points
Level 3- 300 points
Level 4- 500 points
Level 5- 800 points
Level 6- 1200 points
Level 7- 1700 points

Ok, life in this game isn't like the old game since you don't get life every two levels instead, the most many will get is 3† lives.
You'll get a plus life when you score 500, 1500, and 3000 points.

Tips and other stuff
- Unlike the last game, you can shoot the Grarrl and have an effect on it. Shooting it with any weapon of any level will stun it and make it fall off the screen. Fireball(lv2†) and Pterboom(lv2†) are best for this since you can shoot it from the side, instead of going straight behind it.
- Better to stay to the center and right side of the screen. Left is a bit hazardous since the white dactlye always comes from the left and you don't know which way it'll head when it appears
- No sign of the huge Grarrl from the old game
- If you get "swarmed" with dactyles on the screen, the game will slow down and your shots will be slowed to one shot on screen, at times.
-Since power ups are far more common in this version beware when you do get "swarmed" because there's a good chance you might accidently get a different power up. If that happens, sorry, but it's game over if this happens in level 6 and up.
Here are some trophies I have won...showing off or battling

Other Stuff
This section is just everything else, from fanart to adoptable stuff. Just couldn't think of a better name for it. a problem with that? *shakes fist*

Work that other users have done of me. Thanks very much for the awesome art.

To fully view them do either of these choices:
1)Right click and select "view image" (Firefox/Opera users)
2)Drag image to URL bar (IE users)

Reference Image

Me as a Faerie Buzz Giftart

Image by, from left to right: Aqua and Twisted.

When I was a Darigan Bori Giftart

Image by, from left to right:Chibi Zoo, Aqua, Sykes, and Mystic

Adoptable Stuff
Bori Adoptables have gone away now, but they are not gone forever, just been moved. If you wish to get a Bori adoptable, just check out
Watcher's petpage. Only the offical colors are there now. Customs are only on there for pick-ups now.

Newest adoptables added: Darigan and Starry

Customs are both opened and closed, since I dunno if she's really going to keep doing them. If you want just bug Armadi about it through neomail.

Below are a few of her favorite Bori adoptables she's done, non-customized.






I think you all should have saw this coming, but Armadi is working on Buzz Adoptables! Yark is in charage of the up keep of them and right now we only have the basic colors. She plans to get more done over break.

Click: HERE for the adoptables.

Well now seems my owner got an award for the Bori adoptables. Thanks much Kalilinoe.
-Buzz Info- -Klawz-

-Gallery- -Bad Carma- -Trophies-

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