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Species: Skeith
Type: Tyrannain
Representative age: ~35y
Birthday: 12th January
Gender: Female
Occupation: Thug
Borzukas Statistics
Caretaker: AJ
Resident: Uzag

Introduction [Top]

Personality [Top]
Borzuka is a big, mean brute who just love to intimidate others. But if there's anything she finds even more entertaining, it's getting into fistfights! And if she fails to provoke one by talk, she maybe just punch someone to see how that person will react.
Borzuka also is stubborn, aggressive and dominant, something that make her even less charming... She's pretty much averagely intelligent but tends to act before thinking, often ending up making hasty, or even foolish, decisions. Generally she's being grumpy or in a all-over bad mood where even the smallest of things can make her snap... Thus, thouse who is aware of this skeiths state of mind generally try to avoid her.
However, most of it is just a frail fa├žade... Borzuka have been treated badly by others in the past, something that has made her become a very hating skeith. She do not trust or put fait in anyone, afraid that they try to exploit or hurt her. So Borzuka is doing her best to repel others by making them fear her. But the price is high; Borzuka doesn't have any friends and is suffering from severe loneliness. She often sink into depressions but this just shows up to others as unusually bad mood. Thought, it shall also be mentioned that even if Borzuka may act mean and thuggish most of the time, she will play hero if a situation becomes crucial for real.
Borzuka also put huge effort in building up her physical strength, with the hopes that this will help her to weight up her mental insecurity... Something that has been proved to be completely wrong and giving Borzuka yet another thing to be frustrated about. She still keeps battling thought, knowing that it will at least help her to scare off others in the end.
So, even if Borzuka constantly play tormenter, she truley a very lonely and vulnerable skeith. She is in need of friends, yet this is exactly what she tries so hard to repel. If ones manage to even get close to her weaker spots, she quickly will tremble and break.

History [Top]
Borzukas life started out very tender and nice, she had two great parents that both deeply loved their baby. But when Borzuka still was a mere child, the little family got attacked. Knowing that their young daughter was threatened, the two parents fearlessly faced the enemy in order to buy their child time to flee. They told Borzuka to run away, hide and then wait for them to come back.
Borzuka did as she was told, then she waited. And waited. And waited.
But... the two adult skeiths never came back.
Borzuka was later found by a young scorchio, two day after the attack, and he decided to help the little skeith who where both scared, tired and hungry.
As Borzukas parents had gone missing, the little skeith was put up for adoption with the hopes of finding a new family. But things didn't quite turn out that way; instead of finding a family ready to care for her, Borzuka got dismissed over and over again for her... not very attractive looks and also got seriously picked on for the same reason. Being quiet and shy, Borzuka listed to what they told her and came to believe them, slowly tearing down her self-esteem.
The bulling continued and soon Borzukas agony started to turn into deep hate. It slowly grew more intense; the young skeith isolated herself and built up a grudge against everyone in her surroundings. One day it was brought to its peak; one of her harassers made a crude comment about Borzukas parents and Borzuka completely snapped. She stood up for herself and beat up her the bully in blind rage and distress.
Realizing what she had done, Borzuka ran away by fear and in shame. She never returned, Borzuka thought that she could take care of herself, she didn't need anyone. But she had also learned something that day too, being intimidating was a great way to keep others and their hurtful comments and acts away.
Time went by and the little skeith grew up and become a, even for her species, huge, thuggish looking tyrannian skeith. Having had little love and no friends, she also became a deeply bitter and hating creature, someone that had no trust in others. Borzuka became grumpy, dominant and aggressive, yet also depressed, alone and mentally fragile.

Appearance [Top]
Borzuka have a rather thuggish appearance, she is a big, battleworn and rough tyrannian skeith. Borzuka is muscular but most of all "big boned", making her appear very broad with thick limbs and rough face shapes, attributes stand out even more due to her tyrannian features.
Trough her ruthless nature, Borzuka has gained a countless amount of scars. Her ears and wings are torn as well, but her most outstanding mark is that a piece of her upper lip is missing, making her constantly showing some teeth.
Borzuka as good as always wears a pair of brass knuckles, but may carry other close combat weapons such as crushing axes or blunt weapons. This is generally just for show off and threatening thought; Borzuka rarely have any intentions to actually hurt anyone for real. These weapons are usually of low quality as well, having jagged blades or rust, but they are is still fully useable if used with enough force... which ain't much of a problem for this skeith..! It's not rare that Borzuka put on various pieces of armour for the same purpose, such as a single shoulder pad or mismatching knee cops. The parts are usually of the same standard as the weapons, having buckles or even rust! Hence, due to these items short durability, they tend to vary a lot. Nevertheless, Borzuka still get her hands upon finer equipment from time to time.
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Family, Friends and Foe [Top]
Borzuka have no family and she always does her best to repel everyone nearby. Naturally Borzuka have no friends but many enemies due to her aggressive behaviour. Borzuka prefers to be on her own, but she has kind of been forced into having a relationship with the ones she chare household or space with. And the truth is that Borzuka doesn't dislike the fact of having a few persons that she is familiar with around at all.
Dorukk is the closest thing to a friend Borzuka ever had, but little does she know that Dorukk is mainly just smooth-talking her! He have total control of the big brute and he can easily make Borzuka to do him favours and keep her from beating him up.
But... he do actually kind of like her... a little.
Nirax is a very caring creature, and no matter how mean or rude Borzuka acts, the old skeith still keep and eye on the tyrannian skeith and looks after the wounds Borzuka may gain in fights. Borzuka secretly likes Nirax but she always try to act unwilling of being cared for. This is rather useless thought, as Nirax easily sees trough this act. Nirax is someone that Borzuka would never try to hurt.
Zathil is a classy skeith with high standards who have little interest in the badly behaved Borzuka. However, being into sarcastic comments himself, he's highly amused with Borzukas menace behaviour towards others. He sees through Borzukas as well and knows that a single well-aimed comment from him could easily wreck her. This would mean a grand one-time pleasure for him, but in the long term a loss of a source of enjoyment. Thus Zathil does his best to keep his mouth shut, just throwing looks or hinting his knowledge to unease Borzuka for fun.
Grimwag is someone Borzuka feel rather threatened by; Grimwag is loud and ruthless with little caution and Borzuka is always anxious that some crude joke will slip out of the striped skeith mouth. There for Borzuka kind of harass Grimwag, making sure that the noisy skeith never would dare to throw a joke about her.
Zibius is quirky and utterly anxious, something that Borzuka find very bothersome; it's impossible for her to tell what Zibius is up, and this makes Borzuka very edgy and thus she act aggressive towards Zibius. Unfortunately this usually just results in Zibius getting even more jumpy and the downward spiral is started... And that Zibius is very keen about Grimwag doesn't make things any better!
Gwerk is a rather pesky little pwerko petpet... One day he just day happened to bump into the big skeith Borzuka and the pwerko quickly discovered how fun it was to tease the skeith, making her get horrid rage-attacks. And as Borzuka isn't very... graceful, the Gwerk doesn't need to fear being caught either; he knows that he is way too tiny and quick to for the clumsy skeith to catch.
Gwerk is a bit ruthless and he just love teasing others for fun. Especially if they get angry with him, because that means he has succeeded with being annoying. Otherwise he mostly trots around, looking for food and ways to be mischievous. Gwerk appear from time to time around Borzuka, just to hang around to pester her life. And to theft some of her food... because he knows that it makes her mad as well.
Borzuka herself... well, she can barely wait for the day she'll mange to get her hands on Gwerk and have the annoying petpet for dinner!
Autobiography [Top]

Art [Top]
Here's some pictures of Borzuka! The artists have their name and a link to their main-account under their art, and thouse without such have been made by me. FAQs about my art can be found here.
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Links [Top]

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AJ's Skeith Pack

Hi there!
The original purpose of this page was basically to organize my skeiths and accounts, putting them all into one place together. Both for fun and for making it easier for RPG companions to get a quick and fast overview. But in the end, I added some other random stuff too as I ran short on space at my look up ^^;

About Me
Ill keep this really short. Because none will read it and if you do, I don't want to bore you too much XD
I'm from Sweden and am currently studying biology with focus on conservation. I enjoy tiny organisms the most, including such as things as phytoplankton, moulds and millipedes ^_^
On my free time, I draw a lot, usually pictures with fantasy or nature themes (or a mixture of them!).
I also enjoy plants and pets, but I can't have many where I currently live... I just got a few hissing roaches, and hopefully firebelly salamanders in the future, right now.
I play computer games too, and favour strategy games in particular.
I also have a interest in WarHammerFB... OnG is the species for me! ;)

About the skeiths
This pack of skeiths usually hangs out at a distant house upon Terror Mountain. However, their species is pretty much the only thing they have in common! In fact, it was not even the meaning that the house was going to be occupied by skeiths only. This place was open for anyone who needed a place to stay, but due to the... unbehaved behaviour of a particular skeith named Borzuka, the other neopets that was interested quickly changed their mind... (not to mention that the placement of the house required the ability to fly trough snowstorms or extreme mountaineering skills!).
The actual residence can be visited from my Uzag. Not all rooms have been decorated thought...

RPG Status
I only do quad RP, and all my pets are always open for RPGing. If you feel like it... just send me a neomail, and we can try and see if we go well together.
Also, it's good if you're quite experienced, GryffinRose got a very good guide here. Its not that I'm any super-RPGer myself or thought! I'm rather new actually, but not completely unfamiliar to it. And... please note that English is not my main language, but I am trying D:

I work with many different styles and techniques, and often experiment. Thus, a quite varied array of art can be seen around the pages I've worked with. There might be different names on my artwork too, but they all say either AJ or Uzag (mostly both), where AJ is my "artist" name and Uzag points to my Neo main-account. Hence, AJ and Uzag is the same person in this case ^^
Art-theft, or theft of anything for that matter such as text or characters, is always completely unacceptable and will be reported. I guard my fellow artists as well.

Various adoptables are shattered upon my skeiths petpages! I will show a sample of each adoptable here, which you can click to get to that pets page. There you can find out what colors that specific adoptable is available in and if I do customs of it :)


Here's some random makeable-scribbles that you may edit as you want! (*only* the white pictures below this text!)

The rules;
- You may alter the art the way you want
- Don't remove my signature, please
- Don't enter them into any contests or galleries
- Don't steal ;)
- Don't claim it as you own, solid work
- Please link back here ^_~

Thats all I think... I've might missed something, but you can always send me a neomail if you're not sure what you may or may not do with these graphics. But basically, my rules are the same like everyone elses.


To view a picture, pull it to your address bar.

These beautiful pictures
was made by Extatosoma!

By Ninetails390! ^.^

A poem by LiterateHyaena

And this lill' cutie by Dehoot

And... more art?
I have two characters that are yet to be created as I'm still searching for the *perfect* names. This hasn't hindered me from starting to gather art and creating homepages for them however! And I wanna show those pictures off already X3
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The Skeiths and my Accounts
I'm slowly getting my pets petpages done, but they all at least got short but fairly detailed descriptions upon their look-ups...
A * means they got a betapage in progress and to display fanart at.


Slap-Dash Adventurer
Psycho-Manic Gravedigger
Stylish Thief
Rough Brute*
Hearty Mystic*
Malicious Conspirator*

Now, take care! ^_^


Remember When

click it. I dare you.

Year of the Rat - Mutant Xweetok



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