So, guest, you want to be a neoMillionaire, eh?
Well, then, step right up to Atablicryon's amazing, do-it-yourself, everything-you-ever-needed-to-know-and-then-some, step-by-step guide to becoming a neoMillionaire!

Go beyond Xk-a-day guides. Those are helpful for getting you started, but they only work when you're logged on to Neopets. How can you earn NPs when you're on vacation? I can tell you that. And if you hate playing games, I've got you covered, too!

If you follow (or at least reference from time to time) this simple guide, in no time at all you'll be reveling in a pixelated paradise of plentiful neoPoints!
Swimming on an ocean of overwhelming wealth!
Gazing at mounds of well-deserved moola!
Sound like fun? Alright, then, let the greed, erm, games commence!

And for a twist, play my neoAdventure and I'll walk you through the basics to becoming a neoMillionaire! Great for those short attention spans!

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This section hits all the main points and basic strategies of the entire Guide. This section is for all those people who claim they "don't understand" the Guide. This is as simple as it gets. To read about anything in more detail, click the title link.

  • Secrets? No, there are no secrets to earning NPs. Just because you haven't earned any yet doesn't mean that you can't do it. Play smart, work hard, and you'll be a neoMillionaire in no time.

  • Games & Stocks. Play games. Even if you don't "like" them, play them. They give you NPs whether you're good at them or not. Play games: there are over 150 games; they all give NPs. I'll say it again: play games. Got the point yet?

  • Save. Don't spend more than you have to. Keep your NPs in the Bank. If your pet is sick, go the Healing Springs in Faerieland every 30 minutes until she heals them.

  • Freebies. Get free or cheap stuff and sell it. Cheap is good; free is best. This section lists all the current freebies.

  • Buy & Sell. Buy items from the Neopian Shops and sell them for more than you paid; that's Restocking. Price according to the Shop Wizard. Sell everything. Price according to the Shop Wizard.

  • More. Timed Quests can sometimes give you items that resell well. Jobs can give you NPs. Entering Neopian contests can get you items & NPs. TNT has made it so easy to earn NPs, so take advantage.

  • Don't. Don't scam other users; you get reported and you lose your account. Don't try to cheat; Neopets is not a hard game, so why would you need to? Do not beg. Earn your own NPs. Everyone else is doing it.
There, that's the basic summary of how to earn NPs. Work hard; play smart. Earning NPs is not hard. Now, read the rest of the Guide. Then you'll know everything that I know, and "...knowing is half the battle"!



Your daily NP-making rounds in Neopia might look like this:
Remember, you can customize this list to fit your schedule and skills. Find the ways to earn NPs that work for you and then use them!



Most people fail to earn NPs because they start from a wrong set of assumptions. They assume that:
  • only certain people, who know all the "secrets," can earn a lot of NPs
  • they aren't one of these special people and therefore can "never" earn NPs
  • there are only a certain number of NPs in Neopia and the "rich" people have them all
But none of these is true!

Maybe you haven't earned many NPs before so you think it's "impossible" to earn NPs. But if you think something is "impossible", then it becomes impossible to you!

We're going to get "impossible" out of your Neopets vocabulary. I'm going to tell you all those "secrets" you think you're missing. And I'm going to prove that you can be a neoMillionaire.

You CAN do it

Earning oodles of NPs is not something that only a select few players can do--anyone can do it, whether you're brand-new to the site or have been here for years, whether you play for one hour or twenty-three hours each day. You, yes, you can do this.

Yes, there's a lot of information on this page, and yes, most of it will require some effort on your part to get results. But it does work!

The choice is yours: are you going to put in the time and effort to achieve great things, or are you going to wallow and whine in your perceived inadequacies?

(Who knew that Neopets could teach you life lessons, eh? See, now you can tell your parents you aren't just wasting your time and their money.)

If you convince yourself that you'll "never" earn NPs, well, then, you will never earn NPs. But if you are confident that you'll be a neoMillionaire in no time, I'll be expecting to hear great things from you. How far you go in this Game is entirely your own decision.

Think Big

A lot of people give up too soon, without looking ahead at the big picture. They don't see results fast enough, so they just assume that results aren't coming.

But a little NP hoard can grow into a huge stockpile over time. Look at how just a little daily earning and saving develops over 1 month (30 days) and over 1 year (365 days).

Daily NPs Total: 1 Month Total: 1 year
100 NPs 3,000 NPs 36,500 NPs
1,000 NPs 30,000 NPs 365,000 NPs
2,740 NPs 82,200 NPs 1,000,100 NPs
5,000 NPs 150,000 NPs 1,825,000 NPs
10,000 NPs 300,000 NPs 3,650,000 NPs

Now would you look at that? With very little effort on your part (less than 3,000 NPs a day), you can earn over 1 million NPs in a year.

Of course, you probably don't want to wait an entire year to have a lot of NPs, but don't worry--there are ways to earn NPs faster. That's what this whole page is about! I'm going to show you all the ways to earn more NPs.

When I started earning NPs, I noticed that I only earned a little bit every day. But as I learned all the ways to earn NPs and practiced them, I began to earn more NPs per day, with the same amount of work!

Make a Plan

So how are you going to do it? You need a plan. If you have a plan and you follow your plan, then you're well on your way.
  • Decide how many total NPs you want to have in one year or one month

  • Figure out how many NPs you need to earn per day to get that amount. (This requires a little bit of math, but not too much!)

  • Write that daily total out on a big piece of paper and keep it near your computer.

  • Look at that piece of paper every day and ask yourself, "Where are those NPs coming from?" They don't grow on trees! (Oh, wait, well, actually, they, well, nevermind that.)

  • Pick the strategies in this guide that work best for you, and then get out there and earn those NPs!

The Secret is...there is no Secret!

Remember, though, that while there are ways to earn NPs faster, there are no "cheats" or "secrets" that people aren't telling you. That's the honest truth.

Players with more NPs or cooler pets than you do not have a "back door" into the game -- not even Premium players. We all play just like you do, with one click of the mouse after another.

However, there are ways to play smarter, and that's what I hope you learn while reading this page. So, now it's time to buckle down and start learning how to earn those NPs!

There are a ton of NPs-earning guides out there, and they'll all tell you the same thing: Work hard, and you CAN do it!
Other NPs-Earning Guides

Games & Stocks


Games & Stocks

Lots of people want to know the "easiest" way to earn NPs. The absolute easiest method to understand is play games.

It's such a simple idea -- the Games Room gives out neoPoints (NPs) when you play games, so play more games to get more NPs! Yet I'm amazed at how many people refuse to put any effort into this easy and affordable means of making more NPs.

Now, I'm the first to admit that I don't actually like playing games. There are so many faster and better ways to earn NPs, in my opinion. However, you aren't going to get anywhere without an initial start-up fund. As a wise man once said, "To make gold, one must start with gold." So, get a grip and get playing.

Now, I know you don't want to play games. Neither do I. But, if you'll play games at first until you have enough NPs to restock and buy stocks, then you can quit playing games. (For the record, Al only plays games now if she's bored or for the AAA challenges.)
If you don't "like" games or aren't "good" at them,
play them anyway!
Play Games anyway
This is another obvious point, but I've seen far too many people complaining that they aren't "good" at any of the Games or that they don't "like" any of the Games. Well, guess what? The Games don't care if you're good at them or not or if you like them or not -- they still give you NPs!

If you submit a score, you always earn NPs, and that's more NPs that you had before. Stop complaining, and start playing. All that time you spend whining you could spend earning NPs.

But "But, Cryon," you say, "I don't have Flash and/or Shockwave. I can't play any games on my computer." Never fear, friends, I have the solution. Two solutions, actually:
  • download Flash and/or Shockwave (they are free, after all, and they're perfectly safe -- no viruses or anything else)

  • play games that don't require those programs -- not all the games do!
If you can post on the Boards and travel around Neopia, you can play the non-Flash Games. And while the Flash games limit you to 1,000 NPs/score (or 3,000 NPs/day), most of the non-Flash games have a 5,000 NPs daily limit. Hello, my precious little NPs!

The added bonus of playing non-Flash games? Since the pages reload more often, you're more likely to find Random Events that might give you NPs or items.

Games & Stocks


Best Games

All you've got to do is head over to the Games Room and choose your game. There are 15 main categories of Games. Each game can be in more than one category.

One game is also the Featured Game. If you play this game, you win double NPs.

Best games are generally a matter of personal preference. If you take a survey of "best games," you'll get a lot of different answers.
Easy Games Guides
Looking for a game guide or a list of easier games? Check out these guides:
Play what everyone else plays
If you want to see what games other people like, go to one of the categories and click the Popularity option. The list will re-organize to show you which games other people like the most. And since most people like easy games that give lots of NPs...

You might have to experiment for a while to find out which games you really enjoy playing. But there are so many games, you're sure to find one or two that you like and that you can get a good score on.

And don't count out playing random games now and then -- every little bit that you earn will really start to add up. Especially keep an eye out for Sponsor games. Some of these are ridiculously easy, especially the personality quizzes.

There's even an Avatar to encourage you to play games. If you send a score on 250 Games, you'll get a snazzy Avatar!
Play with everyone else
If you have time and a faster internet connection, you can play KeyQuest. In KeyQuest, you play in real-time against other Neopian players. You move your game piece around the board, collecting one of each color key and trying to be the first to reach the Finish square. You win keys based on your finishing order. These keys can be used to open a random door that will contain prizes. Prizes can include map pieces, neggs, paint brushes, books, and many rare items. You can also win NPs throughout the game.

Ask around on the KeyQuest board to find a game to join and to get help and advice about the game.
Game Strategy
I always have one of three strategies when I go to play Games:
  • play the games I like and take whatever NPs I earn
  • play as many games as it takes to reach a certain NP level
  • play as many games as I can in a certain time period
You'd be surprised at how quickly you can earn 5,000 - 10,000 NPs from a few games.

Don't forget -- if you have a really bad round on a game, you do NOT have to click the "Send Score" button. You can just start over and do better next time. Once you play a game enough times to know how much you can make on it, don't settle for less! Keep playing until you get (or pass) your normal score.

And if you're super phenomenal at one of the games, you'll make it onto the High Scores list. Not only do you get a spiffy trophy on your user look-up, you also earn a few extra NPs every day that you stay on the list. C'mon, what excuse could you possibly have now? This is a win-win situation!

And then, too, there are games like The Neopian Lottery, Scorchy Slots, Black Pawkeet Slots, Dice-A-Roo, Test Your Strength, and Buried Treasure that have huge jackpots. If you do, you might be an instant neoMillionaire! (Just remember that gambling usually doesn't pay off, in Neopets or off!)

Games & Stocks



Stocks are a game, of sorts. You buy 1,000 shares each day at 15 NPs on the Stock Market. Then wait to see if your stocks rise (hurray) or fall (boo).

(In case anyone is looking for the Stock Market, it is now housed under the "Board Games" section of the Games Room. Strange but true.)

You can buy stocks when their current price is 15 NPs per share or higher. Buy 1,000 shares of one stock at 15 NPs per share. When your stocks reach a higher price than what you paid, sell them off. You'll get back your own initial investment, plus the difference that the stock has risen. Don't sell them when their current price is less than what you paid, else you'll lose NPs.

You do not have to sell your stocks. Buying and selling stocks is a slow but steady way to earn NPs. The NPs you invest just sit there and (hopefully) increase in value while you patiently wait. (But, if you're not a patient or forgetful person, perhaps Stocks aren't for you.)
How to Buy/Sell Stock
  1. Have 15,000 NPs.
  2. Go to the Company Search page.
  3. Look in the "Curr" column for a 15.
  4. Click that company name (on two different pages). Enter "1000" in the box and click "Buy".
  5. Check your Portfolio. When the "% Change" column is +200% or greater, click the gray arrow next to the stock icon, enter "1000" in all the boxes, and click "Sell Shares".
When to sell
I like to wait until my stocks are at least 100% more than when I bought them -- then I can make back double. And usually I even wait for 300% returns. If you're feeling really brave, you can hold stocks even longer and hope they soar even higher.

Every once in a while, one stock will take off upwards and you could make millions instantly. (And then again, every once in a while, one stock will bankrupt... Eh, that's no good...)

If one of your stocks hits your sell point, don't sell all of your shares right away. Hold some back and wait to see if the price shoots up anymore. Usually, stocks peak at a high price, and then the price dances around at that level for a little while, so you might be able to make a few extra NPs off of that.

Buying and selling stocks is a rather passive way to earn NPs. I always buy some up and then completely forget about them! They just keep riding out the changing prices on the Market until I remember to come back and look at them.

So don't get discouraged if your stock choice doesn't seem to be doing well. You never have to sell your stocks, so just let them wait it out -- eventually, the price is sure to rise back up again.
What's a Stock?
What's "a "stock", you ask? I see that question a lot, and I have an answer ready for it. And the answer is, It doesn't matter.

I know, I know, you think I'm crazy. But think about it -- if you can understand when to buy and when to sell, who cares what exactly a stock "is"? (Aren't you glad you're spending your time reading this oh-so-helpful page?)

Buy low, sell high, and life is good.
Stock Market Guides




Did I just say "freebies"? You bet your bottom NP! You can get free stuff around Neopia. With a chance to win free items or even NPs, what are you waiting for? Let's get going!
Looking Out for #1
There are also quite a number of Random Events popping up around Neopia that will give you NPs or items. But there are also some that take away your NPs or items. So don't leave them sitting around! Protect your investments!

Leave your items in your Safety Deposit Box or in your Shop. If you're seriously focused on making NPs and not on training your pets, then sell everything you find -- codestones, bottled faeries, map pieces -- every little bit helps.

Also, watch the News and other happenings around Neopia. Sometimes, Neopets will have other giveaways and promotions around the site that will give items and/or NPs away. This includes things like the McDonald's giveaways or free NPs before a promotion starts. Pay attention to the News so that you won't miss these important, free events.




And the freebies are (drumroll please):

Coltzan's Shrine (guide) The Neopet Fruit Machine
The Money Tree The Meridell Rubbish Dump
Wise Old King Grumpy Old King
Tiki Tack Tombola Symol Hole
Guess the Weight Potato Counter
The Soup Kitchen The Healing Springs
Lost Tomb of Geraptiku (guide) Underwater Fishing (guide)
Giant Omelette Free Jelly
Rich Slorg! Lunar Temple (guide)
Meteor Crash Site Daily Puzzle (on the left side)

Petpet Park Celebration:
Weltrude's Toy Chest
~ ~
Where When
Monthly 2,000 NPs & Food Once a month
Turmaculus Once a day
The Snowager 6-7 am, 2-3 pm, & 10-11 pm NST (guide 1, guide 2)
The Advent Calendar Once a day during the Month of Celebrating
Visit King Altador Daily if you finished the plot
(If not, start here: Altador Guide)
Wheel of Slime every 8 hours

Often you'll get something good from these freebies, but sometimes you won't. The Snowager could blast your Neopets, or they could get scared and run away. Turmaculus might eat your petpet! But don't let a little adversity slow you down -- you're gonna make it big, right? Just need a little perseverance (and maybe some life insurance...).
Freebies Sites




There are some places in Neopia that aren't free, but will usually give you something worthwhile for a small price. It's often a good idea to visit these places every day:

The Wheel of Excitement 150 NPsevery 2 hours
The Wheel of Knowledge 500 NPsonce a day
The Wheel of Mediocrity 50 NPsevery 40 minutes
The Wheel of Monotony (guide) 100 NPsonce a day
The Wheel of Misfortune 100 NPsevery 2 hours
Buried Treasure (guide) 150 NPsevery 3 hours
Test Your Strength 100 NPsevery 6 hours
The Wishing Well whatever you want;as often as you want

Remember, bad things can happen even on these, so spin or choose or hit at your own risk! (I'll just hide over here now...) Be sure you've got your extra items and NPs hidden away, just in case. But again, since you can sometimes get NPs or items from these, I think they're always a good idea to try.

Save Your NPs


Save Your NPs

Now that you're raking in the dough from the Games Room, you'll need somewhere to stash that cash so the greedy Ghosts and other random events don't steal it all from you. And the best place to keep your NPs? Why, The National Neopian Bank, of course!

The friendly staff at the National Neopian will set you up with an account. Choose any job. The actual choice does not matter and doesn't mean anything.

In no time your hard-earned NPs will be sitting pretty -- and working hard. That's right, the NPs you have saved in the Bank will earn interest every day. Just visit the Bank before making any other transaction and collect the interest. It's added right in to your account, and while it may seem like a small number, it will add up.
Click here to
Collect Your Interest Every Day

Remember, you do have to go to the Bank every day and click the "Collect X NPs of interest" button. There is no way to collect a year's worth of interest at a single time, and the interest is not automatically added to your bank account every day.

Be sure to upgrade your account whenever you get the chance. Even if your balance drops below the minimum for that level, you'll still keep that level of account. And that means even more interest! And interest is always rounded up, so no matter how low your balance gets, you can always collect at least one full NP.

Bank Account Level Minimum Amount Yearly Interest (%)
Junior Saver 0 NPs 4.5
Neopian Student 1,000 NPs 5.0
Bronze Saver 2,500 NPs 5.5
Silver Saver 5,000 NPs 6.0
Super Gold Plus 10,000 NPs 6.5
Platinum Extra 25,000 NPs 7.0
Platinum Extra 25,000 NPs 7.5
Double Platinum 50,000 NPs 8.0
Triple Platinum 75,000 NPs 8.5
Diamond Deposit 100,000 NPs 9.0
Diamond Deposit Plus 250,000 NPs 9.5
Diamond Deposit Gold 500,000 NPs 10.0
Millionaire Platinum 1,000,000 NPs 10.5
Millionaire Double Platinum 2,000,000 NPs 11.0
Millionaire Mega-Platinum 5,000,000 NPs 11.5
Neopian Mega-Riches 7,500,000 NPs 12.0
Ultimate Riches! 10,000,000 NPs 12.5
Save $$ AND take care of your pets
Another way to make sure you're saving NPs is to keep your pets in the NeoLodge. For just 140 NPs, your pet will be well-cared-for for four weeks (28 days). That way you don't have to remember to feed them every day or scrounge for cheap foods that only leave them "starving" again in a few hours.

I prefer this method over hunting for omelettes and jellies and other food options. It's easier to do, and there's no daily fuss. Also, if you're gone for a few days, your pets aren't "starving" when you come back.

I believe there are times in life and in Neopets where an extra convenience is worth paying extra. But if you prefer feeding your pet every day, go ahead. You might save a few NPs in the end.

Also, if your pet ever gets sick, just visit the Healing Springs in Faerieland every 30 minutes. The Water Faerie there isn't too brilliant, so she might not get the spell right the first time, but give her another chance (and another, and...). Eventually, she'll say just the right thing, and your pet will be good as new. She might also fill your pet up with food.
The Healing Springs in Faerieland is free:
Go every 30 minutes until she heals your pet.
Pets never get sicker or die.

Save Your NPs


Avoid Scams

There is more than just random events that will steal your NPs. Other players will also try to steal your account or NPs by scamming you.

A scam tries to get your account information or tries to trick you into giving up your items.

There are a lot of scams out there, but the most common look like one of these:

  • Visit this off-Neopets link and get lots of NPs/items. Only can give you NPs/items. Never visit a non-Neopets link that claims to give you NPs/items. There are some sponsors that Neopets links to off-site. Those are fine. (But the link for those is actually a Neopets link that redirects you.)

  • Buy this special/secret item and.... No one is really going to sell you a really expensive item for a really cheap price. Sorry, but they're really not. Always always always check on the Shop Wizard or Trades or ask on the message boards if you don't know what an item is/does.

  • Buy this item that you don't want and I'll give you an item that you do want. Buy the item that you want. Never buy or bid on another item.
Avoiding Scams Guides

Save Your NPs


Make a Plan

When your Bank Account starts filling with loads of lovely little NPs, what's going to stop you from pulling them all out and spending them all in a fit of "I wants"? You need a goal, something that you are saving up for.

Anytime you think about spending that pot of precious NPs, you need to remind yourself of your goal. Another life lesson, courtesy of Neopets.

(Now, obviously, there are things you will need to buy -- food, presents, quest items, etc. Yes, use your NPs to buy those. This is one of those "Well, duh" questions that Al gets asked a lot. Buy what you need along the way. But always remember where you're going.)
Set a Goal
Remember that piece of paper we wrote out earlier? On that same piece of paper that has your daily NPs goal, write out the goal you're saving for. Every day, put that piece of paper in front of you before you start playing Neopets. You'll remind yourself not to waste all your NPs, and you'll be even more motivated to earn NPs!

What do you do if you don't have a goal yet? Give yourself one. Go one of two ways:
  • choose something easy (for example, 100k or the Secret Laboratory Map)
  • choose something outrageous (for example, the Adam avatar or a Bony Grarrl Club)
Choosing the easy goal gives you something that you can reach quickly so that you can have that sense of accomplishment. Choosing the insane goal lets you see that even that, too, is attainable.

Now, these goals aren't set in stone. If you change your mind, change your goal. At least by having a goal, you'll be motivated to earn NPs, and if you change your mind, you'll already have some NPs saved.

Back when Al decided that she wanted four painted Draiks, she used to stare at pictures of Draiks all the time. She even set a deadline for herself, to morph and paint all of us by our first birthday. She managed to do it, too! She made sure to always remind herself why she was doing what she was doing. That way, she stayed motivated to earn NPs and not spend them. Now that we're all nice and pretty, she's very proud of her self-control and perseverance. (Now if only that would translate into other areas of life....)
Help! I can't stop spending!
You've set a goal, and you're starting to earn NPs. But now you find that you're a compulsive spender, and you can't keep from buying random items.

How do you stop yourself? Work on your willpower! But until that gets settled, try this:

After you collect your interest at the bank, withdraw 1 NP 15 times. The bank will then refuse to let you withdraw any more for the whole day! You can still make deposits, though.

Now you can go about your business of earning NPs. Remember to throw those NPs in the Bank as soon as you earn them, though! When you get closer to your real goal, start cutting yourself a little bit of slack and see how long you can stand it.
When You've Reached Your Goal
Now, the point of this petpage is to help you earn NPs. But why are you earning NPs? Because there's something you want to get!

When you've reached your goal, it's time to celebrate. Scour the Shop Wizard, Trading Post, or Auctions and find your item. Buy it and enjoy -- you've earned it!

Once you've accomplished your goal, congratulate yourself on a job well done. Do a Happy Dance. Have some fun. And then tomorrow, it's time to make a new goal. So don't stop reading yet!

Buy & Sell


Buy & Sell

Buy low, sell high -- that's the name of the game. With your newly-minted NPs accumulating in the Bank and freebie items proliferating in your SDB, you can start spreading the wealth, sharing the goods, and driving the Neopian economy. Hit the Neopian Shops (don't forget about the ones in each World) and start shopping!

Besides Games, buying and selling Neopian items is the #1 way to earn NPs. Open your own Shop to sell items you find or buy. You can buy items from the main Neopian Shops or from other users through their Shop, Trades, and Auctions. In all of your buying and selling, the Shop Wizard is your best friend. He'll tell you the prices that your fellow Neopians are willing to pay for items.
Shop Plan Guide
Advanced Selling Tip
Here's an advanced tip, if you've got the patience to sit around: don't sell all of your items right now. Toss some into your Safety Deposit Box and leave them there. Eventually, they may end up being retired (e.g., books) or more-demanded items (e.g., codestones during a War or a new avatar item), and then you can pull them out and sell them for much higher prices.

This won't work with all items; most will become less valuable as time passes, so you'll need some familiarity with Neopian trends, too. Again, this plan takes some fortitude -- bypassing the quick buck today for a large haul later.

Buy & Sell



People often ask me, "Atablicryon, what's the best way to earn NPs?" My answer, every time, is "Restocking"!

What is Restocking, you ask? Quite simply, Restocking is buying an item and then reselling it for more than you paid for it. That's the basic definition, but there's a lot more to it than that.

Your goal in restocking is to find items that you can sell for more than what you pay. Most of the time, you'll find these items in the Neopian Shops, though you can also get them from the Freebies and from Random Events.
Restocking Guides
Restock Times
The Shops stock completely randomly, in no set order or pattern.

So how do you restock if you don't know the times?
  • Open more than one Shop -blocked- Because the Shops are random, you should have more than one Shop ready. Al likes to have at least three Shops open in her browser's tabs.

  • Refresh every 30 seconds. About every 30 seconds, refresh each shop in turn. Wait for it to start loading. No items? Move to the next. Don't refresh too much, or you might get Restock Banned, which means none of the Neopian Shops will show you any items for a while!

  • Buy when one restocks. As soon as one of your Shops restocks, start buying there and ignore the others. When that one's finished, start refreshing them all again.
You cannot skip the haggling process! It is there to deter cheaters, which means it's there to help you (even though it sometimes seems to be working against you). Practice haggling; you can get better at it.

When you go to buy an item, the Shopkeepers will tell you how much they wants for it. I always try to go lower than what they're asking and at a price that uses the fewest buttons. For example, if the Shopkeeper wants 523 NPs, I'll offer 500 NPs. If they want 1,802 NPs, I'll offer 1,777 NPs, and so on.

Don't worry about the "0" sitting in the text box. Just enter the price after the "0" and it will still be accepted.

The price of the item seems to determine how much "wiggle room" you'll have. The more expensive the price, the greater your chance of getting a discount. (And if it's a super fabulous restock, you might even want to pay more for it, if you can hit those buttons faster! Hey, who threw that?! It was just an idea....)
Click That Pet
Some people create evil little computer programs that sit in a shop and automatically buy all the rare items before a normal human can even blink. To combat this, Neopets adds different visual sections to the haggling process.

Click on the full-color picture of a pet on a large colored background. Don't bother reading the directions there--just click the pet.

I find that resizing my browser to fit both the haggling box and the picture helps me get more items because I can type and click easier. The downside is that the itty-bitty font gives me a headache...
Watch the Shops
The first few times you visit a shop, watch which items restock and check the prices on the Shop Wizard against the store's price. Soon you'll figure out which items can be resold at a reasonable profit. Don't start buying until you know what you can resell at a profit.

Learning which items to restock will take some practice and some patience. You'll have to watch a lot of really good items go by at first. But once you know the right items to target, you can snag them without having to look up the price.

I'd love to be able to give you a list of items that always get you a profit, but that list changes every single day. New items sell for more, older items sell for less, Tarla releases items, items are released as prizes--the reasons go on, but the result is the same: profitable items are not constant.
What to buy
Some of the best items to initially restock your shop with are books, chocolates, and baked goods.

What sells? Items that are used are the big sellers, whether they're used for training, for random Faerie Quests, or for avatars. In other words, items that are being removed from circulation. For example:

  • clothing
  • beauty supplies
  • toys
  • magic items
  • stamps
  • gourmet foods
  • trading cards (not TCGs)
  • medicine

Watch the Trends
Do be careful what you restock. If you've decided that School Supplies are the wave of the future, but Neopets cancels NeoSchools and everyone loses interest, then you'll be sitting on a pile of stationary stationery. If you restock from the Bakery, but everyone in Neopia is into tofu and granola, then you'll be begging the Tooth Faerie to help with your cavities.

But if you stock the right items, they'll fly off your shelves faster than you can refresh the Shop Wizard. Keep an eye out for hot sellers -- books, Quest items, codestones, dubloons, faeries, and petpets, for example.

Consider watching the Quests, Shop Ads, or Trades Boards to see what's hot and what's not. Learn to be a keen observer of your fellow Neopians; find out what they want to buy. And then restock it!

Buy & Sell


Buying Tips

Don't try just to catch the rarer items or else you'll end up with nothing. Stockpile the lower-priced, massively-stocked items that you can make a small profit on.

For those with a dial-up or slow Internet connection: you can still restock! Pick a store that stocks a lot of items at a time (the Book Store is my favorite example). Then target items that restock in large quantities (10+). You stand a good chance of getting at least one of these while everyone else pounces on the uncommon to rare items.

Once you're more familiar with a shop's usual stock and are faster with haggling and the visual code, you could try your hand at the rare items. Rarer items stock rarely, so when you see an item that you haven't seen before, it's mostly likey a rarer item. To get the rarer items, you can't waste time: click fast and type fast!
Other Places to Look
  • You can also find items to buy at the Igloo Garage Sale. It restocks randomly, so keep checking back. They'll often have rare items in stock.

  • Smuggler's Cove very rarely restocks. Everything here can only be bought with Dubloons. (Find a guide here.)

  • The Shop of Mystery sells items, too, but you don't know what you're getting -- often, it's a cheap item at a high price. Might want to avoid that, unless you're feeling really lucky.

  • You could also buy scratchcards from the kiosks in the Ice Caves or the Haunted Woods or the Lost Desert. Most scratchcards will resell for a bit of a profit, and some are very rare and will resell for insane amounts of NPs.

  • Concert tickets can sometimes be sold for a profit, depending on which band it's for. If there's an Avatar, they'll resell for more.

  • You can also trade in Neggs at the Neggery for higher-valued Neggs. You can only turn in Neggs that say "Worth XX points". When you give a Negg to the Negg Faerie, she keeps your Tokens. You cannot buy tokens anywhere. (Find a guide here.)
Half-Price Day
For major restocking, watch out for "Half-Price Day" on the 3rd of every month. Items in all the Neopian Shops will be sold at half their normal price! Almost everything in almost every Shop is suddenly a fabulous value!

Half Price Day only applies to the Neopian-run Shops. Your fellow Neopians aren't going to be slashing their own prices in half anytime soon. (The Hidden Tower does not participate, either -- Fyora never follows trends).

And don't buy something just because it's at half price. If you aren't going to be able to resell it, it doesn't do you any good! Keep shopping at the same Shops as before and buy mostly the same items, but buy a lot more on this day.
Half-Price Day Guide
Check the News
Watch for new items to come out. Initially, they can be resold for a fairly good profit, until the market starts to flood with them. And other items can go up or down in value suddenly if they're needed for a new Avatar or a new way to get them becomes available or they're retired. Paying attention to the News might just pay off big!
And while you're buying, don't forget to check other users' shops for good deals. Sometimes, you can buy low from another user to resell it even higher than they had it priced.

Now that might seem a little cutthroat, but I think of it this way: they have the same access to the Shop Wizard that I do, and they're the ones setting the price. It's every Draik for himself out there, and I won't lose any sleep over it. I've mispriced plenty of items in my time and haven't cried over it yet.

Some items you can only restock from other users since they can only be obtained in random events or from an game (like a Wheel or similar game):

  • codestones
  • nerkmids
  • dubloons
  • map pieces
  • paint brushes

Sniping Guides

Buy & Sell


Selling Your Stuff

Do be sure you use the Shop Wizard to correctly price your items. You can't charge too little or too much if you want a successful shop.

The Shop Wizard divides all users up into quite a number of sections, based on the first letter or symbol of their name. So when you search for your item, the first results that come back may not be an accurate depiction of the market for that item. Refresh the Wiz a few times. Eventually, you'll get an idea of what the item will sell for.

These are the different sections of the Wiz:

a n 0 b o 1 c p 2 d q 3 e r 4
f s 5 g t 6 h u 7 i v 8 j w 9
k x _ l y m z
Estimated Value
Use the Shop Wizard price, not the "Est. Value" listed on the item. That price tells you how much the item would sell for in a regular Neopian Shop, not how much people want for it on the Shop Wiz.

If you sell by that price, you'll most likely end up losing an awful lot of NPs or have an item sit in your Shop for forever.

Don't believe me? Look up a few items yourself. Enter the item name in the "Search" bar on any Neopets page sidebar and look for the "Est. Value." Then look the item up in the Shop Wizard or Trading Post to see the selling price. See? Very different, usually.

Why the difference in price? Supply and demand. Because some items are important in the game or important to players, and some are not. Because people know they can get a higher price, so they sell at a higher price. The real world works this way, too.
Economics Guide
Price to Sell
I suggest pricing your items to sell. That is, price them at or just above the lowest reasonable price on the Shop Wizard if you want them to sell out quickly.

Pay special attention to the prices in your own section of the Wizard. Some sections will have markedly different prices than others or a greater concentration of sellers at similar prices. You need your shop to get noticed in order to sell anything from it!

And be sure you don't price too low, just to get the item sold. Other users will start pricing lower than you, to beat you out, and soon, the item isn't worth much at all. Al and I have seen this happen to too many of the Uncommon and rarer items we restock. You're only hurting yourself in the end if you drive prices down!
Patience is a Virtue
But you'll complain, "My item isn't selling fast enough!" Patience, grasshopper; well-priced items do sell.

Everyone's not always looking for the items you have stocked. That's alright, because soon enough they will need what you have. In the meantime, though, find other items that you can consistently sell while you wait.

For instance, Al and I like to stock uncommon to rare books and stamps; however, those usually aren't in high demand. So we also stock part of our Shop with codestones, common books (for Water Faerie quests), and dubloons. That way, at least some of our inventory is selling out quickly. The rest does turn over, just at a slower rate. So every day we do make a profit, even if it's only a small one.

Trades & Auctions

When you're checking the Shop Wizard to price an item in your shop, you may be suprised to find it isn't listed in other users' shops at all! Now what do you do?

That's why there's a Trading Post and an Auction House. Items here can be sold for up to 800,000 NPs on the Trading Post and up to millions of NPs in the Auctions. Both the Trading Post and the Auction House have a Search feature, so you can find out how much your item is really worth.

While you're looking at Trades and Auctions, be sure to sift through them just like you scour the Shop Wizard and Shops for good deals. Occasionally, you can get some great items at rock-bottom prices, so keep an eye out. But be careful: a lot of people try to run scams through the Trading Post, claiming that certain items are "secret" or "magical" items, when in reality they aren't. Always, always, always check the Shop Wiz if you're unsure, or ask on a message board.

In the Trading Post, you can set up a trade of up to 10 items. When you're creating your trade, you have the option of entering a "Wishlist," what you would like people to offer on your lot. You can set your Wishlist up to ask for pure NPs (one item, the rest of the price in NPs only) or with items to make up the price.

Be warned, though -- if you don't enter a wishlist, you're much more likely to get offers of jelly and omelettes on your expensive items. And if you set the offer in "k" (for 1,000), be prepared for people to ignore the "k" and just offer the number in NPs. (Actually, just be prepared for people offering junk. They're hoping you'll click "Accept" instead of "Get Lost", I mean, "Reject." Not very nice of them....)

In the Auction House, you can specify one item for auction, with an initial price, bid increment, and length for the auction to run.

You can take a trade down by canceling it (after 15 minutes), but you can't stop an auction. Be careful what you enter!

If you're going to set up a Trade or Auction, let it be something real, something that can only be sold that way, either items over 100,000 NPs or combination lots (like a petpet lot). That's not a hard-and-fast rule, though, just my general preference. Junk lots are so annoying to weed through.

And don't think that people will feel kindly toward you and donate an expensive item or lots of NPs to you if you beg in your Wishlist. They won't. And you could be reported for scamming!
Trading Vocabulary
Here are some of the most common words and phrases you might encounter in the Trading Post:
  • TP. Trading Post.
  • Lower than TP. Find the lowest price asked for that item on the Trading Post; they'll take a price even lower than that.
  • ETS. Easy To Sell. Items such as Secret Laboratory Map pieces, Paint Brushes, Codestones, etc.
  • HTS. Hard To Sell. Items such as TCGs and obscure, though cool, items.
  • K. Also "k". Thousand.
  • M. Also "m". Million.
  • Auto. Automatic. Offer what's listed and they'll accept.
  • Haggle. NeoMail them to tell them what you're willing to pay.
  • OBO. Or Best Offer. If the trader doesn't get their wishlist, they'll take the best offer. Be patient on these.
  • PTB. Price to Beat. The trader has a minimum price requirement or already has a bid. Beat the listed price to have a chance of getting it.
  • NFT or NFS. Not for Trade/Sale. ***It is against the Rules to put up a NFT/NFS lot.*** Trades are for trading, not showing off.
  • Reserved. They're waiting for a specific person whom they've already talked to. Your offer will be ignored or rejected.
  • Pure. Also "Pure NPs." The full price should be offered in NPs, with one "junk" item to make the trade.
  • Junk. Item that is worthless.
  • Rot. As in "junk offers will rot." If you make a bad offer, they'll ignore you and won't accept or reject.
  • Separate. (And various mispellings) For Lots with more than one item, neoMail them if you only want one of the items.
  • Unbuyable. Also, "UB". Item worth 100,000 NPs or more and so cannot be bought on the Shop Wizard.
  • Buyable. Item is normally UB, but is priced below 100k.
  • Format. As in "in format". Use the trading lingo in transactions with them.
When a bid comes in for one of your Trade lots, you have a choice -- you can either immediately accept or reject the offer, or you can just let it sit there.

Once you accept, the Trade gets processed and is done. If you reject, the user can re-bid*, if they like. But if you just let the bid sit there -- especially a good bid, in the hopes that a slightly better bid will come along -- the user is likely to withdraw and go find the item elsewhere.

Make sure you know what your lots are worth so that you set up your Auction criteria or your Wishlist appropriately.

*If a particular user is constantly re-bidding and causing problems, add them to your Block List. Then they will be blocked from neoMailing you and bidding on your Trades.

Buy & Sell



Some people go to great lengths to get their shop noticed. They upgrade to huge sizes and spend inordinate amounts of NPs to advertise on the Notice Board. (The largest shop in Neopia, at the moment, is size 3500--that's 17,500 items!)

But you know what? All those upgrading and advertising NPs could have been spent on buying more items to sell or on buying items that they wanted!

If you really are pricing your items well and selling items that are in demand, your shop should have no problem selling out during the (few, scant) hours that you're offline. And I often find that if I restock and keep playing around the site, I'll have to restock again before I leave.

So I don't recommend upgrading your shop very much at all. Remember, the bigger your Shop, the more items you have to restock and price. Figure out what size you can comfortably keep filled and then keep the inventory moving.

As you get more experienced with restocking and reselling, you can upgrade the size of your Shop. Just remember that a big but empty Shop doesn't do you any good.

If everything's priced well, your shop will be visible on the most important place of all: on the Shop Wizard. But if you still feel that your shop needs a boost to get the customers in the door, there's always the Shop Ads Board. Here, you can advertise your shop for free and visit other shops that offer deals on their items.
Shop Layout
Not strictly an issue for selling items but still important: your shop layout. Yes, we know you like pretty colors and flashy backgrounds and blinking things and frantic animation and music, but there are a couple of problems with all that.

First, your shop takes longer to load and people don't want to wait around. And second, that's all distracting from the main feature of your shops -- the stuff! You want your customers focused on buying your items, not on locating their headache medicine.

Some users will refuse to shop in places that have too much activity. A few banners are okay, maybe a blog. But no dancing dolls or fake random events (which are against the Rules!) or latest hit song or dreamy Elf posters. Those can be quite distracting and some people (*cough* Alatyr13 *cough*) might forget why they visited your shop in the first place. Put all the fun stuff on your user look-up or petpages and let the shop speak for itself.
Some people also join a Mall in order to get more traffic in their shop. Malls are a group of shops owned by different users that, collectively, attempt to sell every single item in Neopia; the shops are linked together in their shop description in order to encourage mobility through the stores. Al and I were part of a small Mall for a while, and the links really do get users to browse between Shops, so I am not against the concept of Malls at all.

But one of the catches of joining a Mall is that you'll probably be limited to a few categories of items. And if your items aren't in high demand, then you might be earning NPs only slowly. So consider that when confronted with the decision to join a Mall or not.

Looking to join a Mall? Ask on the Shop Ads Board.

Even More Ways


Even More Ways

There are even more ways to earn NPs around here! So after you've collected your freebies, bought your stocks, played your games, and restocked your Shop, it's time to start looking for even more ways to increase your profits.

Timed Quests, Jobs, Neopian contests, sponsor links, maps, Tarla--it's all here.

Even More Ways


Timed Quests

There are two main types of Quests: the random, untimed Faerie Quests and the specific, timed Quests. The Faerie Quests will reward you by increasing a pet's statistics. A Timed Quest will usually give you a NP reward and an item.

If you're strictly concerned with saving up NPs and not with training (or painting) your pets, then cancel all the random Faerie Quests that you encounter. Although, if you want cheaper training and your pet's Species Day is too far away, most random Faerie Quests are cheaper than dubloons and codestones.

On the Timed Quests, however, if the items are cheap enough, you could actually make back some NPs. And often, the prizes will be worth something and you can sell them. If ever one of these Quests costs more than you want to risk, just let the time run out and try again later; there's no penalty if you don't complete the Quest.

These are all the other timed Quests in Neopia and their usual rewards:

Quest Spend Get
Edna500 NPs~100 NPs and a spooky food item (usually cheap)
Brain Tree2,000 NPs~1,000 NPs and an item (usually ~1,000 NPs)
Esophagor2,000 NPsItem (~1-2,000 NPs)
Snow Faerie3,000 NPs~1,500 NPs, snowball, and an item (usually ~1-3,000 NPs)
Kitchen2,000 NPsNPs (~1-2,000 NPs) OR item (~1-3,000 NPs) OR stat boost

If you spend more than the recommended amount, you probably won't get a prize worth at least what you spent. Prizes are not awarded based on how expensive the items were. The denizens of Neopia who give the Quests have no access to the Shop Wizard. And remember, we're trying to make some NPs off these Quests!

Don't bother with Illusen's Glade and Jhudora's Cloud. They won't give you a decent, resellable prize until Level 35, and by then you would have spent all the NPs you've earned!
Quests Guides

Even More Ways



At the Employment Agency in Faerieland you can get either a Basic Job or a Super Job.

The Basic Jobs refresh on the hour and every ten minutes after that. You might be able to get one that will reward you with more NPs that you have to pay for the items...but maybe not. There isn't much time to grab a Basic Job, but if you do snag one, be sure it's going to actually reward you before you complete it.

Completing Basic Jobs does NOT give you Job Coupons! There are only two ways to get coupons:
  • Job Coupons are retired, so you cannot get them except from other people

  • You can win Brightvale Job Coupons from the Wheel of Knowledge in Brightvale
And for Super Jobs, check the reward against the price of the Coupon; you're probably better off selling the Coupon.
Jobs Guides

Even More Ways



Try your hand at the Neopian contests. These all give you NPs and/or items if you win:

Contest (Guide)

Even More Ways



check out The Great Neopoints Giveaway and the Shop of Offers. If you sign up with the official Neopets sponsors listed on those pages, Neopets will give you free NPs.

Just remember, only sign up with sponsors listed and linked to by Neopets themselves on their official pages. Absolutely, positively no other website besides Neopets can give you items and/or NPs!
Not only does she run the Shop of Mystery on Terror Mountain, she also uses the Neopets Toolbar to send out special prizes. The toolbar is safe to download and use, and it also helps you to navigate around Neopia. When the Special Alert button flashes, click it to see if Tarla has an item to give out. She makes it flash sometimes when she's not there, though!

If you can't install the toolbar for some reason, then keep an eye on the Help Board. When Tarla does have prizes, someone will usually post the main link or the drop link. (TNT has said that this is perfectly fine to post and also perfectly fine to follow. Not everyone can install the toolbar for themselves.) The links for Tarla change every time, so you can't just have the URL bookmarked.
Selling map pieces is a good way to earn NPs.

However, turning in most of the maps is not a good idea. The maps will very rarely give good prizes. Why? Because they've been around for a long time, and lots of people have gotten the prizes.

You might try the World Challenge maps. They're newer, so the prizes are probably better.
Map Guides
If you're absolutely obsessed with earning NPs only, then you won't want to bother trying to get many Avatars, either. Many of them cost NPs to buy an item, which you sometimes have to feed to a pet!

The only Avatar you'll really want to aim for is the Number 6 Avatar, which you can get if you have the number of NPs as Adam, one of the Neopets' creators. You could also try for most of the Games Avs, since you are playing a lot of games (you are, aren't you?).

Do pay attention to Avatars when they come out, though -- items can inflate and deflate very quickly; it's a great way to make a lot of NPs if you're savvy.
Don't bother with a neoHome. It looks pretty, but that's about it. Your pets don't actually live there, so they're okay without one. You can make a flashy one later, to show off how much you've made. But building one now is just going to drain your NPs away. (By the way, do you want to see the coolest neoHome in Neopia?)

How Not To Earn NPs


How Not To Earn NPs

This might all seem like a lot of work, maybe more than you'd really like to do. So you might be tempted to try to take a shortcut or two.


Haven't you read the neoRules and the Terms & Conditions yet? You should, and Eldrakkyn can explain anything you don't understand.

There are no shortcuts to earning Neopoints. And if you try anything -- scams, cheats, begging -- you will lose your account.

Neopets is a Game with no way to "win": no matter how "cool" your pets look or how "rich" you are, remember, in the end, it's all just a collection of 0's and 1's converted into tiny points of light on a computer screen.

Read the Rules, and play fair.



Don't Scam

Tricking people out of their NPs/ items/ log-in word/ etc. is called a scam. Lying to people in order to get them to give you something or do something for you is not only against the Rules of Neopets, it's also just wrong. You wouldn't scam people in real life, would you? (You'd better say "no", or I'm having a talk with your mother).

Scamming includes getting people to buy or bid on a worthless item by claiming to give them a rare item if they do; trying to run a pyramid scheme; holding raffles, contests, or lotteries; and selling basic Neopets game-play secrets. Scamming also includes making fake log-in pages to steal log-in words or fake off-site Help pages to grab log-in words with cookie grabbers. If you're caught scamming in any way, Neopets will freeze your account.

Neopets itself might be a virtual game, but the people who play here are quite real. You should never do anything that you wouldn't want someone to do to you. The Golden Rule, yes, and it applies just as much here as anywhere else.



Don't Cheat

Repeat after me: thou shalt not cheat. However it may be disguised, cheating is just as wrong as scamming. I don't even know what sorts of things could be involved with cheating (because I'm such an upright and by-the-book Draik myself -- and I don't want to give you any ideas).

A lot of cheats I've heard about involve using extra accounts to earn extra NPs for a main account. You can have more than one account, but you cannot earn NPs on side accounts. That's the no-no.

Or cheating could be exploiting a glitch in a game, and I don't mean the ones "The Wheel of Knowledge" gives you, either. There have been glitches that people knew were involuntary on The Neopets Team's part, and they used the glitch anyway to get ridiculously high scores.

Cheating is also exploiting a glitch in any other part of Neopets, like the ones that sometimes let you play Tombola 50 times a day. Using it twice, maybe even three times, is understandable. (Maybe you forgot you did it eight hours ago.) But somewhere around visit twenty you should be catching on that something isn't right....

Using programs to restock for you or to play the Games for you is cheating, and it also infringes on Neopets' copyrights and the gameplay. You could face legal action in the real world if you try that. Expect to be frozen if you cheat.
Chain Messages
There's one supposed "cheat" that lots of people post, but it doesn't work. It's called a chain message, and it goes something like this:
Post this message on 10 boards or trades. Then visit somewhere in Neopia or play this game and you will get too many neopoints and one of all the paintbrushes. It's a Neopet's code.

Stop for just one second and look at that again and really think about it. What's so special about that string of letters? Nothing. What "code" is hidden in there? None.

Those posts, or a version of them, are on almost every single board and in lots of Trades, and yet the cost of paint brushes remains astronomical and people are always complaining they don't have enough NPs. Hmm, why could that be?

Oh, right, because chain messages don't work!

TNT created a Games site. They're not going to give you a cheat to bypass all their hard work. And by the way, go read the Terms & Conditions -- chain messages can get your account frozen. Also, because you post the same thing more than once, posting Chain Messages is spamming.



Don't Beg

There is one thing that will make you very unpopular very quickly, and that is begging for items and NPs. And yes, just asking" to "see" if anyone is "nice" or "cares to" is begging!

Asking IS Begging

Yes, we know that it's taking you a long time to earn enough NPs to get the really good items. Yes, we know that Draiks and Poogles and Cybunnies are adorable and that we all want to be one, erm, I mean, you all want one. Yes, we know that paint brushes are very cool and that you would really like one and would really like to paint your pets. Yes, we know that you're probably a very nice, trustworthy person with a small self-esteem problem that a few more pixels could help ever so much....
How Long Did It Take?
Think about it this way: suppose in a day, someone can average 20,000 NPs, playing games and restocking. The paint brush you have your heart set on (we'll choose Royal) costs 1.75 million NPs; that's 1,750,000 NPs.

How many days of game-playing is that? My calculator says 87.5 straight days. That's nearly three months of playing Neopets.

Would you spend all your time for three months earning NPs so you could buy a few pixels for a complete stranger? Really, you wouldn't? I didn't think you would. Now do you understand why other people aren't eager to give you a handout, either?

Everyone else has goals that they're working toward. Giving you their NPs means that they have to go earn more. If you're not willing to do the work yourself, there's no reason to expect other people to do it for you. It's your account, your game, your "want" -- so you should do the work!

(And while we've got this object lesson in front of us, let's turn it around -- if you earned 20k per day for three months, you could buy a Royal Paint Brush yourself. So there.)
Meanies, Rudeness, and a Typical Day on the HC
Even when you ask for not-so-expensive items, like Quests items or codestones or even free food, you're still asking someone else to play this Game for you, and people will resent that. Items represent time that people have spent earning the item.

Just because someone will not give you a virtual item in a game does not make them a "mean" person: every pixel that someone owns on this site is the result of a lot of work. If you wouldn't give up your expensive and rare items, don't expect that someone else should want to, either.

How is it that you want to take something from me, but I'm the "meanie"? ... Right, that's what I thought. If you want something that's mine, then you are the meanie for trying to take it.

Asking that other people do the work for you is rude and selfish. There is no other way to say it.
A Good Excuse?
But "But," you protest, "I was scammed and lost all my NPs!" *insert obnoxious crying emoticon*

First of all, really sorry, but it's your own fault for falling for that. Check out my section on Avoiding Scams. And ask my buddy Eldrakkyn about the Rules.

Second of all, so now you're back down to where you were when you were a Newbie. Guess what? You earned it all once without any help, and you're hopefully the smarter for it. So this time you can earn it all with little trouble.

Besides, what has this whole page been about? Oh, right--how to earn Neopoints! I can't believe we're even having this discussion right now...
Begging is Against the Rules
There's another point to consider about begging, too: it's against the Rules and Terms & Conditions as spamming or scamming to get items/NPs.

TNT addressed begging in this editorial. Notice the theoretical title is "Care to donate?" and that TNT said this is begging and is against the Rules as spam.

How is begging scamming, you ask? Quite simple, really. Scamming, as we've already seen, is tricking people out of something that you haven't earned, of something that belongs to them through their own hard work. Beggars try to say that they don't have the time/ energy/ computer/ programs/ skills/ ability to play Neopets for themselves and earn their own items or NPs.

Just because someone says they're "poor" and have "no NPs" does not mean that they do. People lie. Often. Especially in online games. Why? Because you can't look to see if they're telling the truth or not.

But what has this entire page been about? That's right, all the easy ways to earn NPs! And we've struck down every excuse they could possibly have.

Begging is really scamming because everyone on Neopets starts from the same place and has exactly the same opportunities as everyone else.

How you take advantage of those opportunities is up to you. The "elite" and "rich" players started with the exact same Newbie pack that you and I did. They did not get an extra "boost" to get them started. They got to where they are now through their own hard work and determination, and you can, too. Let their accounts be a goal for you, not something to steal.
Even If They're "Not Using" It
There is no way to "nicely" ask people to give up their hard-earned NPs and items. Yes, they have items that you want, often squirreled away into a gallery for display. No, they aren't technically "using" those items, but no, those items are not "extra".

Items in Galleries are for them to show off and you to look at, not for you to window shop and beg for. Think of a museum -- hands to yourself, look at the rare priceless artifacts but don't touch, or I'm turning this bus around right now.

Here's a simple breakdown of how begging is scamming, courtesy of emaperez:
  • Ask for donation: ask someone for something without any payment
  • Beg: ask someone for something without equal or any payment
  • Scam: try to get someone to give you something without payment
Anyone else getting suspicious about this "begging" idea? Yeah, me too. Don't even try it. It's rude. No one on Neopets owes you anything for the, uh, joy your presence brings.... Do yourself a favor: earn your own items.
If You Wouldn't Do It In Real Life...
Finally, every child is taught very early in life not to take things that don't belong to them. In the real world, no one will give you a new car just because you "asked nicely." Everyone knows that. (If you honestly didn't know that, then just go crawl back under your rock.)

Now, yes, there are situations in the real world where people need things like food, shelter, clothes, and even money just to live for one more day, and most of us gladly donate to our local charities.

However, you are wearing nice clothes, are sitting at a computer with internet, and have a nice place to live and plenty of food. Do you realize how blessed you are? You do not need a few pixels.

When you beg on Neopets, you are trying to claim the same position as people who are desperate to live another day, and all you want are a few more intangible pictures to add to your collection. I find that truely pathetic and selfish.
The End
Yes, I know that was a long and possibly self-righteous rant on begging and that is actually comprises its own essay. But Al and I feel very strongly that begging is very bad and is possibly the worst thing you could do in Neopia. Scamming and cheating are also bad, but at least you know that they're wrong and are just hoping to get away with it.

Far too many people think begging "isn't so bad" and try to defend people who beg. But begging is wrong. Begging is against the Rules. You can and should earn your own virtual pixels. I often wonder how people who can't survive in a virtual game site can function in the real world....


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