About The Ixi

Name: Aquamarine_j78
Nickname: Aqua
Owner: Sarah
Gender: Female, you goof!
Species: Ixi
Breed: FlotIxi (The one and only! ^^)
Birthday: August 9
Age: mid teens
Love: Who would love me?
Petpet: Plesio the Searex

My Story

My story begins in Old Maraqua, where I was a member of a flotsam pod. Yes, that's right. I started out as a flotsam which means I'm not an official ixi.

My parents were the leaders of our pod. I was loved by everyone and life was great. But then...it all went away...

It all went away when the whirlpool destroyed Old Maraqua. Most of my pod -including my wonderful mother, Pearl- perished. Me, my father Trilo, and five youngsters were the only survivors of my pod.

After that, our small pod mostly wandered throughtout the ocean. Eventually, we found a small cavern where the Underwater Fishing area now stands. We 'lived' there for a few months. We really liked it there. There was so many tasty fish to eat! The only thing we had to worry about were those giant squids we occasionally encountered. In fact, one of the younger flotsams were snatched by one.

Aside from giant squids, it was an okay life. Plus it made my father happy to see that his small pod was thriving.

But one day, while I was hunting some tasty cubefish, I made a mistake. I was so focused on my potential meal that I wandered too far from my pod.

I panicked. My small pod was nowhere to be seen. I swam around, hoping to find them. But then I made another mistake, one that almost costed me my life. I swam head-on into a fishing net.

The next thing I knew, I was pulled up out of the water, and onto a ship. I had never been so terrified in my life. "Hey, we caught a flotsam!" Someone shouted. "What should we do with it?" Then someone else said "Just toss it back."

Then I was roughly picked up and tossed back into the ocean. When I hit the water, it felt like wet cement, and I was stunned.

Then, I blacked out.


When I woke up, I had washed up on a beach. This was the first time I had ever been near land, and I didn't like it one bit. Now I WAS certain that I was far away from my pod. I tried to drag myself back into the water, but I was too weak to do so.

."Hey, are you okay?" Someone asked. I looked around, and then my eyes met with a tall skinny creature, something you'd definitely not find in the ocean. "I said, are you okay?" She repeated.

."I...I'm not sure." Then I told her what had happened. The whirlpool, the fishing net, everything. After I finished my tale, she introduced herself as Sarah and asked if I would like to stay with her for a while. She seemed friendly enough, so I accepted Sarah's offer.


During my stay at Sarah's neohome, I mostly stayed in the bathtub. I also got to meet Sarah's other pets. They were all very nice to me. I befriended them all right away.

There was this one kacheek named Peri. When I first met him I was kinda spooked at first because he seemed to be a talking plushie. He was also very smart. In fact, according to Sarah, he was the smartest of all her pets. That comes from his favorite hobby, which is reading.

The longer I stayed in Sarah's neohome, the more I liked her and her pets. But my desire to return to the ocean and search for my pod also grew.

One day, I told Peri about my secret desire. I wanted to be a creature that could live in the ocean and on land as well.

Peri pondered this for a while, and then he went to work. He went to the Trading Post and bought a Blue Ixi Morphing Potion. And after he tinkered with it for a bit, he asked me to drink it. He said that if I do, I'll turn into a land-dwelling ixi. But if I were to get wet, I'd get my old tail back and I could swim just like a flotsam. But I would turn back into a land-dweller after I dry off.

."How could I say no to that offer?" I told him. I gulped down the fruity-tasting drink, and I immediately felt my body change. Just like Peri told me, I instantly turned into a land-dweller. But could I turn into a swimmer if I got wet? Would that work?

I went out to the beach to test that theory. Since I had never had legs before, I was a clumsy walker at first, but I eventually got the hang of it. Seconds after I stepped into the water, I felt my body change again. My hind legs dissapeared, and my old flotsam tail appeared in their place.

Thanks to Peri's ingenuity, I live two lives: as a land-dweller, and as a swimmer. I still haven't found my old pod, but I will never give up. I know they're out there...somewhere.

The End


Sarah's neopet fursona, the Riolu-Xweetok. This is Sarah. Most of the time she's a human, but other times she looks like this. I guess it depends on her mood or something. She loves to watch movies and draw.







FlotIxi Adoptables

Aqua chuckles and says "I'm not the only FlotIxi in Neopia anymore. At least not since Sarah started making these!" She then shows you a shelf with plushies that resemble Aqua in some way. "You can have one if you want, but there are rules, however!"

1. No contest entry
2. Don't claim as your own
3. Don't edit in any way
4. Don't erase Sarah's username
5. Don't Take a custom that isn't yours
6. Must always link back here
7. Report any adoptable abuse to me A.S.A.P.!









Aqua's Customs

Water Form:

Land Form:

.:Mossy's Woodland Adoptables:.


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A drop of water changes everything...

Other Places to Visit

.:Mossy's Woodland Haven:. .{Sheryl}.

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