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Pet Name: Wishy
Owner: pinkpaint
Breed: Draik

About Wishy:
Legend has it that if you look up at the starry night sky above you, if you're lucky enough that is, you might see a shooting star and in turn be granted one magic wish.

This legend came about one dark yet crystal clear night when a young twinkling star was out shining her brightest. This Star didn't have a name; she wasn't as bright as some of the others and so she was rarely ever singled out by any of the eyes below. The citizens of the Neopian planet below did not give her a name and so she never thought she needed one.

That night, although it seemed no different from any other, the little Star grew very tired more easily than normal. She blinked furiously trying to stay awake, yet her eyes would not obey and she soon succumbed to a deep and dangerous sleep. You see, stars are not allowed to sleep at night; they are born to relieve the sun of its duties every twelve hours. They are the shining lights in an otherwise pitch black sea of night and without them, the world would lie in dreary darkness.

And so when the little Star fell asleep on duty, it came as no surprise that she fell from the heavens and shot through the sky, plummeting toward the planet below.

When the little Star landed in Neopia, she awoke to find herself in a desert of hot sand and stretching blue skies. She looked about her in amazement, as she had never seen the daylight before and had never felt the sun's warm rays upon her skin.

The star wandered for hours until she came to a city, small yet bustling with life and commotion. She stopped in front of an arts and crafts merchant and gazed upon her own reflection in one of the mosaic pieces. She was astonished to find out what she looked like. Being a star, she had never seen her image before and was speechless to find that she resembled a small dragon-like creature, with scaly skin that shimmered like gold beneath the sun's rays. Perhaps all stars looked like this in the light?

The vendor behind the arts and crafts stall sighed a heavy and sad sigh. "If only someone would buy that one," he said, pointing to the mirror and glass mosaic that the star had been admiring herself in. "It's just been sitting here for weeks." As if his wish had been heard by some greater power, a buyer approached the stall in that moment and began to enquire about the piece. The young art collector purchased the mosaic then and there without having to think twice.

The star thought nothing of this and continued on; however, it seemed that the more she paid attention to those around her, the stranger things seemed. She overheard an old tchea farmer complaining about the droughts that had caused his crops to wither and die and suddenly there was rain upon them, dark cloudy skies where there had been clear blue heavens just minutes before.

By the end of the day it seemed that the star had brought a great amount of luck to the city and the people there began to notice her more and more. They stared, they pointed, some even approached her to ask for their wishes to be granted. Word spread fast in the city and soon the king himself requested an audience with the star.

The star shyly entered the palace gates and was standing in front of the great king Coltzan before she could think twice about it. The king was tall and confident and seemed sceptical about the gift for granting wishes that the star seemed to possess. A servant cleared her throat and approached the king. "Here she is, milord, the shiny one, the golden one, the one that has been granting wishes all day; she must be a genie, it is true!"

The star did not understand what was being said; a genie? What was a genie? And the star did not believe that all of this good fortune could be because of her presence in the city. That was simply absurd!

"Come forward," demanded the king and so the star crept forward, a little cautious and afraid. "Is this true? Are you a genie? Can you grant wishes?" The star knew not how to answer the king and instead just huddled awkwardly in the middle of the grand room. "If this is so, I ask of you one wish to grant. Our queen has been ill for a long time. I beg of you to cure her of this disease and return her to the health she once knew..." Sadness overwhelmed the king as he spoke and in the star's heart she felt his pain.

The room fell silent and stayed that way until another servant came rushing into the room unannounced. "My king! The queen! You will not believe your ears! She is well again, sir!" called the servant girl. The star was astounded. What a coincidence this must be!

The king let a glistening tear roll down his cheek. He smiled a large toothy grin which made the star wish that what was happening for these people was due to her being there. "Genie, you have saved her. Anything. Name your price. Name it and you shall have it in return for this miracle you have bestowed me," the king said, more tears of happiness now springing from his eyes. "Let me grant you a wish."

The star did not wish for anything but to return to the dark and cosy place she once called home, high above them in the night skies. "I do not wish for anything but a nice dark cool place to call my home," whispered the star. "And a name too, if you will," she added.

"Your wish is my command," said the king. "I will have my guards scout out the darkest, coolest, most serene place for you to live and call your home." The king paused while he thought upon the second of her requests. "And as for your name... you shall be forever known as Wishy, the Lost Desert's lucky star, surely you must have fallen from the heavens, child."

Over the course of a few weeks Wishy was taken across the globe as part of an exploration crew to find and buy a place to call her home. It was not until the crew stumbled across a quiet golden valley filled with auburn trees and canopies on the outskirts of Faerieland that Wishy felt like she were home again.

King Coltzan bought and paid for the valley and gave the deeds to Wishy as a thank you gift, although he felt as though he would never be able to repay her. The king also sent with the deed a small petpet, a gold mauket whom reminded him of Wishy. He named the mauket Zeke, which in the native tongue of the Lost Desert people translates into 'shooting star'. The king wished for Wishy to never have to feel alone as he had in the past few months while his queen lay ill.

And so Zeke and Wishy lived in their hidden valley, a secret place in which they could feel free. And while Wishy will always miss the starry heaven, the place she once called home, she has never felt more at home than where she now resides with Zeke.

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