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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Teriyne
Owner: jbyronc
Breed: Kacheek

About Teriyne:
Teriyne was bored. She hated the mundane lifestyle in which she endured on a day to day basis. Nearly every day was the same. She would eat, sleep, play and have occasional visits from friends or quick excursions to the marketplace.

She lived in a tiny, homely cottage in the outskirt forest of Neopia. It was of two rooms, one being the kitchen and parlor, while the other being her room- which was presumably originally a closet, due to its size. And supposedly, her kitchen and lounge was actually a bedroom. Nonetheless, with her modifications, she was able to fix up the place to a homey and quaint feel.

As mentioned before, Teriyne was bored. She needed some fresh, new excitement in her life. Her life was already peaceful, and she sought out an event, or anything to fulfill her wants. That's when she decided to go to the marketplace.

Perhaps, she thought, I could buy a new toy. That could keep me entertained for a while. She knew of this new toy store that opened in a nearby village. Apparently, it was run by a very enthusiastic Blumaroo. She arrived shortly at the village and immediately saw the store. It was hard to miss. The building was largely decorated with splashes of colors and designs of various plushies of neopet species. As she entered, a loud friendly voice rang out.

"Hello there!" It came from a Plushie Blumaroo. He had a warm demeanor about him and a contagious smile. "Welcome to Warmers's Plushiepetpetastic Emporium! And I am Warmers! Teehee!" He chuckled. "May I help you look for something, dear?"

"Would you, by any chance, have anything that might be of entertainment for a while?" Teriyne asked.

"My dear girl," the Blumaroo said, "everything in this store is of entertainment. It is up to you to decide how long you will cherish it, though--which I'm hoping is all your life."

"Well, you see here... uh... Mister Warmers, I am terribly bored. I have no enjoyment or fun in my life. I'm sure anything you have for sale will be to my liking," Teriyne replied. With this, she was thinking that he would sell her a whole playset or even a new petpet for that matter.

"Hmm, I think I've got the thing just for you." Warmers grinned. "If you would wait for just one moment, madam, excuse me while I get it for you in the back."

He then scampered off to the door behind him and abruptly shut it. Then, after several moments, there was a loud clang, crash, and yelp that came from the back door. The Blumaroo quickly came out, hands behind his back, still grinning at Teriyne.

"If I give you this, please promise me that you will cherish it forever and take it to bed with you tonight?" Warmers told her.

What an odd request, Teriyne thought. But she agreed anyway, curious to see what he was holding. Instantly, the Blumaroo whipped out a yellow ball of fluff, stitched up with patchwork in various locations. But, after a few seconds, she realized that the ball of fluff was actually a Plushie Faellie. She bitterly accepted it from the Blumaroo, as she was disappointed with it. But she did not want her trip to be in vain and she found out that the Blumaroo was giving it to her when she attempted to pay him.

"Remember!" Warmers reminded her. "Take this to bed with you tonight, sleep with it, as it is your doll."

Teriyne nodded and returned home. By the time she arrived, it was dusk, and she ate her dinner silently, her mind focused on the events that happened that day.

What a dumb Blumaroo, she thought. This doll won't be of any interest to me. How could this possibly provide me with entertainment?

Upset, she marched to bed, dragging the doll along with her. I might as well do what he told me, thought Teriyne. Maybe it might help me sleep better. She then snuggled beneath her blanket with her new doll at her side and fell asleep.

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