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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Braedan
Owner: iniuria
Breed: Gelert

About Braedan:
In the very early days of Neopia, when things were still quite small and much was undiscovered, a Neopet called Braedan was created. Today he is a strong and steadfast Grey Gelert, an unconverted pet that is much admired by many Neopians. Few know the long and often troubled story of his past, which began on the 2nd day of Running in the Year 2, 11 years ago.

Braedan was created as a Cerpull, a Neopet species that no longer exists. Few details are known about the time he spent with his first owner, for Braedan doesn't speak of it much. You can still see a tinge of sadness and longing in his eyes when he is asked of that time, although it was so many years ago. He does say that he was happy and content. The world was new and it was an exciting time, with so much being discovered every day-- except for the day after he arrived, of course, which was canceled due to lack of interest. He was happy at the side of his owner, for he has always had a loyal heart and protective nature.

It was not to last. On the 13th day of Swimming in the Year 2, it was announced that all Cerpulls had evolved into the Tatsu. This was the first species to completely change, and while some owners thought that the change was positive, and still others didn't mind, some owners were horrified to see that their Neopet had suddenly changed into something completely different. Braedan does not know why he was taken to the dreaded Neopian Pound, but taken he was, and he was turned over to the director to await adoption.

I don't know how long he waited. I came to the pound just a week or two after the change, looking for a new pet. I saw many, many Tatsus there that day, abandoned by owners because of the way they looked. Right away I could tell there was something special about Braedan. His expression was resigned and heartbroken, like many Neopets left in the pound, but he also had a quiet dignity, even having been left all alone. I handed over the adoption fee and took him home.

Braedan was hesitant at first to get too comfortable, and I worked hard to earn his trust. It wasn't long before the Tatsu evolved again into the Eyrie, another change. Braedan didn't feel like this new incarnation fit him any better than the last two. He couldn't decide what he was. So for a little while, he entered the lab ray. He changed species more times than I can count, but nothing ever felt right to him until, one day, he changed into a Grey Gelert.

Gelerts are a species renowned all over Neopia for being steadfast, loyal, and brave. This species change at last fit his personality, for Braedan is the most loyal Neopet I know. Even though I wasn't his first owner, a strong bond developed between us over the years. He never strays from my side, and he never hesitates to protect us from harm. He faces the battledome bravely, and whenever Neopia encounters trouble from villainous fiends, Braedan leaps to defend us all. His time spent with that strange eccentric Scorchio prepared him well, and after he found his perfect species, he continued to study diligently at the Mystery Island Training School with the Techo Master.

Braedan's experience in Neopia has been long and vast. Everything changes, and it wasn't long before all the pets in Neopia faced another great change to the way they looked. Braedan was prepared to shift again, but this time he was given a reprieve. Instead of changing, some pets were given a choice to stay the way they were, and Braedan gratefully took it.

From the very first threat of the Tyrannian War to the recent attack on Faerieland by the Shadow Wraiths, Braedan has seen it all. He has seen many changes and experienced many himself. His strength and resilience is undeniable, but he’s always striving to learn even more. He even won third place in the customization spotlight, much to his embarassment. Once abandoned by an owner who was not pleased with him, he’s now a Neopet anyone would be proud to own. He's calm and true, brave and valiant, and even though he has not always been my Neopet, he always will be. Happy eleventh birthday, Braedan!

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