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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Dinorific
Owner: tacosquirrel
Breed: Chomby

About Dinorific:
With most of his short life spent indoors, Dinorific is a rather well-preserved and healthy Chocolate pet. However, the more time he spent inside of the Neohome, the more he craved the freedom of the outside world. Sheltered in his room, the Chomby gazed longingly at the clouds drifting across the sky. He sighed and knocked over an old action figure with his milk chocolate tail, not even bothering to pick it up.

In the backyard, a grey and white Jetsam flailed wildly in a tattered cardboard box, probably being cast away on a tidal wave as he played yet another pretend pirate game. Gustallo was given the privilege of outdoor playtime, although he was advised not to stray far from the house.

“Lucky.” Dinorific pressed his snout against the windowpane. A low growl interrupted his thoughts and he looked down at this front foot to see a Ferocious Negg gnawing contentedly at his sugary coating.

“Y’think so? He usually says no, but he lets me wander around Neopia Central... sometimes. It’s worth a try, right Nom-nom?” Dino’s frown quickly turned into a beaming smile, his eyes sparkling hopefully at his pet. The Negg snarled in agreement.

Dinorific bounded down the stairs and into the living room, where a hefty Snow Grarrl sat with a faded novel in his hand. Although he didn’t look up, a slight shift in his seat and a flick of the tail let Dino know that his friend acknowledged his presence. The Chocolate pet approached him with the utmost respect and sat down in front of his great armchair.

“Um, Raquello?” The Grarrl closed his novel and looked towards the Chomby once he heard his name, sticking a thumb between two pages to mark his place. “Later on, when it gets cooler outside, can I... may I... go shopping with you?” Dinorific flashed a genuinely sweet smile, the same expression that won the cautious giant over last time.

“No.” Raquello’s reply was abrupt and blunt. It fell heavily on the Chomby’s heart, and as if on cue his shoulders drooped and a frown pulled down the ends of his face. Sensing his friend’s dismay, Raquello sighed and readied a justification for his refusal.

“It’s not just the heat that can harm you, Dinorific.” He tried his best to break free of his usual monotone in order to sound as concerned as possible. “There’s a couple of problems that could occur... ones that could alter your appearance; change your color.”

“I’ll be careful!” Dino’s eyes widened with urgency.

“Such affirmations will not sway my decision.” This reply was just as straightforward as the last. Nom-nom wrenched itself free from Dinorific’s leg and bared its needle-like teeth at the Grarrl, spitting and snarling. “...Nor will the idle threats of a sentient fruit.” The Negg frowned and drooped in defeat.

The Snow pet rose from his chair and advanced towards the front door, only to turn into the kitchen to stir a steaming pot of soup for tonight’s dinner. Dinorific followed him quietly, sitting next to him once more as the spoon circled the bubbling pot. He focused his eyes on Raq and gathered what little confidence he had left before speaking.

“You always told me how learning is important. How do you expect me to learn anything about what’s outside if you keep me here all the time?” His reasoning sounded more like a childish whine as the words left his lips. For an instant, Raquello stopped stirring and watched the ripples in the brew, deep in thought. He began again as he turned his head to his hopeful companion to speak.

“It is not that I wish to let you grow ignorant of the world around you.” As he explained, Dino could see a hint of worry in the taller pet’s eyes. “True, there are many things you can learn out there that you can’t get from a book. However, many of those ‘things’ are what I wish to keep you away from.” The frigid reptile placed the spoon on a small napkin and turned to face Dino completely, leaning wearily against the counter.

“But those are the exact things I want to see!” Dinorific’s hazelnut eyes filled with sugary tears. “I want to get something stolen by the Pain Devil, just to see him! I want to have Ghosts give my Neopoints to the Money Tree, just to see them! I want to be scared by the Snowager, just to know what it’s like!”

“But don’t you realize the repercussions of those things, among others? You could lose your color, or get hurt... or worse.” Raquello’s seemingly endless patience was just now wearing thin. Dinorific looked into his charcoal eyes, filled with concern, and shot the Grarrl another sweet smile.

“I know.” He sniffed a little as the last of the tears left his eyes. Much to his surprise, the ends of the stoic Grarrl’s mouth upturned in a slight smirk: a rare show of emotion. He turned off the stove, plucked a beige bag off of a rack near the doorway and threw it in Dinorific’s direction. The strap went around the Chomby’s long brown neck with the bag sitting comfortably at his side.

“That’s to hold the restocks.” He smiled for a second time; a new record. “We’ll be stopping by Kauvara’s first. It tends to get crowded there, so promise me you won’t get separated.” The Grarrl undid the deadbolt on the front door and opened it halfway, waiting patiently for his candy companion.

“I promise.” Dinorific bounded towards the door, stopping for a second to let his Ferocious Negg clamp loving onto his tail before meeting the wind and fading sunlight of the outside world.

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