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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: BigBlayne
Owner: buizelmaniac
Breed: Hissi

About BigBlayne:
Blayne isn’t different from your normal Hissi. Sure, he loves to play pranks on unsuspecting victims, which are usually his brothers. Yes, he tends to hiss bitterly at the slightest smell of a happy moment. And of course, he rarely uses his emerald wings for actual flight and instead for hands. Right now, you probably think that Blayne shouldn’t be winning the spotlight in the least. I don’t blame you. But before you run off thinking that he doesn’t deserve a spot in the limelight, let me tell you a story. There is another side to him that only his brothers see, a side that shows even the coldest of hearts can display some warmth, a side that will be revealed to you right now.

It was hotter than usual on Mystery Island during the Month of Swimming. In a certain beachside neohome, lived four brothers. Sylvestre stood in the kitchen as always, probably flipping through many cookbooks for dinner. Buizel was also in the kitchen, helping his older brother with the books. Zappz, being the youngest of the group, was out playing with his friends. Blayne, however, lay motionless on the couch in the family room, flipping recklessly through the channels on his Neovision.

“Boring... boring... really boring... Gah, there’s nothing on! All these channels, useless!” Blayne shut the set off, tossed the remote control to the ground, and stared at the ceiling.

“Blayne,” Sylvestre screamed from the other room. “Would you come help us with tonight’s special meal? It looks like you’re not doing anything important.”

Blayne was slightly disgusted at the word “help.” He rarely “helped” anyone and usually caused people to want help instead. Since it was his brother who was asking, he replied, “Yeah, I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Despite saying he would aid them, he continued resting on the couch, and soon fell asleep.

“You know he’s not going to,” Buizel whispered to his older brother.

Hours later, the green Hissi was awakened by an aromatic scent that gently brushed his nostrils. He stood up from the couch and was hypnotized into the kitchen area. The smell, it was unlike anything he had ever encountered before. He stood in front of the table and slowly opened his eyes.

“Oh... my...,” Blayne mumbled to himself. In front of him sat a beautifully crafted cake, covered in colorful, sugar icing and fresh fruit from the around the island. He could sense the presence of chocolate filling without touching it. Blayne, being the chocoholic he is, was recently banned from the Chocolate Factory in Neopia Central due to the fact that he ate his way through half of the store’s stock.

However, without hesitation, Blayne began stuffing his face with the once-magnificent marvel of a desert. Handful by handful, the cake slowly turned into a lump of bread crumbs and cluttered sugar. The taste of the chocolate in his mouth made him giggle happily.

During the frantic feeding fest, however, it dawned to him: why would Sylvestre cook a cake for dinner? Not only was it strange, his brother only cooks such a dessert for...

He noticed a note underneath the pile of cake crumbs. It read: “Blayne, going to pick up Zappz. Be back in a couple of hours. DON’T EAT ZAPPZ’S BIRTHDAY CAKE! Love, Sylvestre and Buizel”.

“It’s Zappz’s birthday!” he screamed to himself. He began to imagine what would happen if they found out. The sorrow in the air, the glares from his older brothers, the tears from Zappz’s eyes... Oh, those eyes! He couldn’t bear them!

Blayne had to cook another cake of equal tastiness and proportions before his sibling came home. He grabbed Sylvestre’s apron, washed his hands, and started working as fast as he can.

After an entirely new cake was fully frosted and topped, the front door opened. “Blayne! We’re here with...” Sylvestre paused as he saw the mess in the kitchen. It was as if a hurricane had run through the room multiple times! However, among the mess was a clean, freshly frosted cake.

“What in Neopia--?!” Sylvestre yelled, looking at the debris.

“Um... Happy Birthday, little brother!” Blayne said as he cleaned himself up a bit.

“What happened to the ca--” Buizel was interrupted.

“Oh, thank you, big brother! I love it!” Zappz screamed. He ran up to Blayne gave a big hug to his brother, and while shocked at first, Blayne returned the favor.

“You ate it, didn’t you,” Buizel whispered to Blayne, smirking.

“Shut it,” Blayne replied.

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