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Pet Name: Canadiangirl567
Owner: iamcanadian1428
Breed: Ixi

About Canadiangirl567:
Canadiangirl567 sat near the water by her Mystery Island home, examining the shells she had found that day while she kept an eye on her little brothers Farley_Flavors (Farley), and Trxue (Tru), who were splashing about in the water. She didn’t have to worry much about them, they were both Maraquan, after all, but still, she couldn’t help but feel protective of them, and she made frequent glances towards them as she washed the shells in the water. Beside her, Canadiangirl’s little sister Calixtah was reading, though Canadiangirl had to help her with words every so often. She didn’t mind, though; that was what big sisters were for.

After a while, Calixtah put down her book and looked at her sister, a curious expression on her face.

“Sis,” she said, and Canadiangirl looked up from her shells.


“I know how Farley and Tru came to be part of our family, and I know how I was created, too. But how did you get here?” she asked. “I mean, have you just always been here?” Canadiangirl laughed and collected her shells into a pile before sitting back and looking up at the light blue sky.

“Kind of,” she said, and Calixtah scrunched her nose.

“Kind of? What does that mean?”

“I’ll explain,” Canadiangirl said with another laugh, looking at her little sister. “See, years ago, Mom moved to Neopia Central. It was a new and exciting time for her, and she wanted to share it with someone. So, she created a little red Ixi to keep her company, and that little red Ixi was me! Now, we didn’t have much, but Mom took good care of me. I don’t remember everything from those days, but I do remember some stuff, like how we used to venture out to Tyrannia every day in order to get free omelettes. And that’s all we ate... ever.”

“No wonder you dislike omelettes,” Calixtah said with a look of distaste; the young lutari wasn’t a huge fan of the eggy treat either.

“Yep,” Canadiangirl said with a happy sigh, remembering the time like it was yesterday. “But, don’t get me wrong, we loved going there. And when we weren’t out venturing to other lands, we would stay at home and read together. I love reading because that was what we did, especially at night. We got on just fine, though I do admit that I had dreams outside of our little world. See, I always dreamed that I wouldn’t always be red, and would, in fact, someday be island. It seemed like an impossible desire, but I couldn’t help it. I knew that’s what I wanted.”

“Mom couldn’t afford to paint me Island, of course, and I knew that, so I contented myself with being red. One day, though, Mom surprised me with a morphing potion she had bought. It was a Cloud Ixi Morphing Potion, and she had gotten it just for me! It may not have been island, but it was still exciting, and I drank the potion right away. You’ll never believe what it was like. It felt like someone was tickling my fur, and then my fur started to change colour! It was fantastic, and I was so happy to be cloud.”

Canadiangirl stopped talking for a moment to watch her brothers race through the water from one end of their property to the other (Tru won, he usually did) before continuing her story.

“It wasn’t always great, though,” she told Calixtah. “I remember my worst idea ever, and I still feel bad for it to this day. See, Mom had gotten access to the lab ray, and I had the wonderful idea to zap myself, so that maybe I could turn island. I didn’t mind being cloud, but my dream still hadn’t been fulfilled, and the lab seemed like the perfect opportunity. Mom was totally against the idea, but I bugged her until she finally agreed to let me get zapped, and I was really excited – until that ray hit me.”

“What’s wrong with the ray?” Calixtah asked. “I used to get zapped every day!”

“And you are used to it. But me... I had always been an Ixi, and that was what I was meant to be. But the ray, well... it zapped me into a... Grundo! It was horrid, and as soon as the smoke cleared from the zap, I remember looking down at myself and bursting into tears. Mom came over and held me, but it wasn’t enough; I just couldn’t be a grundo! I missed my fur, my hoofs, everything, and Mom took me home and put me to bed, both of us absolutely miserable.”

“What happened?” Calixtah asked then, her eyes filled with wonder. She was still quite young, but Canadiangirl was already quite fond of her.

“Well, I cried myself to sleep, and when I woke up, Mom was sitting by my bed, another morphing potion in hand. I was ecstatic, for at first I thought it was another cloud morphing potion, and I was more than happy to go back to what I had been. However, the potion was green and didn’t look very appetizing, and I soon learned that not only was it not cloud, it was also not a morphing potion. No, it was a transmogrification potion, and when I drank it, I felt sick to my stomach. It was horrid! My skin changed colour, I started to hunch over, and I became a mutant. An Ixi, of course, but a mutant one. I was glad to be the correct species again, but I was still very upset at my appearance, and I remember quite clearly that Mom, who had been so caring about my situation earlier, began to laugh at me. I couldn’t believe it when I saw her giggle at me, but soon she showed me what she had hidden behind her back, and I saw a paint brush that made me warm to just look at it; it was a Christmas paint brush, and Mom painted me quickly, the magic of the brush coating me until my fur was a beautiful shade of brown, and I had my very own set of antlers! It still wasn’t island, but I definitely didn’t care right then. I thought I was the most beautiful Ixi in all of Neopia at that moment, and Mom agreed. I thanked her over and over again for helping change into something pretty again, and we sat by the fireplace together for the rest of the evening, where she brushed my new coat until I fell asleep curled up on her lap.”

“Wow, that must have been tr-tramantic,” Calixtah said, and Canadiangirl smiled at her sister’s vocabulary. She was learning quite quickly for a lutari her age, even if she didn’t always get the words quite right.

“It was. And I never again worried about being island after that night. I was perfectly happy as a Christmas Ixi, and before I knew it, Farley was created, and I had a brother to keep me occupied instead. But Mom had other plans for me in mind, and one day, completely out of the blue, she told both of us about them. She said that one day in the near future we were going to move to Mystery Island! She didn’t say why, but Farley and I were ecstatic. We started looking at properties and dreaming about our life there, and that’s when Mom gave us our “going-away” presents. Farley got a Maraquan Meerca Morphing Potion, and he was so excited he almost dropped the bottle! Luckily, Mom caught it just before it hit the floor, and she put it away for safe-keeping until we got to the island, since he kind of needed to be near water before using it. I admit I was happy for my brother, but I’ll also tell you that I was really excited, and a little impatient, to see what I was getting, too. It was very nerve-racking to open my gift, and at first I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a morphing potion as well, an Ixi potion, an island Ixi potion. For a moment I was in shock, and when it set in that I was dreaming and that the potion was real, I became worried about dropping the bottle, too; I held it tightly with both front paws right away, and then I couldn’t help but jump up and down in excitement. Mom helped me open the bottle right away and I drank it eagerly; it tasted wonderful, like ten thousand tropical fruits all at once, and instantly my fur warmed and a cool breeze swept over me as I changed into island. I cried again that day, but rest assured they were happy tears. Not only had I reached my dream, but the fact that I had, in fact, done so showed me how far Mom and I had come from that day she took me home so long ago. I hugged her, nearly knocked her over, in fact, and hugged Farley, too.”

“Before long, everything else fell into place. We moved to the island and lived in a little hut right against the sea until our house was built. Farley morphed into a Maraquan meerca, and together we learned how to swim and collect shells, while I helped Mom nightly with cooking new, exotic island recipes. Once the house was built, we were able to adopt Tru into the family so that Farley had someone to explore underwater with, and pretty soon you were created, completing us. Life has always been good for me, but I can honestly say that now it’s perfect.”

Canadiangirl grew silent then, thinking about how fantastic her life was, and she was startled a moment later when Calixtah spoke.

“I like our family,” the young lutari said with a definitive nod, and Canadiangirl chuckled as Tru swam up near them.

“Hey girls, look what I can do,” he called as he began to swim in a fast circle, over and over again until breaking left quickly and sending a huge splash to the beach. Calixtah and Canadiangirl both got drenched, and Tru and Farley burst out into a fit of laughter at their dismal looks.

“Well, I like our family sometimes,” Calixtah said miserably, looking at her sister, and Canadiangirl smirked as she shook off her fur and started to plan a counter-attack.

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