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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Lemanaboo
Owner: island23
Breed: Bori

About Lemanaboo:
Lemanaboo is the bookiest book worm Bori you’ll ever meet. He thinks all he needs are books. Of course, that was before a little trip to the market changed his mind...


Doglefoxes make wonderful pets. They are loyal and intelligent. They are also very active. Most Doglefoxes-

“Lemanaboo!” Island’s yell jolted him out of his reading. Setting down his copy of The Ultimate Petpet Guide, Lemanaboo stood up. He knew from the tone of his owner’s voice that she was getting ready to go somewhere. Tightening his scarf, he grabbed his bag of book money off the shelf and held the top of it in his teeth. He knew how to find good book dealers anywhere, from Krawk Island to Terror Mountain. The Christmas Bori grabbed his book wish list, removed the burlap coin pouch from his canines, then stuck the rolled up paper in the bag. Finally, he scampered down the hall to where his brother and friends were clustering around Island.

“Lemanaboo!” she sighed, obviously relieved. She shook her head. “Why must you always expect we are going book shopping?”

“I don’t!” Lemanaboo replied indignantly. “It’s just, all the most exotic merchants come to the docks, so why not be ready to purchase exotic books?”

“Alright, alright.” Island giggled. “Let’s get moving.”

Soon Lemanaboo was trotting through the Mystery Island forest. He and his family never shopped at the Island Market; the food was fresher at the various docks that occupied the Harbor. Besides, most of the exotic things at the Harbor weren’t resold. Living just north of Tiki Tours, the Harbor was also much closer.

“Island, what are we buying?” Lemanaboo asked, realizing he had no idea what the initial reason for traveling to the docks was.

“We’re getting you a petpet,” Island replied much too simply.

“WHAT!?” Lemanaboo yelped. “I don’t have time to take care of a petpet! I still haven’t finished Illusen’s Novel, and I’m studying Cybunny Financing, and-”

“Exactly,” Island muttered. Lemanaboo realized his outburst had just proved her point: he spent all his time reading. He clamped his mouth shut until they reached the docks.

An eccentric, unique smell invaded Lemanaboo’s nostrils. A smell of paint, petpets, neopoints, clothing, pastries, sailors, and most prevalent, ocean spray. At least, that’s what his nose could handle. His eyes spotted pots, pans, tables, chairs, flowers, vases, and a million other things either sitting in crates, being traded by sailors, or on display in bamboo stands. His eardrums were bombarded by music, the sound of the waves crashing, voices yelling over each other, and the differentiating cries of petpets.

He loved it.

“Okay,” Island said. “I’ll make you a deal, Lemanaboo: use your book money on a petpet, and I’ll get you a paintbrush for your petpet.”

Without answering, Lemanaboo dashed off into the crowds of mingling Neopians. He joined two little Meercas as they gazed at a pirate Krawk standing on a ragged cardboard box surrounded by caged white Weewoos.

“Come one, come all!” he shouted. Lemanaboo knelt down and looked a Weewoo in the eye. “Grade A white Weewoos!” The Weewoo clucked. Lemanaboo was about to ask the Krawk if he could purchase one, when the Krawk yelled again. “Only 3,000,000 neopoints!”

“Too expensive,” Lemanaboo muttered.

He meandered over to a little stall. A cheery teenage Usul was wiping down the counter. The stall was an assorted mish-mash of cages and books. A Nuranna tore up a steak; a Wuzzle growled in the corner; the rest of the petpets growled, cawed, or aggressively blew bubbles at each other. Then, in the back of the stall, he saw something that took his breath away.

“The Guide to the Neocola Machine!” Lemanaboo gasped. “Worth 15 million neopoints!”

The Usul smiled slyly. “So?” she asked. “Which are you? Book fanatic or Neocola enthusiast?”

Lemanaboo blushed. “I’m a book worm,” he answered.

“Good,” she said, then leaned forward and whispered, “For you, cutie, I’ll sell it for only all of the neopoints in that pouch.” She gestured to his bag.

“There’s only 20,000 neopoints in there,” Lemanaboo protested. “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” She smiled.

“I – I – I - ” he stammered. “I’m going to keep browsing.” He dashed away, and immediately spotted a stand with a MSP Poogle frowning at a caged Doglefox. He was talking to a tall, shadow Gelert.

“We’ve been tryin’ to sell ‘im for weeks, Hugo,” the Poogle grumbled in a raspy voice. The Doglefox whimpered.

“Dat ole Shocket weeb been usin’ for dat Turmaculus been eaten,” Hugo said. “’Parently if they’s wearin’ a coconut shell, he gobbles dem right up.”

Lemanaboo turned pale. (Or would turn pale if he wasn’t already white.) He wanted the guide, for even if he didn’t read it he’d earn his family money. His siblings would all be furious if he bought the Doglefox; they’d get paintbrush money or accessories or something expensive. Yet, he couldn’t sleep at night if he had cost the little Doglefox its life. He met the little guy’s eyes, and he knew what he should do.

He bought the Doglefox.

Later that day, Lemanaboo met up with Island. As promised, she bought Lemanaboo a petpet paintbrush of his choice, which was Christmas. Because of his color and red nose, he named his little male Doglefox Christmas Clown.

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