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Pet Name: trugmorik
Owner: elfwick
Breed: Xweetok

About trugmorik:
Trugmorik is an avid comic book collector. His greatest dream is to become a Defender of Neopia. He has yet to succeed in that dream. Trugmorik is currently the president and only member of the "Xweetoks for Defenders" association. Trugmorik always arrives at the scene of the crime just a little too late because he relies on his informant at the Neopian Times for all of his information.

Trugmorik's Story

In a special secret meeting of the Defenders of Neopia, Judge Hog made an announcement. "I want to know everything there is to know about the pets of Neopia!" He stated, "Who are these pets, and are any of them worthy of our great organization? I want to find out." So, he presented his plan. "We will begin a great recruitment campaign! All of Neopia will be able to apply for this wonderful organization. That way we will be able to know the inner workings of each Neopian and maybe, if we are lucky, we will find some new recruits to help us in defending Neopia!"

The rest of the defenders thought this was an excellent idea. "We must begin this campaign at once!" shouted the Masked Intruder. "That's right," agreed Captain Astounding, "this will be good for our cause and for all of Neopia!" "I caught a bug!" shouted the Masked Lenny, to which all of the defenders rolled their eyes and moved on with the meeting.

"All right," said Judge Hog, "let's take a vote. All in favor of the 'Become a Defender of Neopia' campaign say 'Aye'!" The room practically shook on its foundation as each defender shouted, "Aye!" Well, everyone, that is, except for the Masked Lenny, who chirped happily as he caught another bug. "It's settled then," said Judge Hog, "the campaign begins tomorrow."

Trugmorik T. Xweetok was on his way back from the comic store after buying the latest edition of "Grarrl Comics" when he came across a poster. It read, "Are you a defender at heart? Do you want to help protect the innocent? Do you have super amazing powers that you want to share with the world and put to good use? Then run on down to your local Defenders of Neopia recruitment office and fill out your questionnaire! Who knows, today you are going about your daily life. Tomorrow you may be saving the world!"

Trugmorik could hardly contain himself. Could it be possible? Would he finally be able to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a great superhero like Judge Hog or the Kau Defender? He had been to the recruitment center many times to enlist. It was always either closed or a rather rude Aisha secretary named Betty, would turn him away with a snippy "We are not recruiting today. Please leave now." But, looking at this poster, he realized that not only would the recruitment center be open, but rude Betty would have to give him a questionnaire. He dropped his bag of comics and ran full speed to recruitment office.

"Oh, it's you again," sighed the snippy Aisha. "Well, I suppose you'll want one of these," she said, holding up a hero questionnaire. Completely forgetting his manners and without even so much as a thank you, Trugmorik ripped the paper from Betty's hand and began furiously scribbled in his answers. After just a few moments he was done and turned in his hero questionnaire. "Hold on a minute," called Betty as Trugmorik made for the door. "We need to take your picture." Trugmorik turned to pose for the picture. He was just about to give the Aisha his best superhero pose and smile when she raised the camera and blinded him with its flash. As Trugmorik tried to blink the stars out of his eyes, Betty curtly said, "Thank you, we will submit this photo with your resume. You will be receiving your answer sometime within the next 30 days." Trugmorik could only nod as he made his way out the door and onto the street.

When he got home and was finally able to see straight, he ran to his full collection of Defenders of Neopia action figures and told them the good news. "I'm going to be a Defender of Neopia," he announced excitedly. He thought he could hear all of his action figures shouting for joy and congratulating him. He thought he heard Judge Hog say, "That's wonderful, when did they tell you that you would be joining their ranks?" "Well," said Trugmorik, "they haven't actually given me an answer yet. I just turned in my resume!" All of the action figures only had encouraging things to say to him and assured him that he would be accepted in no time.

Months went by with Trugmorik checking his mailbox twenty times a day. There was no word from the Defenders of Neopia. "I can't understand it," Trugmorik told his action figures. "They said it would only be 30 days and it's been five months." "Don't despair," the Masked Intruder seemed to say, "I'm sure you will get that acceptance letter soon." This went on for a few more months when finally, after opening his mailbox for the 982,744th time, a "Something Has Happened" message popped up. He had finally received a response from the Defenders of Neopia! He raced into the house, sat down in front of his action figures, and tore open the letter. He quickly devoured every word of the letter. He blinked, looked slightly confused, and read it again. "Well," said an impatient Kau Defender, "When do you start?" "I don't," responded Trugmorik, "I've been rejected." He was met with expressions of outrage from the action figures. "That's ridiculous," shouted an angry Judge Hog. "How could they reject you?" "Hey," said the Masked Lenny, "why don't you play with us? It'll make you feel better." "Thanks guys," responded Trugmorik, "but I think I want to be alone."

Trugmorik sat down in his favorite chair and thought. How could they reject him, the most knowledgeable neopet of all things superhero? "They must be jealous," he thought. "Or maybe they're prejudiced against Xweetoks! I mean, they don't have any Xweetoks in the Defenders of Neopia!" He knew then there could be no other explanation. He knew what he had to do. He got out of his chair, donned his superhero costume, ran to the Defenders of Neopia recruitment center, and filled out the resume again. This time they could not reject him! He had filled out the application twice! Isn't that proof enough of his commitment? He has yet to receive another reply.

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