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Pet Spotlight

Submit your pet to the Pet Spotlight!

- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: summer_4859
Owner: talei11
Breed: Ogrin

About summer_4859:
A Shadow Ogrin walks onto the stage and clears her throat. "Hello, my name is Summer_4859, Summer for short, and I'm here to tell you all about..."

"Hey Summer, what're you doing?" A Fire Cybunny walks onto the stage.

"Tia! Go away! I'm auditioning for the pet spotlight." Summer turns and glares at her sister.

"Sorry, no can do. I'm under strict instructions not to let you out of my sight. We don't want you to get arrested again, now do we?" Tia takes an empty chair from the front row and sits down in the back corner of the stage. Summer turns beet red before turning back round to face the audience, doing her best to ignore Tia. She pauses a few seconds to collect her thoughts before saying, "First up, I will tell you about my petpet, Dash. Dash is...."

"Coeee, Summer! Over here." A blue Uni waves frantically, trying to get Summers attention.

Summer ignores her and tries to continue with her entry. "...A Faerie..."

"Summer! That's rude. When people talk to you, you are meant to acknowledge them!" The blue Uni, whose name is Rozamitara, walks over and climbs onto the stage too. Summer sighs and gives up trying to say her speech.

"I'm trying to win a trophy! Don't you want at least one shiny trophy for your cabinet? Now go away and leave me alone!"

Tia walks over and puts her arm around Rozamitara and leads her off the stage. "Why don't you come back and talk to us later; she's a little touchy at the moment." Tia chuckles as her statement has the desired effect.

"Touchy? TOUCHY! Do you think I'm TOUCHY? I wouldn't be TOUCHY if I could go for one sentence without being interrupted!"

Rozamitara takes one look at Summer's angry face and says, "I'll talk to you later then," and hurries off.

"If I may continue..." Summer glares at Tia, who shrugs and goes back to her seat, then around at the audience in general, who are all too cowed to so much as breathe loudly. "Thank you. I will now tell you about my family. I live on Mystery Island with my four sisters. They are: Tear1170 the annoying Cybunny behind me, PY the yellow Shoyru, Maxlo1_maxlo1_2004 the Kau and Saphiasofala the... oh, what NOW!" Summer throws her hands up in exasperation as a baby Kougra tugs urgently at her fur.

"Excewse me, Mista, are yew in da pet spotwight?" Tia smiles behind her hand at the Kougra's comments.

"I am TRYING! And I'm not a guy!" Summer snaps.

"Can I pwease be in yewr entwy?"

"No! I don't even know you. Go away."

"Pwease. I'll be weally, weally good." The Kougra smiles adorably up at Summer, who is completely unaffected by its cuteness.

"NO!" Summer grabs the Kougra and pushes it into the arms of a startled Kacheek in the front row. "Right, no more interruptions! I live on Mystery Island, which is great because..."

"Summer! Tia! Hurry up, we have to get to the wharf or we'll miss the last boat to Mystery Island," a Faerie Kau calls from the back of the audience.

"Maxi, I can't. I'm doing the Pet Spotlight."

"You'll have to do it another day. The last boat leaves in 10 minutes, and unless you're able to grow wings in that time, you'll have to stay the night in Neopia Central." Tia gets up and pats Summer on the shoulder. "At least it didn't rain."

Summer stares at the ground for a few seconds before sighing. She picks up the baby Kougra out of the arms of the Kacheek, who has by this time managed to tie bows throughout its fur, and places it on the stage. "It's your turn now," she says before running after Tia.

"I'm dewing da pet spotwight. Yay!" The baby Kougra claps its hands in excitement and then does 'puppy dog eyes' to the audience.

One, two, three, "Awwwww."

...And the winner of the Pet Spotlight is.... The unknown Baby Kougra!

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