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Pet Name: Atiore
Owner: bellisimo_star
Breed: Krawk

About Atiore:
This recording was found tucked away in a small bookshelf beyond the doors of the Altadorian Archive. A bit of dust had collected upon it and it was greatly shrouded by a mass of browned paper and tattered books. Nevertheless, its less than exciting appearance is greatly misleading as to its valuable content. The recording dates to an interview held long ago of the luminary figure in Neopia, Sir Atiore Gorden. I have came across this recording through my travels and found this primary work to be a telling portal to the life purpose of all explorers and adventurers in Neopia. So, I leave you to listen and discover.

*Shuffling sounds can be heard and then a click. Inaudible murmurs can be heard.*

UNKNOWN NEOPET: Good evening, Mr. Gorden. I hope you don’t mind my visit today.

SIR ATIORE GORDEN: Not at all, my good chap. I never turn down an eager young mind.

UNKNOWN NEOPET: I truly appreciate this. I myself have been greatly influenced by your studies and publications and speaking with you is simply an honour. Could you tell me how you began? Your work, I mean.

SIR ATIORE GORDEN: My pleasure. Before the Neopian Geographic was established many Neopians lived their daily lives without a care of the physical world around them. Of course, everyone knew there were elusive creatures and mystical realms beyond their own boundaries, but they simply just didn’t have the means to learn about them.

UNKNOWN NEOPET: Didn’t they live happy lives, though?

SIR ATIORE GORDEN: Oh, well, of course, but life can be immensely more fulfilling with knowledge. That was one of the main reasons my colleagues and I started the Neopian Geographic journal.

UNKNOWN NEOPET: And how did you get involved, Mr. Gorden? What were your feelings towards the subject?

SIR ATIORE GORDEN: As an archaeological anthropologist and a Neopian linguist, I had discovered many things that expanded my mind most favourably. My discoveries, similar to the discoveries of my colleagues, were the result of tedious and dangerous expeditions and research. While these new ideas and breakthroughs were known within our academic circles, we all wanted to share them with the public. Through the use of the written word, geography and nature could become an art experienced and enjoyed by the young and the old.

UNKNOWN NEOPET: Oh yes indeed, Mr.Gorden. There’s nothing more beautiful than the vibrant costumes of Lost Desert natives or the unnerving designs on an ancient Tyrannian artifact. Everyone should see them. Is there a particular memory from your journeys that still amazes you even today?

SIR ATIORE GORDEN: One of my most beloved findings still lasts with me today. I’ve brought him with me today actually. *Movement can be heard.* This is Trinket, my dear Green Trunkard. His species was a discovery I made while working closely with an anthropologist in the shallow waters in a sub island of Mystery Island. His brilliant color blended so well into the waters that when we were treading through he gave all of us a terrible fright. Of course, we did all ended up adoring the little bugger. I don’t know how I’d be able to go about day to day without him now. That’s the one experience I would never forget. It taught me how our natural world could play a much larger role in our small lives.

UNKNOWN NEOPET, enthused: Oh yes, I remember your amazing story about your trips to the Mystery Island within the Neopian Geographic. They are all so illuminating. I must say, Mr. Gorden, you are one of the major influences to why I have taken a journey across Neopia. Perchance you have some suggestions and knowledge to pass down to me?

SIR ATIORE GORDEN: Oh yes, dear chap. There are some things every explorer should know and every adventurer should follow. Firstly we must always act as an observer. We ought not to judge the natural or cultural behaviours in our vast Neopia, every climate and geography is different and so we are all different. Secondly, we must never disturb. I remember finding many wondrous artifacts and many other destroyed by looters. Whether you’re meeting people, unveiling artifacts, or simply traveling, always remember there is a delicate balance – an equilibrium. Lastly, always know your own skills and limits. Expeditions can last for many years and require us to go to the farthest ends of the world. Be amicable to yourself and take care. Without you, the discoveries that you could make would end.

UNKNOWN NEOPET, stunned: Woooww ....

SIR ATIORE GORDEN, chuckles: You’re definitely a passionate one. I can see that you will be extremely famous for your work one day. Of course, Aishas are naturally curious neopets.

*The reply of the neopet is cut off. A resonating click is heard.*


I sure hope you’ve found this recording as interesting as I. It certainly keeps me motivated through all my adventures. Did you know that some say that the unknown neopet is actually Hoban! Now wouldn’t that just be amazing?

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