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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Shubyuu
Owner: ladyromsca
Breed: Korbat

About Shubyuu:
Like oh my Fyora! I would like so not talk to him! Like serious--Oh, hey! The new school newspaper is out?!!? Oh my geee, is that the one with the article about like me in it? I like can’t wait to see it! Looklooklook! Page three! Teeheehee, I can’t believe this, what does it say? Read it out loud, Typhenii!


Welcome to everyone’s favourite section, Student Spotlight! Khay here, and this week I had the privilege of interviewing the lovely, one-of-a-kind Shu. This Korbat may look like an ordinary schoolgirl, but deep down she’s someone special. I should cut this intro short now and let the vivacious Korbat introduce herself.

Khay: Tell us a bit about yourself. Like your name, age, where you’re from... the basics.

Shu: My name? Well, my parents call me Shubyuu (that’s said Shoo-bee-you just so you like know), but like everyone else like calls me Shu. I’m a sixteen year old Mutant Korbat, and I actually come from the Haunted Woods originally. Ew, I know. My parents moved here to Mystery Island when I was like three though so no damage done, right? I spend most of my time here at Neoschool. WOOOO SOUTH BEACH NEOSCHOOL IS THE BEST!!!!! TEAM SPIRIT!!

And, uh... I like plushies!

Khay: You say that you’re a Mutant. Does that make you any different than say, a Pink Korbat?

Shu: Don’t judge by my colour! I mean seriously, it like so gets on my nerves when I meet people and they think I’ll be some like creepy, sad Korbat who is like horribly mean! I know this Faerie Kougra, and she is more like that than me! I’m actually like totally nice and happy and friendly. Just ask like any of my friends and they’ll tell you that too! Being a Mutant doesn’t mean anything!

Khay: Okay. Let’s move on. What are some of your favourite things?

Shu: Dance! I love it so much. Especially ballet. I’ve been in it since I was like five and I wouldn’t give it up for anything! It’s so much fun to glide around and it’s like the perfect excuse to dress up. I also like cheerleading, but you know, it’s not as like fun as like ballet. Like, you know what I mean? Uh, I also like... umm... Oh yeah! Collecting plushies! They’re just like soooo cute! I have like hundreds now. I think I’m like addicted or something like that. LOL! OH! Ice cream! I loooooove ice cream, especially chocolate ice cream. It’s just like so delicious.

Khay: All right then. What don’t you like?

Shu: I totally hate acting and singing! People keep on thinking that I should like them for some reason that I don’t like understand. They’re just so stupid. And I don’t like diets either. I mean seriously, just like start dance or something. Like, people keep on thinking that I should be like some diet freak and I don’t like get it at all! I mean just because I’m skinny doesn’t mean I’m like obsessed with diets. I also hate getting hurt. One time, when I was like eight, I fell when I was doing a jeté, and I sprained my ankle, and I was so sad! I’ve been like really careful though after that, and I haven’t been injured since then!

Khay: That’s... great. So, what is your opinion of Neoschool?

Shu: I LOVE it! There are like so many people here and I met all sorts of friends! And there’s like a dance team too! Oh, you wanted to know about like smart stuff... Uh, well I like, uh... lunch! LOL! I don’t like hate classes, but they’re not great either. I like so hate studying. It is so boring. I could be like dancing or something. And there’s Math class. Seriously, who uses math in the real world? I guess if I like had to pick a favourite class it would be like Art or something like that, you know? Not that I’m like an amazing artist or anything!

Khay: Fascinating. Do you have a Petpet by any chance, Shu?

Shu: YES! His name is Mr. Poufii, and he’s a Plushie Anubis. I got him like ages ago, back when I got that sprained ankle. That’s when I started my plushie collection too. I love him like even more than I love dance, which is like a lot. Whenever I feel sad, all I have to do is give him a hug, and I feel like happy again! Mr. Poufii always listens to my problems too, and he like never says anything like mean. He is probably my best friend ever (Sorry, guys! LOL)!

Khay: Mmhmm. So Shu, there’s something that I’ve been wondering about you since I first saw you, and I’m sure a lot of our readers have thought about the same thing. Why is your hair pink?

Shu: Well, I know that earlier I said that colour doesn’t matter, but pink is like my favourite colour and to like tell the truth, I did want to be a Pink pet for like the longest time. Then I like realized that being a Mutant was like just right for me, but I was like still obsessed with pink, so I like decided to dye my hair hot pink as like a, what do you call them?

Khay: Compromises?

Shu: Yeah, that. And I mean it’s like totally gorgeous, right?

Khay: Right. Now for one last question that’s also been bothering me. Why do you say the word ‘like’ so much?

Shu: Um, like, I don’t think I like use ‘like’ like too much. I mean like I like never use ‘like.’

Khay: ...You just used ‘like’ five times in two sentences.

Shu: Really? I like didn’t notice at all! Weeee-irddd. I guess it just like sounds right, like you know? Makes things like sooo much more like descriptive.

Khay: Yeah. That’s all. Thank you for your enlightening and thoughtful answers. Any ending remarks?

Shu: Not really, except thank you so much for like interviewing me! I feel like so honoured. LOL! Can’t wait for this to come out!! Oh, and SOUTH BEACH NEOSCHOOL RULES! WOOO!

And there you have it! Let’s all give Shu a round of applause for her openness and enthusiasm.

Remember, we’re always looking for new pets to interview, so come drop by with names of pets you think deserve to be known. Until next week!

~Khay, Student Spotlight Reporter


Oh. My. Fyora. That was amazing. I can’t believe how well they like captured my spirit! I mean like they spelled ‘weird’ just how I imagined it when I said that! And all those ‘sooo’s are just perfect. THEY EVEN PUT CAPS WHERE I SPOKE IN CAPS!!!!! Oh my geee, I’m so giddy. Don’t you guys think this was like the awesomest newspaper article ever?!? This should like win an award or something!

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