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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Gustallo
Owner: tacosquirrel
Breed: Jetsam

About Gustallo:
There was no way he was eating this. It was disgusting. Vile. Horrifying. And it smelled like dung.

Gustallo stared down at the hastily-made meal set before him, a fork and a knife in each flipper. For once, he missed his usual portions of omelette and jelly. He shifted his uneasy gaze to Raquello, who was equally stunned by the sheer vileness of his meal. Of course, the Grarrl didn't show it; he was far too composed for such an emotion. His snowy tail swished back and forth; Gustallo guessed that he was attempting to distract himself from the pungent smell of their meal.

"Alright, that's it," Gustallo began. "I'm not going to sit around and starve." He jumped down from the chair and started for the door.

"Wait," Raquello said in a low voice. "You do realize that there's nothing else, correct? Our Safety Deposit Box is quite bare..." His voice trailed off. Gustallo waited for him to start up again, however unlikely that may be. Fed up with the silence in their Neohome and his hunger pangs, he started for the door once more. Surely, he thought, there would be some kind of morsel left in the SDB.

"Gusty, Gusty!" a squealing voice called out. "Look, look! Look at what I've got, tee hee!" Gustallo turned around, only to be knocked onto his back by a Cloud Hissi soaring through the air.

"Friskane. May I remind you that all forms of aviation are forbidden in the house..." Raquello stated flatly. It was rather obvious he was being ignored, as usual. Friskane waved a small bag around with her tail happily, as if she had just found a great treasure. The scales on her wings glinted with the same joy.

"Jeez, Frisk, calm down," Gustallo yelled as he got up. He stomped over to Friskane and snatched the little bag out of her curled tail. The delicate fabric was velvety soft, the pull-string just as so. He looked it over curiously, and proceeded to open it.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Gustallo squinted to look into the darkness of the bag. He knelt closer, peering farther and farther inside until his snout was fully enveloped into the opening.

"Pah! What a rip-off!" He pouted and turned to Friskane. "Next time you find something, either make sure it's totally awesome or totally edible!" He tossed the bag back to her. She caressed the cloth of the bag as tears began to well up in her teal and yellow eyes.

"But I saved them..." Friskane sobbed, pressing the bag to her chest with her clouded wings.

"What?" Gustallo asked. He knew Friskane was often delusional from her overactive imagination, but she often didn't bring up the games she would play when she was daydreaming.

"The Moaches... I saved them," Friskane whimpered. "They called out to me, and I saved their village from the Meepit. Then, they rewarded me with this..." She cradled the bag in her wings.

"We have Moaches... in our storage room?" Raquello said, his charcoal-black eyes narrowing in deep thought.

"Yes! And they were in desperate need!" Friskane flapped her wings as if it were to assist her in getting her point across. "The Great Meepit was wreaking havoc on their village, which was made of cookies. It was eating their village, Racky!" she called out, and soon started crying again. "They were so scared..."

"Gustallo, what do you make of thi-" Raquello stared into the hallway. Gustallo had left; the door to the storage room was wide open...

Gustallo looked around the SDB for traces of this so-called "cookie village". Midway in his search, he heard a few clinking noises behind him in the storage room. When will Neopets learn that you shouldn't sneak up behind a Jetsam? He whirled around and snapped, "What? I'm busy!"

"Dude, chill!" A claw waved side to side. A Rainbow Bori smiled back at him, his orange hair swaying as he flashed a carefree smile. "Like, Gusty, you got any food or something? I'm dying here!"

"Musicolor, it's you..." Gustallo grumbled. "No, of course I don't. But I'll tell you what, you help me find some grub and I'll give some of it to you." Under his breath he added, "Maybe."

"Dude, awesome!" Musicolor jumped towards the SDB and felt around inside. Unsuccessful, he ran towards the cabinets to search them as well. Satisfied with his ruse, Gustallo leaned lazily against the wall and watched his the enthusiastic Bori run around the storage room in search of food.

"Whoa! Gnarly, man! Gusty, can we eat this?" Musicolor turned around and held up a small Petpetpet. "I think it's a Moach, man. I, like, saw this article and I think it said these things are great boiled into soup!"

Did he just say Moach?! Gustallo jumped forwards and snatched the Petpetpet out of his claw. He held it angrily in a dark purple flipper, doing his best to stare it down and intimidate it.

"Alright, where's your cookie village?! Tell me, we're starvin' here!" Gustallo demanded. Musicolor gave him a perplexed look.

"Um, you know you're talking to a Moach, right?" he asked, fighting his laughter.

"Of course I know that!" Gustallo retorted. "It's just that Friskane said..." He stared back at the Moach. Its beady eyes looked back at him, quivering with fear. Realizing how silly and desperate he was acting, Gustallo gently set the Petpetpet down and watched it hop behind a cardboard box. They didn't have any money left to go shop for food. There was no way he was going to lower himself by eating at the Soup Kitchen. What was he to do? Not just for himself, but for his family as well...

"Gustallo..." A deep voice snapped him back to reality.

Gustallo turned to see Raquello and Friskane standing in the doorway, holding a few boxes. They set them down gently, and Raquello slipped in a frosted claw and pulled out a bag of chokato crisps.

"Sweet!" Musicolor yelled. He ran towards Raquello and grabbed the bag. He sat and munched loudly on the snack, all sorts of bits and crumbs attaching to his colorful fur.

Raquello sighed and reached back in the box, this time pulling out a cocoa juppie and handing it to Friskane, and then pulled out some snow toast for himself. Gustallo walked towards the box and pulled out a chocolate-chip cookie, which had a small slip of paper attached to it. He carefully removed it, and noticed some small writing. Small, but still legible.

Compliments of the Moaches.

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