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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Suanil
Owner: evazara
Breed: Grarrl

About Suanil:
"Suanil! What are you doing? You'd better get to class!" called my friend Lynn. "Duh, I'm just writing my acceptance speech if I win the pet spotlight," I said. "You? The pet spotlight? Haha! That's a riot. Good luck anyways!" and she walked off. I kept writing.

"And I accept this...d-uh...award, because the trophy is really pretty and shiny and I like pretty shiny things...d-uh. I'll tell you a little about me," I said out loud as I wrote it down on my notepad. But now I was being interrupted again.

"Suanil, please don't mope around the halls like that. Class starts in five minutes. You have chemistry next and it wouldn't be good to be late for that, considering your current grade." It was the principal. "D-uh, sure thing, Mr. Bee!" I said, but I kept on writing.

"My name is...duh..Suanil. It kind of sounds like Swan, with an eel at the end. Duh. It's really a very pretty name and I like it very much. Anyway, I was born in Mer-i-dell. Or maybe Br-ight-vale," I sounded out the words as I spelled them. I'd polish this later anyway.

"My parents were both very smart, d-uh! They said I'm not a lot like them, though. I guess that's 'cause my mummy is a pink grarrl and my daddy is blue. I'm so glad I'm smart like them!" I thought a little bit, reading over my writing every few sentences.

"Yo whassup, Suanil!" It was my friend Dilton this time.

"Hi, Dilly!" I said, writing as I greeted him. I continued writing my speech. I thought very hard about every word. Everything had to be absolutely perfect! I knew that they were really strict about the Pet Spotlight especially, so I wanted to make this extra good. Hmmm. It needed something to spice it up. I'd edit it later; for now I wanted to just write the basic facts.

"D-uh! I live with my Puppyblew now. His name is Rufus. He's really cute. I even dyed him pink for easter! Haha! Duh. Anyways, I have lots of people in my family. I'll tell you about them..." I took a look at my watch. Ahhhh! I was late for class. I jogged down the hall. Room 112.

"Duh...Sorry I'm late, Mr. Madison. But I have an excuse this time," I told him.
"None of your excuses are going to work. Please keep in mind that when I was your age, I used most of the excuses for being tardy myself," he said. The class giggled.

I moped to my seat. While we were supposed to be reading from our textbooks, I wrote about my speech some more. Classes passed by, until the day was almost done.


That was the bell. The day was done. Now I could finally write my acceptance speech in peace.

I wrote on the way home. I wrote till midnight. I didn't do my homework. Guess what I did instead of my homework? That's right! I wrote. My hand couldn't stop moving, and my pencil turned in to a stub! But my speech was going to be perfect. I began writing my conclusion and thank you on the way to school the next day. My mind was so focused on writing, I couldn't think of anything else. Dilton approached me. "Suanil! I discovered a cure for the common cold!" he said.

"That's nice," I responded, my mind only a quarter focused on him.

I kept writing.

"Suanil! Check out this new outfit. My mom just bought it for me at Bloomington's. Look at the lace and the ruffles on the skirt! Isn't that shade of magenta just extravagant? And the top! It's nearly strapless. I hope I don't get busted by the principal. I do think it follows the dress code, though. And I got this other new....blah, blah blah." She kept on yakking.

"That's nice," I said.

"Suanil! Look! Over there! A U.F.O.!" My friend Tom came screaming at me. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see an unidentified flying object. But I didn't care.

"That's nice," I said, for the third time. I was still writing.

I was nearly done with my speech! I ended it with three exclamation points for good luck. When I came home from school, I was exhausted. Writing is so tiring!

"Well," my mother began, "Did anything new and exciting happen today?" she asked, as she chopped carrots for dinner.

"No," I said. "Oh, yeah. I finished my speech."

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