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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Arissiae
Owner: janebellefontaine
Breed: Kyrii

About Arissiae:
Arissiae turned a page of her novel, "The Kyrii Dancer". Just as the main character, Jonvea, got up on stage, a tap on her knee drew Arissiae away from her book. She scowled and put the book down, slipping a ribbon between the pages to mark her place.
“What is it, now, Tally?” she said, frowning. “You’ve had your hot cocoa, with five marshmallows. That’s plenty. Now, why don’t you go to bed and let others continue with their reading?”
Talemana turned his wide blue eyes on her, pleading, “Rissa, Rissa! I don’t want to go to bed. There’s so much to do – and the Neovision said that Virtupets Space Station would be visible at 11 PM! Can I please stay up to watch it, please, please?”
Arissiae sighed, and gave in. There was no arguing with those electric blue eyes and that sweet little smile. “Fine, fine. You can watch until midnight, and no later, you hear me?”
Talemana grinned, his forked Draik tail flicking back and forth in a hypnotising way. “Thank you, Rissa! “ He gave her a hug and left, slamming the library door behind him.

Arissiae picked up her book again, but this time she was interrupted by a rustling sound. She looked down, and there was Carlotta, her Drugal, sitting on the floor. Carlotta squeaked, and hopped around on the thick carpet.
“There you are! I suppose it’s time for bed for you, Lottie,” murmured Arissiae as she picked her petpet up. “It’s time for bed for everyone.”

Arissiae woke up. Sunlight streamed in through the gap between the curtains, and she covered her eyes.
The bed bounced. Arissiae sat up, propping herself up on her elbow as she rubbed her eyes. Talemana was bouncing on her bed, and his heavy feet left wrinkles in the satin cover. Numerous pillows were strewn on the floor and Carlotta was squealing from her little nest behind the standing lamp.

“Rise and shine, princess,” announced Helen, as she pulled back the heavy velvet drapes. “Come and enjoy the day while it’s still there! There are pancakes in the kitchen and fresh squeezed juppie juice, too!”
“Pancakes!” sang Talemana. He leaped off the bed and vaulted out the door, his loud footsteps echoing down the corridor.
“Urgh...” Arissiae groaned as she pulled the blanket over her head. The light was blinding, and she was soooo tired... “What time is it? Ah... I don’t really care... HEY!”
Arissiae screeched as the blanket was pulled off and dumped unceremoniously on the floor.
Helen snorted, and Arissiae slid herself out of bed.
“All right, fine. You win,” she muttered as she got dressed. “I’m out of bed and I’ll be down for breakfast in a few minutes.”

Arissiae got into her seat in the morning room. She noticed the empty seat, and asked, “Where’s Macey gone? I thought she’d be in town all week...”
Helen unloaded plates from a trolley. “She left about three hours ago, to see if she could get anything for some of the old relics she found in our safety deposit.” Helen shot a stern look at Arissiae. “She gets up at sunrise, and it’s a habit you’d do good to copy, Rissa. You’d sleep till noon if we didn’t wake you,” she chided, setting out cutlery and napkins.
“Bah, I need my beauty sleep,” snapped Arissiae, as she loaded half a dozen pancakes onto her plate. She reached for the honey jar, but it was out of her reach.
Helen piled up used plates on the bottom shelf of her trolley. She noticed Arissiae’s dilemma and moved the honey jar a little closer.
Arissiae smothered honey over her pancakes, and then spooned jam and butter over the top. She took a bite. “Mmm, Helen, chocolate chips? You know they’re no good for my figure.” Arissiae chewed her pancakes as she listened to Helen gossip about the neighbours.

And so... life went on in 678827 Market Square. Arissiae tried valiantly to finish the book, but was always interrupted by something or other whenever she found time to read. But as she idly fiddled with her ribbon bookmark, Arissiae realised that however annoying her family was, she loved them, and wouldn’t live a single day without them. Even if it meant she’d never finish a single book.

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