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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Slality
Owner: picklecheesepie
Breed: Pteri

About Slality:

Another painful day was about to begin. I didn’t really know what I was, or where I was. I felt like I was floating, in an abyss of darkness. I didn’t have any appendages, or a body for that matter. No purpose in life, just a soul talking to my self every day.

Suddenly I felt this strange, sort of tingly feeling. Then I was knocked out, unconscious. I didn’t even know I was capable of that. Suddenly, I awoke. A blinding light was shown in front of me. I looked around; there was a sign that read ‘Pound’. Something was wrong here. How could I be seeing? I looked down to see a pair of feet. I had taken the form of some creature. I looked out at my arm. A blue wing? “What am I? More importantly, where am I?” I said aloud. Surprised at my own voice, I jumped.

“Umm...” What was that? I turned around in shock to see another creature. It was tall and furless. Whatever it was, clearly she was female. She approached me and said, “Hello Slality, I am Olivia. Welcome!” Slality? Was that even a name? Why was she talking to me?

“Umm, I think you are confused, I’m....” I stuttered. Hmm, I had never had a name before.

“You’re Slality,” Olivia said. “This is the land of Neopia, I am your owner.”

“Owner!?” I spat. “No one owns me, I am a free soul!”

She looked at me, confused. “Umm, I don’t have any clue what you are talking about, Slality. All I know is I came here and created you, a Pteri,” she said.

Slality? What kind of a name was that? Apparently mine.


“Where are we going?”

“Rainbow Pool.”

“The what?”

“You’ll see.”

I didn’t like the sound of this ‘Rainbow Pool’. I wasn’t sure if this body was capable of swimming. Was she trying to drown me? Something was up. She had a large sack slung over her shoulder. I could see a faint glow in the distance.

“Umm, Olivia?”


“What’s in that sack?”

I prepared to make an escape if necessary. I stood there in fear as she opened up the sack. She carefully pulled out two, sparkling items. I had never seen anything like this before.

One looked as if it were made out of snow; the other was sitting on a pillow, with a purple and blue swirled end. Whatever they were, she wasn’t going to use them against me.

“These are Paint brushes. Snow and Royal to be exact. We use them at the Rainbow Pool to change your color,” Olivia stated.

“Change my color? How will they do that?”

I was puzzled.

“Well, no one really knows; they just do. They aren’t called magical for nothing.”

Well, this defies everything I know. How was this possible?

We were approaching what appeared to be a large pool of many colors. As we got closer, I noticed other creatures in it. It looked as if they were very excited for some reason unknown.

“Here we are!” Olivia exclaimed.

“Go wait by the edge while I get these ready.” She gestured toward the paint brushes.

I sat on the cold stone, dangling my tiny feet in the warm water.

As I looked around I could see other humans, with their pets, huge grins on their faces.

Apparently being painted was a good thing.

“Alright, Slality, first up, Royal.”

Wait a minute; I wasn’t just being painted once, but twice?!

What’s the point of that?

She took the brush off its cushion with great care.

Slowly, she brushed it down my stomach.

I felt nothing happening to me.

Was this a dud?

I looked down to notice that my small feet were covered by a pair of metal boots.

My chest was covered by what appeared to be amour.

My feather color had changed too. It was a light, pomegranate like color.


I was speechless.

“You look great!” Olivia told me. “Okay, time for the second brush.”

She stripped me of my outfit and dashed away for the other brush.

I felt hotter than usual. I wiped the sweat off my forehead, only to feel two large furry things in the way.

I looked down into the water, only to see in horror, I had a pair of big bushy eyebrows!

Oh my gosh, these things look like caterpillars!

I looked up to see Olivia kneeling down with the other paintbrush in hand.

“Erm, nice brows,” she said in a mocking tone.

Once again she rubbed the brush down my stomach. This time, I turned a white-ish color and appeared to be made of snow, but really it was just my new feather texture.

“Okay then, let’s go home.”


I couldn’t tell how long the walk was, but it was at least an hour or two. Supposedly we lived in ‘Faerieland’, and that was a while from here.

I faintly remember coming through the door to see another creature that looked like me.

This one was an array of brilliant colors, and had long feathers where his tail should be. I hadn’t seen anything like this at the Rainbow Pool.

“What is that?” it scoffed.

“Surprise?” Olivia said weakly.

“You said you were going to the auction house! Not to the pound!”

“Well, you see, I did go to the auction house; I bought two paint brushes.”

“Where’s the other? I see you used a snow paintbrush on this.” He gestured towards me.

“Oh, will you relax? I got you some royal boy Pteri clothes.” She chucked the sack at him, which he caught at the last second.

“Geez, Olivia, I don’t mean to be a burden...” She cut me off.

“Of course you’re not a burden! Zip is just in a bad mood, as usual.”

Zip. So that’s his name.

“Trust me; he will warm up to you in a while.”

Well, this wasn’t so bad. I had others to talk to; I had all my senses, plus an almost loving family. Maybe this new life wouldn’t be so bad...

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