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Pet Name: Revendi
Owner: mistickal_dragon
Breed: Blumaroo

About Revendi:
So I guess I should start out by introducing myself; you can call me Revendi!!!! … Why so many exclamation points? Well, why not? When I say my name I love to say it loud and proud, with a bit of added flair and so should you. I’m a blumaroo after all; I come from a whole family that takes pride in being bright and cheery and full of spirit!

From the everyday, friendly blumaroo who’ll gives out helpful tips to the King himself, blumaroos are full of cheer and talent! What great creatures we are, how brilliant, how awesome, how… oh… well, I guess I’m rambling a bit now. You’re reading this to know about me, right? Well, to tell the truth, when I began my life as a blumaroo it wasn’t as great as I make it sound…

Like I said, we blumaroos are a talented bunch. But that’s not always a good thing.


When I was growing up my friends would comment on my brilliant bouncing abilities. I’d train day and night to hone my skills; I’d set goals for both height and distance and constantly be pushing myself to beat them.
When I finally managed a bounce that caused my friends to fall into a stunned silence, I decided it was time to enter one of the local competitions, so with confidence I signed my name on the enter sheet.
Boy was that a mistake!

When the competition day finally arrived, I felt so ready, so strong, so brilliant! With my head held high I entered the arena and set my sights on my competition. It was a crushing moment…
With all the encouragement from my friends I had expected to be the best blumaroo there, but what I found instead was a bunch of muscular athletes, flexing their strong tails and taking practice leaps that outshone my best jumps by a long shot!

I ran from the arena. I didn’t want to embarrass myself even trying.


Later in my life I realized how disappointing it was that I didn’t even take a chance in the competition, but at the time all I could think about was how … average I felt.

I could no longer see my bouncing as something special, something that would make my fellow blumaroos think of me. I’d been outshone and now I had to think of something else to make myself stand out in such a dazzling crowd.

I tried many things to impress my friends, I tried to be a jester… but I couldn’t even make King Skarl giggle among all the others who were trying. I thought being the best dice player would show everyone… but I ended up losing all my NP to the King, don’t even bother trying to steal his spotlight…

I just couldn’t do anything right!
Frustrated by my inability to fit into my own expectations of being a great blumaroo, I resigned myself to a life of solitude for a while, staying around my home and tending to my long forgotten, weed-ridden garden.

I tore out the weeds, found good nutrient filled soil, planted some seeds, watered and waited… and watered and waited, and watered and waited…

It was only when I managed to grow my first plants that I began to feel proud of myself again. I gleefully picked some of my ripest tomatos and gave them to my friends, who were just as happy to receive them. It dawned on me then that I didn’t have to be better than the others. I didn’t have to compete with them.

I’d found my own talent that made me happy. With my newly found confidence I put all my efforts into my garden and it paid off! My time spent kneeling in the dirt had produced a crowd stopping pumpkin. It was huge! I actually had to take down my lovely picket fence to make room for it, but that also made it easier for everyone to admire it.
My friends were stunned; some didn’t believe it was real and others simply chose to believe I was a magician to explain it. I was just plain proud of it.


So, my talent may not be flashy and I may have to spend a lot of time with bugs, but by finding a talent I love I’ve made my place among my brilliant, blumaroo peers and they now know me as Revendi, Pumpkin Magician!!!! And I can say it proudly, with as many exclamation points as I want!

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